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Scatterbrained August 20, 2009

Guess what I did for the first time ever today?  Yeah, that’s right – Miss Scatterbrained forgot her camera at home. The horror!

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, so yours truly has some bangin’ breakfast and dinner eats that will surely make up for the lack of lunchie + snack pics.


Strawberry Oikos + Strawbs alongside a AB+J on Sprouted Spelt Bread

My personal review of Strawberry Oikos?  AY-FREAKIN-MAZING!

Since I’ve joined the bandwagon on Sarah’s breakfast challenge, I had to make something new.  Although the combos are faves, I usually don’t have them for brekkie.  I need to shake it up like this more often!


Mid-morning snack: Banana Nut Cheerios + sunflower seeds

Lunch: Green salad (1 big handful mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 cup green pepper, sunflower seeds + drizzle of ranch dressing), Musselman’s Raspberry Acai applesauce + Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar

Mid-afternoon snack: 1 1/2 servings honey wheat pretzel twists + Pomegranate Chobani Greek yogurt


The Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar + Pomegranate Chobani = two new faves.  Seriously, pick these suckers up.  Now.

For dindin, I headed over to my friend Amy’s house, who I have known since 9th grade.  That doesn’t seem like that long, and then I remember I am 24 years old, which means I’ve known her for 10 years.  Yowza…I am a g-ma! With the help of our fellow Midwesterner Kristin, we had seriously one of the best dinners I’ve had maybe ever…enter Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke Salsa!


gorgeous plates courtesy of Amy + Target

up close and personal

up close and personal

with a glass of pinot grigio

with a glass of pinot grigio


a VEGAN-licious dessert

That would be 1/2 Vegan Monster Chocolate cookie + 1/2 Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie over vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream each.  Perfect topper for a perfect dinner.

Plus, a side of new puppy…

this one if for you Janetha - me and Amy's new pup Charlie (seriously, soooo cute!)

this one is for you Janetha - me and Amy's new pup Charlie (seriously, soooo cute!)

Whoa…I don’t know if in fact I did eat too much today, but I am seriously stuffed!  Must be all that marathon training workin’ up a large appetite :).

After dinner, I raced back to the apartment because one of my best friends Megan made a rest stop here tonight before continuing on a loooonnng car journey tomorrow.  She showed up wearing a t-shirt that says “Polish Kitchen,” which she got at a Polish festival she recently attended – love that girl.

Now, I need to go and snuggle with my Polish gal.  Night y’all!


Don’t forget to enter for the chance to win all 3 new flavas of Larabars – you have until Sunday to put your rhyming skills to good use and take home this Lara-licious giveaway.  EVERYONE is welcome to enter!


Pizzaliciousness August 2, 2009

Warning: You are in for a monster of a post my friends; so buckle up and let’s roll out!

Let’s flashback to Friday night….dinner was simple and tasty.  Most importantly, it was on the table within 10 minutes of arriving home from work.


eggs + whole wheat toast



Simple is best, no?

After dindin, it was me + 500 Days of Summer, which equated to a perfect solo night to recharge the batteries.  I headed to the indie theater in Minneapolis and thorough enjoyed the quirky, romantic comedy of a movie.  Not only do I have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, anyone?), but I officially also now have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel (who also happens to be on the new cover of SELF mag!).

When I got home, my sister, her boyfriend and I spent the next 1 1/2 hours reading Texts From Last Night.  Completely inappropriate?  Of course.  Completely hilar?  Obv.

I slept in until 9am Saturday morn (that is late para mi!) and enjoyed a nice brekkie pre-run…

zoe's cinnamon raisin granola + cinnamon raisin smartstart + skim milk + POM juice

zoe's cinnamon raisin granola + cinnamon raisin smartstart + skim milk + POM juice

About an hour or so later, I bounded out for a 10 mile run.

Ummm…yeah, it didn’t go so hot.  I felt out of shape (hadn’t run since last Saturday), my chest was uber-tight and I miscalculated my run.  For some reason, I thought the route I planned was 10 miles, but it ended up being 8.  Don’t ask how I messed that one up.

I’m chalking that one up to getting back in the running groove. Since I haven’t done yoga in forev, I took more time to stretch myself out post-run while eating these…


one pound of strawbs consumed

Oops…I forgot to mention the other pound of strawberries (a 2 lb. container for 4$!) was consumed yesterday afternoon.  Yes, that means I’ve consumed 2 lbs. of strawbs in two days.

Lunchie made me feel better after the crappy run because I met one of my besties Megan out at Davanni’s – our date restaurant of choice!  This is what we ALWAYS order…


veggie white pizza...

...and diet coke = meg and holly's traditional date

...and diet coke = meg & holly's traditional date

After scarfing down 4 pieces and two Diet Cokes (it’s tradition!), we bebopped over to Target in search of Miss Fit herself…

jillian oh jillian, how i've needed thee!

jillian oh jillian, how i've needed thee!

Yes, that’s right, I am totally behind the times and JUST picked up Jillian’s 30-Day Shred!  Meg and I started talking about it at lunch because she wants to get uber-fit for her sister’s wedding in a month, so we tag teamed it and are going to Shred together!  Hot bods here we come!

Last night = top night.

I met Angharad from Eating for England out for dinner wine.  Lots more wine was consumed than food :).

notice how the pizza is still untouched but the glass of wine is definitely already half drank

notice how the pizza is still untouched but the glass of wine is definitely already half drank

We met up at a cute lil’ local pizza joint where Angharad’s hubs works and started off with what else? RED WINE.


notice: also 3/4 drank


roasted beet and asparagus salad


Greek 'zza


pumpkin dessert o' love

Throughout our night of consuming one to many glasses of above said alchoholic beverage antioxidants, Angharad and I totally got to girl chat, gab, discuss and have some fabulous conversation.  I am honestly SO SAD that I only met her recently, and now I am moving to Madison :(.  It was obvious the blog heavens wanted us to be friends, so naturally we’ve already planned meet-up date #4.


cheers to new fabulous friends!

Also, I must note: Dan (her hubs) is equally as awesome.  Not only does he make killer pizza, but the man was the first person to challenge me whatsoever in the Countries of the World game on Sporcle.  Mad props Dan. Mad props.


This morning…not going to lie…slightly hungover.

Slight headache? Check. Slight gut rot? Check. Slight nausea? Check. Yep, def slight hangover.  I’ve downed a Nalgene of water this morning already, a slice of whole wheat toast with spread and took some Ibuprofen, so actually I’m not feeling too bad.  It was so worth it.

Special K w/ Red Berries, Blueberries + Skim MIlk

Special K w/ Red Berries, Blueberries + Skim MIlk

Also, I woke up at 8am (norm time) then fell back asleep until 10:30am!  Ummm, that happens like never.  Seriously, it felt so glorious, I can’t even tell you.

However, now I need to get a jumpsky on Sunday!  Possible schedule for the day (in random order)…

  • Coffee (this WILL be first)
  • Start the Shred (due to Drinker’s Remorse, sometimes I feel the need to punish my body for the activities of the night before)
  • Stop at the Goodwill to drop off donation
  • Pool
  • 7pm Yoga/Pilates Fusion class
  • Clean out car
  • Light grocery shopping
  • Organize finances
  • Bloggy thangs + bloggy reading

We’ll see if anything actually gets done…


Let Freedom Ring, Part 2 July 5, 2009

How fast the weekends go!  I seriously think everyday should be a 3-day weekend – the world would be a happier place :).

I’m giving an, “Oooh!  Ahhhhh!” for the 4th of July festivities of yore…


Little sissy with her sparkler...


Pondering the meaning of life on this Independence Day...


Me & Ken (aka dad) - I told you my fam was weird 🙂


Barbie (aka mom) posing by the fire.


Fun time, family time :).

I sipped on a delicious cup (yes, literally a plastic cup) of red wine throughout the evening.  Twas’ so enjoyable.

This morning, I awoke bright and early to lovely cuppa joe with skim milk from the ‘Bucks brought to me fresh by mummy & daddy.  I poured it in one of the cups I made at a local paint studio…ain’t she pretty?


Then, yours truly, set off to concoct a lovely Sunday brekkie for the family!  First up, I took my recipe for Mushroom & Asparagus Frittata and whipped up one of those.  Then I took the basics of that recipe and subbed in red pepper, spinach and colby jack cheese for a second frittata.  Then mama concocted some fruit salad and some blueberry pancakes…have I ever mentioned just how much I LOVE breakfast?



After a delish breakfast, we said goodbye to my aunt & uncle.  Then, my dad and sister headed out to run some errands for my sister’s new house while my mom and lil’ sissy went on a hike up the infamous Rib Mountain, also known as the highest point in all of Wisconsin!  In total, it took us about an hour to frolic like Maria Von Trapp hike up to the tiptop and then back down again – this girl’s glutes were definitely a’burnin!

Here is the view from the top…


The tallest point in Wisconsin - now you can say you've seen it!


Doing a classic dance Y-scale hold at the top...


Instead of Where's Waldo? Where's lil' sissy?...


Mama Everythingtarian workin' it up the mountain...


Some historical facts for y'all...

In the words of U2, “It’s a beaaauutttiffulll dayyyyy!” The weather was totally perf for hiking – sunny but not too hot with a hint of breeze.  It was soooo nice and definitely worked me up an appetite.  Lunch was a mish mash of randoms – Apple Pie Larabar, leftover roasted veggies with a sprinkle of parmesan & 1/2 Amish breadstick, and of course – an Almond Joy Blondie to top it all off!




Whew – I’m getting tired just recapping this weekend ;).

After lunch, it was time to pack up and leave the land of cheese to return home to the land of lakes.  Tit for tat.  I’m actually staying at my sister’s house for the next couple weeks, so my car was literally stuffed to the brim with all my possessions.  Driving, I seriously probably looked homeless, like I was living out of my car, haha.  I grabbed a naner from the parent’s house for a mid-afternoon snack on the road…


I blared my James Morrison CD, “Songs for You, Truths for Me” (seriously, if you do not own this disk, please go out and BUY IT NOW!).  He’s amazing.  And British.  Which totally makes him even cooler.  I sung at the top of my lungs almost the entire way, and of course got the usual strange looks from people.  I could totally care less – singing in the car is one of my favoritest things in the entire world.  Cher’s “Believe” is my #1 choice of song in the car – what’s yours?

Lunch was a quick stop at Subway with my sis for a quick sammie:

honey oat bread
pepperjack cheese
green pepper
lotsa pickles
yellow mustard


Simple, healthy and yummy.  Triple threat.

Dessert was some Fig Newtons, which I totally LOVE.


After a good 3 hours in the car, I made it back, stopped at Trader Joe’s, stopped at Target, unpacked my stuff at my sister’s house, helped her put together her new end tables and am now blogging.  I was going to try to go to yoga, but alas, sometimes there is just too many dang things to do.  I will have to save the yoga sesh for tomorrow or Tuesday instead.  Now, I need to go get another snack and then head to bed – tomorrow I have lots of blog catching up to-do and oh yeah, go to work too :).

What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was probably playing games and chilling by the fire with my family or hiking up Rib Mountain this morning.  Good times!


Let Freedom Ring, Part 1



Greetings from the state of cheese – Wisconsin!  Before I begin on the shenanigans of the day, it is only appropriate to start at the beginning!  Yesterday, I was a total cleaning machine.  Mid-afternoon, I broke for a lil’ snackie to keep me fueled as I whipped the house into tip-top shape.  Enter a hot mess…

1/4 cup Optimum Pumpkin Granola Cereal
1/4 cup Kashi GoLean
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup skim milk
1.5 tbsp of PB


After putting in a hard days work (I sound like I’m living in like year 1890, BTW), I met up with these two lovebirds for some apps & drinks before hitting the road to Wisconsin:


Ashley and Maxx got engaged exactly one week ago from today!  They are seriously too cute :).  Maxx’s sister was actually in town as well, so the four of us met up at MOTO-I, a Japanese restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis, for some yummy drinks and eats.  You could easily pass this restaurant if you weren’t looking for it, but it is the only place outside Japan that brews their own sake.  Pretty cool, no?

I started with a MN-brewed Summit Oatmeal Stout with some kaffir lime-spiced peanuts (shared amongst us all)…


Then a sampler platter of assorted eats (l-r): a Tofu, Ponzu & Sweet Chilli Steamed Bun, sticky rice and a sweet potato pancake thingy (I don’t think that’s the technical term…).


The restaurant was super yummy, and the best part?  They had SHUFFLEBOARD!  Oh yeah, us four definitely squeezed in a game before we had to part ways.  After lots of chatting, it was finally time to hit the road to head home to the fam.  Of course, when traveling, snacks & beverages are a MUST.  If I am going to be driving 3 hours dang it, I’m going to need some good tunes, good munchies and good caffeine – a pint of blueberries (I am a serious fruit fiend today) and a Almond Joy blondie (soooo good!):















Finally I arrived to good ol’ home sweet home.  Then went straight to bed.  For real.

After a glorious night’s sleep in my own bed (aka best thing ever), I woke up and shocker of shockers! didn’t have coffee this morning.  Instead, I guzzled a big glass of water in preparation for today’s 10-mile run as well as a classic Holly breakfast – PB+B on toasted Ezekiel!


A funny thing happened – at home, my parent’s buy Skippy Natural peanut butter, which was totally my old FAVORITE PB.  Seriously.  I used it for breakfast this morning however, and I couldn’t believe how kind of artificial and odd it tasted after only eating the good stuff (PB made only from peanuts + salt) for like a year now.  I didn’t like it at all – one of those little things that kind of show you where you’ve been and where you are now :).

Then it was time for the weekly long run – this time, the big 1-0 for mileage.  Luckily, Mama Everythingtarian (she’s totally one hot  fit mama) ran the first 7 miles with me, which made the time go by so fast.  Then the last 3 miles, I stepped my game up and hoofed it – completing the 10 miles in just about 100 minutes (10:00/mile).  I took her at an easy pace and felt really good!

When I got back, I guzzled water and stretched for a good 15 minutes.  After about another 1/2 hour, I was ready to eat and devoured a yummalicious lunch…Blueberry + Banana Smoothie (1 cup skim milk, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana + 1 huge handful spinach) plus a Jumbo Salad (spinach, tomato, broccoli, cucumber, peppers + drizzle Newman’s Light Balsamic) and a Berry Oatmeal Almond Blondie!




Then, it was POOL TIME!



1, 2, 3 - JUMP!

Two things: (1) My mom has awesome camera skills (ummm...where did my other sister go?), and (2) I did not purposely wear a 4th of July swimsuit - I swear it's the only suit I own.

Two things: (1) My mom has awesome camera skills (ummm...where did my other sister go?), and (2) I did not purposely wear a 4th of July swimsuit - I swear it's the only suit I own.

The unpictured sister (who, by the way, has never ever read a health magazine in her life).

The unpictured sister (who, by the way, has never ever read a health magazine in her life).

A poolside photo shoot...this is me in a totally natural "casual" laugh with a flower that just so happens to be randomly in my hair...

A poolside photo shoot...this is me in a totally natural "casual" laugh with a flower that just so happens to be randomly in my hair...

After the pool, it was totes time to whip up some dindin!  I helped Barbie in the kitchen and chopped veggies like I’ve never chopped them before.  I was totally getting snacky, so I had a Tahini Cookie (x2) and a string cheese to tide me over until chow time.


Look at this lovely array of dinner eats – I love coming home for a plethora of reasons (I swear Mom & Dad!), but one of my favorites it getting spoiled with yummy eats I can’t afford myself (i.e. salmon).  On my plate:  1/2 garlic breadstick (from the fab Amish bakers at the farmer’s market), grilled salmon, roasted veggies & sweet potato fries!


Seriously. So. Good.

Dessert was equally fab.  You’ve just got to love a holiday where you can celebrate your independence and chow down at the same time – thank you America!  Enter strawberry shortcake + Almond Joy Blondie + vanilla ice cream.  Seconds, anyone?


That’s it for part one! I can tell you are just all on the edge of your seats for “Let Freedom Ring, Part 2” but don’t you worry kids – a full wrap-up of fireworks and family fun (including Mama & Daddy Everythingtarian!) is coming your way tomorrow!  

Hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July, relaxing with friends & family and taking time to enjoy life (including food, fun & flippin’ good times)!


Computer Glazed July 1, 2009

You know when you sit behind a computer for way too long – everything starts getting fuzzy, you are glazed over like a big ol’ bakery doughnut and feel completely spaced out?  Well, that was me today :).  I had a total computer-based project I was doing all day, and I walked out of work like a total zombie.

Luckily, it was truly of breakfast of champions to start the day – toasted Ezekiel bread layered with peanut butter, smooshed naner and cinnamon.  Man, I LOVE me my cinnamon!


The haziness and glazed over eyes (doesn’t the word glazed just totally make you WANT a doughnut?  Seriously.) slowly but surely increased until I gave myself a break around 11am to eat Stonyfield Organic Blueberry Yogurt. Since I had another lunch date today, I just needed something small to tide me over a bit longer.  I love the color of blueberry yogurt – it’s one of those weird small things that just makes me happy :).


For lunchie, I met up with my hilarious friend Brad for some yummy eats at Cheeky Monkey Deli in St. Paul.  If you don’t remember, it’s where I devoured the famous Nutella + Banana Sandwich not so long ago.  The Cheeky Monkey is totally adorable – it is healthy, sources from local ingredients and has cucumber water.  Yes, I said cucumber water.  It was practically like being in a spa ;).

Today, I tried something new and went for the Roasted Veggie + Hummus sandwich on ciabatta, along with a side of pickles and I stole some of Brad’s yummy spiced potato chips.  Divine food, divine company, divine time!


The afternoon zoomed by, thanks in part to a long lunch and a lovely snack.  Lunch was totes filling, but I knew I when I got home I needed to hammer out 5 miles so I did a little pre-fueling.  If I come home hungry, you can forget about running.  Soooo…I prevented the hunger with my favorite Lara and a cup of lemon green tea:


When I got home, I entered the kitchen to the sweet smell of Megan throwing a baking party.  Dangerous!  She’s getting prepared for her 4th of July fiesta, which meant the kitchen was filled with chocolate Special K bars, rice krispie bars, muffins and other goodies.  Ummm..yum!  I got dressed and ran out the door to bang out my 5 miles, which took me about an hour (including walking an extra mile afterwards).

Then when I got home, I grabbed a whole wheat mini cherry chocolate muffin


Watch out Martha Stewart!  Good work on the baked delights Meggy Moo!

I stretched, drank lots of water and watched the new TV show Dance Your Ass Off  prepared to make dinner.  On the menu tonight….some Thai food goodness!  Every week, I usually get nostalgic for my travels abroad and crave Thai food (even though, let’s be real, mine doesn’t even compare to the food I ate there).  Here is a picture of me at Wat Phra Kaew, which is on the grounds of the great Grand Palace in Bangkok…


Don’t I look simply fabulous in my gecko-printed skirt?

One of my favorite dishes in Thailand was a good Thai curry.  So, I bought a premade Thai Kitchen yellow curry simmer sauce, mixed it with veggies and tempeh, then served it over brown rice for a little Yellow Tempeh Thai Curry.  Honestly, the yellow curry simmer sauce wasn’t the best, but it was still good nonetheless.


Then it was an after dinner cocktail to further hydrate…

10 oz. sparkling water
4 strawberries, pureed
1 tsp. lime juice
1 tsp. sugar


Looks gross & chunky but tasted ah-may-zing!  Probably would have tasted better with a splash of…I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Sorry dudes and dudettes, but this gal has got to run – I’ve gots a 10:15pm beach volleyball game coming my way tonight, which means I need to slam a Diet Coke take a nap to keep me up until midnight.  Let’s pray that we don’t lose all 3 games again tonight!  Happy (for real) humpday – 4th of July fun is just around the corner!

What are everyone’s plans for the 4th?  I might stick around MN or head to hang out with Barbie & Ken and the fam this weekend – haven’t decided yet :).


Combos + No Shows June 28, 2009

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After the post of just a couple hours ago, I did exactly what Miss Holly needed to do:  I blogged, did my laundry, watered the plants, put away the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and made dinner.  Who am I?  That all sounds way to domestic for my taste :).

Dinner was inspired by my semester abroad in London…you see, one of the popular eats in our flat (ahem, apartment) was some yummy English White Cheddar made into a grilled cheese sandwich and dipped in BARBECUE SAUCE!  It was the genius concoction of my friend Meghan, and we were seriously OBSESSED with it.  Flash forward to tonight, I knew I had to have me some grilled cheese + BBQ sauce, along with steamed asparagus and MN grown cherry tomatoes


After a delicious dinner, I was sooo excited to finish up the weekend with yoga/pilates.  Unfortunately, Kris (the substitute instructor this week) was not as keen.  She didn’t show up – mondo annoying!!!  Instead, I relied on the reigning yoga queen with 2 run-throughs of Yoga For Runners – making it a quick yet effective 20-minute yoga sesh.

Now I should probably be productive since I have an extra hour on my hands :).

What’s worse – an instructor not showing up for class or a bad instructor?  I am going to go with an instructor not showing up, just because at least if it’s a crappy instructor, you are still getting somewhat of a workout, right?


Me Time


Here is where I parked my buns today…but more on that in a bit ;).

Yesterday, after the big 9-mile run, I showered, purtied myself up then headed off to a food blogger’s mecca…


While I was shopping around for the goods, one of my best friends Ashley called me.  I answered my obnoxious ring, then  the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Ash,” I said.

“Hi Hol,” Ashley replied.

“What’s up?”  I asked.

“I’m engaged!!!” she shrieked.

Crash as my green Whole Foods basket dropped to the ground.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..shut up, are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes,”  she said.  “He asked me this morning.”

“Shut up.  Oh my gosh.  Shut up!  Oh my God – congratulations!  I am soooo happy for you!”

That was a shortened version of the obnoxious convo (lots of screaming in Whole Foods went on).  Since Ash only lives about 5 minutes from Whole Foods, I did a quick shop, hit up the hot bar (because I needed a lil’ afternoon sustinence) and raced over to Ashley’s place!


That would be about 1 cup each Curried Tofu + Balsamic Roasted Veggies.  Yum and yum.

I couldn’t arrive over to Ashley’s without some kind of congratulations gift, so naturally I headed to the Whole Foods bakery before I left and brought over a piece of Chocolate Lava Cake (my girl Ash loves her chocolate!) to congratulate the adorable couple.  Emphasis on adorable.  The three of us chatted for a good hour or two, split the cake between us and honestly – they look soooo happy.  It made me tear up a bit :).

I skedaddled to let the fiancees revel in their love and headed home to make some dinner.  Taking the rest of last night’s unused rice, I made a lovely Fried Rice with Eggs.  Fried rice is super simple and can be really healthy as long as you take a couple precautions, most of all not overdoing it on the oil or the soy sauce.

I sauteed onion, carrot, tomato, asparagus & spinach in 2 tsp. of canola oil with about 1/2 tbsp. garlic.  While this was cooking, I started the eggs by frying two of them in about 1 tsp. canola oil.  Then, I added about 3/4 cup rice to the veggie mix, added 1 tbsp. soy sauce and a pinch of ground ginger and stirred it all together.  To plate, I took the rice & veggies, then layered them with the two fried eggs (slightly runny – yum!) and topped with green onion.  Voila!


And for something sweet, the BEST lollipops there are – Yummy Earth!


After dinner, I accomplished one of my weekend want-tos: seeing Food, Inc.!

After having read both “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by my semi-crush Michael Pollan and “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, I figured I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  And I was right.  The movie followed a lot of the same themes/people/scandals that both books did; however, this movie is really a testament to the power of visual imagery.  You read about animal cruelty, mishandling of meat and food products, lack of regulation by the FDA, etc.,  but when you put them together with real life images, it’s really quite impossible to ignore the magnitude of the problem we face in the U.S.A. of food.  We no longer know what we are eating and what is healthy anymore.

I will have a larger review later on (in Holly Investigates) but you must see it: EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS MOVIE.

On a happier note, after the movie, I met up with my older sister for a drank, which she paid for.


Yay for older sisters with real jobs!

Then we both headed home to hit the hay, and when I woke up this morning, I made one of my all-time fave blogger recipes…Oaty Cakes from Miss Polly!



Look at that oaty goodness lovingly slathered with peanut butter and garnished with raspberries :).

After breakfast, my sister and I headed over to my aunt’s house to see my cousin’s new baby.  What a lil’ smiley girl that Julia is!  After visiting with the fam for awhile, I headed over to a late brunch with  my old college roomies Jess  and Jamie (+ their significant others).  I didn’t eat anything because I had eaten breakfast only a couple hours before, but it was so good to catch up with them after the wedding a couple weeks ago.

After brunch, it was finally beach time!


Snacks I nibbled on throughout my 2 hours…


Ahhh…nothing beats a solo day at the beach, except a Vegan Mixed Berry Muffin from Whole Foods obv!


Let’s be real – just because this muffin was “vegan” does not mean it was that healthy.


  • No eggs/butter/shortening
  • Lotsa big hunks of berries


  • White flour
  • Vegetable oil

A.k.a. the moral of the story is, just because something says “vegan” or “organic” or “all-natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for you.  Be smart.  Become a label reader.  Then eat it anyways :).

Now I am back home, gettin’ things done: laundry, cleaning, watering flowers, freelance writing and job applications – all on the agenda this afternoon.  Then it’s dindin time and some yoga/pilates with a sub teacher (she better be good!) – hopefully I will see ya later tonight otherwise catch ya bright and early in the morn!

Enjoy your Sunday!