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Welcome to America’s Dairyland! August 22, 2009


Madison a.k.a. the state capital of Wisconsin yo!

Welcome ladies and gents, children and babies, friends and families to the home of cheese – WISCONSIN (pronounced Wiss-cahhhhn-sin if you are from the Midwest)!  I thought y’all might like a little pic of where yours truly roamed her college days as well as current days.  

FYI: The State Capitol’s dome is one of the largest in the world.  Ya heard it here.


Flashback to last night…

Believe it or not, I got EVERYTHING done on my to-do list, with a few modifications of course.  I scrapped the Mint thang because online budgeting was too dang confusing.  Instead, I relied on my old friend Excel to whip up a nice lil’ spreadsheet.  Second, I found no plug-in converter at Target and forgot the oven cleaner.  However, I did pick up some cooking spray, butter, a dress and the new Shape magazine.  Damn you Tarjay!

grilled veggie wrap

grilled balsamic veggie wrap


1/2 container Siggi's Icelandic yog + raspberry jelly + ground flax


POM Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea

The lovely peeps at POM (shoutout to you Molly!) sent me some of their POMx tea to try.  It’s got a new name, new flavors and is light!  It’s real brewed tea with 100% POM juice and other natural flavas.  I’ve also got Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea + Pomegranate Wildberry White to try!

After reading the label (always a must!), I have one small frustration: fructose + erythritol-sweetened.  Although these claim to be “natural,” we all know the truth from the Vitamin Water 10 shenanigans of yore.


This mornin’…

With 15 miles on the brain, I set my alarm for 7am.  That way I could eat, wait an hour then venture out around 8am to get the torture party started.  Unfortunately, the allergies + cold that has been brewing all week reared its head when my alarm went off.  Hence, hit the snooze and slept for another hour.  

I woke-up at 8am, still not feeling the greatest (think sinus headache, sore throat + phlegm), but I downed a plain white bagel with a bit o’ buttah and read some bloggies while I let the food settle.  Then I geared up and headed out!


Distance: 15.04 miles (according to MapMyRun)

Time: 2:50

Average pace: 10:00/mile


No, I don’t have a Garmin – these are estimates done the old-fashioned way!  If you are a math whiz, you will see 10:00/mile for 15 miles does not equal that time.  However, I am taking into consideration a crapload of stoplights I had to wait for, two Clif Shot Blok + water breaks (2-4 minutes each) and MapMyRun error.

By the way, head over to Matt’s blog at No Meat Athlete for an awesome guide to surving a 1/2 or full-marathon!

Overall, the run felt pretty good.  I definitely felt sinusy (is that a word?), so I just kept it nice, steady and slow.  The weather was fabulous (60 degrees when I left the house – PERFECT) and since I did it alone with no music or friends running with me, I was very happy.

Happier to devour this when I got home though…


Pineapple Chobs, Cherry Cashew PURE Bar + strawbs (along with a swimming pool-size water)

I forgot to mention this to ya yesterday, but I got my own swag bag of goodness in the mail yesterday from winning Kristin’s giveaway.  Go check out her DROOLWORTHY photographs and show some love to a fellow Midwestern!

PURE bars, PURE tees and a PURE bag

PURE bars, PURE tees and a PURE bag

By the time I got home, talked to the ‘rents, showered, ate + grabbed a Cafe Au Lait (1/2 skim milk + 1/2 coffee), I missed most of the Madtown Farmer’s Market :(.  However, I did score 1 bunch of leeks + 1 bunch of beets for $2 from a stand just closing up.

Then it was time to visit a Madison landmark…Ian’s Pizza!


no need to adjust your screens...that is in fact MAC N' CHEESE pizza!

You have no idea how many pieces of this has been consumed by yours truly at about 2:15am on a Saturday night (slash Sunday morning) back in the college days.

I arrived back at la casa de Holly, having shopped around for about 4 miles.  So yes, my legs hate me right now. Hence why I am going to finish chomping my Banana Nut Cheerios + sunflower seeds and finish dranking my green tea + Emergen-C packet to kick this allergy cold and make some dindin.  Gots lots of fruits and veggies to make up for!


Some q’s, just because I like to get to know y’all better…

(1) What is your state capital? Obv, look above.

(2) What is your favorite cheese?  Gruyere…I’m classy like that.

(3) What is your favorite pizza?  Cheese for everyday ordering, Mac n’ Cheese on special occasions.


If you want to win those new, elusive Lara flavors, you have until Sunday night!  Write me a lovely limerick about your fave Lara here and get entered for 1 of 3 chances.  Woowoo!


35 Responses to “Welcome to America’s Dairyland!”

  1. Erica Says:

    hey girl! I just got a POM package too! I am trying their new iced coffee beverage tomorrow and I cannot wait! They make some jammin products, don’t they???

    Way to kick some serious behind on your run today! That is freaking awesome! I read that post on No Meat Athlete- such great tips! I hope to run a half someday!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    1.) Columbus

    2.) I used to love gorgonzola! 🙂

    3.) thin crust with spicy marinara and TONS of vegetables & roasted garlic.

  3. Evan Thomas Says:

    Congrats on making it through the run. It can feel brutal at times but just pushing through is huge

    (1) What is your state capital? Boston

    (2) What is your favorite cheese? Goat, yummy yumm

    (3) What is your favorite pizza? Margharita, the ol’ Italian way

  4. leianna Says:

    1. St. Paul, soon to be Des Moines
    2. Blue Cheese
    3. My dad’s everything
    That POM tea looks amazing!

  5. Jenny Says:

    dang wisconzzz certianly lives up to it’s name with that ‘za!

    1. hartfaaaawd, CT baybay
    2. does laughing cow count? i kid i kid.. i ❤ brie and cheddah
    3. i love me a good Hawaiian pizza pie

  6. Lindsay Says:

    I’ve never had mac and cheese on pizza but how can that be bad? It looks so good!

    My state capital is Jefferson City. I’ve only ever driven through it so I don’t know much about whats there.

    My favorite cheese is pepperjack.

    My favorite pizza is sausage pizza from Lou Malnatis in Chicago.

  7. Mel Says:

    That pizza looks amazing, now I’m totally craving it!

    1. Same as you, we WI girls gotta represent! 🙂
    2. Love a super sharp cheddar
    3. Veggie or a plain cheese

  8. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    Good for you for getting out there and doing your 15 miles even though you didn’t feel well!

    1) Concord (I live in NH)
    2) Brie (though I haven’t had it in FOREVER)
    3) Margherita pizza

    Feel better!

  9. Angharad Says:

    Hey sweet cheeks! So glad you made it through the run despite the sinusy crap. UGH. 15 miles is completely baller so you have my awe and wonderment in huge dollops.
    Yay to the mad town farmers market. Ooh, you must (if you haven’t already) find this amazing bread stall there that sells this cheesy bread (not normally a fan but this is amaze) which is all warm and pillowy and made of pure HEAVEN.

    1) St Paul aka the not-as-cool city
    2) Mature English cheddar cheese but I’ll take whatever cheese you care to throw at me
    3) Currently have a mild obsession with Dan’s veggie pesto pizza at Biga. Bomb dot com.

    Have a good night – the office + chillaxing sounds a lot more fun than packing an apartment up. Ughhhh. Loves x

  10. Matt Says:

    1. Austin, TX.

    2. Tough… Gorgonzola or gouda.

    3. Pepperoni!

  11. janetha Says:

    woah, mac and cheese pizza. that has got to be the greatest drunk food EVER. nice job on your run, even despite the sick sinus feeling! you show that run who is boss. holly is boss! i live in the state cap.. good old salty lake city! i cant possibly pick a favorite cheese as i love them all but some that rank high are gouda, gloucester, extra extra sharp cheddar and havarti! pizza is the same, i like them all, if we are talking traditional i like green peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives and pepperoni. if you want to get fancy i love fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, chicken and pesto. ok now i need to go eat. love you!

  12. 1. Sacramento.
    2. That’s a tough one. I love all cheese… Seriously LOVE cheese. I haven’t had gorgonzola in a while, so that’s what I’m craving at the moment….
    3. I like thin crust pizza with veggies and a white sauce.

    Good job on the run! And sorry you didn’t feel so well… Give your body and legs some rest…

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

  13. Mia {runs and rests} Says:

    Holy mac and cheese pizza!!!
    Wow, you are the bomb – 15 miler yahoo! My 6mile long run for this week was only 5.4miles. Not mapmyrun’s fault though; I wasn’t awake when I hit the road. 😛

  14. Alison Says:

    Can you hear me standing up and applauding from here on your fabulous long run? I’m most impressed that you went that long with NO running bud and NO music either. Way to go girlfriend, I’m already misting up at the thought of you finishing the big 26.2 in just 41 days!

    Moving on…

    1. Albany
    2. Provolone!
    3. Veggieeeeeeeeeee!

  15. Em Says:

    (1) Boston
    (2) Mozzarella, I think. But I just love cheese in general.
    (3) Vegetables, lots of them.

    Thanks for mentioning “MapMyRun”. I’m not real big on working on, but I’m trying to get there and I was just wondering yesterday how far I’d walked–I was going to drive around to figure it out, but you’ve saved me the gas!

  16. Abby Says:

    1. Lansing
    2. Muenster
    3. Amy’s Pesto Pizza–seriously. Delicious.

  17. ksgoodeats Says:

    I want a picture of you in a cheese hat! I don’t know how I managed this but I some how avoided the nasally Midwestern accent – I say Wis-CON-son.

    That mac and cheese pizza – HAH!

    1. Lansing
    2. Extra sharp cheddar or Muenster
    3. I used to be a Hawaiian pizza girl

  18. Lizzy Says:

    congrats on that long run girl, and you didn’t even feel good. way to go 🙂

    and if you could, you can just have that mac n’ cheese pizza sent right to my house. thanks! hahahhaa that looks sooooo amazing

  19. April (Foods of April) Says:

    Great job on the run!! Your so inspiring!

    Mac and cheese pizza?? Who would’a thought!

    1. My state’s capital is Santa Fe!
    2. Favorite cheese = pepperjack!
    3. Favorite pizza.. well if there was a pizza with just dough and tomato sauce then that’d be it! 😀

  20. I stumbled across a photo of mac and cheese pizza the other day- OMG, I need to get to Wisconsin, STAT! Mac and cheese is one of my favourite foods…ah, love. What’s the verdict on Pure bars?

    Hope your sinusy feeling gets better (I don’t know if it’s a word, but I think if it’s your blog you can say whatever you want and make up as many words as you want! 😛 )

    (1) What is your state capital? No states in Scotland- Edinburgh is the capital and it’s where I live (and was just voted top UK city to visit before you die!)

    (2) What is your favorite cheese? Scottish Cheddar. Or goats cheese…or buffallo mozzarella…or feta. I love cheese, providing it’s not too strong tasting and I usually eat it with other things (I wouldn’t like chunk of cheese to chew on, but throw it in a sandwich/salad and I am all over it)

    (3) What is your favorite pizza? spinach and ricotta (oh- add ricotta to my cheese list!)

  21. hmmason Says:

    Way to go on that run!!! POWER!!

    1. I’m not quite sure
    2. Brie FOR SURE.. I have not had it since my birthday last year… miss that dear friend!
    3. Mellow Mushrooms Loaded Veggie is amazing.. their crust is to die for!

  22. Matt Says:

    Great run Holly! Especially without friends or music. You are going to kill that marathon! And thanks for mentioning my post :).

    I recently had mac n’ cheese pizza for the first time, at Cici’s Pizza. I was sort of surprised at how much it tasted like mac n’ cheese and how little it tasted like pizza. If I’d have discovered it in my college days I might not be alive today.

    • Holly Says:

      haha…sometimes i wonder how i am alive and not extremely overweight due to mac n’ cheese pizza devouring all those weekends!

  23. SHE-FIT Says:

    1- Phoenix
    2- Don’t like cheese! So, none
    3- Since I don’t like cheese, I love making veggie pizzas… without the cheese.

  24. specialkphd Says:

    1) Olympia
    2) Hmmm….stilton….or blue cheese if with wine, or mozzarella?? anything white
    3) right now, TruffleMushroom from TJS…

    I need your address for the Share yourself giveaway! (Can you post up to your readers to get more involvement?)

  25. Cindy Says:

    Oh my gosh…. 15 miles???? I have no words. I’ll just stick with my treadmills and my jogs….

    and mac n cheese Pizza??? I love home made mac n cheese on occasssion…and I do love pizza? Never seen one made together!

    Carb o licous?

    1. Sacramento
    2. Right now goat cheese is good…Fontina is NICE and most day’s it’s tofu-rella (not a fav, it just works)
    3. something with fresh huge chunks basil…plenty of cheese and lots of veggies. I make a lot at home so they are often “kitchen sink” variety


  26. hey there! its my first time to your blog and i am really liking it!

    looks like you had quite a fun food day 😀

    i love finding people as excited about food as i am, makes me feel a little more normal … a little

  27. justine Says:

    Good job on the run. Sorry you are not feeling well though :(. Food is lookin good! I cannot believe that pizza!! OMG Its my little ones 2 fav. foods all in one! Ill have to hide this from her. Nashville, Gorgonzola, and not a huge pizza fan.


  28. Faith Says:

    Wow, I never heard of mac n’ cheese pizza!

    1) Albany
    2) Havarti
    3) Thin crust with cheese, mushrooms, and onions (but I would like to try that mac n’ cheese!)

  29. Haha! I recognize that pizza!! Gotta love Ian’s and the best farmer’s market ever I think!
    1) capital- St. Paul
    2) don’t think I can choose…today aged gouda 🙂
    3) Greek Pizza!

  30. lowandbhold Says:

    You are a powerhouse girl! I would never have been able to run if I was feeling bad.

    1. Oklahoma City – very close to where I be living.
    2. Right now fresh mozzarella, it changes though.
    3. Margherita or veggie – or something with feta – oh can I change my cheese answer to feta?!

  31. Whit Says:

    America’s Dairyland! WHAT A CLAIM TO FAME! I love it!

  32. broccolihut Says:

    Lovin’ that tee.
    Great questions:
    1. Montgomery, AL
    2. I like a sharp cheddar–cuz I’m sassy like that.
    3. I like a good ol’ veggie when I’m ordering, but I like tofu and mushrooms when I make it at home:)

  33. Sissy #1 Says:

    1. Saint Paul
    2. Kraft Singles
    3. Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Green Pepp

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