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Short & Sweet July 27, 2009

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Happy Monday my friends!

I literally just got back from Madison a couple hours ago after 9 HOURS of driving in the past 24 hours.  Ugh.  I hate driving.  I would happily give up driving and stare out the window in la-la land the rest of my life if I could.  Luckily, I made it home just in time for The Bach finale!

In short, she picked ED!  Yay for his green mankini him!  

Not going to lie, as much as I like cute, charming Reid, he looked like a TOTAL TOOL coming back to propose to her.  Anybody else agree with me?  Yeah, I know ya do.  What am I going to do on Monday nights without my Bach fix?  Hmmmm….any ideas for a new trashy TV show hobby?

Alright, here are the eats for the day.  Short and sweet (TWSS)…


blackberry yog + blackberries + strawbs + Dylan's Chia Granola (my new fave!) + handful walnut/almond mix

post-makeover: A HOT MESS

post-makeover: A HOT MESS

car snack: ate 1/2 pre-interview

car snack: ate 1/2 pre-interview

The interview went well – I think I definitely still would pick my job offer over this position, but it was awesome to get more interview experience, make connections, yadda yadda…you know, the usual grown-up job drill.


other 1/2 post interview...a bit small for 370 kcals, no?

For lunch, I met up with my old boss and a couple of co-workers from a pubic relations internship I had in college.  It was sooo good to catch up with them!  They have been so supportive, helpful and fabulous (not mention, hook me up with some freelance writing gigs!).  We hit up Sa Bai Thong, a fab Thai restaurant in Madison for some YUMMY lunch eats.

I had the Squash Red Curry with rice…it was amazing.  Just trust me :).


car snacks for the 4-hr. drive back to MN

Subway...a classic road trip dinner

Subway...a classic road trip dinner

I got my usual…veggie sub on toasted honey oat with pepperjack cheese (a la spicy Jess).  Hit the spot.

Then I came home, unpacked my shiz, put on The Bachelorette, caught up on blogs and am now watching Flight of the Conchords. They are genius.  For reals.  Watch now.

Now, this gal is off to bed – lots more craziness, blog reading and major life decis to make this week!  I am still determined to make it to yoga and relax this week – my two weekly goals.


To help me update on all your lives, what are you looking forward to most this week?  Since I’m uber-indecisive, I have two – (1) Volleyball playoffs start Wednesday, and (2) hopefully I will have a brand new job by the end of the week!


Eat, Shop, Run + Wed, Part 1 July 26, 2009

Here we go, here we go, kick it!

Dudes….get ready for a serious two-part MONSTER of a weekend post! 



Last time I left you all, the weekend had just begun!  I raced out of work and straight home to take care of the beast (1st priority) and then make some dindin (2nd priority).  The beast?  Check.  Dinner? Cheeccckkkk.

Appetizer: celery + almond buttah

Appetizer: celery + almond buttah


Main Course: Amy's Green Tamale frozen meal

Verdict?  Delish, as always.

Verdict? Delish, as always.

After dinner, I met up with my friend Meggy Moo for some Friday night shopping.  Does anybody else LOVE going to the mall on Friday nights?  Less crowds, more relaxed and better deals!  We hit up the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, but naturally, even though so many things were on sale, they were still way too expensive for moi.  Ugh.

However, we did hit up Nordstrom’s Rack (like an outlet version of Nordstrom’s), where we found KILLER deals.  Two pairs of Hue tights in black and brown for $5 and a Trina Turk orange-striped cardigan for $40.  A girl just can’t resist a good bargain…



I fell asleep Friday night knowing it was the big 1-3 mile run in the morn.  I got up and carb-loaded like a champ with about 7 cups of Banana Nut Cheerios and 1/2 cup skim milk (all I had left)…

Maybe not 7 cups...but definitely 2 or 3...

Maybe not 7 cups...but definitely 2 or 3...

My sister Alli, who is also running the marathon, came up to my neck of the woods to run with me.  What a difference!  Seriously, does anyone else find it way uber-easier to run with somebody else than just by themselves?  Mama Everythingtarian ran the first 6 miles with us, then went to meet up with my dad and younger sister while we completed the 13.  We walked warmed-up for the first 1/2 mile, ran 12 around the lakes, then took her easy and walked the last 1/2 mile.  Barbie, Ken and sissy #3 were waiting for us with water and bagels when we were done – hallelujah, I love you family!

PB + Whole Wheat Bagel + loads of H2O

PB + Whole Wheat Bagel + loads of H2O

a cuppa orange mango juice may have also happened somewhere along the lines

a cuppa orange mango juice may have also happened somewhere along the lines

After blasting through the awesome run, which took us about 2 hours (roughly 10 minute miles), I got back to la casa de mi prima and showered up to meet Angharad for lunch at the fabulous, organic, seasonal and locally-grown Birchwood Cafe!

Seriously, the is the 2nd time me and Miss Eating for England have met up, and it gets creepier and creepier each time with the number of things we have in common.  From traveling to jobs to loving Cher’s “Believe,” the blog heavens clearly knew we were meant to be friends.  Also, she had just run a 10K so we talked LOTS of running over a Green Goddess Salad for me…


locally-grown lettuce, English hollow aged cheddar, sunflower seeds, carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, kohlrabi, scallion + green goddess dressing

That hunk o’ bread with a pat of butter on the side was pretty dang good too.  Angharad had the Cilantro Lime-Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwich, which also looks divine!  I totes forgot to take a pic, so head over to her blog and check that outtttt!

After lunch, it was wedding time!

pre-ceremony snack

pre-ceremony snack


The reception was at an old theater in a historic small town - how cute is that?


photo shoot! sissy #3, #2, yours truly + daddy everythingtarian

inside the gorgeous venue

inside the gorgeous venue

thank the sweet Lord for snacks...

thank the sweet Lord for snacks......and red wine (oops, unpictured)!


berry orange salad with poppyseed dressing

bread + buttah

bread + buttah


break for photo shoot #2

a cool, refreshing dinner beer

a cool, refreshing dinner beer


veggie lasagna + carrots/beants + slice o' pineapple

a cake + champagne toast!

a cake + champagne toast!

The dinner was really good – loved the veggie lasagna and side veggies.  The cake wasn’t so bad either :).

After dinner, obv DANCING TIME!  I may need to post more dancing pics…they are that good.

first dance

first dance

and yep, that's my mom dippin' it low.  work it out Barbie!

and yep, that's my mom dippin' it low. work it out Barbie!

Needless to say, it was an extremely fun night, and this gal was pooped.  I fell asleep on my sister’s shoulder on the car ride home, nuff’ said.

Stay tuned for Parte Numero Dos later tonight….now I have to skedaddle off to a wedding shower!  Hope you are all having a FABULOUSLY FUN WEEKEND – can’t wait to read and hear about what you all are up to!

Happy Sunday :).


A Good Day July 23, 2009

Good (late) night everyone!

Whew…these past two night I have been way up past my bedtime.  No lie.  You know I usually roll g’ma-style and getting to bed past 10:30pm is NOT okay two nights in a row.  However, since I indeed had such a good day, I think it was well worth it.  What makes up a good day, you ask?  Well, have no fear, you know I will obv tell you!

(1) Every good day starts with a good, filling breakfast. 

If you couldn’t tell, I am on a total Overnight Oat Bran kick (you can thank Kailey, Brooke & Alison for this one!) – I found out I don’t really like hot oat bran but holla, I be LOVIN’ the cold stuff.

1/3 cup oat bran
1 (6-oz.) container Stonyfield Peach yogurt
1/3 cup skim milk
1 smashed naner

~ soaked overnight ~

1 cup strawberries
1 heaping tbsp. raw almond butter


Strawberry Banana Overnight Oat Bran

(2) Enjoying a leisurely morning cuppa joe + 2% milk while reading blog comments and fellow bloggy’s blogs.

(3) Coming out of a job interview feeling good about what you said and knowing you didn’t do anything too stupid (i.e. nervous laugh, sweat profusely, fumble words, talk to fast, interrupt…you get the picture).  Wish me luck – I should hear back in the next week!

(4) A post-interview snack to quell the nervousness and mmmmmm…satisfy that hunger!

cashew sesame seed goodness

cashew sesame seed goodness

(5) Listing to the Hairspray (Broadway version, of course!) soundtrack while eating a delicious lunch.  I heart musicals.

My fave musical CD’s currently in rotation during my work day are: Moulin Rouge, Hairspray + West Side Story.  Just for the record.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is currently stationed in the car for the drive home.  I am thinking about throwing Les Miz or 42nd Street in the mix soon.  Again, I heart musicals.

"i'm ready for my close-up mr. spinach" - worst pun/movie reference ever?  most likely.

"i'm ready for my close-up mr. spinach" - worst pun/movie reference ever? most likely.


spinach hummus wrap + crunchy celery sticks

(6) Resolving a potentially annoying problem at work before it could get annoying and rewarding yourself with an afternoon chocolate chip granola bar (eaten while resolving said problem, hence no photo :)).

(7) An afternoon snack of love.

Peach Chobani + Zoe's Honey Almond granola + sprinkle o' flax

Peach Chobani + Zoe's Honey Almond granola + sprinkle o' flax

(8) Heading out on a 3-mile run with my study abroad bestie Charlotte (the time always goes by SO fast!), followed by a homemade dinner of personalized calzones, salad + fruit all followed up with a repeat of last night’s So You Think You Can Dance and tonight’s SYTYCD elimination show/100th episode.  A total top night.


veggie + pineapple calzone, side salad and watermelon/Rainier cherries

(9) Paying off my credit card!!!!!! 

(Okay, well in truth, I can’t get too excited.  I still have a 2nd card with some money left to owe on it, but that is all from the surgery I had to have in while living in Thailand.  Yep, that is totes another story for another day :)).

(10) Going to bed knowing it’s Friday, I might meet my mummy for lunch tomorrow, feeling totally exhausted in the best kind of way and knowing I will crash right away upon hitting the pillow.

Yep, sounds like a good day to me.


Dog Days o’ Summer July 21, 2009

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Angus, meet my foodie friends.  Foodie friends, meet Angus (a.k.a. The Beast)…

Angus the Beast

objects appear much smaller than they are in real life

He’s my bud for the week.  At least I won’t have to worry about kidnappers or anything – this dog would scare anyone away.  Good thing he is secretly uber-mild mannered.  Just don’t tell the kidnappers that :).

Breakfast was quick and satisfying (T.W.S.S.) – Banana Nut Cheerios + skim milk alongside a naner + AB.

A classic b'fast combo.

classic b'fast combo

One of the benefits of taking care of your cousin’s dog is (a) having a brand new eco-friendly apartment to stay in for the week (made of astroturf and recycled materials!), and (b) raiding other peep’s pantries!  I had full permission from the cuz to eat whatev, and I happily found these little darlings in the cupboard…


Who is this Mrs. May and why haven't I met her before?

Look at those kernels of goodness.

kernels of goodness

Holy yummola, these were fabulous!  They are little crunchy nut clusters filled with dried berries, almonds, cashews, pistachios and sesame seeds (bound together with rice malt + evaporated cane juice).  Dee-lish!  It was 2 servings in the bag (pooey!), but those 350 kcals were well worth it!  I am definitely going to go purchase these on my own, which is saying a lot since I am totes poor.

Lunch was a lovely colorful snack plate of assorted goods…


veggie wrap, veggies + Zoe PB bar

Afternoon snack was no surprise…

1 cup strawbs + bluebs
Stonyfield Organic nonfat lemon yogurt
sprinkle Zoe Honey + Almond granola

Classic afternoon snack bowl.

classic afternoon snack bowl

I got a pile of work at the end of the day, which kept me busy until check-out time at 4:30pm.  I tried to get home ASAP because quite frankly, even though I’m not the hugest fan of dogs (due to a traumatic childhood incident involving my neighbor’s LARGE show poodles – it’s a long story), Angus looked really sad this morning.  I felt so bad leaving him all day :(.

However, I got home, let the beast out in the dog park (yes, the apartment building has a courtyard dog park!) and prepared to make a smashing good dinner…

hunk o’ pine nut hummus
1/2 avocado
sprinkle of onion
celery sticks
handful of bluebs
2 Wasa crackers
drizzle of flax oil (another pantry find!)


un salad creacion

Rando combos = the best ever.  This will be the perfect 12-mile run fuel – I don’t feel weighted down at all but yet totally energized.  A good mix of protein, carbs + fat to hopefully not die complete the 12 miles in record time!

Alright, enough procrastinating.  I gotta go let Angus out once more before I go running, then I need to get dressed (often the toughest part for me!) and get my buns out the door.  Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on me (the clouds are a bit ominous!) and a snack will DEFINITELY be had when I get back…errr…if I get back….

What is your favorite rando combo?  Let me hear it dudes!  I grew up with a dad who LOVED vanilla ice cream + raspberry jelly + Lay’s potato chips.  To this day, it might still be my fave rando combo.


Poor Planning June 30, 2009

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Happy humpday (at least for me :)) everyone!

Since I don’t have to work on Friday, I just need to get through 2 more days of work before a loooong weekend!  Breakfast started with a bang this morning – courtesy of Polly.  It was the other half batch of Oaty Cakes I made from Sunday, and they were just as good today.  Topped with peanut buttah, banana & raspberries – perfection!


These lovelies held me over fabulously all morning (downed with a cuppa joe + 2% milk of course!), and I broke for 1/2 Cherry Pie Larabar around 11am.  I knew I was meeting one of my college roomies, Jess, and her mom for lunch at noon so I needed a lil’ something to get me by until then.


Us ladies headed over to a lovely local restaurant where their food is seriously soooo good.  It’s like an upscale bar & grill, so the food isn’t greasy and crappy but rather fresh, yummy and creative.  I had the Goat Cheese & Chicken Salad containing : mixed greens, candied pecans, jicama, goat cheese, tomato, grilled chicken along with a hunka burnin’ love bread.


The salad was super yummy, but the problem was I only ordered the half, which was not big at all (despite the size it looks in the picture).  I knew as soon as I ate up every last morsel, I was going to be hungry not too long after.  Unfortunately, usually when I go out, my lunches are bigger so I didn’t plan ahead and pack any additional snacks with me to work today.  Tsk tsk Holly, tsk tsk!

When I got back to work, I ate the other 1/2 of the Larabar and hit up the vending machine for the healthiest thing I could find, a Nature Valley Oats + Honey Granola Bar.  Not the worst, but definitely not the best either.


I might have even snuck a Diet Cherry Coke, secretly hoping the carbonation would fill me up a bit :).

Around 4pm, I was getting ravenous so I hit up a lil’ trail mix.  It’s got a good assortment of nuts (hazelnut, cashew, peanut & almond), not too much chocolate and a couple raisins.  However, I’m educated enough to know this mix probably also contained extra doo-dads I don’t want.  Live and learn peeps!


Thankfully, dinner more than made up for my poor planning.  On my drive home, I single-handedly concocted this wonder using the big ol’ brain Barbie + Ken (yes, my parents names are Barbie and Ken) so generously blessed me with.  Layer by layer, here we go:

1 slice toasted Ezekiel bread
BBQ sauce
1/4 avocado
Sunshine Burger Falafel Patty
1 oz. English Mature Cheddar
1 slice toasted Ezekiel bread


Thanks mom & dad – my brainiac combo served me well!

With a nummy 22-calorie Yummy Earth Organic Mango lollipop afterwards…


I am supposed to run 3 miles according to the marathon schedule, but I think me and my friend Megan are going to hit up Latin Fusion class instead…aye que fabulosa!  As long as this gal gets some cardio in, I will be a happy camper.  If my hips don’t lie, and I work hard enough tonight, there could even be a late night snack posting in all of our futures!

Happy humpday Tuesday everyone! 😉


R&R June 26, 2009

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Rest & relaxation.  That is what’s hopefully ahead for me this weekend – although, I always say that and manage to find some shenanigans to partake in…

Brekkie was fast and delish – Tarjay Heartsmart cereal, blueberries & vanilla oat milk, and I was out the door in 10 minutes to make a quick ‘Bou run before work!


I munched on another 1/2 cup or so of berries on my way to work, thus finishing off the pint.  Unfortunately, since breakfast lacked some belly-sustaining protein, I was forced to munch on these buggers just a couple hours later:


These True North Citrus Burst nut clusters are really addicting – ummm, when the serving size is only 5 pieces, you know you’ve hit some dangerous food territory.  I also found an Apple Cinnamon flavor in these – danger ahead, I repeat, danger ahead.

Today was another bovine grazing day, so a couple hours after the nutty goodness, I dove into  a regular ol’ side salad.  Spinach, beets, tomato, sunflower seeds + Newman’s Sesame Ginger vinaigrette…


Yes, that is my to-do list on the classy yellow Post-It.

During my lunch hour, I bebopped over to Tarjay and prayed that I wouldn’t spend over $20.  Whelp, that didn’t happen.  I came out with a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need, including a new pair of gold sandals (11$!!!), a bowl/plate combo ($0.74 and $0.88, respectively), an Annie’s Rice & Bean Burrito (which I ate when I got back) and some other crap essentials.


Work was eerily quiet today – I swear almost everyone was gone by the time I got back from Target.  I snacked on another 4th of July Tootsie Pop (this time in blue raspberry) and got back to some work.  At around 3pm, I was feeling a bit snacky so I brought out the big guns for the 2nd day in a row:

Stonyfield Farms Oikos Honey Greek yogurt
1/4 cup Target Heartsmart cereal
1 smashed banana
1 tbsp. peanut butter


Love.  The world needs this too.

It was another stellar combo except…

I didn’t love the Oikos Honey flavor.  Shocker, I know!  I love honey, and I love Greek yogurt – together however, I think it might have been too sweet?  The ingredients said it had honey and sugar in it, so maybe together it was all too much?  I’m a little disappointed, but I loved all the other flavors so much, I’m not worried.  Now, I just need to find the elusive new strawberry flavor…

I am sore from yoga last night, so I’m definitely taking today as a rest day so I can get up and run those 9 miles tomorrow morning – eeks!  So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight – dinner + movie, perhaps? 

Woowoo for the work week being done and another woowoo for the weekend!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone – see ya around :).


The Man in the Mirror June 25, 2009

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson :(.


I am seriously so sad you guys – I literally grew up on MJ’s music.  It’s really the best cure-all when you are in a bad mood…how can you not smile when you hear “The Way You Make Me Feel”?    Thank you MJ for your ragin’ music, awesomer dance moves and for always giving us something to talk about (you know what I’m talkin’ about…).  My thoughts and prayers are with the Jackson fam!

Onto happier things…breakfast started out with a cool bowl of cereal – perfect for this lil’ heatwave we are having.  Tarjay Heartsmart, sliced naners, slivered almonds and vanilla oat milk~


I had my usual cuppa joe with skim milk when I got to work, and then the morning absolutely flew by!  I have no idea where it went.  That rarely happens, so I enjoyed it to the fullest by having this snackarooni at about 11:30am…


At around nooner, this gal headed out into the less hot (but still quite warm) sunshine and sweated her way through a lovely 30 minute walk.  It felt soooo good to get outside, especially because mis ojos were glued to the computer screen all morning, and I am pretty sure I was on the verge of going blind.  Upon my return, I had the most gl-gl-gl-gl-glorious bowl of yogurt (an idea I stole from the fabulous Miss Jenny)…

Stonyfield Farms Oikos plain Greek yogurt
1/4 cup Tarjay Heartsmart cereal
1 smashed banana
1 heaping tbsp. peanut butter


Peace.  The world needs it.

This fab combo seriously held me over all afternoon – with the protein-packed yogurt + peanut butter, it kept me cruising through an afternoon of work.  However, mid-afternoon, I did have to bust out a 4th of July Tootsie Pop in Cherry.


Then later in the afternoon, it was more YOGURT!  My fridge is sparse and looks quite sad :(.  Soooo…it is that time of the week to use up what I have, and thankfully I have my Oikos Greek yogurt!  Not only was the plain yogurt delicious (tangy, thick and creamy) but the vanilla was even better.  The touch of sweetness in the vanilla is just enough to set off that sometimes too tangy taste – and with only 11 grams of sugar (some of which are the natural milk sugars).  Holla!


Then I got the sad news about our friend, The King of Pop.

I worked until 5pm, braved the still horrendous traffic home and quickly made dindin.  Berry salad with slivered almonds (with a drizzle of EVOO/honey/lime juice), whole wheat kaiser roll and some beets on the side (I was going to name this post Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica after Dwight, then refrained).  Mama Everythingtarian introduced me to beets like a year ago, and I LOVE THEM.



After dinner, I organized my to-do list (it never seems to get any shorter), got ready for Fitness Yoga and popped a couple of True North Citrus Burst nut clusters before gettin’ my chi centered.


This handful x2.  I sweated my little buns off in yoga today – lots of Vinyasa-esque flows, chaturangas, downward dogs.  I was supposed to run 3 miles (per Hal Higdon) today, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I headed off to yoga instead.  I think I will make up the 3 miles tomorrow or just skip it – I have to run 9 on Saturday anyways :).

When I got home, I popped two more nut clusters.

Please hop over to This Winding Road and help Miss Jenn Girl compile the ultimate 90’s playlist!  If for no other reason, do it in memory of Michael Jackson and write down all his 90’s hits.

Alrighty, I think I’m going to sneak in some reading, take a quick rinse off before bed and hit the hay, because tomorrow is Fridayyyy!!! 

Any weekend plans for anyone?  I have a buncha movies I want to see (Away We Go, My Sister’s Keeper & Food, Inc.), but other than that, my schedule looks pretty open.  Ahhh…I love that feeling…