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Pizzaliciousness August 2, 2009

Warning: You are in for a monster of a post my friends; so buckle up and let’s roll out!

Let’s flashback to Friday night….dinner was simple and tasty.  Most importantly, it was on the table within 10 minutes of arriving home from work.


eggs + whole wheat toast



Simple is best, no?

After dindin, it was me + 500 Days of Summer, which equated to a perfect solo night to recharge the batteries.  I headed to the indie theater in Minneapolis and thorough enjoyed the quirky, romantic comedy of a movie.  Not only do I have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, anyone?), but I officially also now have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel (who also happens to be on the new cover of SELF mag!).

When I got home, my sister, her boyfriend and I spent the next 1 1/2 hours reading Texts From Last Night.  Completely inappropriate?  Of course.  Completely hilar?  Obv.

I slept in until 9am Saturday morn (that is late para mi!) and enjoyed a nice brekkie pre-run…

zoe's cinnamon raisin granola + cinnamon raisin smartstart + skim milk + POM juice

zoe's cinnamon raisin granola + cinnamon raisin smartstart + skim milk + POM juice

About an hour or so later, I bounded out for a 10 mile run.

Ummm…yeah, it didn’t go so hot.  I felt out of shape (hadn’t run since last Saturday), my chest was uber-tight and I miscalculated my run.  For some reason, I thought the route I planned was 10 miles, but it ended up being 8.  Don’t ask how I messed that one up.

I’m chalking that one up to getting back in the running groove. Since I haven’t done yoga in forev, I took more time to stretch myself out post-run while eating these…


one pound of strawbs consumed

Oops…I forgot to mention the other pound of strawberries (a 2 lb. container for 4$!) was consumed yesterday afternoon.  Yes, that means I’ve consumed 2 lbs. of strawbs in two days.

Lunchie made me feel better after the crappy run because I met one of my besties Megan out at Davanni’s – our date restaurant of choice!  This is what we ALWAYS order…


veggie white pizza...

...and diet coke = meg and holly's traditional date

...and diet coke = meg & holly's traditional date

After scarfing down 4 pieces and two Diet Cokes (it’s tradition!), we bebopped over to Target in search of Miss Fit herself…

jillian oh jillian, how i've needed thee!

jillian oh jillian, how i've needed thee!

Yes, that’s right, I am totally behind the times and JUST picked up Jillian’s 30-Day Shred!  Meg and I started talking about it at lunch because she wants to get uber-fit for her sister’s wedding in a month, so we tag teamed it and are going to Shred together!  Hot bods here we come!

Last night = top night.

I met Angharad from Eating for England out for dinner wine.  Lots more wine was consumed than food :).

notice how the pizza is still untouched but the glass of wine is definitely already half drank

notice how the pizza is still untouched but the glass of wine is definitely already half drank

We met up at a cute lil’ local pizza joint where Angharad’s hubs works and started off with what else? RED WINE.


notice: also 3/4 drank


roasted beet and asparagus salad


Greek 'zza


pumpkin dessert o' love

Throughout our night of consuming one to many glasses of above said alchoholic beverage antioxidants, Angharad and I totally got to girl chat, gab, discuss and have some fabulous conversation.  I am honestly SO SAD that I only met her recently, and now I am moving to Madison :(.  It was obvious the blog heavens wanted us to be friends, so naturally we’ve already planned meet-up date #4.


cheers to new fabulous friends!

Also, I must note: Dan (her hubs) is equally as awesome.  Not only does he make killer pizza, but the man was the first person to challenge me whatsoever in the Countries of the World game on Sporcle.  Mad props Dan. Mad props.


This morning…not going to lie…slightly hungover.

Slight headache? Check. Slight gut rot? Check. Slight nausea? Check. Yep, def slight hangover.  I’ve downed a Nalgene of water this morning already, a slice of whole wheat toast with spread and took some Ibuprofen, so actually I’m not feeling too bad.  It was so worth it.

Special K w/ Red Berries, Blueberries + Skim MIlk

Special K w/ Red Berries, Blueberries + Skim MIlk

Also, I woke up at 8am (norm time) then fell back asleep until 10:30am!  Ummm, that happens like never.  Seriously, it felt so glorious, I can’t even tell you.

However, now I need to get a jumpsky on Sunday!  Possible schedule for the day (in random order)…

  • Coffee (this WILL be first)
  • Start the Shred (due to Drinker’s Remorse, sometimes I feel the need to punish my body for the activities of the night before)
  • Stop at the Goodwill to drop off donation
  • Pool
  • 7pm Yoga/Pilates Fusion class
  • Clean out car
  • Light grocery shopping
  • Organize finances
  • Bloggy thangs + bloggy reading

We’ll see if anything actually gets done…


Let Freedom Ring, Part 1 July 5, 2009



Greetings from the state of cheese – Wisconsin!  Before I begin on the shenanigans of the day, it is only appropriate to start at the beginning!  Yesterday, I was a total cleaning machine.  Mid-afternoon, I broke for a lil’ snackie to keep me fueled as I whipped the house into tip-top shape.  Enter a hot mess…

1/4 cup Optimum Pumpkin Granola Cereal
1/4 cup Kashi GoLean
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup skim milk
1.5 tbsp of PB


After putting in a hard days work (I sound like I’m living in like year 1890, BTW), I met up with these two lovebirds for some apps & drinks before hitting the road to Wisconsin:


Ashley and Maxx got engaged exactly one week ago from today!  They are seriously too cute :).  Maxx’s sister was actually in town as well, so the four of us met up at MOTO-I, a Japanese restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis, for some yummy drinks and eats.  You could easily pass this restaurant if you weren’t looking for it, but it is the only place outside Japan that brews their own sake.  Pretty cool, no?

I started with a MN-brewed Summit Oatmeal Stout with some kaffir lime-spiced peanuts (shared amongst us all)…


Then a sampler platter of assorted eats (l-r): a Tofu, Ponzu & Sweet Chilli Steamed Bun, sticky rice and a sweet potato pancake thingy (I don’t think that’s the technical term…).


The restaurant was super yummy, and the best part?  They had SHUFFLEBOARD!  Oh yeah, us four definitely squeezed in a game before we had to part ways.  After lots of chatting, it was finally time to hit the road to head home to the fam.  Of course, when traveling, snacks & beverages are a MUST.  If I am going to be driving 3 hours dang it, I’m going to need some good tunes, good munchies and good caffeine – a pint of blueberries (I am a serious fruit fiend today) and a Almond Joy blondie (soooo good!):















Finally I arrived to good ol’ home sweet home.  Then went straight to bed.  For real.

After a glorious night’s sleep in my own bed (aka best thing ever), I woke up and shocker of shockers! didn’t have coffee this morning.  Instead, I guzzled a big glass of water in preparation for today’s 10-mile run as well as a classic Holly breakfast – PB+B on toasted Ezekiel!


A funny thing happened – at home, my parent’s buy Skippy Natural peanut butter, which was totally my old FAVORITE PB.  Seriously.  I used it for breakfast this morning however, and I couldn’t believe how kind of artificial and odd it tasted after only eating the good stuff (PB made only from peanuts + salt) for like a year now.  I didn’t like it at all – one of those little things that kind of show you where you’ve been and where you are now :).

Then it was time for the weekly long run – this time, the big 1-0 for mileage.  Luckily, Mama Everythingtarian (she’s totally one hot  fit mama) ran the first 7 miles with me, which made the time go by so fast.  Then the last 3 miles, I stepped my game up and hoofed it – completing the 10 miles in just about 100 minutes (10:00/mile).  I took her at an easy pace and felt really good!

When I got back, I guzzled water and stretched for a good 15 minutes.  After about another 1/2 hour, I was ready to eat and devoured a yummalicious lunch…Blueberry + Banana Smoothie (1 cup skim milk, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana + 1 huge handful spinach) plus a Jumbo Salad (spinach, tomato, broccoli, cucumber, peppers + drizzle Newman’s Light Balsamic) and a Berry Oatmeal Almond Blondie!




Then, it was POOL TIME!



1, 2, 3 - JUMP!

Two things: (1) My mom has awesome camera skills (ummm...where did my other sister go?), and (2) I did not purposely wear a 4th of July swimsuit - I swear it's the only suit I own.

Two things: (1) My mom has awesome camera skills (ummm...where did my other sister go?), and (2) I did not purposely wear a 4th of July swimsuit - I swear it's the only suit I own.

The unpictured sister (who, by the way, has never ever read a health magazine in her life).

The unpictured sister (who, by the way, has never ever read a health magazine in her life).

A poolside photo shoot...this is me in a totally natural "casual" laugh with a flower that just so happens to be randomly in my hair...

A poolside photo shoot...this is me in a totally natural "casual" laugh with a flower that just so happens to be randomly in my hair...

After the pool, it was totes time to whip up some dindin!  I helped Barbie in the kitchen and chopped veggies like I’ve never chopped them before.  I was totally getting snacky, so I had a Tahini Cookie (x2) and a string cheese to tide me over until chow time.


Look at this lovely array of dinner eats – I love coming home for a plethora of reasons (I swear Mom & Dad!), but one of my favorites it getting spoiled with yummy eats I can’t afford myself (i.e. salmon).  On my plate:  1/2 garlic breadstick (from the fab Amish bakers at the farmer’s market), grilled salmon, roasted veggies & sweet potato fries!


Seriously. So. Good.

Dessert was equally fab.  You’ve just got to love a holiday where you can celebrate your independence and chow down at the same time – thank you America!  Enter strawberry shortcake + Almond Joy Blondie + vanilla ice cream.  Seconds, anyone?


That’s it for part one! I can tell you are just all on the edge of your seats for “Let Freedom Ring, Part 2” but don’t you worry kids – a full wrap-up of fireworks and family fun (including Mama & Daddy Everythingtarian!) is coming your way tomorrow!  

Hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July, relaxing with friends & family and taking time to enjoy life (including food, fun & flippin’ good times)!


Poor Planning June 30, 2009

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Happy humpday (at least for me :)) everyone!

Since I don’t have to work on Friday, I just need to get through 2 more days of work before a loooong weekend!  Breakfast started with a bang this morning – courtesy of Polly.  It was the other half batch of Oaty Cakes I made from Sunday, and they were just as good today.  Topped with peanut buttah, banana & raspberries – perfection!


These lovelies held me over fabulously all morning (downed with a cuppa joe + 2% milk of course!), and I broke for 1/2 Cherry Pie Larabar around 11am.  I knew I was meeting one of my college roomies, Jess, and her mom for lunch at noon so I needed a lil’ something to get me by until then.


Us ladies headed over to a lovely local restaurant where their food is seriously soooo good.  It’s like an upscale bar & grill, so the food isn’t greasy and crappy but rather fresh, yummy and creative.  I had the Goat Cheese & Chicken Salad containing : mixed greens, candied pecans, jicama, goat cheese, tomato, grilled chicken along with a hunka burnin’ love bread.


The salad was super yummy, but the problem was I only ordered the half, which was not big at all (despite the size it looks in the picture).  I knew as soon as I ate up every last morsel, I was going to be hungry not too long after.  Unfortunately, usually when I go out, my lunches are bigger so I didn’t plan ahead and pack any additional snacks with me to work today.  Tsk tsk Holly, tsk tsk!

When I got back to work, I ate the other 1/2 of the Larabar and hit up the vending machine for the healthiest thing I could find, a Nature Valley Oats + Honey Granola Bar.  Not the worst, but definitely not the best either.


I might have even snuck a Diet Cherry Coke, secretly hoping the carbonation would fill me up a bit :).

Around 4pm, I was getting ravenous so I hit up a lil’ trail mix.  It’s got a good assortment of nuts (hazelnut, cashew, peanut & almond), not too much chocolate and a couple raisins.  However, I’m educated enough to know this mix probably also contained extra doo-dads I don’t want.  Live and learn peeps!


Thankfully, dinner more than made up for my poor planning.  On my drive home, I single-handedly concocted this wonder using the big ol’ brain Barbie + Ken (yes, my parents names are Barbie and Ken) so generously blessed me with.  Layer by layer, here we go:

1 slice toasted Ezekiel bread
BBQ sauce
1/4 avocado
Sunshine Burger Falafel Patty
1 oz. English Mature Cheddar
1 slice toasted Ezekiel bread


Thanks mom & dad – my brainiac combo served me well!

With a nummy 22-calorie Yummy Earth Organic Mango lollipop afterwards…


I am supposed to run 3 miles according to the marathon schedule, but I think me and my friend Megan are going to hit up Latin Fusion class instead…aye que fabulosa!  As long as this gal gets some cardio in, I will be a happy camper.  If my hips don’t lie, and I work hard enough tonight, there could even be a late night snack posting in all of our futures!

Happy humpday Tuesday everyone! 😉


Carbonation City June 23, 2009

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This morning I awoke to the sight of huge bags,
even a bowl of Tarjay Heartsmart would not ease the sag.
Topped with a banana and some slivered almonds too,
I headed to work looking like mondo poo.



My first Gingersnap Larabar perked me right up,
cinnamon, ginger and cloves – oooh just enough.
I stared at a screen most of my day,
killing a few brain cells while still getting paid.


Nothin’ like a little ‘cado to get me back on track,
paired with black beans and Ezekiel to be exact.
What a yummy combo I had to devour,
which only took me a mere fraction of an hour.



CVS called my name and boy did I answer,
if you didn’t know the sun is now in Cancer.
Carbonation city came rumbling in my tummy,
with the purchase of liquid crack – boy was it yummy!



My stomach ballooned out to three months,
no I’m not pregnant with a litter of runts.
I burped and burped all that fizz out,
before devouring my yogurt with a bit of a pout.



After work I headed over to my dear sister Katie’s,
where I devoured some chips thanks to that lady.
Along with a salad and a can of Diet Coke,
my stomach became six months bigger, this I don’t joke.




Thankfully I sipped some mint tea with care,
grabbed my Oikos coupons that Stonyfield shared.
Thanks to Kristina and the gang for my free tubs,
man those Greeks must have been rollin’ on dubs.


Uber-thick and creamy; that’s what she said,
I can’t wait to try this organic wonder and the 30-Day Shred.
Plain, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and honey too,
this is going to make excellent bloggy eats, woowoo!




Thanks to Ms. LovIN for being my poem inspiration,
off to run 3 miles and sweat lots of perspiration.
Then perhaps off to bed to see Deb in the morn,
if I can get my arse out of bed without being forlorn.


Thanks for reading about yet another day in my life,
it ain’t always pretty and sometimes filled with strife.
I promise lots more goodness on the bloggy this week,
good night to all, I’m going to take a leak!


Mondo-Filled Fun, Part 1 June 21, 2009

Dudes…it has seriously been such a jam-packed weekend, this has been the first time I’ve been on a computer since I left work on Friday!  I think that is a record for yours truly.  So, yes, today is Sunday, but we’ve got to rewind it all the way back to Friday (if only this worked in real life :)) to start at the beginning…

Breakfast was eaten on the run on Friday morning, partially because it was portable but mostly because it was Friday, and Friday’s I usually am running late (procrastinating my alarm clock is in full force).  I grabbed 4 Sunsweet individually-wrapped prunes along with toasted Ezekiel bread with PB


Not the prettiest breakfast by any means, but it did the trick!

Unfortunately, Friday was a bit of a “bar-day” because I was runnin’ low on goodies.  I don’t like to rely on too many bars (instead of eating real food…what up to Kath!) but today was one of those days it was just quite unavoidable.  For snack, I had a Kids Clif ZBar in Blueberry….delicious!


Makes me feel like a youngun’ again :).

Lunch was a bit different today – I had my usual afternoon yogurt combo for a midday meal (again, running low on food).  It was Strawberry Chobani, TJ’s Blueberry Muesli & lotsa berry goodness.  Unfortunately, this was my last of the Chobani samples :(.  After trying all the flavors, I would definitely say the Blueberry was my fave and would totally recommend Chobani Greek yogurt to y’all.  It’s flavorful, delicious, natural and yummy!


The day’s eats took a bit of a downturn from there…

I tried out my new Think5 Red Berry bar – loaded with 5 servings of fruits and veggies!















Bad news:  it was NOT good.  I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but the whole combo of flavors did not work.  It was grassy (not good grassy) and had a really weird flavor to it.  This is honestly the first thing I’ve tried in awhile that I really just did not care for (and I’m one of the least picky eaters I know!).  As much as I didn’t care for it, I did eat the rest of it because, (a) I paid almost 2$ for it, (b) it was the only thing I had at work to eat (besides a break room full of cupcakes – eek!) and (c) I washed it down with this…


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

On my way home from work, I put on the Hairspray musical soundtrack on full blast and rocked out on a fabulous Friday afternoon (fortunately for you, there is no picture of this).  “You can’t stop the motion of the ocean…”

Then I hit up Tarjay for a quick run and came out with 2 new goodies!


Reviews to come later in the weekend :).

Dinner was a replay of Thursday’s 20-Minute Moroccan Chickpea Tagine…minus the couscous + some Barilla Plus pasta!


Even better the 2nd time ’round!

After dinner, I whipped up another batch of VeggieGirl blondies with a special mission in mind…Father’s Day on Sunday!  I couldn’t resist making up another pan of delicious blondieness, so I thought hmmmm….what would Daddy Everythingtarian’s dream blondie combo be?

Crunch Bar Almond Blondies…of course!


I wonder why that one square is missing….:)

My dad’s two favorite things in the world are Crunch Bars & almonds…so I thought, why not mix the two together?  I made the same substitutions as the first batch (vanilla Greek yogurt for soy yogurt; half whole wheat, half white flour for gluten-free and then threw in 3 chopped up Crunch bars and 1 cup slivered almonds).  They were the sh!t – just putting it out there…more props to VeggieGirl!

After blondie making, Megan and I hit up the mall for a little shopping where she scored some awesome deals (nothing for this poor gal), then I came home and headed to bed, knowing there was a 6 mile run in my future at 6am the next morning.



My alarm went off at 6am (as planned), and I dragged my buns out of bed at about 6:15am, which is actually really good for me.  I grabbed a quick 1/2 banana to eat, then dragged myself bounded out the door to run by 6:30am.  The run was fine – I definitely didn’t feel my best but ended up running it in about 1 hour.  As soon as I got home…I dug into this concoction:


Taking a tip from Heather…I used my almost-empty peanut butter jar to house my morning oats!

1/3 cup rolled oats
1/2 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
3 True North Citrus Burst clusters, crumbled

The mix was delish!  The peanut clusters have dried cranberries + orange peel, so they are a bright, fresh burst of flavor!  I really like them – adding them to the oatmeal was the perfect touch!  I showered quickly, grabbed a small ‘Bou coffee on the run and headed to the Special Olympics Summer Games!!!


Gorgeous weather + skyline of Minneapolis + Special Olympics = SO. MUCH. FUN.


My job all day was to hang out at the DJ booth aka “Boogie Town” and dance/mingle/have fun with the athletes all day, awesome, right?  It was seriously such a fun, rewarding, sweaty, dancy good time!

Here is my new bud Steve rockin’ out his air guitar…


Here is perhaps one of the cutest girls in the world, Miss Joy…


And my mid-morning snack of prunes, because I needed some fuel for all that dancing!


Saturday was just so much fun, so enjoyable and so uplifting!  The Special Olympics is such an awesome organization (very well-run too, may I add!) and really is so supportive of those with intellectual disabilities.  There couldn’t have been a better way to spend Saturday – especially with a free lunch included :).


Cheese + mustard sammie, applesauce, Raw Organic Cinnamon Raisin bar (mine from home) and a Berry Gatorade – a nice lil’ refuel to keep dancing the afternoon away!

Whew!  And that was only part 1 of this weekend!  Stay tuned later tonight for the rest of the weekend’s rockin’ good time.  Enjoy my favorite day of the week – Sunday – everyone!

P.S. I am totally determined to bring back the word mondo :).


Gettin’ My Vitamin D June 14, 2009

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I don’t want to rub it in to those of you who experienced less than stellar weather…but today was PERFECT!  Sunny, 80 degrees and oh so gorgeous – it was the perfect day to lay in the sun and soak up some rays get my vitamin D fix.  After last night’s late feast, I went light with the breakfast this morning and concocted a berry green monster.

1 cup vanilla almond milk
1/2 banana
1.5 cups mixed frozen fruit (pineapple, mango, berries & banana)
2 cups spinach
raspberries, for a pretty garnish


After breakfast, I ran a few errands, grabbed my VeggieGirl-inspired Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Blondies and met my two ladies Ashley and Megan for some quality time poolside!

Oh man – heaven!  It was so nice to relax, lounge by the pool, take a dip and catch up with my gal pals.  I slathered on the SPF45 then happily soaked up my vitamin D.  Early afternoon, we brought out our potluck of goodies for lunch.  On the menu today…

All-Bran Garlic & Herb crackers
roasted red pepper hummus
variety of takeout sushi
Diet Coke (a must-have poolside beverage!)
my VeggieGirl blondies


For my share, I would guesstimate I had about 1 cup strawberries, 4 pieces of sushi, 1-1.5 servings crackers w/ 1/4 cup hummus and 2 blondies (and Diet Coke :)) spread out throughout the lunch/afternoon.

Us ladies bummed the rest of the afternoon at the pool and split at about 3:30pm.  From there, I ran a quick errand to my sister’s new house and then came home where I finished up on some basic Sunday tasks: cleaning, laundry, mini-manicure and dindin.  Tonight was a random assortment of things…spinach salad with berries, almonds and a drizzle of honey/EVOO, celery w/ peanut butter and a slice of Ezekiel 12-grain bread with raspberry preserves.


And a third blondie for dessert :).

Along with a glass of sauvignon blanc


After dinner, it was off to my favorite Sunday night Yoga/Pilates Fusion class with Deb.  Sixty minutes of loveliness – today was full of balance moves, ab work and lotsa good stretching.  When I got home, I needed a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ so I made myself a bowl of blueberry-liciousness


Tomorrow I am volunteering at an all-day charity golf tournament for Children’s Heartlink – an awesome international medical nonprofit that does with with pediatric heart disease around the world.  I am so excited to soak up some sun, hit the links and support a good cause.  I will have a full recap of all the fun tomorrow!

Tomorrow also starts day 1 of marathon training…yikes!

What was the best thing you did this weekend?  For me, that’s a toughie.  It’s tied between the Pedal Pub and the poolside fun today!


Fruitful Day June 9, 2009

Good evening my little online blogarinos!

As the title of my post suggests, today was full of fruit!  The fruitaliciousness started bright and early this morning with a poopy green monster!  Today’s concoction included:

1 cup vanilla almond milk
4 cups spinach
1 banana
1 cup berry frozen fruit mix (cherries, raspberries, mango & boysenberries)



I’m not going to lie, I was drrraaggggiinnnggg today – the past week really took it out of this gal (and that is hard to do!).  However, the green monster and getting almost all my veggie servings by 7am did perk me up a bit.  However, due to lack of protein, this gal was starvin’ by 10am.  Enter…my newest Larabar purchase


It was delicious – Lara just doesn’t disappoint.

Over my lunch break, I headed back over to the gym for a nice lil’ lunchie workout.  I created a quick cardio and toning plan to keep my heart rate up and my glutes a-burnin’.  If you only have a bit of time to work out, this is really a fast, all-over workout.  Here’s the plan Stan:

Lunchtime Cardio/Toning Circuit

5 min.     Run
5 min.     50 walking lunges + 10 walking push-ups
10 min.   Elliptical
5 min.     50 wide leg squats + 25 bicep curls + 25 tricep kickbacks + 25 shoulder shrugs
5 min.     Run
5 min.     Various ab exercises (scissors, leg raises, crunches, etc.)
5 min.     Stretching

For a grand sweating total of….40 minutes!

When I got back to work, I dug into one of the easiest and most delicious meals there is….CEREAL!  If you were a childhood fan of Senor Captain Crunch, please drop what you are doing right now (except if you are reading my blog, of course!) and run to the store and buy Kashi Honey Sunshine.  It’s like healthified Cap’n Crunch!

Along with skim milk and a fantastic, juicylicious peach….



Before I forget, I feel like y’all need a little Holly Investigates… update.  You see, with my busy schedule of late, I haven’t really had the time to devote to investigating all those little health-related bits I love so much.  Sooo, I’ve decided it won’t quite be feasible to post a new one every Monday, but I will do my best to churn out a couple a month.  Deal?

Snacktime was the usual glorious combo of yogurt/berries/muesli


After work, I headed over to my sister’s NEW house to help her paint her bathroom.  Nothing like a little sisterly bonding time over a tub of gray paint in a confined bathroom :).  It surprisingly was quite the workout – between crouching in crevices, holding up lighting devices and painting up a storm, my arms are feelin’ it!

On the way to her house, I snacked on an oats + honey granola bar as I swore/cursed/raged with anger patiently navigated the rush hour traffic.


Driving to my sister’s was complicated by a slight bloody nose in the car (nuff’ said there).  Upon arrival and before painting, I dug into the salad I had brought (pat on the back to me for thinking and planning ahead – patpat!).

sunflower seeds
garbanzo beans
Newman’s Sesame Ginger vinaigrette


While painting, I snacked on these babies + a Diet Coke…


These almonds were delicious – there were about 2 servings in the bag.  They were roasted with paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and some other spices.  They were savory and super delish!  I might have to buy these suckers again…I might have also had a couple handfuls of my sister’s Gardetto’s – anybody else have a deep childhood love for Gardetto’s like myself?

After painting, it was errands to the bank and Target, then home to sadly throw away two of my favorite pairs of ballet flats.  Tears.  They were good to me while they lasted; however, I wasn’t the best to them.  They were worn down, a bit smelly and had seen their days.  Rest in peace my favorite gold and magenta flats.  Rest in peace.

More sad news today…I found out that the possible nanny job in Australia fell through.  Apparently, the doctor I was going to nanny for found another job, so no heading Down Under for me :(.  Guess that means SOMEBODY has to hire me before my temp job runs out.  Any takers?

Now, I am going to finish blogging, finish a freelance writing project due tomorrow then get my buns to bed, hopefully for 5:30am yoga.  I don’t know if it is going to happen (I am one tired girl!), but there is no harm in hoping.

Anybody have any good ideas for a potential career/job/future for moi?  Let me know PLEASE :).

I almost forgot…check out Peanut Butter and Jenny for a truly fabulous, awesome and amazing giveaway.  That’s just Miss Jenny for ya :).