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Gettin’ Er Done July 14, 2009

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My 3-mile run this morning?  Done.

A delicious AND nutritious bowl of baby food breakfast…check.

1/4 cup oat bran
1 cup steamed kabocha squash
1/2 banana
lots o’ cinnamon
heaping tbsp. TJ’s raw AB


Kabochanana AB Oat Bran

Before I forget, some of you asked how I prepped my new BFF, the kabocha.  Well, thanks to my new bloggy friend and kabocha queen Maggie, from The Salad Girl and newbie site Healthy Yum, my kabocha was sheer perfection!  Check out her “What is kabocha?” post with lots of fabulous tips.

Gettin’ my food art on?  See below.

Apple + PB Pipe (not that kind of pipe...)

AM Snack: Apple + PB Pipe (not that kind of pipe...)


A (PB) flower a day keeps the doctor away...

My daily hit of yog/berry/gran goodness…yep.


Vanillalicious Zoe Berry Parfait

Eradicating free radicals via antioxidant absorption from chocolate?  Check.

A Chocolate Delight, courtesy of Zoe.

A Chocolate Delight, courtesy of Zoe.

As a surprise for my sister (no worries – she’s on vacay and won’t read this :)), I am re-covering her yellowish ugly lampshade into a beautiful pretty green monster.  Over lunch, I ran to our friend JoAnn Fabrics (love JoAnn!) to see what I could find.  Fabulous fabric + adornments?  Check and check.

My fabric and adornment choices.

My fabric and adornment choices.

Afternoon pick-me-up…happily devoured.

Raisin + AB + PB + J Sammie (in nut form)

Raisin + AB + PB + J Sammie (in nut form)

Bumpin’ afternoon beats to Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?  You know it.

Quick & easy dinner using up leftovers?  Check.


Tomater + spinach scramble, toasted Ezek w/ Earth Balance & brown sugar cinnamon kabocha.

Making the coolest customized lampshade ever for my sister’s new house?  I think I get a check on this one :).

After an hour of working lampshade construction outside...

After an hour of working lampshade construction outside...


...all lit up...

...and tested for durability.

...and tested for durability.

Reward for a hard day’s work of checking things off the to-do list?  One last CHECK!

Slow-churned vanilla bean ice scream, strawberries & PB+AB+J trail mix sprinkle.

Slow-churned vanilla bean ice scream, strawberries & PB+AB+J trail mix sprinkle.

Ugh, still so much more to do:

– Clean kitchen
– Start packing for a weekend trip to CHICAGO!
– Fold laundry
– Short walk
– Bed for morning run #2 in the AM


And I’m meeting Miss Angharad of Eating for England for a lil’ bloggy meet-up for dinner tomorrow night!  Sooo excited…I’m bringing her to my favorite haunt: Good Earth Cafe!

What’s on your to-do list?  Please tell me I’m not the only one with a gajillion things to do!


P.S. If you use Blogger, I’ve been having trouble commenting on some of your blogs today :(.  Just wanted to let you know I am still reading even though it won’t let me comment!


A Day of Firsts July 13, 2009

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Hold on kiddos…first things first!  The Bachelorette is tonight…woowoo!  I am hoping for some major drama tonight, because quite frankly, my life is boring.  I am really a 70-year-old lady who likes drinking tea, eating prunes and going to bed by 10pm in the body of a 24-year old. Therefore, I must live vicariously through Jillian and her men.


Brekkie: My FIRST bowl of Overnight Oats!

The lovely bowl included:

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 (4-oz.) container Stonyfield Yo Baby peach yogurt
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

(soaked overnight)

1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup Zoe’s Honey Almond granola
scoop TJ’s raw AB

After seeing these oats almost everywhere in the blogosphere, I am soooo glad I finally gave them a whirl.  They were the perfect bowl of oats for summer – cool, refreshing and seriously delicious (especially with all those toppings!).  Next time, the only thing I would change is to add 1/4 cup milk (instead of 1/2) and buy grown-up girl yogurt (I didn’t know the Yo Baby was whole milk yogurt.  However, I did know that I had an awesome coupon).


Lunch: My FIRST PB+B sammie!

Who am I kidding?  It was more like my 1,423,096th PB+B sammie.


Lunch: My FIRST heirloom tomatoes of the season.

Aren’t these juicy gems gorgeous?  I picked these lovelies up as soon as I saw them – everyone needs a little extra color in their lives.  Especially in tomato form.

After lunch, I took a lovely 1/2 hour walk taking a new route for the FIRST time.  It was absolutely marvelous out today – 70’s, sunny and extremely pleasant.  Glo-ho-ho-horious (to the tune of Notorious, of course)!


Snack: My FIRST handful of PB+AB+J trail mix of the day.

That one’s not technically a first yet; I haven’t had my second handful.  However, I stand by my word because I am sure that 2nd handful will come during an ABC commercial break this evening.


Snack #2: My FIRST taste of Stonyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt.

Ummm…hello?  Why haven’t I seen this on more blogs?  It is absolutely, ridiculously chocolatey deliciousness at it’s finest healthiest.  My dear co-worked Lori brought it for me today, because she was eating it last week and this gal was intrigued. Shout-out to Lori T. for being such a thoughtful, fun cubicle friend (and for reading my blog) :)!  Topped with some raisins, it was good.  I am thinking it might even be better frozen…chocolate froyo, anyone?


Dinner: My FIRST kabocha squash + my FIRST time roasting chickpeas.

I won’t lie to you – this might be one of my best junk salad concoctions yet, including:

2 cups spinach
1/4 cup carrots
1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts
1/8 steamed kabocha squash
1/2 cup chickpeas (roasted in EVOO, honey + cinnamon)
drizzle of EVOO + honey
sprinkle of cinnamon

Dinner: My FIRST kabocha + AB combo.

Dinner: My FIRST kabocha + AB combo.

I knew I had to finish off dinner with a bit of this, and oh my – NEW FAVORITE COMBO ALERT!  And that is saying a lot from a girl who loves her combos.  You bet your buns kabocha + AB will be making an appearance tomorrow morning for breakfast. Mark my words.

Agenda for this evening…

The Bachelorette + Yoga for Runners from Polly (during commercials) + snack (most likely, another handful of AB+PB+J trail mix and some grapes) + job apps + early bedtime.  I’m channeling Matt and getting out the door early in the AM for a 3-mile run!

Happy Monday night to y’all, especially to all you Bachelorette watchers ;).