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Woohoo… May 16, 2009

…for the weekend!  My weekend started out fabulously last night, but more on that later!  First things first people.  Yesterday morning, I was running late, which almost always happens on Friday mornings :).  So it was a quickie breakfast of 1.25 cups Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax (one of my Faves!) with 1 cup vanilla soymilk and a medium banana (1/2 sliced in the bowl, the other 1/2 eaten plain).














For lunch today, I decided to take my hour (plus some) and squeeze in a run!  I love that I have the flexibility to do this at work, so I try to take advantage of it at least once a week.  Pre-run I fueled up with the last of my Tarjay trail mix (pecans, yogurt raisins, goji berries, cranberries & raspberries).  Two days ago, I would have bought this mix again in a heartbeat, but I looked at the ingredients list more carefully yesterday and realized the dried fruit was sweetened 😦 – no need for that!


The 4.5 mile run was AWESOME!  The weather was perfect, the temperature was perfect, the timing was perfect – it was one of those days when the stars align, and it all just works!  I showered quickly (I belong to the fitness club just next door – very convenient) then headed back to work to enjoy…

a good ol’ PB+J sandwich, roasted root veggies (sweet potato + parsnip) from last night and a giant pickle (courtesy of a co-worker).  It was good!  Unfortunately, I ran out of my beloved TJ’s almond butter so I borrowed some JIF Natural from my friend – not my fave.  After having raw  nut butters with just nuts and/or salt, these taste sooo sweet and almost artificial.














After lunch, I was still yearning for a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ because I burned those cals midday with the run, so I snuck a Quaker Oatmeal Raisin granola bar from another co-worker (thanks Angie!) and had it with a nice cuppa Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai decaf tea.  Later in the day, I had the usual plain yogurt/granola/berries combo – hit the spot as always!














Then came by far the best part of the day….dinner out to eat (sorry TSL Challenge!) with one of my college besties Jess at the Cheeky Monkey Deli in St. Paul.  Jess and I had been planning to go here for months, pretty much because we saw this and knew we had to have it….

Nutella & Banana Pressed Sandwich, anyone?


Now that is a foodgasm if I’ve ever seen one!  To balance out the nutritional profile of this meal a bit, Jess and I also split a salad: arugula, bacon, egg, red onion & blue cheese dressing.  It was good and had LOTS of arugula, which I loved.  This meal was definitely a Friday treat, but since I’ve been really good about eating at home and eating healthily, I honestly had NO qualms about enjoying this delish meal!


Later, us gals hit up the mall on this rainy Friday night and spent two hours browsing!  Jess is getting married in 3 weeks (ahhhh!) and naturally, we were on the lookout for rehearsal dinner attire, cute shoes, jewelry, dresses – the usual :).  Unfortunately, I found nothing but this cuppa decaf coffee with skim milk and almond anise biscotti!


Whew – I was tired last night!  Even more tired knowing I needed to tackle 11 miles this morning!  As soon as the mall closed at 9pm, I skedaddled home and jumped in bed, which I know is super cool of me to go to bed at 9:30pm on a Friday night, haha!  This morning I woke up at 7:15am, went downstairs to make myself some breakfast/prerun fuel.  For the life of me, I couldn’t decide what to have (everything involved my precious empty jar of almond butter!) so I decided on some toasted Ezekiel bread with JIF Natural peanut butter, a sprinkle of coconut and banana.

Along with another cup of coconut chai tea…
































Now it’s off to finish up this post, get ready for the run (it’s cold and windy, argghhh!), run the 11 miles and then enjoy the rest of this Saturday!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


I Heart Cinnamon May 14, 2009

Happy Thursday everyone!

This day started out fabulously thanks to a new concoction of morning oats!  It might just be my new fave :).

1/3 cup rolled oats + 1 tbsp. oat bran
1 medium banana
1 tsp. honey
LOTS of cinnamon
1.5 tbsp. raw almond butter

















This breakfast held me over fabulous and was delicious – it was sweet, savory, filling and light all at the same time.  For snackie time…the steroid apple was back in the spotlight (literally, look at that sunlight!).  You may not be able to see it from the picture, but this apple was seriously ginormous!


By lunchtime, it was still uber-windy out but I braved the conditions and headed out for a nice 25 minute stroll.  I called my old college roomie Jamie and before I knew it, I was back at work and had chatted away for almost 1/2 hour.  Such a good time catching up – you will get to see more of her at our other college roommate’s wedding in June, which we are both in!

Lunch was another sammie (Arnold’s Sandwich Thin, mustard, spinach, cucumber, onion & 1 oz. fresh mozzarella) with about 1 cup cucumbers and 1/4 cup Tarjay trail mix.  It was a tasty, light lunch!


However, mid-afternoon I heard my body gurgle for more food.  Since it was only about 2 hours after lunch, I snacked on a baggie of Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax and cuppa my Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai tea.














Later it was some Stonyfield Farms organic lowfat plain yogurt with a heaping cup of berries…always YUM!



By the end of the day, to tell you the truth, I was a bit pooped.  A 5-mile run was on the agenda today, but instead, I scooted my buns home, made dinner, started laundry and am now sitting on the floor blogging and applying for jobs.  As much as I want to beat myself up for not running (as many of us invariably do), I am trying to listen to my body and give it what it wants.  My muscles are fatigued and tight; I’m a bit mentally depleted – it’s time to take a break.

Cooking is a great relaxer!  I whipped up a quick spaghetti dinner: canned, diced tomatoes + tomato paste + Italian seasoning + onion + spinach over penne pasta with some goat cheese crumbles on top.  On the side, some roasted root veggies: sweet potatoes and parsnips in canola oil, balsamic vinegar and served with a drizzle of honey and more cinnamon.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!














As some of you may know, the job I have right now is only temporary so between the possibility of Australia and applying for full-time, permanent job, hopefully something will come up for me!  I am at a definite crossroads right now (I mean, I cannot even tell you where I will be in 3 months!), but hey, that’s life!

I think it’s definitely going to be an early night tonight, and perhaps I will make it up for some A.M. yoga?  Don’t want to put too much pressure on Friday morning, so we’ll see what happens!  I am also starting a new book tonight called, “The Shack,” per the recommendation of my friend Ashley.  Anybody ever read it?  Let me know if you liked it!


Ballin’ It Up May 13, 2009

This morning started out gloriously…thanks to Polly and her Oaty Cakes!  Then, adding a little of moi into the recipe, they became AB+J pancakes with a banana to boot!

























Thank you Polly!  Unfortunately, due to my new Wednesday night beach volleyball league, I wasn’t able to squeeze in the Yin Yoga like I planned, but hey, that’s what tomorrow is for right?

Mid-morning I had this ginormous Braeburn apple…I seriously think it was on steroids :).


The morning flew by soooo fast again, as did lunch.  I squeezed in a short 20-minute walk outside, but boy, was it windy!  Oh man…these past couple weeks have been craaazzyy windy, which didn’t bode well for the opening night of v-ball tonight (more on that later).  However, lunch was leftover and delish: Arnolds 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin with spinach, cuc, onion, 1 oz. fresh mozzarella and mustard, along with the rest of last nights slightly sweet parsnips (recipe here) and the rest of my TJ’s Rice & Bean Chips.


And a Diet Cherry Coke…it was one of those days :).  After lunch, the afternoon draggggged and draggggggged and draggggggged…does that ever happen to anyone else?  Luckily I had work to keep me busy, but the minutes on the clock were just not changing fast enough.  To boot, even 1/4 cup of my Tarjay trail mix (pecans, yogurt raisins, cranberries & goji berries) didn’t even do it for me.


After work, it was finally time for some BEACH VOLLEYBALL!  Okay, I am going to warn you ahead of time, I suck.  Bad.  But we still had an awesome time and alllmooosttt won our match!  Post-match we sat down for some brewskys, where I proceeded to get the best ab work out there is: hysterical laughter.  I heart my friends.

Pre-volleyball I brought a big bowl of lowfat plain yogurt (Stonyfield Farms Organic, of course!) along with granola, the last of the almond clusters and a nice strawberry/blackberry mix.  This tasted like heaven as always but didn’t quite do the trick and had me grabbing for Megan’s everything pretzel thins.  Multiply this handful by two – one handful before the game and one handful after on our way home!





























Whew…that was some fun stuff!  When I got home, I was still a bit hungry, so I filled some of these lil’ figgies with some almond butter and enjoyed with a cuppa hot decaf tea.


Now this gal is ready for some bed, but I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday as I did.  Tomorrow’s already Thursday – does anybody else think that May has absolutely flown by or is it just me?!?!


Love Me Tea May 12, 2009

For some reason, I was loving up on my cups of tea today.  I’m even sipping some of my new Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai at the moment while writing this post!  Unfortunately, breakfast had to be a quick one this morning because I was dragging…bad!  I woke up probably almost 1/2 hour after I should have, so I scarfed down (not good – take your time when eating!) this bowl of Kashi GoLean Honey Almond Flax with vanilla soymilk and a bananer.


Mid-morning, it was more of my Target Archer Farms trail mix (pecans, yogurt raisins, goji berries & cranberries) with a couple True North Almond Clusters thrown in for a lil’ protein boost.


The day flew by again pretty fast, thanks again in part to having lots of work to do.  I ran a couple quick errands at lunch (bank + gas) because it was kinda crappy weather and really windy, so no walk today :(.  However, lunch totally made up for it: veggie sandwich (spinach, cucumber, onion, avocado & mustard on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin) along with my TJ’s Rice & Bean Chips.  These chips are pretty friggin’ delish!














Of course, some peanut M&M’s and Green Chai Tea for dessert – two cups of tea to be exact!  The afternoon ebbed and flowed with lots of work and thinking.  As much as I would love to jump on a plane right now to Australia (that is my adventurous, impulsive nature), I really want to make sure I think this through and have all my finances covered while I am gone.  I think this means that I…dare I say it…am growing up?

The usual yogurt/berries/granola combo for the afternoon munchies…


I raced home, albeit safely, excited to try my first attempt at concocting something yummy from….my farmer’s market parsnips!  I did a little research today and found “Mollie’s Quite Surprising Mashed Parsnips” from Vegetarian Times magazine online.  Parsnips, olive oil, balsamic vinegar & salt = DELICIOUSNESS!  Along with my mashed parsnips, I sauteed some asparagus in garlic + EVOO and made a basic black bean burger, recipe courtesy of Miss Kath, with more garlic.

I love me some garlic too!














For dessert, I smothered three of my little Black Mission Fig friends with some almond butter and devoured.  Yummm!  Now, I am going to finish my cup of tea, head off to yoga (remember Tuesdays with Ted?) then probably come home for my 4th cup of tea today.  I am thinking some Good Earth Sweet & Spicy is in the mix…have a good night everyone!

Do you all need something sweet after dinner like me?  If so, how do you deal when the sweet tooth monster rears its head?