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Sad Story August 11, 2009

Filed under: silliness — Holly @ 20:23

(To the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”)

We were both blogging on the Internet,
I close my eyes,
And the food is pretty,
I’m reading the screen,
In my desk chair in my office.

See the oatmeal,
See the green monster smoothies,
See you read my blog and comment,
And say hello, little did I know.

That you my new friends, you were on the Internet,
And my mommy said good thing  that you have a computer,
And I was crying because it broke,
Begging this was just a bad joke, and I said,

Public library take me somewhere I can be alone,
I’ll be blogging, all there’s left to do is just post.
You’ll be my Internet and I’ll be your favorite blog,
It’s a sad story all I get is 30 minutes.

So I try to sneak and get more minutes,
I just want to post my pictures of food,
So I close my eyes,
Escape this Internet hell for a little while.

Cause you were my only hurdle, I was a desperate user,
And my daddy said honey, I’ll get you a new computer,
But my blog just can’t wait,
I was begging for just 15 more minutes.

Library desk clerk please hook a girl up,
Give me 30 more minutes or I’ll just blow up,
You’ll be a prince, and I’ll be the princess,
It will be a sad story unless you just say YES!


a.k.a. I’m still Internet-less, the public library still pisses me off with their 30-minute time limit and I’m uber-behind in blog reading & commenting.  Love you lots – be patient with a workin’ gal!


28 Responses to “Sad Story”

  1. leianna Says:

    You are just so creative and fun! Sorry about the library’s ridulous rules and the comuter!

  2. specialkphd Says:

    Bribe her…definitely make something yummy and BRIBE her! But at least I got my Holly Fix…thank God for library internet access.

  3. Love this! 🙂 And I second bribing the librarian… 😉

  4. janetha Says:

    shit right off the bat i dont know the tune nor do i know what taylor swift sounds like. true story. but i liked this anyway because i love me some holly! you crack me up, hang in there and i cant wait until you are back!

  5. Hahaha! I actually sang this to the tune of that Taylor Swift song. Very creative use of the shortest 30mins! 😀

  6. Angharad Says:

    I have no idea what this song is so you sound kind of crazy right now. But in a good way, k?

    So, bear with me as I have misplaced my phone this evening and hence have missed not only a phone date with my bestie in Canada but a phone date with my best bloggin gal!

    The horror!!! Chat tomorrow? Hope everything (apart from the library) is a-ok! xx

  7. Tay Says:

    Girl, you got some talent. But I’m so sorry about your internetless life. Pull through. Stay strong!

  8. Alison Says:

    I get on the internet at the library sometimes when the kiddies are otherwise occupied and the time FLIES by, no way could I post in 30 minutes – hope you are getting settled in, can’t wait to get caught up on what’s been going on.

  9. Haha this is great!! I hate blogging from places other than my laptop!

  10. Abby Says:

    I don’t know the tune either, but I think your lyrics meet the requirements for a sad country song (especially if your last Greek yogurt runs away with the librarian and leaves you alone, with nothing but your cat and a stash of emergency truck stop snacks.)

    I third the bribing option…tell her you’re a VERY important person and many people are depending on you. Give her cookies.

  11. uncle tommie timbertoes Says:

    Sorry but I agree with the librarian. The poor helpless bastards who can’t afford a pc are waiting in line behind you to check on the status of there disability checks, food stamp applications, soup kitchen hours, Facebook pages, etc…. wouldn’t a progressive liberal like yourself have sympathy for that? What would happen to the world if we didn’t enforce rules! My god, Padraig Harrington Harrington lost the Firestone tournament to Tiger Woods because of a silly rule that forced the last twosome to play faster. Did he complain…noooooooo….. cuz he knows the game of golf and it’s rules are bigger than the players who have to abide by them, good or bad.

    Just kidding, that librarian should be hog tied to an ant hill with jelly stuffed in her ears.

  12. ksgoodeats Says:

    30 minutes is CLEARLY not enough time to hit up the homies on the blogs! You need to give that library a piece of your mind 😉

    Sorry about the internet issues!

  13. Whit Says:

    hahahaha, oh how I love you. And no way could I post without Windows Live Writer anyhoo, so I understand.

  14. Love it! Doesn’t the librarian know you have very important things to do? Sorry your internetless. 😦

  15. Thank you for that lovely song!!! Hope internet is working soon!!

  16. Haha…love it! I think I even prefer your version of the song. 😀

    Hope your internet is back up and running again soon…sometimes computers and technology can be so frustrating!

  17. Michelle Says:

    Adorable!! Hope you get your internet back soon!

  18. lowandbhold Says:

    Hahaha, you poor thing. I’m sorry about your woes.

  19. justine Says:

    You are so silly!! Love your “love story”. We miss you but cherish the time you are without internet 🙂


  20. mponz Says:

    hahhahaa I just sang your song. Love it. Very Creative. Hope you are back up soon!

  21. Christina Says:

    hahah this is great!! i feel like a goof ball because im sitting here singing your song in my head to the tune of taylor swift…i must say yours might just beet our hers haha

  22. Haha, love it! Sorry about the library internet 😦

  23. SHE-FIT Says:

    Awh, You poor thing. I understand. Our internet went out for a few weeks and it was horrible. I hope you get your new computer soon! Hang in there

  24. Wow. That pretty much blew my mind.

    I hope you can figure out a better Internet situation soon!

  25. Evan Thomas Says:

    That was so awesome–freakin made my night

  26. april Says:

    Ah I miss you Holly! Maybe you could bribe the librarian with some of your delicious concoctions??

  27. Meredith Says:

    Aw very creative songwriting!

  28. HAHAH! I love this…genius!!! This made my night! 🙂

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