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Change of Plans August 28, 2009

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The original plan to run 18 miles tonight and head MN for the State Fair tomorrow? Scrapped.

New plan? Save money by chillin’ in Madtown, cross thangs off my to-do list, peruse the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morn and run 18 miles in the 60 degree weather in the afternoon.

Perhaps, not overly exciting, but my wallet is bowing down to me in thanks.  He couldn’t take much more abuse.


Sprouted spelt toast, mushed banana, AB + cinnamon and a glass o' skim milk

snackin' on strawbs

snackin' on strawbs

Friday also means “Fun Lunch Friday” a.k.a. we hummed and hawed before finally decided on a cute lil’ spot called Hawk’s on La Calle de Estado. Think yummy bar + grill food.


Veggie Portabella Mushroom Sandwich + Spicy Chipotle Corn Chowder (with an uber-classy Saltine cracker garnish)

Then, we all decided we were still hungry.  Enter in one of my fave ice cream shops ever:


they don't mess around.


Coconut Almond Breeze (coconut ice cream, chocolate chunks, almonds)

Drool. How I managed to go back to the office after that dish of heaven is beyond me – I was even uber-productive.  And it’s Friday.  That’s not normal.

At 5pm, I skedaddled home, ate a small bowl of cereal to tide me over and went to Tarjay for the 2nd Friday night in a row.  My coolness factor is skyrocketing by the minute.  However, I stuck to my list (shocking, I know!) and had to grab some goods to make this:


cottage cheese, garbanzos, Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning (very important - MUST be Hidden Valley) + sunflower seeds

Ever since I saw this protein-loaded concoction on my gal Janetha’s blog, I’ve been meaning to try it!  Shooo…that girl knows what is up – it was delish!  I happen to ❤ ranch dressing with a yearning, burning passion so this was right up my alley.  Next time, I think I will throw some veg in.  Mad props Queen of Meals and Moves.  Mad props.

Topped off with some of Wisconsin’s finest…

...corn on the cob that is!

...corn on the cob that is!

My to-do list for this rockin’ Friday evening:

  • Paint bathroom mirror trim
  • Clean the oven
  • Wrap up the rest of the giveaway packages to send out
  • Bloggy thangs (let’s just say it involves technology, and me and technology don’t always get along)
  • Read “Time Traveler’s Wife”

Alright Holly, let’s try and actually be productive tonight…

P.S. It’s a sad day for all us Jim Halpert/John Krasinski lovers…he’s officially off the market.  I also now officially hate Emily Blunt.


24 Responses to “Change of Plans”

  1. keunger Says:

    Jim Halpert is engaged. What a sad day.

    Also, that cottage cheese mess is something that I am going to try immediately! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that combo yet – I heart cottage cheese so dang much.

    Good luck on your big 18 miler!

  2. Evan Thomas Says:

    Hehe, gotta love any company that spits the truth like that

  3. Matt Says:

    Good luck with that 18-miler! You are really getting up there in distance. Make sure you fuel up!

    And of course, good luck with the technology job. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. Sarah Says:

    OMG Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is sooooo good! Love it (my bf worked in a coffeeshop-Brewberry’s-in St. Paul that serves it). I LOVE Fat Elvis flavor, and the pb/cookie dough is amazing, too. Sorry, I get a bit enthusiastic about ice cream…

    The corn looks great, too.

    Good luck on your long run! I can’t imagine running so far…. yet! (someday, someday…)

  5. psychoj1 Says:

    Good luck on the super long run!! Mmm, love fresh corn!!
    ❤ jess

  6. lilveggiepatch Says:

    Oh, I miss Minnesota! I still have a stuffed frog on my bed at home from the fair in 2005.

    Good luck getting all your tasks done! Have a faaaaabulous weekend, my dear.

  7. Tay Says:

    LOL that’s my kinda ice cream shop!!!

  8. snackface Says:

    Gahh! I want that chickpea-ranch-cottage cheese combo. Rarely do I rethink veganism, but I just want one bite!

    Dude, I just ran five miles and felt bossy. YOU are just amazing for goin’ for 18. Now you da boss. I’m sure it’ll be fab.

    You know what else is fab? Tarjay on Friday nights. Homie, I haven’t stepped foot inside a Targ since May. How I’m still alive, I’ll never know. I miss it!

    I hope you have a marvy Friday night in. And I hope you lovelovelove T.T.’s Wife. I BAWLED during the last, like, 100 pages of that novel. So beautiful!

  9. Angharad Says:

    Ick! He’s going out with Emily Blunt? I do NOT like her! This will make it even harder to accept. She sucks!

    What does not suck is that ice cream. Coconut Almond Breeze?! What the jiz. That is effed up. I want it now.

    Brekkie looks astonishingly good…I feel like we bonded over mush on toast…

    I’ve been meaning to give Janetha’s garbanzo/cott thing a go – I haven’t touched cottage cheese in a century and have NOT desired it but that dish is the first one that has me curious again.

    Umm, GOOD LUCK on the 18 miler my sweet. You will rock it, this I know. Please eat a lot before hand though, k? Thanks.

    Ooooh I know we’re gonna see some rockin’ farmer’s market goodies on here tomoz! Aces.

    Alright, g’night sweet cheeks!

  10. lowandbhold Says:

    Chipotle corn chowder? Yes please!! And that ice cream poster cracked me up! Sounds absolutely delicious!

    My coolness factor is pretty low tonight also. I went out to dinner with friends, came home and did laundry and read blogs.

    Love ya lady!

  11. Oh wow, that ice cream looks amazing! YUM! I don’t like when places flat out tell you that they don’t care about nutrition and that’s why they don’t have anything nutritious on the menu. I know it’s an ice cream place but still, flaunting that you’re unhealthy is a bit much! That being said, I’d probably still go there!

  12. burpexcuzme Says:

    Ah, weell, even though things didn’t go as planned, you seem to have had a mighty fine day!
    An hahahahaha! I totally agree with the ice cream post…If you’re indulging, why not indulge in the REAL , delicious thing? Hee hee! Or eat carrots! LMAO!

  13. janetha Says:

    well i guess even extra exciting ladies like us have to make a decision with the financials in mind! um, the corn chowda?! looks baller and i LOVE saltines. did you know, or so they say, you cant eat 6 saltines in a minute? no water allowed. ive tried twice. maybe i will try again tomorrow. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE! i love the addition of sunflower seeds. lovely. ima do that. healthy fat all up in there. mmm corn. on. the. cob. it is like candy. haha, last night my dad is all, “what is for dessert?” momma b says “corn!” true story. have fun with your list and dreaming of mister j 😉 love you

  14. Mia {runs and rests} Says:

    Throw me some of that ice cream over here! It sounds heavenly. That sign is hilarious. Love real stuff.
    Wow, I bow down to you for choosing the wise and wallet friendly option. Good luck with the 18 miler!

  15. Alison Says:

    They’ve only dating since November of 2008? PSSHAW! It’ll never last. He’ll be back on the market looking for a girl to help mend his broken heart before you know it. Send him the link to your blog and you’ll be running to your open arms before you know it. You heard it here first! How could he NOT fall in love with you? Impossible.

    I take comfort in knowing I went to bed early and you went to Target – thank you for having an equally cool Friday night. It warms my heart.

  16. Alison Says:

    OK that was supposed to HE’LL be running to your open arms, not YOU’LL be running to your open arms. I think just spoiled any potential career as a copy editor.

  17. homegirlcaneat Says:

    I am currently sitting in my dorm room starving my ASS OFF because I have no food and I am waiting to go to breakfast and last night I was dying of hunger at 1am with nothing to eat but a pack of kashi oatmeal..sans le bowl. So ya, NOTHING has been in my belly since 5 o clock yesterday!! NOT KOSHER!!!!!!

    I have only had CC in sweet form.. I am scurred to try it savory. But then again, anything from Hidden Valley is legit which means I will probs like da ranchy concoction.

  18. Christina Says:

    i love cool ice cream shops like that! i just went to one last night 😉 so much fun! and nice grill marks on the cobs haha

  19. jenngirl Says:

    We don’t have a Target in my college town, so I’m actually jealous of your two Friday nights in a row spent there 😉

    I think your change of plans for the weekend sounds lovely, nothing like saving a little moolah!

  20. ksgoodeats Says:

    I NEED to try the chickpea/cc combo! I drool every time I see it because it sounds delicious!

    I lovuh that lunchuh! Portobellos are the best 🙂

    EMILY BLUNT?! Jim… made the wrong choice. Holly and I were prepared to share you! Excuse me while I go mourn 😉

  21. april Says:

    hahaha that ice cream sign is so funny!! And I have to say they weren’t lying about that ice cream looking delicious!

  22. I love Hawk’s!
    And I love that ice cream sign…they really don’t mess around.
    I *might* have to try the cottage cheese, garbanzo…..I don’t know though…… 🙂

  23. Jenny Says:

    remind me to add “travel to wisconnsin for their bang a langin ice cream” to my bucket list.. k? thanks.

    happy saturday miss thing!

  24. I was thinking of you when I heard of the engagement… 😉

    I think it’s time to celebrate life with some real ice cream soon… 🙂

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