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Eat, Shop, Run + Wed, Part 2 July 26, 2009

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Oy vay…what a weekend!

After 3 hours of driving through Wisconsin country, I made it to the ‘rents house!  Tomorrow morn, I have an interview in Madison, which is much closer to Barbie + Ken’s house than MN.  Instead of a 4 hour drive, I will only have a 2 hour drive to get to Madtown for my 10am interview.  Whoop!

Alrighty, where did I leave off?  I believe you all got a recap of the wedding fun to be had in Part One, so I shall begin this morning upon my awaking.  Pretty tired from the 13 miles + night o’ dancing, I woke up at 8:30am to let out the beast one last time.  Then I opened the fridge and had a bit of this…

Peach Chobs + Zoe's Honey Almond granol

Peach Chobs + Zoe's Honey Almond granol

The fridge was quite bare.

After eating, I met up with two of my bestest friends in the world for perhaps the most perfect morning ever.  We grabbed coffee (and some extra sustenance for me) at a fabulous local coffeehouse called Spyhouse Coffee and headed off for a GLORIOUS morning walk around the lake.  Instead of a mom walk, it was a friend walk :).

organic...lovin' that!

organic...lovin' that!

After gabbing and walking about 5.5 miles (we went around twice – we had LOTS of catching up to do), we finally parted ways.  I headed straight to one of my greatest weaknesses in the world: Whole Foods!


tuna avocado brown rice roll

vegetarian satay

vegetarian satay stir fry

After lunchie, I organized and packed all my stuff up at my cousin’s apartment, blogged Part One of the weekend and said my goodbye to Angus the Beast with a big ol’ kiss.  Who am I kidding? There was no kiss.  Dogs are growing on me after my childhood attack by my neighbor’s show poodles, but I am not making that much dog progress.  I threw Angus an extra treat instead :).

Then, I purtied myself up and headed off to my friend’s wedding shower.  I’ve known Miss Lisa Soon-To-Be Smith since 3rd grade…we go wayyyyyy back peeps.

15 years of friendship right up in herre...

15 years of friendship right up in herre...

Between the norm present opening and games (which by the way, I broke my 5 shower winning streak tonight, ugh!), I munched some nom nom nom shower food:


fruit salad, beans + cranberry pasta salad...oh yeah, and a diet coke

plus obv, some marble cake

plus obv, some marble cake

Then, I hit the road for 3 hours of cruising through God’s country Wisconsin, haha ;).  Not before snacking on my fave Lara of course…


macaroony goodness

It’s been such a busy last couple weeks (and an obv busy day planned tomorrow!), I’ve decided to make some mini-goals for the week to try and re-prioritize to make some time for me to decompress and RELAX!

  • YOGA! I haven’t been to a real class or done a real yoga sequence (minus some stretches here and there) in more than two weeks.  Honestly, I can feel a real difference in my body, and I am dedicating myself to doing two 1-hr. yoga seshes this week!
  • Block out time on the planner – this upcoming weekend is the first weekend in almost two months that I haven’t had anything planned (minus another bloggy meet-up with Angharad, which totally counts as decompressing – in the form of food of course). So, my goal is to keep it that way!  An open weekend here I come – please yell at me if I try to plan anything!

What are your mini-goals for the week? If you don’t have any (which I normally don’t), think of two things you would like to get accomplished this week, and we’ll all make it happen together.  Holllllaaaaa!

So…totes props to you all if you made it through both Part 1 AND Part 2 of this crazy weekend I call my life.  Lots of fun was had, lots of laughing was done, lots of droppin’ it like its hot happened, and I couldn’t be more excited to crash into bed tonight. Tomorrow, I promise I will get caught up on all your lovely blogs and lives ~ until then, happy zzzzzz’s to everyone!


T.G.I.A.F. June 11, 2009

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Seriously, I could not be more excited tomorrow is Friday.  This has been a long, draining week, and I can’t wait to relax and enjoy doing nothing.  Today was another busy day…the day started out with a groggy wake-up followed by a bowl of Kashi Honey Sunshine (aka Cap’n Crunch) with vanilla almond milk and a banana with peanut butter.  Perfect and filling!


The morning at work was really busy and around 11am I broke for a small lil’ peach


My peaches this week have been amazing!  One of life’s simple pleasures really, a perfectly ripe and juicy peach 🙂  Work was a bit stressful today, but with the help of my yummy Tempeh Thai Peanut Stir Fry from last night, it was a little more delicious.  Too delicious.  I ate the whole thing before I realized I had yet to take a picture!

I had planned on taking a long walk during lunch, but due to some logistical issues, I didn’t get to go :(.  Today I really could have used the endorphin boost.  Instead, I relied on an nice (yet oddly-shaped) apple with some PB for a perfect protein + carbs + fiber afternoon snack.


After work, I was happy to get out and bask in the fresh air.  Not for long however, I had a 5:30pm dinner date with one of my high school friend’s Stacy who I haven’t seen in 4eva!  She is probably one of the the cutest, funniest gal I know and also can appreciate the balance of a healthy life.  Hence why we two ladies hit up one of my all-time faves…Good Earth Cafe.

It definitely deserved a holy yum!

Bread + hummus for starters (a small taste of each for moi)…


Salmon with mango salsa, brown rice pilaf and broccoli for Stacy…


Veggie enchiladas for myself…


And a strawberry shortcake for the both of us…


It was soooo good to catch up with Stacy!  I love seeing people like that – sometime you forget how good it is to see old friends :).  The delicious dinner + company definitely brightened my dismal day.  After dinner, I headed over to my sister’s house to pick-up a lovely delivery…


Thanks to the fabulous people at Chobani for sending me some of their Greek yogurt to try, especially you Morgan!  Chobani Greek yogurt comes in six flavors – strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, peach, honey and plain – and is all-natural, hormone free and low in sugar.  Don’t forget too, it’s creamy, has lots of probiotics and full of protein. 

I am especially excited to try it because I have not been able to find Chobani Greek yogurt at any of my local grocers, and that peach Chobani has been calling my name!  You better believe you will see Chobani once (or twice) on the blog tomorrow, complete with a full review!

Also…I have some more big news…

I signed up for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th!!!

Yes, I am pretty sure I have gone mad, but my sister and I are doing in TOGETHER!  Ahhh…training shall commence in July, then hopefully 16 weeks, I will be crossing the finish line.  We already decided this is not going to be a thing where we worry about time; as long as we finish, we will be happy :).

On that note, this girl is out.  My bed is calling my name…can you hear it…

Was anyone else’s day busy crazy like mine?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!


Walking Lunges are the Devil June 10, 2009

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So, remember yesterday when I posted that 40-minute power lunch workout?  Well, if you had any qualms about it not being a workout, think again.  My legs are sore from the tip top of my femur down to the pretty toes of my phalanges.  I was seriously hobbling around today like an old, arthritic grandma!

Unfortunately, I was also up late last night doing some freelance writing, didn’t get to bed until 12:30am (wayyyyyy past this gal’s bedtime!) and had NO chance of making it to yoga this morning.  However, I did redeem myself because last night I prepped a Fitnessista breakfast cookie with a brand new combo…

Cocoberry Banana!
(aka coconut, strawberries & bananas)


Before heading out the door, I also grabbed the other 1/2 of the banana I used in the recipe, smothered it with some organic peanut butter and headed out the door to work…


Work was super productive today – I got everything done on my to-do list (woowoo!) and grabbed a heavenly peach for a snack before heading into a lunchtime meeting (no lunch however :().


Ain’t she pretty?

After the lunch meeting, I scarfed down lunch around 1pm.  Today was a mix of easy, portable foods since I was in quite a hurry this morning.  First, I sliced a huge Braeburn apple and topped it with more organic PB.  On the side, I brought a baggie of Kashi Honey Sunshine (for all you Cap’n Crunch fans!) and munched on that as well.


Throughout the afternoon, I snacked on a yummy string cheese (I could eat like 8 opf these at one time when I was a kid!) and some dark chocolate covered raisins.  Perfect working fuel :).


Since I was so busy, I didn’t even take a proper lunch break and instead, left early at 4pm.  Oh man, what a difference!  Not only did I not hit traffic, but I got home easily in record time.  The best part?  I FINALLY got to take time to make a proper dinner.  This week has been so crazy, I’ve been grabbing random meals here and there.  Tonight, I used my culinary prowess and concocted a little Tempeh Thai Peanut Stir Fry.

brown rice
tempeh (sauteed in canola oil & garlic)
frozen peppers & onions stir fry bag
Lund’s Thai Peanut Stir Fry sauce
green onions, for garnish


This was actually my first time trying tempeh, and I loved it!  It’s nutty and has a delicious bite I thoroughly enjoy.  Sauteed in that peanut sauce, it was even better!  Tempeh is a great protein source, is fermented (providing more enzymes and easier digestibility) and can be used in a variety of ways.  In a stir fry, slathered with peanut butter on whole wheat bread for a sandwich or chopped in a salad, I am excited to explore the possibilities!

After dinner, it was a hunk o’ dark chocolate to satisfy the sweet tooth beast…

Now, I am back on the run.  Tonight’s to-do list includes:

(1) Finish laundry
(2) Finish freelance writing project
(3) Pick up a special surprise (more to come on that later…)
(4) 9:15pm beach volleyball game
(5) Bed ASAP!

Have a fabulous night everyone!

Also, don’t forget to head over to Miss Angela at Oh She Glows for “Shop 4 A Cause” tomorrow.  Not that we really NEED a reason to shop haha, but she is hosting a fabulous event where you can purchase baked goods (many from fellow bloggers!), specialty items, crafts, jewelry, etc. and ALL proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.  I have my eye on VeggieGirl’s CUSTOMIZABLE blondies so you better not outbid me :).


Fruitful Day June 9, 2009

Good evening my little online blogarinos!

As the title of my post suggests, today was full of fruit!  The fruitaliciousness started bright and early this morning with a poopy green monster!  Today’s concoction included:

1 cup vanilla almond milk
4 cups spinach
1 banana
1 cup berry frozen fruit mix (cherries, raspberries, mango & boysenberries)



I’m not going to lie, I was drrraaggggiinnnggg today – the past week really took it out of this gal (and that is hard to do!).  However, the green monster and getting almost all my veggie servings by 7am did perk me up a bit.  However, due to lack of protein, this gal was starvin’ by 10am.  Enter…my newest Larabar purchase


It was delicious – Lara just doesn’t disappoint.

Over my lunch break, I headed back over to the gym for a nice lil’ lunchie workout.  I created a quick cardio and toning plan to keep my heart rate up and my glutes a-burnin’.  If you only have a bit of time to work out, this is really a fast, all-over workout.  Here’s the plan Stan:

Lunchtime Cardio/Toning Circuit

5 min.     Run
5 min.     50 walking lunges + 10 walking push-ups
10 min.   Elliptical
5 min.     50 wide leg squats + 25 bicep curls + 25 tricep kickbacks + 25 shoulder shrugs
5 min.     Run
5 min.     Various ab exercises (scissors, leg raises, crunches, etc.)
5 min.     Stretching

For a grand sweating total of….40 minutes!

When I got back to work, I dug into one of the easiest and most delicious meals there is….CEREAL!  If you were a childhood fan of Senor Captain Crunch, please drop what you are doing right now (except if you are reading my blog, of course!) and run to the store and buy Kashi Honey Sunshine.  It’s like healthified Cap’n Crunch!

Along with skim milk and a fantastic, juicylicious peach….



Before I forget, I feel like y’all need a little Holly Investigates… update.  You see, with my busy schedule of late, I haven’t really had the time to devote to investigating all those little health-related bits I love so much.  Sooo, I’ve decided it won’t quite be feasible to post a new one every Monday, but I will do my best to churn out a couple a month.  Deal?

Snacktime was the usual glorious combo of yogurt/berries/muesli


After work, I headed over to my sister’s NEW house to help her paint her bathroom.  Nothing like a little sisterly bonding time over a tub of gray paint in a confined bathroom :).  It surprisingly was quite the workout – between crouching in crevices, holding up lighting devices and painting up a storm, my arms are feelin’ it!

On the way to her house, I snacked on an oats + honey granola bar as I swore/cursed/raged with anger patiently navigated the rush hour traffic.


Driving to my sister’s was complicated by a slight bloody nose in the car (nuff’ said there).  Upon arrival and before painting, I dug into the salad I had brought (pat on the back to me for thinking and planning ahead – patpat!).

sunflower seeds
garbanzo beans
Newman’s Sesame Ginger vinaigrette


While painting, I snacked on these babies + a Diet Coke…


These almonds were delicious – there were about 2 servings in the bag.  They were roasted with paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and some other spices.  They were savory and super delish!  I might have to buy these suckers again…I might have also had a couple handfuls of my sister’s Gardetto’s – anybody else have a deep childhood love for Gardetto’s like myself?

After painting, it was errands to the bank and Target, then home to sadly throw away two of my favorite pairs of ballet flats.  Tears.  They were good to me while they lasted; however, I wasn’t the best to them.  They were worn down, a bit smelly and had seen their days.  Rest in peace my favorite gold and magenta flats.  Rest in peace.

More sad news today…I found out that the possible nanny job in Australia fell through.  Apparently, the doctor I was going to nanny for found another job, so no heading Down Under for me :(.  Guess that means SOMEBODY has to hire me before my temp job runs out.  Any takers?

Now, I am going to finish blogging, finish a freelance writing project due tomorrow then get my buns to bed, hopefully for 5:30am yoga.  I don’t know if it is going to happen (I am one tired girl!), but there is no harm in hoping.

Anybody have any good ideas for a potential career/job/future for moi?  Let me know PLEASE :).

I almost forgot…check out Peanut Butter and Jenny for a truly fabulous, awesome and amazing giveaway.  That’s just Miss Jenny for ya :).


Flippin’ Friday May 29, 2009

That’s right – T.G.I.F. baby!

This Friday morn, my day started out fabulously due to the other half of my green monster from last night.  It was just as good as last night, although I think next time I make it, I might add a smidge less avocado (maybe 1/2 – 3/4 of one).


Doesn’t look so green in that pink cup :).

A couple hours later, my tummy was grumbling for some more eats, hence this…


Delicious as always.  Since I had a bit of a later lunch, I munched on this gorgeous, juicy peach an hour or so later:


Luckily, I stayed pretty busy at work today (sometimes Fridays can be boorriinggg!).  Lunch today happened to be a treat – a coworker and I had a lunch “meeting” at one of my favorite local spots.  I had one of the specials of the day, the Chicken Cobb Salad.  Filled with mixed greens, red onion, cherry tomato, avocado, beets, egg, chicken and drizzled lightly with some buttermilk ranch, it was sooooo good!  I ate about 3/4 of the chicken and all of the salad.


The crusty white baguette didn’t hurt either :).

Back at work, I grabbed a small handful of these as a nice Friday treat.  One of my all-time faves, peanut M&Ms!


The rest of the afternoon, I jammed to James Morrison’s new CD “Songs for You, Truths for Me” (if you haven’t heard it, get your buns out there and get it now!) and waited for the clock to hit the ever elusive 5pm.  Finally, it happened and I darted out of there so fast, you would not believe!

When I got home, I broke open this lovely for dinner:


Then paired it with a organic nonfat plain yogurt/blueberries/coconut/blueberry muesli/drizzle of honey combo, and voila! – a delish, easy, nutritious and quick dindin.  Exactly what I need when I get home from work with no patience to cook!




Whew – I don’t think my brain can think anymore this week :).  I am soooo excited for the weekend!  I think tonight is going to be a fun ladies’ night on the town, so I am saving myself for perhaps a beer or two and LOTS of dancing.  Tomorrow I plan on getting lots of things done but squeezing in some fun as well.  I hope you all get to spend time enjoying the freedom of the weekend – my favorite weekend activity is going to the farmer’s market, which I think I am going to do tomorrow morning.  Alright, I am off to get myself beautified for my lovely ladies tonight!

What’s your favorite weekend activity?


My First Green Monster May 28, 2009

(Don’t worry – we’ll eventually get to the green monster :))

Feeling so much better from yesterday’s yoga sesh, this morning started off well.  The sun was brightly shining, the sky a pure shade of blue and a bowl of oatmeal was soon to be devoured by moi

1/3 cup rolled oats + 1 tbsp. oat bran
1 medium banana
LOTS of cinnamon
1 tbsp. raw almond buttah


Mid-morning, I had a nice lil’ tea time break.  Along with a cup of green chai tea, I had a Heart Thrive Date vegan energy bar.  During my lunch break, I cruised over to my grandpa’s house for a visit!  I love my gramps and hadn’t seen him in awhile, so I took my hour (plus some) to chat and catch up.  It was lovely!


When I got back from work, I devoured what is possibly the most monstrous black bean veggie sandwich eva!  Squished between two pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread, I layered mustard, mashed black beans, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion and avocado.  I ate it with a peach, although I could barely fit one bite in my mouth!



I stayed pretty busy this afternoon with work (including sending Ruthie her prizes from the 1 Month Blogiversary Giveaway), including getting a nice to-do list together for the weekend.  With one of my college best friends getting married next weekend, job applications to send out, errands to run and miscellaneous things, this gal has a lot to do.  Good thing I had a yogurt parfait to keep me energized – Stonyfield Farms organic nonfat plain yogurt, strawberries/blueberries and TJ’s blueberry muesli.


Look at those pretty layers!

I couldn’t wait to get out of work – it was sooooo gorgeous out today!  As soon as the clock hit 5:00, I rushed to my car and cruised home in the glorious sunshine (I think I even sweat a bit :)).  Thinking about dinner, I knew I had a lot of salad fixings to use up; however, I was not feeling a salad.  I think you know where this is going…green monster time, Holly-style!  After seeing green monsters here, and here, along with here and here, I knew it was time!

This recipe yields 2 servings, about 250-275 calories each…

1 medium banana
1 small avocado
1/2 cup organic nonfat plain yogurt
1/2 nonfat milk
1.25 cups strawberries
4 cups spinach
2 handfuls ice cubes
1 tsp. honey


Maybe not the prettiest color…but it was uber yummy creamy!

Plus a new product…my $0.88 Jocalat Larabar in Chocolate Coffee!  Mmmm, was this ever good.  If you love coffee and chocolate, this bar is for you.  It was the perfect topper after my smoothie! 


Even though my stomach was feeling quite voluminous after the smoothie, the day was too nice out to go to the gym for yoga class.  Instead, I took my first run since the 1/2 marathon.  It’s amazing how different running can feel when you genuinely want to go.  I did a nice walk-run combo: 1 mile walk, 2 miles run, 1 mile walk, 1 mile run and finally, ended with a 1 mile walk for a total of 6 miles.  It felt awesome!

Now I am home, watching So You Think You Can Dance (one of my all-time favorite shows!) and getting excited that tomorrow is already Friday!  Woowoo!

Anybody else a fan of SYTYCD?!?!  I think Mia Michaels is a genius!

***Update:  I also had a couple honey graham crackers and a cuppa decaf coconut chai before I went to bed :).