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Mondo-Filled Fun, Part 1 June 21, 2009

Dudes…it has seriously been such a jam-packed weekend, this has been the first time I’ve been on a computer since I left work on Friday!  I think that is a record for yours truly.  So, yes, today is Sunday, but we’ve got to rewind it all the way back to Friday (if only this worked in real life :)) to start at the beginning…

Breakfast was eaten on the run on Friday morning, partially because it was portable but mostly because it was Friday, and Friday’s I usually am running late (procrastinating my alarm clock is in full force).  I grabbed 4 Sunsweet individually-wrapped prunes along with toasted Ezekiel bread with PB


Not the prettiest breakfast by any means, but it did the trick!

Unfortunately, Friday was a bit of a “bar-day” because I was runnin’ low on goodies.  I don’t like to rely on too many bars (instead of eating real food…what up to Kath!) but today was one of those days it was just quite unavoidable.  For snack, I had a Kids Clif ZBar in Blueberry….delicious!


Makes me feel like a youngun’ again :).

Lunch was a bit different today – I had my usual afternoon yogurt combo for a midday meal (again, running low on food).  It was Strawberry Chobani, TJ’s Blueberry Muesli & lotsa berry goodness.  Unfortunately, this was my last of the Chobani samples :(.  After trying all the flavors, I would definitely say the Blueberry was my fave and would totally recommend Chobani Greek yogurt to y’all.  It’s flavorful, delicious, natural and yummy!


The day’s eats took a bit of a downturn from there…

I tried out my new Think5 Red Berry bar – loaded with 5 servings of fruits and veggies!















Bad news:  it was NOT good.  I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but the whole combo of flavors did not work.  It was grassy (not good grassy) and had a really weird flavor to it.  This is honestly the first thing I’ve tried in awhile that I really just did not care for (and I’m one of the least picky eaters I know!).  As much as I didn’t care for it, I did eat the rest of it because, (a) I paid almost 2$ for it, (b) it was the only thing I had at work to eat (besides a break room full of cupcakes – eek!) and (c) I washed it down with this…


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

On my way home from work, I put on the Hairspray musical soundtrack on full blast and rocked out on a fabulous Friday afternoon (fortunately for you, there is no picture of this).  “You can’t stop the motion of the ocean…”

Then I hit up Tarjay for a quick run and came out with 2 new goodies!


Reviews to come later in the weekend :).

Dinner was a replay of Thursday’s 20-Minute Moroccan Chickpea Tagine…minus the couscous + some Barilla Plus pasta!


Even better the 2nd time ’round!

After dinner, I whipped up another batch of VeggieGirl blondies with a special mission in mind…Father’s Day on Sunday!  I couldn’t resist making up another pan of delicious blondieness, so I thought hmmmm….what would Daddy Everythingtarian’s dream blondie combo be?

Crunch Bar Almond Blondies…of course!


I wonder why that one square is missing….:)

My dad’s two favorite things in the world are Crunch Bars & almonds…so I thought, why not mix the two together?  I made the same substitutions as the first batch (vanilla Greek yogurt for soy yogurt; half whole wheat, half white flour for gluten-free and then threw in 3 chopped up Crunch bars and 1 cup slivered almonds).  They were the sh!t – just putting it out there…more props to VeggieGirl!

After blondie making, Megan and I hit up the mall for a little shopping where she scored some awesome deals (nothing for this poor gal), then I came home and headed to bed, knowing there was a 6 mile run in my future at 6am the next morning.



My alarm went off at 6am (as planned), and I dragged my buns out of bed at about 6:15am, which is actually really good for me.  I grabbed a quick 1/2 banana to eat, then dragged myself bounded out the door to run by 6:30am.  The run was fine – I definitely didn’t feel my best but ended up running it in about 1 hour.  As soon as I got home…I dug into this concoction:


Taking a tip from Heather…I used my almost-empty peanut butter jar to house my morning oats!

1/3 cup rolled oats
1/2 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
3 True North Citrus Burst clusters, crumbled

The mix was delish!  The peanut clusters have dried cranberries + orange peel, so they are a bright, fresh burst of flavor!  I really like them – adding them to the oatmeal was the perfect touch!  I showered quickly, grabbed a small ‘Bou coffee on the run and headed to the Special Olympics Summer Games!!!


Gorgeous weather + skyline of Minneapolis + Special Olympics = SO. MUCH. FUN.


My job all day was to hang out at the DJ booth aka “Boogie Town” and dance/mingle/have fun with the athletes all day, awesome, right?  It was seriously such a fun, rewarding, sweaty, dancy good time!

Here is my new bud Steve rockin’ out his air guitar…


Here is perhaps one of the cutest girls in the world, Miss Joy…


And my mid-morning snack of prunes, because I needed some fuel for all that dancing!


Saturday was just so much fun, so enjoyable and so uplifting!  The Special Olympics is such an awesome organization (very well-run too, may I add!) and really is so supportive of those with intellectual disabilities.  There couldn’t have been a better way to spend Saturday – especially with a free lunch included :).


Cheese + mustard sammie, applesauce, Raw Organic Cinnamon Raisin bar (mine from home) and a Berry Gatorade – a nice lil’ refuel to keep dancing the afternoon away!

Whew!  And that was only part 1 of this weekend!  Stay tuned later tonight for the rest of the weekend’s rockin’ good time.  Enjoy my favorite day of the week – Sunday – everyone!

P.S. I am totally determined to bring back the word mondo :).