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Mondo This and That August 27, 2009

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Alright kids, hold onto your britches because we got a big one coming your way! Since there has been no “This and That” post this week, I am going to weave it into today’s.  So please, follow along (if you can).

First and foremost, I need to thank y’all for your “get out of a funk” suggestions yesterday.  Even though I’m not feeling completely out of the hunches yet, I just got back from a 3 mile run + yoga and am feeling lots better. Amazing what a lil’ endorphin rush can do, no?

Brekkie went unphotographed because I was inhaling my Barbara’s Vanilla Almond Shredded Oatmeal + skim milk plus a naner + AB as I was walking out the door.  Funny thing is, I wasn’t late for work.


Listen up peeps, this is how we do,
Delish dot com has some sammie ideas too.
I know y’all need some inspiration,
so pack up your lunch boxes for a meal celebration!

I was def a lil’ funkalicious throughout the day today, including splaying myself on the floor in our office.  Suddenly, our co-worker came barging in with a metal jousting helmet on and scared the bejeezus out of all of us.  Yes, a guy that works down the hall is a legit medieval times jouster.  No lie.

Lunchie was leftovers from last night’s Veggie Thai Red Curry


mmmm, mmmm good!

and some bluebs just for good measure

and some bluebs just for good measure


Miss Special K only treats us kind,
encouraging us to share yourself and mind.
Head on over to swap some goodies,
and share the love with all your fellow foodies!

After the red curry, I think the spiciness upset my tum-tum a bit so I dug into my snack a bit early…


Chocolate Brownie PURE Bar (smaller than a business card - fo reals)

I know, I really need to get over the size of these bars.  However, the flavor? AMAZING.


My snacky lil’ girl with the fabulous face,
is VegTastic and leaving her fave place.
She giving away some uber-awesome schtuff,
so head on over because Kailey’s off the cuff!

Later in the afternoon, I let my funk get the best of me, and I dived (or dove?) into a handful of these…


Milk fave candy eva.

A handful of Raisinets might have also entered my mouth. And I’ve been reminded, some sour watermelon slices.


My new fave blog has the biggest prize,
Jessie’s got a Vita-Mix – ain’t no lie.
Enter now for this magic machine,
smoothies, sauces and goods – you will gleen!

After gorging myself on sugar and on the verge of a fructose coma, I finished up the day and walked my buns home. Then I threw on my running gear, ran 1.5 miles to the gym, sweated out with a 75 minute yoga sesh (FULL of downward dogs + chaturangas = sore arms) and ran 1 mile home.

Then I devoured the most delicious bowl of yog eva!


Plain Chobani, mushed naner, buttloads of cinnamon, Vanilla Almond squares + raw AB

After dindin, I had a phone date with our fave Brit Angharad and now I gots to shower, clean this place up and hit the hay.


My bloggy changes are comin’ soon,
so don’t go leaving to rocket to the moon.
I promise the same stuff with a bit o’ sass,
peace out and much love from this g-ma lass!


Whoooooooo whooooooooo!


This and That August 19, 2009

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Oh my children…how long it has been since I have used the rhyme, snap and pizzaz of words to liven up the little things in this bloggyworld we live in.  I’ve tried to amass as much “This and That” goodness as I can to return to my roots and give it up this week in rhyme time.


Help me out by heading over here,
to congratulate the new missus with a big cheer.
Looking quite radiant all dressed in white,
She said “I do” with her British white knight.


Sarah, she likes to slow things down,
She keeps it spicy too so please don’t frown.
Join her here for a fun breakfast challenge,
Just don’t get any weird ideas involving a syringe.


If you happened in Beantown last week,
a healthy load of ladies – some eating Greek.
The Healthy Living Summit is what it was called,
looks like those luckies had quite a ball!


A certain girl from the state of Iowa,
wants to give you some free chips – duh!
Head over and leave a comment or two,
lime, cinnamon or corn – give it a woowoo!


Lots more giveaway to explore,
my girl Annabel wants to help you score!
Feed granola and some other yummy thangs,
feed her she’s cranky and cash in – chachang!


Last but not least my girl K is clean,
reading some foodie lit – eat your beans!
You could win a brand new copy,
Skeddaddle on over and keep it hoppy!


How I missed rhyming all these words,
Skipping it this long again would be absurd.
Enjoy your humpday dudes and dudettes,
I’ll be back next week – start placing your bets!

yours truly with the King and Queen of Thailand...just for fun.

yours truly with the King and Queen of Thailand...just for fun.


This and That July 29, 2009

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There is soooo much goodness to be had in this “This and That” post, you better get ready because nothing screams AWESOME like a good ol’ fashioned Shakespearean sonnet!

Thank you Miss Jenny :).


First and foremost my dear readers of yore,
head over to Eating for England and leaveth a comment.
Thy will not be sad with Chobani to possibly score,
Doth honor thy Angharad and goods will be sent.

I loveth new bloggies to discover and peruse,
Young House Love and Eat Make Read doth both fabulous.
The former does decorate instead of food or booze,
the latter is stunningeth in photography and food lust.

How thy Travel Eat Love is such a dear,
for bestowing on me thy “Lovely Blog Award” she say.
How sweet and caring thy bringeth down a tear.
In return, I pass this onto thy Queens – Janetha and Anne K.!

Please leave a comment with something blog-related I can improve,
any ideas, tips and feedback would be appreciated, it’s true!


Happy humpday everyone – see you back here tonight after night #1 of volleyball playoffs!!!


This and That July 22, 2009

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When there is loads of goodness to be had in the world, there is no reason not to have a 2nd “This and That” in the same week, am I right?

Obv, we must follow the same week’s style…hence limerick lovin’ numero dos…vamanos!


This is by far the hardest quiz of all,
naming all 28 ingredients isn’t an easy call.
Go take the Twinkie test and then come back,
post a comment with your score so I can keep track.
The winner will get a prize – it won’t be a shawl.

I’m counting on you to be uber-honest,
don’t go to and be a big pest.
Use that big ol’ noggin’ your rents gave to you,
telling the truth will make you true blue.
You have until 8am CST to take the test!

In other news, there are many giveaways to be had,
first Miss Janetha is eco-friendly and totally rad.
Go here right now to enter for a Sigg,
you can customize it even, can ya dig?
Happy 100th post my lil’ lad!

 Indulge your inner child and head over here,
for some applesauce goodness is very near.
Erin is very ethical in all her choices,
so stand up, cheer and use your sweet voices!
Applesauce plus ethical eating, she is such a dear!

Miss Healthy Fit Mama likes to keep it cool,
she’s giving away dairy-free yogurt, not jewels!
The giveaway is full of soy lovin’,
check out their Web site and get buzzin’.
Emily will love if you play by the giveaway rules!

Are you sick of my raps, are you sick of my rhymes?
I would never want to waste any of your time.
Happy humpday to all my ladies and gents,
make it a good day – go and call your ‘rents!
My legs are sore from 12 miles, just in case you give a dime.


More limerick love deserves more of Limerick - Adare Manor, Limerick, Ireland that is!

More limerick love deserves more of Limerick - Adare Manor, Limerick, Ireland that is!

P.S. I got 14/28.


This and That July 21, 2009

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It’s a bit early in the week, but there is too much “This and That” goodness to be had!

In true form, this week’s edition will be brought to you by limericks


In the battle of left versus right,
all you readers contributed with delight.
Six are right and six are left,
the rest of you in the middle feeling quite bereft.
A last reader has no idea of their brain might!

 This girl says what she needs to say,
Lauren is her name – oh hey!
She’s giving away some fab loot,
so get on over there – go now and scoot!
For SELF, Zoe, Annie’s, TJ’s and a Barney-ful day!

My grocery bill varies week by week,
many of you think $20 seems quite meek.
Have no worries – I shop all the time,
buying fruits and produce like it’s a crime.
If you knew how much I loved going out to eat – you’d shriek!

 From Canada to England she goes,
Leah is fabulous as ever, you know.
Happy birthday to the bride-to-be,
27 is just as fabulous as 26 you see.
With your upcoming wedding, have no woes!

Lara just couldn’t fool me,
don’t tease me with new bars, not one but three!
Tropical Fruit Tart is one,
don’t you want PB+J Laras by the ton?
A simple Google search has set the truth free!

Happy (almost) 100th post to Janetha,
whose Meals & Moves are quite a keepa.
What a funny and creative lady she be,
who else would snort a Neti-Pot for all of us to see?
Show her some love unlike the Grim Reapa.

In honor of limericks everywhere, welcome to Adare, Limerick, Ireland!

In honor of limericks everywhere, welcome to Adare, Limerick, Ireland!


This and That July 15, 2009

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Happy mid-humpday kiddos!

It’s that time of the week again for a lil’ This and That – this time in haiku form!

If you liked Food, Inc.,
go Walk in This World for more,
gain knowledge in books.


Whit is getting fit,
she is also sharing love,
through her giveaway.


Thirty day challenge,
no more pop and yes I floss,
goes okay so far.


 How is it July?
Time does fade into nothing,
so much to do still.


Off to Chicago,
leaving Thursday for some fun,
with my college pal.


Live it up you all,
enjoy these summer ni-hites,
for fall comes too soon.


Wind chimes in Lijiang, China - where if you put your hand up to ring the bells, you are blessed with all the positive affirmations written on the chimes. Spread the love peeps!


This and That July 9, 2009

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In order to spice up the blog with a lil’ bit o’ fun (because health should be fun!), I will attempt to rap my first This and That post…

Listen up yo, here we go, here we go!

Head on over to Senor No Meat,
and take 30 days to overcome a feat.
I’m cuttin’ my Diet Coke,
while slammin’ my H2O,
and keepin’ my teeth flossy – what up, you know!

 A certain girl who likes her greens,
is gettin’ jiggy with da pie queen.
Their new site is totally Healthy Yum,
this you should most def know,
don’t mess around and go visit it yo!

Our friends at MyRecipes, they want you,
more for your recipes – sorry it’s true!
Drag your mouse and click right here.
For summer dessert love you will savor,
enter the contest and bring on yo flava!

Marathon training is goin’ rather well,
today my 9-mile run betta be swell.
Hal Higdon’s plan is still a’ workin’.
I haven’t run 20, so I won’t judge yet.
for the Twin Cities Marathon I do sweat!

Without gettin’ too bossy or puttin’ on a pout,
this girl is ready to peace the he!! out.
No more giveaways to report,
or fun sites to discova,
have thrashin’ Thursday – word to yo motha!



86 days and counting!


(And yes, I am a white girl from the ‘burbs.  No shame.)