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A lil’ seriousness from yours truly… July 7, 2009

Throughout the past couple weeks, as I’ve delved farther into the fabulous world of food blogging, I’ve been thinking.  Yes, thinking.  Now, don’t be scared.  I am constantly thinking.  My mind doesn’t shut off in fact.  I believe Liz Gilbert said it best on page 132 of “Eat, Pray, Love,” (one of my favorite books eva!).

“Like most humanoids, I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the “monkey mind” – the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl.  From the distant past to the unknowable future, my mind swings wildly through time, touching on dozens of ideas a minute, unharnessed and undisciplined.”

Food blogging is a funny thing.  For me, it is not only about holding myself accountable for leading a healthy life, exploring a creative outlet and meeting fabulous new friends (because I do, in all honesty, consider you all friends). It is about learning from others, exploring new ideas and making leading a healthy existence FUN.  Because, damn it, we all need more fun and humor in our lives!

I love seeing all the new ideas other bloggers have – from recipes to workouts to funny sayings.  Would I have ever tried TJ’s raw almond butter without the advice of this lady?  Probably not.  Would I have learned to concoct the most creative bowl of oatmeal known to man?  Definitely not.  I mean, I don’t think I had ever used the words “food baby” or “mayjuh” in my life.  Where would I be now without all these people?  All these reasons and all these people are just some of the many reasons why I love food blogging.

However (you just knew this was coming, didn’t ya?), I think what is more important here is to remember that we are all individuals.  Some of us think olives and Amazing Grass taste like poo (that’s me!). Others know they need to avoid sugar.  Some of our tum-tums just can’t take too much dairy.  Others have fought and are fighting against stereotypes both women and men face on a daily basis.  Some of us are too friggin’ hilarious.  Others take such pretty food pictures, I want to eat the computer screen at work.  There are definitely people who are total running machines.  Some people’s spirits just jump right off the computer screen.  The moral is: we are all different.

Which leads me to the main point:  our bodies are also all different.  I encourage every one of you to read blogs, try new things (vegan? vegetarian? meat eating? raw food? fast food? slow food?) and experiment.  Don’t ever be afraid to try something new.  However, don’t get so wrapped up in following certain plans, ideas and people that you forget to stop listening to YOUR body.  Some of our tums can handle more than others, and what works for someone else may or may not work for you.  Don’t ever feel bad or wonder whether you should or should not be eating something.  Your body will tell you that.  For instance, if you haven’t noticed, my consumption of soy has rapidly decreased since starting the blog and skim/oat/almond milk is in abundance.  I figured out soy (more specifically, soy milk) was really hard for my stomach to digest and caused me some, ah, errrr…pooping problems?  We’re all friends here :).

So yes, I’ve been thinking.  Not anything too life changing, but something I think I need to remind myself of sometimes.  Listening to my body isn’t always easy, but I feel the extra effort will be well worth the prize: the best, most authentic me I can be.

Until my monkey mind swings back into action onto the blog again, here are the eats from today:


Power breakfast of champions: Zoe's Cranberry Currant Granola w/ vanilla almond milk & a naner


Plus a scoop of TJ's AB for good protein satiety 😉


Gourmet lunch parfait: Stonyfield Organic vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup Zoe's CC granola & mixed berries


One perfectly juicy nectarine for snacking


Zoe's Peanut Butter bar o' goodness for snacky #2


I would marry Chipotle if I could...

Scoop cilantro rice, black beans, fajita veggies, mild salsa (aka tomatoes), lettuce + the best guac eva!

Scoop cilantro rice, black beans, fajita veggies, mild salsa (aka tomatoes), lettuce + the best guac eva!

Thanks for listening :).  Here is my agenda for the evening:

  • Target run (hoping for under $30!!!)
  • 3-mile run
  • Vinyasa Yoga class
  • Beddy bye

Be well my friends :).


40 Responses to “A lil’ seriousness from yours truly…”

  1. strivingforbalance Says:

    Great post! Sometimes I get caught up in other people’s style.. I think about following different dietary lifestyles, but I need to focus on what works for me.. Thanks for such a great blog 🙂

    have fun on your run later !

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    Wonderful words and wisdom, girl – you said it best.

  3. This post was so cute. I even knew who you were talking about for most of the links, loved that!! And NOWWW, I have more blogs to check out, thanks to you!

    Thanks for reiterating how important it is to listen to OUR own bodies, and go off of what works best for us! It’s easy to follow in someone’s else’s footsteps, or to compare….but that’s not necessary!! Agreed?!

    But anyway, your fabbbb….and i’m so glad that I stumbled across your blog a week or so ago! 🙂

    Good call with the almond butter spoonful! No breakfast is complete without it!

  4. Jenny Says:

    very wise words from a very wise lady — i’d be lying if i myself said i wasn’t guilty of comparing my food to other blogettes.. or listening when one blogger says “dairy is bad” and opting for soymilk instead which, i’ll be honest, doesn’t sit well with me.. ultimately the fact of the matter is we’re all different and have different needs.. someone may wear a size 6 shoe, i wear an 8.. do i force myself to fit in to their shoes?! (urgh, okay.. unless they’re super cute!) but you get my point 🙂

    thanks for this post girlfriend, i know a lot of blogettes can benefit from reading it!

    good luck on your under 30 target excusion, i’ll be extremely impressed if you pull it off — i know i don’t have the will power.

  5. jenngirl Says:

    Thank you for this post!! Truly special and so very true 🙂 Us bloggers are all so diverse, yet we share one “majuh” thing in common: our drive to grow as individuals and maintain our health while doing it! It’s a wonderful binding factor!

    Hope you have a splendid evening, yoga and a run sound great!

  6. Tay Says:

    Great post chica!

    Sorry, chipotle’s already promised to wed yours truly 😉 And yes…best. guac. everrrrr.

    Good luck making it out of Target under $30…that is a tried and failed attempt for me.

  7. Baylee Says:

    That salad looks A-MAZE-ING!!

    couldnt have said it better myself, girlie!

  8. Matt Says:

    Good post! You are right on target.

    I am a running machine 🙂

  9. Katharina Says:

    Spoken like a true monkey mind 😉 I love your thoughts on this, and I couldn’t agree more! Part of life is living and learning and figuring out what we as individuals need, to get the most out of it. And all the shout-outs and how you consider us bloggers your friends made me want to give you big hug!

    I wish I could go on a Tarjay excursion with you! I was there just yesterday and of course I found what I have been looking for – a nice grey shawl or “fashion wrap” as they like to call it 😀

    p.s. How was the Cranberry Currant granola?
    p.s.s. Love how the Almond Butter is on the handle too. Scoop it, girl!

  10. April (Foods of April) Says:

    This post is awesome! It’s funny I was actually thinking about the same thing today. I got the Raw Foods Diet book and I was reading it but I realized why do I want to eat all raw foods? Sure i’d love to try some of the recipes but some of the stuff the book says is so silly. Peanut butter is unhealthy?? and nut butters can’t go on bread?? That’s crazy talk! Why should I give up what I love because other bloggers are doing it? Everyone is different and needs different types of food!

    Sorry about my rant haha.

    Oh and thanks for the wonderful compliment! 🙂

  11. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    Love this post! I often find myself getting caught up other blogs, thinking “maybe I should go vegetarian” or “maybe raw food is the way to go.” But if I take a step back, I realize that the way I eat works for me! Lean proteins, healthy fats, loads of fruit. It’s what make me and my tummy happy. Thanks for the great reminder!

  12. Well said! You keep on “thinkin” girlie!

  13. Anne K. Says:

    Love this post! I agree, everyone’s different, and we need to keep in mind that what works perfectly for some people may not work for others. There’s not just one way to do things 🙂

    Your granola + yogurt looks delish! Hope you had a lovely day 🙂

  14. Kelly Olexa Says:

    I LOVE what you wrote and this is precisely the lesson I have learned most recently. We are all unique with different dietary needs and metabolisms….no one “plan” or approach will work the same on all of us.
    Thanks for posting; it’s great to hear this from someone else too.

  15. Angharad Says:

    Brilliant post my dear! And thanks for the shout out – you rock!

    This is such truth in blogginess. It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s habits and think that you should be following them (especially when all the pics are so dang cute). However, you’re right, not everyone’s tums or bums work in the same way and what one person loves another will hate.

    Blog on, new friend x

  16. Great post and a good reminder! I love reading many different blogs and learn about others’ eating & exercise styles. However, all the info can cause a bit of “noise” that makes it hard to really listen to what works best for ME. Thanks again for the reminder! 🙂

  17. lowandbhold Says:

    Oh I totally agree with this! I sometimes worry what everyone will think about the stuff I eat and blog about, but in the end, it’s my body and I know that I have to listen to my needs.

    Thanks for the monkey thoughts. I’m going to go scratch myself now ; )

  18. Emily Says:

    Great blog world reflections! I have a food blog for similar reasons to you, but I know that mine falls on the more “normal” (i.e. less healthy) side of things than some others. While I love reading others’ inspirational posts I wish some readers knew to leave them as that – inspiration – and not some crazy how-to guide.

  19. lynetteess Says:

    You put it into words so succinctly. I have had those same thoughts – thanks for validating them for me. I am one of the older food bloggers. Even at my age though, I still wonder – am I doing it right – do I fit in. (Maybe I should say especially at my age, because I feel so old in the land of food bloggers!) But I am having a blast doing it and figure it will help me stay young – or at least young at heart and that’s all I can ask for!

  20. burpexcuzme Says:

    awesome post! We are indeed all different…and I take on your challenge to be the best, most authentic me I can be! YAY!

  21. Alison Says:

    So true, so true! Listening to our bodies and finding what works for us is really what this is all about. I feel so blessed to have this great channel for tuning in to all the different ways of eating and living, chocked full of ideas and new concepts that I’m not sure I would have stumbled upon if it wasn’t for food and healthy living blogs.

    I’ve never been to Chipotle, never even heard of it until I saw it on blogs actually… AND ONE JUST OPENED UP IN MY CITY! Woot! Can’t wait to try it out!

  22. Abby Says:

    Great post and something I’ve talked about before as well (both on my blog and in my head. I do a lot of talking in my head, but not so much listening…hmmm.)

    Anyway, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in the blogs/foods of others that we rationalize something is right for us just because it’s right for someone else. There are many healthy things to take away from blogs, but there are many things that have to be regarded with rationality and a grain of (sea) salt.

    That’s part of the reason I don’t log everything I eat on mine. I know I would get obsessed and fanatical about it, so instead I focus on things that interest me. When I notice I’m getting a bit crazy reading other peoples, I just take a step back, ask myself if it’s healthy for me and move on.

    Okay…enough serious! If you can do Target in under $30, go back and buy yourself something special (oh wait, that would defeat the purpose.)

  23. Whit Says:

    Great post! I agree completely!

  24. ksgoodeats Says:

    Your intro was just what I needed to hear this morning! I’m so happy you started blogging – MAYJAH love from me to you, girl!

  25. brandi Says:

    i hope the target trip went well! getting out in under $30 is hard!

    I loved this post, because I feel the same way. I get so many great ideas and things from reading blogs, but at the end of the day, I have to remember that I need to do what is right for me and makes me feel good and healthy and balanced even if it’s different for someone else.

  26. Erin Says:

    This is your BEST post, IMO. Poignent and honet.

    We are all different beasties and it’s best to embrace and love that fact!

    FYI, you’re going to have to fight me for Chipotle’s hand in marriage. Just sayin.

  27. I love this post. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in what people are doing and eating, that you forget what your body likes and wants. I know I’m guilty of this.

  28. traci Says:

    Holly! Wow, what a great post! I love it. I agree with all you say. Reading the blogs is fun and it’s great to get new ideas to try to incorporate into our plans. But we all know and should listen to our bodies. What I love is when I’m thinking of some “great” excuse (I’ve been running for like 18 years or so so I have LOTS of great excuses!) for not doing my run I think of all the blogs and all the great workouts and put my shoes on and head out for my run. 9 times out of 10 the run ends up be great and I am so happy I did it. So blogs to me are motivators. Its funny how I have never met any of you but its like I can hear you all talking and saying “oh just get your butt out the door!”. So thanks to all you bloggers for sharing your days with us readers! Best to all…Traci

  29. I love your blog title, girl. Did I ever tell you that? 🙂

  30. I really love this post. I too have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if Kath or Jenna eat this. It doesn’t mean I SHOULD. I too get caught up in that stuff. Well said, girl.

  31. psychoj1 Says:

    Hey! I’m Jess and this is my first comment on your blog. I absolutely LOVE your blog 🙂 Everything from the name to your eats rocks!

    This post is fabulous 🙂 I love all the linking, haha.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂
    ❤ jess

  32. janetha Says:

    holly, you nailed it in this post. i can see how many times people can get wrapped up in seeing what others are doing and try to mimic them, but then they see SO many different trends. i strongly believe in doing what works for you and what your body accepts as good. loved your insight in this, thanks!

  33. Faith Says:

    I love this post. You are SO RIGHT…food blogging has really opened up my eyes to vast new worlds!

  34. Kailey Says:

    wow this is such a great post because it is totally true! everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others 🙂 besides it would be so boring if we were all the same!

  35. homegirlcaneat Says:

    Holy sh!t, thank you for this post. I am actually going to bookmark this post because I love it so much.

    Yee, I just did!

    Blogging can sometimes be like high school in the way people feel the NEED to follow trends and stuff, ya feel me? The raw thang? So not my thang and it makes me sad to see some homies feel like they have to do “raw wednesday” because urryone else is. Nothing against it, rawk on to those who can eat salad without drenching the sh!t outa it in peanut dressing!!

    And may-jah thanks and love for the shout out! I am glad I make some laughs out there in the world with my illegal lifestyle. Wait a minute, eating an abundance of hummus at 4am and dancing with gay men can’t be illegal. It should really just be illegal how much fun I am having. I think Obama would understand.

  36. Natalie Says:

    Very true about blogging! What would I do without it now??

    I love Chipotle too! Plus, its in walking distance from my job, very very bad! haha

  37. homecookedem Says:

    I love this post!! I could relate so much to it! 😉 I need to keep in mind that it’s ok to get ideas from blogs and to try new things, but none of us should never feel like we have to compete with “Suzie Q’s” blog. Thank you for your honesty!! 🙂

  38. homecookedem Says:

    Uhhh, I meant none of us should ever feel… 😉 I promise I did graduate from college! haha 🙂

  39. glidingcalm Says:

    This is a great post!! Sometimes I feel weird about posting what I eat because it’s a little……….odd….but it is what really works for me, and if I can’t fit into the norm of granola bars, cheesey pizza, and lots of carbs…then it is OKAY. Of course, the fact that I choose to put out my eats for the public means that they are OUT THERE to possibly be criticized…but I just gotta do what is right and FEELS best for me. Right?

    Love you mama!!!! 🙂

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