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I Know We’ve Come So Far (But We Got So Far to Go) August 24, 2009

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I’ve been doing lots of contemplating over the past few days. That’s what happens when (a) I am sick and have too much time on my hands, and (b) I have too much time on my hands.  Queen of over-analyzing right here.  My mom likes to say that I always need some kind of drama in my life.  But what does she know…

Since I got my handsome new computer, I’ve been meaning to take all the stuff off my old computer and put it on to the new babealicious one.  Going through my old Word files, I found a bucket list I made at the beginning of college:


“Things to Do Before I Turn 30”  (which scarily enough, isn’t that far away!)

  • Swim with dolphins
  • Go skydiving  2006: Cairns, Australia
  • Study abroad  2004: London, England
  • Backpack around Europe  2007: England, Germany, Austria + France
  • Be on The Price is Right
  • Visit NYC + Los Angeles  2003: LA, 2008: NYC
  • Graduate from college  2007: Graduated w/ honors, BA Journalism
  • Learn photography
  • Be on a reality TV show
  • Take an unplanned road trip
  • Be an actress (in some way)  2006: Was the voiceover in a friend’s movie for film class
  • Live in a foreign country  2007-2008: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Steal a golf cart
  • Stay home and watch movies all day
  • Sleep under the stars  2004: Haversford West, Wales (with a babealicious dude next to me ;))
  • Eat everything and anything I want for a day  Many a day, many a day
  • Just be happy

This is the condensed version (the list was about twice as long as this – yes, I have the mind of a dreamer).  But looking at it, I often forget just how much of this I have already accomplished.  Sometimes, I forget to give myself credit for all the things I HAVE done.

So often we focus on what we haven’t done…ummm, I didn’t work out today!  Ughhh, why didn’t I eat the salad instead of that monster plate of pasta?  Shucks, why didn’t I take a chance and just say yes?

If you take anything away from this post, please take a moment and focus on all the good things you have or have done.  Because chances are, you’ve done a lot more than you give yourself credit for.  Case in point…

one of the most awesome things i've EVER done.

one of the most awesome things i've EVER done.


that cap and gown is fo real peeps.


told ya we backpacked - Frankfurt, Germany train station


turkey avocado sammie: the best sammie in the world from London's most hole-in-the-wall sammie shop


my house in Thailand...Mooban Buntarik (that's the name of my 'hood)

Yes, my list is heavily travel-focused (I channel Liz Gilbert when I say traveling may be the, “…the one true love of my life.”), but that is just me.  I’m sure everyone’s list will look completely different – heck, there are a couple things I would love to even add to the list:

  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Pay off my credit card(s)
  • Live in the present (as much fun as planning future trips are…)

Take a moment, think of the good thangs and hold onto that positive love 🙂


The food is going to be highlight pics only (a.k.a. not all pictured), since this post got longer than intended – oops!


surprising delicious savory oats - oats, parm cheese, salsa + two eggs


ChocChip Trail Mix PURE Bar (alongside my celly, just to see that indeed, they are a bit small)

Pom Chobani + blueberries = berry heaven.

Pom Chobani + blueberries = berry heaven.


more Coconut-Crusted Tempeh Island Salad (check recipes for the link!)

and what is that?  a flower in my salad :)

and what is that? a flower in my salad 🙂

Alright, you knew this was coming…

What’s one awesome thing you’ve accomplished on your bucket list?  

Also, what is one thing you still have yet to accomplish?  Skydiving is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, and one thing I really, really want to do is pay off my credit cards.  I know, lame.  Once they’re paid off, then I will go to Argentina.


In true K-style,

“I Know We’ve Come So Far (But We Got So Far to Go)” – Hairspray


Close-Ups August 23, 2009

Dudes…Sunday night, again?  Suriously.

Well, let’s see in the last 24 hours, I’ve really been diggin’ the extremo close-up food shots (hence post title).  When I left y’all last night, I was just about to make this fabulous dinner…

1 handful mixed greens
2 leeks, 1/4 green pep, 1/4 onion + 2 kale leaves
(sauteed in EVOO, balsamic + garlic)
1/2 grilled zucchini
1 tbsp. sunflower seeds
drizzle of balsamic vinegar 

grilled veggie salad

grilled balsamic veggie salad

Do grill marks make anyone else happy? And, is anyone else’s salad not complete without sunflower seeds?

Topped off with this showstopper…


AB frosting atop a German Chocolate Lara (which tastes A LOT like the Chocolate Coconut one)

Lara has a tendency to steal the spotlight.

After dindin, I fell asleep from 7:30 to 11:30pm  got on my clubbin’ gear (fishnets + flourescent pink butt dress) and booty-danced the night away until 2am.

Yeah, that’s right.  Between the 15 mile run + allergies, I was toast.  I slept for 4 hours, woke up at 11:30pm to find 1 missed call + 2 text messages (this never happens), watched 4 episodes of Arrested Development free on MSN and ate a bowl of PB Puffins + skim milk before calling it a night for the 2nd time.

At 8am this morning, I woke up refreshed and ready to dive in for a classic bowl of oats…

1/2 cup oats
1 cup water
1 mashed naner
buttloads of cinnamon
hunk(s) o’ almond buttah 


day 4 of Sarah's breakfast challenge? check.

I devoured this baby alongside another large mug of green tea + Emergen-C packet.  Allergies…you will NOT win!

Then I walked to a 9:30am 75-minute Go With the Flow Yoga class.  Holy standing splits.  It was just was just what my muscles, brain and body needed.  I need to get back on the yoga train…it always feels soooo good! (TWSS?)

I munched on a Blueberry PURE Bar + POMx Wildberry White Tea when I got home.  Many of you have asked how I liked both products.  I LIKE both, but I have two mayjuh issues: (1) PURE bars = small – sometimes I need a bit o’ quantity.  (2) I mentioned this in the last post, the tea is erythritol + fructose sweetened – read to find out what that’s all about.

Then I went to 3 (yes, 3) grocery stores to stock up on the goods…

First stop, Trader Joe’s.  Key purchases include:

  • TJ’s raw almond butter
  • Thai Red Curry sauce
  • 3-grain tempeh
  • almond meal

Next stop on the train…Whole Foods!

  • expeller-pressed canola oil
  • 5 for $5.00 Chobani Greek yogurt (that’s highway robbery!)
  • lunchtime sushi

my fave tuna avocado brown rice roll

Last stop, I walked to my local co-op where I purchased ALL locally-grown, organic produce (minus the avocados + bananas).

  • mixed greens
  • zucchini
  • kohlrabi
  • cucumber
  • organic skim milk

Damn Gina, I spent too much money!  However, a lot of stuff was stock-up thangs (I purchased more than outlined above) that I will eventually need.  End of story.

When I got home, I grabbed a Runner’s World mag my mom gave me and a Whole Foods mag to snuggle in my bed and read while I ate this:

Chobani plain Greek yog + PB Puffins + 1 mashed naner

Chobani plain Greek yog + PB Puffins + 1 mashed naner

Then I took an hour long nap.  You know I am sick if I take a nap.  I NEVER take naps.

Sometimes I consider myself more of a “slapdash cook” – one who throws random ingredients together hoping it will turn out because they don’t really know real technique.  Then there are days I just surprise myself by creating things like Coconut-Crusted Tempeh Island Salad.




more stellarness.

Enough of the food close-ups, I’m ready for MY close-up Mr. DeMille…


(Also) Easily Amused July 31, 2009

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Taking a cue from one of my new fave bloggies, Miss Ellie at Inside I’m Still Dancing, I decided to utilize all the wonders WordPress has given us bloggers by seeing what search terms people used to arrive at yours truly, The Healthy Everythingtarian. Here’s what search terms you weirdos are using to get here…


“Cutest girls in the world”: Okay, this one isn’t weird at all.  This is totes believable.

“3 garlic breadsticks”: I usually only eat/make things in 2’s or 4’s.  So, 3’s is just not plausible.

“Mexican fiesta clothes”:  In my closet, I actually have a XXXXL Mexican basketball jersey.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t made it on the blog yet, so I’m not sure how exactly they found out I wear that at las fiestas.

“Japanese girls, swimsuit”:  I reckon I can chalk this one up to people with dirty minds.

“Bride is wrapping a red scarf”: WTF?!?!  No comment.

“Glorious art”:  Since food art = glorious art, this one also makes sense.

“Overmixed fuel”:  I’m not sure how to overmix fuel, but maybe I should start trying?

“Moroccan girls”:  Apparently, I should just name my blog, “Girls From Around the World, Swimsuit.”


Alright, onto the real stuff – the EATS and DEETS!

Not gonna lie, after work I went to the company BBQ where I scarfed two slices of veggie pizza, a chocolate chip cookie and a handful of Strawberry & Grape Laffy Taffy (a.k.a. the best flavors).  Even though I said I would take pics, I didn’t.  In other words, I guess I lied to you after all.

After le BBQ, I headed off to yoga where I promptly lasted 10 minutes before leaving.  I never leave classes. For some reason, my body didn’t want to be there, my mind certainly wasn’t there and so I skedaddled.

Instead, I vowed to do something which I knew would help me get back on the workout track: NEW RUNNING SHOES!

Asics...the best eva!

Asics...the best eva!

When I arrived back at the casa, low and behold look what I found!



Molly and the wonderful people at POM Wonderful were so kind to send me some samples of their 100% pomegranate juice.  For years now, I have been a fan of their juice but can only buy it on occasion because it is pretty expensive for my budget.  Imagine my excitement when they offered me some of their all-natural, no added sugar, preservative-free juice which comes from orchards right in California.  Woowoo!

Needless to say, drinking in a slew of antioxidants makes me feel better over my non-existent workout schedule as of late.

After checkin’ out the goods, I whipped up some Tahini Cookies for our Twinkie Challenge winners!

chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies

chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies sprinkled with sea salt

They sound a lot fancier than they are to make :).  Matt and Chelsea – I’m sending these buggers out today!

Flash forward to this morning….breakfast was a repeat of yesterday and the day before that.

mornin' snack

mornin' snack

key lime lara love

key lime lara love

Mmmmm…I love POM juice.  POM seltzers are my fave, so look for lotsa those in the coming week.  I am also hoping to get a lil’ creative with the pomegranate juice.  I have some thoughts brewing…

Lunch was a monster junk salad

spinach + mixed greens + romaine
cottage cheese
dried cranberries + golden raisins
sunflower seeds
drizzle EVOO + balsamic


veggie refueling

up close and personal

up close and personal

Now, it’s work until 5pm, and then the WEEKEND!  Hallelujah!

I’m sad I probably won’t make my mini-goals of 2 yoga classes + relaxation this week, but since I am moving to another state next week, I will try and not be so hard on myself.  I am going to bounce back in style tomorrow morning with a 10-mile long run!

What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever it is, enjoy!  I plan on relaxing as much as possible + planning/preparing for the big move to Madtown!  Visitors welcome!


Monster of a Post July 10, 2009

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If you guessed Monster Cookie Pancakes...

If you guessed Monster Cookie Pancakes...

...then you guessed...

...then you guessed...



Sweet heavens above, there are no words to describe these Monster Cookie Pancakes.  You might as well call me Lara, because these tasted EXACTLY like Monster Cookies.  I don’t kid people.  Drizzled with pure maple syrup + crushed walnuts…I, ah…hmmmm….errrr….yep, no words ;).

Chocolate-Covered Katie – consider this my official entry into the Dessert Pancake-Making Extravaganza :).


Also, you blog readers are the bestest because after I posted last night about the mysterious “natural sugars” in my post-run Vitamin Water 10, you all came through with some stellar research!  Check out the comments people left – especially Anne K.’s fabulous links!  Then check out Ali’s Cleaner Plate Club for a fabulous post debunking the myths that erythritol & crystalline fructose are indeed “natural.”  Finally, head to Miss BuffMuffy’s blog for more real talk on these Vitamin Water 10 additives – woowoo…can’t say you didn’t learn anything today!  Snap~

Breaking news… did you know Larabar is coming out with 3 new flavors?!?!  Get ready, because they are going to announce them any day now – ahhhhhh, the excitement!

Also, head over to Fitnessista for another raw-some giveaway of a yummy cookbook from Sarma – queen of raw!

Then, if you haven’t had enough of my link love yet, bebop over to An Apple A Day for a yoga-tastic giveaway of a brand new fancy schmancy yoga mat.  I be definitely wanting to win that one!


After seeing these babes on the oh-so-fabulous Miss K’s blog, the peeps over at Cheerios were such dolls to send me some coupons for 2 free boxes of Banana Nut (I accidentally typed butt…haha!) Cheerios!



Thanks to Amanda and the gang for being so thoughtful and sending some love my way!  I’m buying my boxes this weekend, so expect a product review early next week.  However, the goodness does not end there.  Amanda and the Cheerios crew would love to send some love YOUR way – in the form of more Banana Nut Cheerios of course!



To win a box of Banana Nut Cheerios, this is what y’all gotta do…

(1) Leave a comment with your most creative idea for the next Cheerios flavor.

(2) If you have a blog, link back to this post on your blog and leave a 2nd comment with that link.  If you don’t have a blog, leave a 2nd comment with your favorite summer activity.

Two winners will be chosen and announced Monday morning at 8am CST.


Whelp, that’s it for me…don’t think I will be able to post from the cabin so I will see you on Sunday with the whole weekend recap.  Expect a mix of beer, sunbathing, drinking games, grilling, tubing, lake fun and tanning.  Yep – that will most def sum up my weekend, I promise you that (minus the 9-mile run I have to redo on Sunday…ugh!).

Happy (almost) weekend my friends!


Let Freedom Ring, Part 2 July 5, 2009

How fast the weekends go!  I seriously think everyday should be a 3-day weekend – the world would be a happier place :).

I’m giving an, “Oooh!  Ahhhhh!” for the 4th of July festivities of yore…


Little sissy with her sparkler...


Pondering the meaning of life on this Independence Day...


Me & Ken (aka dad) - I told you my fam was weird 🙂


Barbie (aka mom) posing by the fire.


Fun time, family time :).

I sipped on a delicious cup (yes, literally a plastic cup) of red wine throughout the evening.  Twas’ so enjoyable.

This morning, I awoke bright and early to lovely cuppa joe with skim milk from the ‘Bucks brought to me fresh by mummy & daddy.  I poured it in one of the cups I made at a local paint studio…ain’t she pretty?


Then, yours truly, set off to concoct a lovely Sunday brekkie for the family!  First up, I took my recipe for Mushroom & Asparagus Frittata and whipped up one of those.  Then I took the basics of that recipe and subbed in red pepper, spinach and colby jack cheese for a second frittata.  Then mama concocted some fruit salad and some blueberry pancakes…have I ever mentioned just how much I LOVE breakfast?



After a delish breakfast, we said goodbye to my aunt & uncle.  Then, my dad and sister headed out to run some errands for my sister’s new house while my mom and lil’ sissy went on a hike up the infamous Rib Mountain, also known as the highest point in all of Wisconsin!  In total, it took us about an hour to frolic like Maria Von Trapp hike up to the tiptop and then back down again – this girl’s glutes were definitely a’burnin!

Here is the view from the top…


The tallest point in Wisconsin - now you can say you've seen it!


Doing a classic dance Y-scale hold at the top...


Instead of Where's Waldo? Where's lil' sissy?...


Mama Everythingtarian workin' it up the mountain...


Some historical facts for y'all...

In the words of U2, “It’s a beaaauutttiffulll dayyyyy!” The weather was totally perf for hiking – sunny but not too hot with a hint of breeze.  It was soooo nice and definitely worked me up an appetite.  Lunch was a mish mash of randoms – Apple Pie Larabar, leftover roasted veggies with a sprinkle of parmesan & 1/2 Amish breadstick, and of course – an Almond Joy Blondie to top it all off!




Whew – I’m getting tired just recapping this weekend ;).

After lunch, it was time to pack up and leave the land of cheese to return home to the land of lakes.  Tit for tat.  I’m actually staying at my sister’s house for the next couple weeks, so my car was literally stuffed to the brim with all my possessions.  Driving, I seriously probably looked homeless, like I was living out of my car, haha.  I grabbed a naner from the parent’s house for a mid-afternoon snack on the road…


I blared my James Morrison CD, “Songs for You, Truths for Me” (seriously, if you do not own this disk, please go out and BUY IT NOW!).  He’s amazing.  And British.  Which totally makes him even cooler.  I sung at the top of my lungs almost the entire way, and of course got the usual strange looks from people.  I could totally care less – singing in the car is one of my favoritest things in the entire world.  Cher’s “Believe” is my #1 choice of song in the car – what’s yours?

Lunch was a quick stop at Subway with my sis for a quick sammie:

honey oat bread
pepperjack cheese
green pepper
lotsa pickles
yellow mustard


Simple, healthy and yummy.  Triple threat.

Dessert was some Fig Newtons, which I totally LOVE.


After a good 3 hours in the car, I made it back, stopped at Trader Joe’s, stopped at Target, unpacked my stuff at my sister’s house, helped her put together her new end tables and am now blogging.  I was going to try to go to yoga, but alas, sometimes there is just too many dang things to do.  I will have to save the yoga sesh for tomorrow or Tuesday instead.  Now, I need to go get another snack and then head to bed – tomorrow I have lots of blog catching up to-do and oh yeah, go to work too :).

What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was probably playing games and chilling by the fire with my family or hiking up Rib Mountain this morning.  Good times!


Let Freedom Ring, Part 1



Greetings from the state of cheese – Wisconsin!  Before I begin on the shenanigans of the day, it is only appropriate to start at the beginning!  Yesterday, I was a total cleaning machine.  Mid-afternoon, I broke for a lil’ snackie to keep me fueled as I whipped the house into tip-top shape.  Enter a hot mess…

1/4 cup Optimum Pumpkin Granola Cereal
1/4 cup Kashi GoLean
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup skim milk
1.5 tbsp of PB


After putting in a hard days work (I sound like I’m living in like year 1890, BTW), I met up with these two lovebirds for some apps & drinks before hitting the road to Wisconsin:


Ashley and Maxx got engaged exactly one week ago from today!  They are seriously too cute :).  Maxx’s sister was actually in town as well, so the four of us met up at MOTO-I, a Japanese restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis, for some yummy drinks and eats.  You could easily pass this restaurant if you weren’t looking for it, but it is the only place outside Japan that brews their own sake.  Pretty cool, no?

I started with a MN-brewed Summit Oatmeal Stout with some kaffir lime-spiced peanuts (shared amongst us all)…


Then a sampler platter of assorted eats (l-r): a Tofu, Ponzu & Sweet Chilli Steamed Bun, sticky rice and a sweet potato pancake thingy (I don’t think that’s the technical term…).


The restaurant was super yummy, and the best part?  They had SHUFFLEBOARD!  Oh yeah, us four definitely squeezed in a game before we had to part ways.  After lots of chatting, it was finally time to hit the road to head home to the fam.  Of course, when traveling, snacks & beverages are a MUST.  If I am going to be driving 3 hours dang it, I’m going to need some good tunes, good munchies and good caffeine – a pint of blueberries (I am a serious fruit fiend today) and a Almond Joy blondie (soooo good!):















Finally I arrived to good ol’ home sweet home.  Then went straight to bed.  For real.

After a glorious night’s sleep in my own bed (aka best thing ever), I woke up and shocker of shockers! didn’t have coffee this morning.  Instead, I guzzled a big glass of water in preparation for today’s 10-mile run as well as a classic Holly breakfast – PB+B on toasted Ezekiel!


A funny thing happened – at home, my parent’s buy Skippy Natural peanut butter, which was totally my old FAVORITE PB.  Seriously.  I used it for breakfast this morning however, and I couldn’t believe how kind of artificial and odd it tasted after only eating the good stuff (PB made only from peanuts + salt) for like a year now.  I didn’t like it at all – one of those little things that kind of show you where you’ve been and where you are now :).

Then it was time for the weekly long run – this time, the big 1-0 for mileage.  Luckily, Mama Everythingtarian (she’s totally one hot  fit mama) ran the first 7 miles with me, which made the time go by so fast.  Then the last 3 miles, I stepped my game up and hoofed it – completing the 10 miles in just about 100 minutes (10:00/mile).  I took her at an easy pace and felt really good!

When I got back, I guzzled water and stretched for a good 15 minutes.  After about another 1/2 hour, I was ready to eat and devoured a yummalicious lunch…Blueberry + Banana Smoothie (1 cup skim milk, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana + 1 huge handful spinach) plus a Jumbo Salad (spinach, tomato, broccoli, cucumber, peppers + drizzle Newman’s Light Balsamic) and a Berry Oatmeal Almond Blondie!




Then, it was POOL TIME!



1, 2, 3 - JUMP!

Two things: (1) My mom has awesome camera skills (ummm...where did my other sister go?), and (2) I did not purposely wear a 4th of July swimsuit - I swear it's the only suit I own.

Two things: (1) My mom has awesome camera skills (ummm...where did my other sister go?), and (2) I did not purposely wear a 4th of July swimsuit - I swear it's the only suit I own.

The unpictured sister (who, by the way, has never ever read a health magazine in her life).

The unpictured sister (who, by the way, has never ever read a health magazine in her life).

A poolside photo shoot...this is me in a totally natural "casual" laugh with a flower that just so happens to be randomly in my hair...

A poolside photo shoot...this is me in a totally natural "casual" laugh with a flower that just so happens to be randomly in my hair...

After the pool, it was totes time to whip up some dindin!  I helped Barbie in the kitchen and chopped veggies like I’ve never chopped them before.  I was totally getting snacky, so I had a Tahini Cookie (x2) and a string cheese to tide me over until chow time.


Look at this lovely array of dinner eats – I love coming home for a plethora of reasons (I swear Mom & Dad!), but one of my favorites it getting spoiled with yummy eats I can’t afford myself (i.e. salmon).  On my plate:  1/2 garlic breadstick (from the fab Amish bakers at the farmer’s market), grilled salmon, roasted veggies & sweet potato fries!


Seriously. So. Good.

Dessert was equally fab.  You’ve just got to love a holiday where you can celebrate your independence and chow down at the same time – thank you America!  Enter strawberry shortcake + Almond Joy Blondie + vanilla ice cream.  Seconds, anyone?


That’s it for part one! I can tell you are just all on the edge of your seats for “Let Freedom Ring, Part 2” but don’t you worry kids – a full wrap-up of fireworks and family fun (including Mama & Daddy Everythingtarian!) is coming your way tomorrow!  

Hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July, relaxing with friends & family and taking time to enjoy life (including food, fun & flippin’ good times)!


Just Call Me Martha July 3, 2009

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…or VeggieGirl, whichever you prefer :).

After work, I skedaddled home on a mission: FREEDOM BAKING BONANZA 2009.  Since I finally made to the decision to go visit Barbie, Ken and the family in Wisconsin this weekend, I knew I had to bring some mayjuh treats for everyone to enjoy.  First up, a blondie bananza using Miss VeggieGirl Genius’s basic recipe.  I present…Berry Oatmeal Almond Blondies!


Then, my personal fave, Almond Joy Blondies (w/ dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut + slivered almonds)!


Then, I figured it was time to maybe come up with something on my own for a change.  In Wisconsin, where the fam lives, they have a stand at the farmer’s market that sells these amazing cookies.  I’ve been working on perfecting a recipe of my own based off of them, and gosh darn it, I think I finally got it!  I now present to you…Tahini Cookies!


These suckers are so good!  They are the perfect balance of sweet + salty and come in at about 120 calories (give or take).

While all the treats were a’bakin, I used a glorious bag of homegrown spinach & greens Ellie, one of my co-workers, brought me from her garden to  make a big ol’ salad.  It tasted so good and fresh!

2 big handfuls spinach/greens
1 zucchini, sliced
1/4 avocado, diced
1/4 cup shredded carrots
1 tbsp. sunflower seeds
1/4 cup tomato, diced
Hidden Valley Light Ranch (the best!)


Even though I sampled bites of batter in the cooking process, I knew I just had to make myself a sampler platter of all the goodies


Delish.  Delish.  And delish.  The only slight problem was with the berry blondies – I think the water content of all the fresh berries was a bit much for the dough.  In other words, the middle of the batch were pretty doughy.  But still delicious :).

After baking, I raced to downtown, picked my one of my best friend Ashley’s NEW fiancee and went to visit her at the bar she works at in Minneapolis.  Maxx and I had so much fun, and the bar was pretty dead, so we got to talk with our gal Ash most of the night.  Of course, being the stellar lady she is, she hooked us up with free eats and free drinks – dangerous!  I sipped on some new mixed drink they had (maybe drank 1/4 of it) then munched on some bar food – a bit of nachos, some tater tots and a bit of popcorn.  Honestly, I was so full by the end of the night, I was ready to have a little food baby.

However, we had so much fun, and I must have crashed pretty hard because I slept in until almost 10am this morning!  Literally dudes, I haven’t done that in YEARS.  When I woke up, I wasn’t very hungry (due to the above mentioned bar food) so I noshed on a fresh, juicy mango.


Then I ran a couple errands, including an unplanned trip to Caribou for some joe + 2% milk…


Who am I kidding?  That was totally planned.

When I got home, I mixed myself up a nice bowl of fresh berries because I still wasn’t that hungry.  How absolutely gorgeous are berries to photograph?  (Warning:  I got really berry happy this morn!)




Then, this gal got cleaning crazy!  I scrubbed the kitchen, cleaning the living room, watered the plants, wiped down the bathrooms, reorganized cupboards and hauled ace in my bedroom.  Again, just call me Martha.

Since I cleaned out my pantry area, I thought y’all might be interested in a look to see what staples I currently have on-hand.  Here is the spread:


From left to right…

  • Tahini
  • Pomegranate Acai Hemp Protein powder
  • Madras curry powder
  • A tower of brown rice, oat bran + coconut
  • Honey
  • Wheat bran
  • Ground flaxseed
  • Garam masala
  • Peanut butter
  • Evaporated cane juice (aka sugar)
  • Molasses
  • Yummy Earth organic suckers

At around 12:30-ish, I finally got tummy-rumbling hungry.  I opened the fridge and whipped out the last leftovers of my Thai Tempeh Curry.  Still delicious!


Classy bowl, huh?  Plus a Yummy Earth sucker in pomegranate for after…


Now, I gots to finish up blogging, run a bazillion errands, finish packing up for the trip cross the border and meet up with Ashley + Maxx (the newly-engaged ones) later for a quick bite before hitting the road home!

I promise more fun from Wisconsin – trust me, my family is uber-weird.  There is good stuff coming ahead.  Plus, I need to get some pictures with Ash & Maxx so you can see just how in love and happy these kids are.  Also, I need to go catch-up on blog reading – so much to do, so little time!

See you later gators!