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Un dia en mi vida August 18, 2009

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This day was both long but uber-productive (minus the fact I did not make a budget or figure out which insurance to choose last night).  For your reading pleasure, here is a step-by-step guide to a day in the life of The Healthy Everythingtarian herself:


6am: My alarm goes off and seconds later, the snooze button is promptly hit.

6:10am: I finally crawl out of bed and haphazardly throw on mismatched running clothes.  I look like I’ve been hit by a bus.  When you have curly hair as I do, the morning is always a surprise as to what shape your hair has been molded into from the night before (this morning: a Medusa + Carrot Top mix)

6:20am: I walk reluctantly out the door and begin my 4-mile run.

7am: I arrive home, stretch a bit before deciding I’m too dang hungry.  I abandon stretching in favor of this:

Peanut Butter Puffins w/ skim milk + naner w/ AB

Peanut Butter Puffins w/ skim milk + naner w/ AB

7:15am: Since I eat mondo fast, it takes only mere minutes to shovel down breakfast before hopping in the shower.  I follow that up with getting dressed, taking my multi-vitamin and spritzing on perfume (Burberry London, in case anyone is wondering).

7:30am: To save myself time, I decide today is going to be a “no make-up day,” although I tell people it’s to let my skin breathe in the fresh air.  In reality, I’m lazy.

7:40am: Out the door to grab a coffee and walk the 1 mile to work.

7:47am: I decide I am not feeling hot coffee after a hot run and choose this instead:

gun powder green mint iced tea

gun powder green mint iced tea

8:05am: I arrive at work, talk to my boss (who is leaving for Paris today – super jealous) and turn on the comp.  I do the norm morning routine – check the e-mail(s), and my bank account.  I save the bank account for last because usually I try to put off knowing how poor I am for as long as I can. Then I work.

11am: My stomach is wildly grumbling.  Enter in new fave snack:


Banana Nut Cheerios (sweet) + sunflower seeds (salty)

12:30pm: I take a working lunch, knowing the Internet guy could call at any minute…

more sweet red jewels (a.k.a. grapes)

more sweet red jewels (a.k.a. grapes)


veggie tikka masala w/ a Morningstar spicy black bean burger thrown in

2:30pm: The ATT repairman calls!  My co-workers know how important this is to me, so one of them gives me the keys to her car to drive back to my apartment to meet him.  I spend the next hour laying on the floor while Jerry plays with the antique wires (I live in an old building – I like to say it has “character”).  I fiddle around wondering if it will ever get fixed….suddenly, all the lights turn green on the modem!


3:45pm: I head back to work in a jovial mood.  Then my dad calls to say he will be driving through Madison on his way back from a work event.  You know what that means?  Free dindin!  I munched on a serving (and 1/2) of these honey wheat pretzels on my way back to the office:

locally made goodness

locally made goodness

5pm: Daddio picks me up, and I show him the new apartment (ahem, flat).  Then we head to the cutest lil’ pizza joint around the corner from my place where we have some kick arse salad + ‘zza:


spinach salad with strawberries, cucumbers, tomaters, feta, candied pecans + raspberry vinaigrette (oh yeah, and a doughy breadstick!)

a slice of pineapple red onion pizza goes missing...

a slice of pineapple red onion pizza goes missing...


as a substitute, Daddy Everythingtarian graciously let me photograph his sausage, green pepper and 'shroom pizza

6:30pm: Daddio has to leave and drops me back off at work to meet with my co-workers to go grab some dranks and spend some quality work family time together.  I love them already.


A Wisconsin classic...Spotted Cow Beer

10pm: I arrive home after laughing my arse off all night.  Blogging time – now that I have Internet, I am happily blogging from the comfort of my bare living room.

11pm: (Which for the record, is in 12 minutes) I crawl into bed, lights out and do the dang thang again bright and early in the morn.  Minus the running.


Stay tuned for an extra special “This and That” post tomorrow…(insert witch cackle here)!


Running Well, Wedding Bells + Internet Hell August 16, 2009

Yep, that pretty much sums up my weekend.

Let’s start with the good stuff – I got up at 7am bright n’ early on Saturday morning and ate a nice carb-heavy pre-run meal consisting of a 1/2 cup Special K with 1/2 cup skim milk and a chocolate chip granola bar.  There is no better running fuel than pure white carbs.

Then, yours truly did what she has NEVER done before – run 16 miles!

The first 9 miles went well despite the Minnesota heat and humidity.  I made sure to make frequent water stops (also stopping to splash water on my head to cool down) before returning back to my friend Ashley’s where I popped 3 Clif Black Cherry Shot Bloks and some Diet Cherry Pepsi (don’t judge).  Then Ashley headed out with me to finish the last 7 miles, and my other friend Megan joined us for the last 3 miles.  My friends are seriously the best :).

In the end? The run went AWESOME.  I finished in my marathon pace of just under 10:00 minutes/mile, equaling about 2 hours and 40 minutes.  I seriously think I could have gone even further. It was that kind of glorious running day.

post-run Pomegranate Paradise Jamba Juice (with soy protein)

post-run Pomegranate Paradise Jamba Juice (with soy protein)


Indian buffet of love from Whole Foods...with a Cilantro Chutney Samosa!

Seriously…if I could marry Indian food I would.  Shhhhh, don’t tell McMac I am cheating on him ;).

After lunchie, it was off to IKEA –  ummm, holy anxiety!  Soooo many people, soooo many things to look at and tooooo little time.  Luckily, I had my trusted Meggy Moo in tow.  If this isn’t a friend, I don’t know what is:

on the floor checking the unmarked chair for a price...that is love right there

on the floor checking the unmarked chair for a price...that is love right there

Then, I gussied myself up and headed off to my girl Charlotte’s wedding!  Charlotte and I studied abroad together in college in London, and we’ve pretty much been soulmates ever since.  LOVE that girl.  I also got to see Brittany (who also studied abroad with us) for the first time in years.  LOVE that girl too.


Hobag, CharChar Binks and Brittho (our nicknames)

started with a red vino...

started with a red vino...

then continued on with a berry spinach salad...

then continued on with a berry spinach salad...

followed up by some vegetarian ravioli...

followed up by some vegetarian ravioli...

and finished off with turtle cheesecake and a brewsky!

and finished off with turtle cheesecake and a brewsky!

Yeah, that’s right.  My girl Char had a plethora of CHEESECAKES at her wedding instead of regular ol’ wedding cake.  That is reason #4,276 that we are friends.  Brittho and I may have split an additional piece of Key Lime Cheesecake.  Just sayin…

a lil' bubbly to toast the bride and groom

a lil' bubbly to toast the bride and groom


fabulousness all around

Did I mention Charlotte also had a photo booth AND late-night pizza?  Reasons #3,231 and #6,121,989 we are friends.

two slices of veggie pizza were most certainly devoured

two slices of veggie pizza were most certainly devoured

When I got home, I crashed harder than Lindsey Lohan’s career.

After almost 10 hours of glorious sleep, I woke up to coffee and a lovely chat with Ashley.  Then, right as I started contemplating eating Ash’s carpet, it was 10:30am and time for me to meet another fabulous lady you all know – Ms. Angharad!

We met at the Uptown Diner…looks like a total dive from the outside, but inside you will find such fabulous delicacies such as this…


tex-mex breakfast burrito (Angharad)


french toast kamikaze-style (aka with bananas, blueberries & pecans) para moi

After brekkie, I skedaddled back on the road (wasn’t I just driving?) back to Madison.  Five LONG hours later, I arrived safely.  After successful shopping trip #2 at the co-op (including a free coupon for a French Meadow bread product and a bottle of organic agave syrup – score!), I made it back to my apartment to find the Internet still not working.


I can’t handle this.  ATT is apparently coming on Tuesday to fix it, but that means another two days of paying for coffee at the cute coffeeshop for free Wi-Fi.  I guess there could be worse thangs…

green ap + peppahjack stick

green ap + peppahjack stick

emergency stash of almonds was consumed when i hit mayjuh traffic

emergency stash of almonds was consumed when i hit mayjuh traffic

Ah, home sweet home.

After getting really frustrated and angry speaking calmly with the Internet peeps, I needed a snackie.  Enter in perhaps, my other new love (sorry McMac AND Indian food :()

i am a firm believer in dessert before dinner

i am a firm believer in dessert before dinner

Ingredients: organic coconut milk, organic agave syrup, organic pineapple, organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic coconut extract, organic rum extract

One word: AMAZING.

look at those pineapple chunks of love

look at those pineapple chunks of love

After dessert, I had dinner…

mixed greens
cherry tomatoes
1/2 avocado
1/3 cup cumin-spiced black beans
1/3 cup mild salsa
1/4 cup sliced green pepper
crushed blue corn chips 


Mexican Fiesta Salad

And a lil’ calcium for (more) dessert…

i think the barista gave me Vitamin D milk...decaf iced chai was still yummo

i think the barista gave me Vitamin D milk...decaf iced chai was still yummo

I just scrolled through the post and realized it’s practically a marathon long, which by the way, the Twin Cities Marathon is in T-minus 49 days.  Eeeeeeek!

Bloggy thangs I still have planned (even if they are taking uber-longer than I expected):

  • Marathon training post
  • Holly Investigates… post (It’s been 75% done for like three weeks now!)
  • Two exciting announcements
  • Updates

Hang in there my children…mama WILL eventually get there!

Now, I am downing the rest of my drank and gettin’ down to read some bloggy love!  Say a prayer for my Internet por favor and have a relaxing Sunday night!


Highlight of the weekend?  Put it out there peeps!  Mine was probably the amazing run on Saturday morning and the pictures Char, Britt and I took in the photo booth.  They were epic.


Shopping is My Cardio June 27, 2009

This is perhaps my #1 reason why I love Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City + SJP so much :).

After work, I cruised home jai hoing and listening to the stellar beats of the “Slumdog Millionaire” CD.  Suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner – INDIAN!


I picked up my all-time fave Indian eats – Baingan Bhartha (eggplant mashed with tomatoes & spices) – and devoured this delicious dish along with a side of whole wheat tandoori roti on the glorious outside deck of my friend Megan’s house.  I ate all of the Baingan Bhartha & roti and none of the rice (it was nothing special).

After dindin, Meg & I went shopping at the mall squeezed in our cardio.  But not before we made a quick stop to enjoy a treat just because it tastes oh so good


Dairy Queen Krunch Cone anyone?  It’s Mama Everythingtarian’s fave, and one of mine too!  Lots of nummy sprinkles, crunchy peanut bites and rice krispies on a vanilla cone.

The night also included a 2nd trip to Tarjay (oops!) where I picked up some much-needed bananas + yogurt, but seriously dudes, my fridge and pantry are bare bones.  Otherwise, I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything else at the mall.  Although, I was tempted by a new pair of running shoes :).  Meg & I got in some lovely friend bonding last night before she headed off for a weekend at the cabin – so jealous!

After sleeping 10 hours last night, I woke up this morning feeling well-rested (although my hair was another story…) and dug into a quick and simple brekkie (shoutout to my new British bloggy friend, Angharad!) of Target Heartsmart cereal, sliced banana + skim milk along with a cuppa joe + skim milk.


Then it was time for 9-miler.

For the first 6 miles, the run was nothing special.  I kept it at a slow 10:00/mile pace and just enjoyed being outside, soaking in the fresh air.  However, the most mysterious thing happened.  At about mile 6, I started feeling mondo good.  The last three miles, I probably ran at an 8:00/mile pace and finished up feeling ah-may-zing!  I came home, chugged a whole Nalgene and indulged in more PB art…

Stonyfield Farms Organic Vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup Target Heartsmart cereal
1/2 sliced banana
1 tbsp. PB


Peace, love and happiness.  We need them all.

Another shoutout to Miss K for her may-juh LOVEly morning breakfast art!

Plus an Apple Pie Larabar for extra replenishing energy:


Now I am watching Barefoot Contessa – one of my faves – on the Food Network but need to go shower and get ready to enjoy whatever I want to do with the rest of the day!  Woowoo – this has not happened in a long time.

Do you have a favorite TV cook/chef?  Mine is definitely Ina Garten – that Barefoot Contessa may not always be healthy, but I love her classic, simple and use of whole ingredients.


Flippin’ Friday May 29, 2009

That’s right – T.G.I.F. baby!

This Friday morn, my day started out fabulously due to the other half of my green monster from last night.  It was just as good as last night, although I think next time I make it, I might add a smidge less avocado (maybe 1/2 – 3/4 of one).


Doesn’t look so green in that pink cup :).

A couple hours later, my tummy was grumbling for some more eats, hence this…


Delicious as always.  Since I had a bit of a later lunch, I munched on this gorgeous, juicy peach an hour or so later:


Luckily, I stayed pretty busy at work today (sometimes Fridays can be boorriinggg!).  Lunch today happened to be a treat – a coworker and I had a lunch “meeting” at one of my favorite local spots.  I had one of the specials of the day, the Chicken Cobb Salad.  Filled with mixed greens, red onion, cherry tomato, avocado, beets, egg, chicken and drizzled lightly with some buttermilk ranch, it was sooooo good!  I ate about 3/4 of the chicken and all of the salad.


The crusty white baguette didn’t hurt either :).

Back at work, I grabbed a small handful of these as a nice Friday treat.  One of my all-time faves, peanut M&Ms!


The rest of the afternoon, I jammed to James Morrison’s new CD “Songs for You, Truths for Me” (if you haven’t heard it, get your buns out there and get it now!) and waited for the clock to hit the ever elusive 5pm.  Finally, it happened and I darted out of there so fast, you would not believe!

When I got home, I broke open this lovely for dinner:


Then paired it with a organic nonfat plain yogurt/blueberries/coconut/blueberry muesli/drizzle of honey combo, and voila! – a delish, easy, nutritious and quick dindin.  Exactly what I need when I get home from work with no patience to cook!




Whew – I don’t think my brain can think anymore this week :).  I am soooo excited for the weekend!  I think tonight is going to be a fun ladies’ night on the town, so I am saving myself for perhaps a beer or two and LOTS of dancing.  Tomorrow I plan on getting lots of things done but squeezing in some fun as well.  I hope you all get to spend time enjoying the freedom of the weekend – my favorite weekend activity is going to the farmer’s market, which I think I am going to do tomorrow morning.  Alright, I am off to get myself beautified for my lovely ladies tonight!

What’s your favorite weekend activity?


Oh Happy Humpday! May 27, 2009

First things first…yours truly did in fact get her buns out of bed make it to 5:30am yoga this morning!  The big shocker?  I was even EARLY to yoga.  And early to work this morning!  Deb (instructor/yoga diva) even gave me bonus points for coming in the morning and is going to hold me accountable (per my request) for coming every Wednesday.  Don’t ya find it easier to go workout when you know someone is expecting you there?

Well, since I am always immediately hungry when I wake up, I relied on the old standby of banana + raw almond butter to last me through the 60 minute Vinyasa Flow class…


Followed by a special Fitnessista breakfast cookie (my favorite, strawberry + coconut) post-yoga…


Honestly, I felt SOOOOO good after morning yoga.  Not only did my achy 1/2 marathon muscles feel amazing afterwards, but I was in such a happier, joyful mood all day.  I seriously believe there is nothing better than a good sweat and endorphin flow first thing in the morning.  I am going to try and remember that next Wednesday when my alarm goes off at 4:45am :).

Since I woke up at the crack o’ dawn, I grabbed a lunch that I knew would be easy to pack.  Introducing, my very first Amy’s Indian Samosa Wrap!  I swear this girl can do no wrong.  My burrito was chockful of potatoes, peas and tofu.  I would buy this again in a heartbeat.  Along with one of my new Heart Thrive date vegan energy bars, lunch was light and good.



The New York Times crossword always makes for an enjoyable lunch date!  Work went on as usual today…I am still quite undecided about where my job/life/everything is going right now but no worries, more on that later.  All I know is I for sure have my administrative assistant job until the end of September, then who knows?  I believe Jenna reiterated it best when she said, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

After lunch, I was feeling like I just needed a little something more. So I had a cup of my favorite green chai tea (which they lovingly stock for us at work) along with a small handful of trail mix.


Later in the afternoon, I had one of my staple snacks: yogurt + berries + some form of granola.  The reason I make it a staple snack is because it really is the right mix of protein + carbohydrates to keep me from dipping into the communal candy bowl.  And if you are anything like me, the snack monster tends to attack just around the 3:00 hour.  Today, it was Fage nonfat Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, 3/4 cup blueberries and 1/4 cup TJ’s blueberry muesli.  One of the best mixes yet!


Wednesday night means beach volleyball league night!  After work, I rushed over to my friend Ashley’s house to concoct a little dinner teamwork style.  Since I had some of my TJ’s Thai Yellow Curry sauce leftover, we created a nice Thai Chicken Veggie Coconut Curry mix.  We sauteed zucchini, pepper, sweet potato and spinach in olive oil, then added the sauce and 1 medium chicken breast diced.  Served over brown rice and topped with yummy salty peanuts, it was the perfect pre-volleyball fuel.



Oops, how did that Diet Cherry Coke get in there?!?!

After dindin, we scrambled to our volleyball match.  I am not going to lie to you guys – we aren’t good.  In fact, we’ve won 1 out of 9 games (ouch!). Me, out of everyone, may be the worst.  However, we decided today that I don’t think there could be a worse team out there who has as much fun as we do.  That’s what it’s all about people.

After an early morning and an all-around good day, I am ready to sleep like a baby tonight.   Off to brush my teeth then go to bed!  Have a fabulous night everyone!

Anybody have any volleyball tips and tricks for the team?  I We could really use them :).


Wild Weekend Wrap-Up May 25, 2009

Woooo…what a weekend! 

I honestly do not even know where to start – I had SOOOO much fun!  Having a 4 day weekend was absolutely luxurious.  I totally got the chance to kick back and have some fun, hence why I did not photograph everything I ate this weekend.  But no worries, I have snippets of some of the best eats coming your way…

Thursday lunch: Odwalla Blueberry B 100% Fruit Smoothie (along with leftover pasta)














Thursday afternoon snack: Avocado-Chickpea Mash with Whole Wheat Crackers














Thursday car dinner (on the way to Madison!): Subway Veggie on Honey Oat & Carrots/Mango/Berries














Friday breakfast: Oatmeal – 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup 2% milk, water, banana, cinnamon & almond butter














Friday lunch platter (split with Jamie):  Pretzels, chocolate hazelnut spread, almond butter, figs, dates, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, yogurt and berries


Friday snack (going to the wedding and comparing post-spray tans with Jamie):  My very first Coconut Cream Pie Larabar (HEAVEN)!














Friday Wedding Fun!!!

Starting with beers at the University of Wisconsin terrace…















…some picture fun and dinner eats, which was a delicious array of hors d’oeuvres…














…a shot of me and a shot of the newly-married couple’s first dance (so cute!)…

















…the college gang and the new married couple and I…














The wedding was seriously so much fun!  Congrats to Jess + Ryan on being fabulous people and a most fabulous MARRIED couple! We were dancing machines, rockin’ the night away way past midnight.  Although, I’m not going to lie, being a dancing machine wasn’t the best preparation for Sunday’s marathon.  I woke up on Saturday after the wedding and no lie, I was a little sore :)!

Saturday treat:  Whole Wheat Nut muffin (from the Madison Farmer’s Market!)














Look what fun find I discovered browsing State Street in Madison this weekend – Heart Thrive treats!  All-natural and vegan, these dense energy bars are filled with oats, brown rice flour, brown rice syrup and dried fruits.  Each adorably heart-shaped cake comes in at just over 160 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein! I bought three flavors – Chocolate, Date and Raisin Spice – and can’t wait to try them!  That’s a lie actually, I tried the Chocolate tonight and it was delish!


We lounged around and took it easy all day in preparation for our 1/2 marathon Sunday morning.  We slept in (felt soooo good!), bebopped around to all our favorite places and got together again on Saturday night with the newlyweds and friends for some fun.  However, it was bedtime at 9:30pm for Jamie and I – the alarm was set at 5am for the Madison 1/2 Marathon.

Sunday morning, I groggily awoke at 5am and ate breakfast.  I wanted something (a) easily digestible, (b) a good mix of carbohydrates + protein to fuel me for the 13.1 miles and (c) something that tasted delicious, of course!  I ended up eating a plain white bagel (the BEST pre-run fuel) with a little Smart Balance and 3/4 Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar with almond butter lovingly spread on top.  Since caffeine is actually beneficial before a race, I also had a cuppa joe with some 2% milk.

Luckily, I had two hours for the food to digest before the 7am race.  Unluckily however, my body did NOT want to go to the bathroom before the race.  BAD OMEN.  I started the race feeling super heavy, which is totally not cool when you know you have 13 miles to run. 

For the first 6 miles, I felt on the verge of cramping up the entire time.  It was not a pleasant, enjoyble feeling by any means.  However, by mile 8, my body had digested a lot of the food, and I felt 20x better!  The last 5 miles or so were definitely my fastest.  I fueled with a little Gatorade at miles 9 and 12, along with a couple swigs of water inbetween, finishing in a time of….

1:53.30 (8:40/mile pace)!

It was just over my first 1/2 marathon pace, but I was extremely happy with it.  Considering the busy weekend we had, Jamie and I rocked that marathon out.  Crossing the finish line, the sun was bright and shining, and we were just SOOOO happy to be done!


And look what was waiting for me after I crossed the finish line…

Sunday breakfast #2:  Banana Pecan Pancakes (from one of my Madison faves, Bluephies!)














Holy yum!  The best.  pancakes.  ever.

We spent the rest of Sunday hanging out, napping, massaging our sore muscles and eating Indian food for dinner (sorry, I am sooo mad I forgot to get a picture!).  Indian food IS my favorite food, hands down.

This morning, we woke up bright and early to hit the road back to Minnesota :(.  Will someone please tell me how the weekends goes so fast?

When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice lil’ family get together with my 2nd family (that of one of my best friend’s Megan).  After being squished in a car for more than 4 hours (my legs were screaming to be rescued!), I happily munched on some chips and guac, chips and bean dip and chips and salsa.  Gotta love the versatility of our friend the tortilla chip!

Sunday dinner:   Boca burger on a whole wheat bun, mixed grilled veggies and fruit salad (plus an unphotographed small slice of Key Lime Pie…handmade by Miss Megan herself!)














Whew!!!  That was quite the post…sorry for the lack of consistent updates this weekend, but don’t you worry, I will be back in action at my regularly scheduled time and place starting tomorrow.  I am sipping on some mint tea, finishing up laundry and getting ready to hit the sack!  I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend as I did!

See you tomorrow, and don’t forget, you have until 10pm tonight to enter my 1-Month Blogiversary Giveway!  Best of luck everyone!

What did you all do this long Memorial Day weekend?  I would love to hear it!


B.F.D. May 5, 2009

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a.k.a. breakfast for dinner…but more on that in a bit! 

Last night’s recap: my friend Megan and I walked to the gym (about 1 mile), then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical before we walked the mile home.  It was such a gorgeous night!  When I got home, I had a cup of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Caffeine-Free and a handful of True North Almond Clusters.


When I woke up this morning, I knew I wanted one thing and one thing only: almond butter + banana toast on toasted Ezekiel bread with a drizzle of honey.  One of my FAVORITE breakfasts eva!  (With the usual cuppa joe and skim milk).


















Usually this breakfast holds me over pretty well, but this morning I was ready for a snack at 10am.  I mixed a 100-calorie pack of raw walnuts & almonds along with 4 Black Mission figs.  I LOVE figs!  I probably love Fig Newtons even more…but I guess the real thing is probably a bit healthier :).


Over lunch I ran a few errands (including picking up a Mother’s Day present for my mummy dearest!), then I headed back to work and delved into some Indian!  It was my last leftover of Curried Veggie Tomato Sauce and Whole Wheat Naan, and it still tasted fabulous!  My lovely co-worker Brenda also baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, so naturally I couldn’t resist.  (P.S. If you are reading this Brenda, they were delish!)


After lunch, I had my new routine cup (or two!) of Green Chai tea.  OMG – if you haven’t tried this, you must!  I could literally just sit and smell it all day; it’s that dang good!  I didn’t take a picture, because really, to do it justice, you need a smell-o-camera :).  For snack, I did have a Stonyfield Key Lime Pie yogurt with blackberries and strawberries.  Citrus-flavored yogurts with berries is one of my faves!


After work, I headed home, took one look in the fridge and knew exactly what I wanted: B.F.D.!  For some reason, the thought of Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax, vanilla soymilk and banana sounded sooo good; so that’s what I had!  For dessert, half a Chocolate Coconut Larabar (definitely on the top 3 Larabar list!) – I think I have an AWESOME idea to use the rest of that Larabar tomorrow morning (hint: There will definitely be oatmeal involved!).















Now, I am off to finish up the rest of my Mom’s Day gift, which I will show you all tomorrow AFTER I give it to her a couple days early.  Then off to a new yoga class – it’s a 75-minute Vinyasa Flow with Ted, who is supposedly supposed to be terrific!  Maybe this could become a long-term kind of relationship…Tuesdays with Ted anyone?