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Sad Story August 11, 2009

Filed under: silliness — Holly @ 20:23

(To the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”)

We were both blogging on the Internet,
I close my eyes,
And the food is pretty,
I’m reading the screen,
In my desk chair in my office.

See the oatmeal,
See the green monster smoothies,
See you read my blog and comment,
And say hello, little did I know.

That you my new friends, you were on the Internet,
And my mommy said good thing  that you have a computer,
And I was crying because it broke,
Begging this was just a bad joke, and I said,

Public library take me somewhere I can be alone,
I’ll be blogging, all there’s left to do is just post.
You’ll be my Internet and I’ll be your favorite blog,
It’s a sad story all I get is 30 minutes.

So I try to sneak and get more minutes,
I just want to post my pictures of food,
So I close my eyes,
Escape this Internet hell for a little while.

Cause you were my only hurdle, I was a desperate user,
And my daddy said honey, I’ll get you a new computer,
But my blog just can’t wait,
I was begging for just 15 more minutes.

Library desk clerk please hook a girl up,
Give me 30 more minutes or I’ll just blow up,
You’ll be a prince, and I’ll be the princess,
It will be a sad story unless you just say YES!


a.k.a. I’m still Internet-less, the public library still pisses me off with their 30-minute time limit and I’m uber-behind in blog reading & commenting.  Love you lots – be patient with a workin’ gal!