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So Much To Do August 21, 2009

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Happy Friday dudes and dudettes!

I am posting this early because yours truly has TONS she really needs to get done tonight.  Plus, it will most definitely be an early bedtime for that 15-mile long marathon training run tomorrow morn!


43 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!  Ahhhhhhh!

Since I am taking on Sarah’s breakfast challenge to eat a different breakfast for the next week, I needed a change up from yesterday’s yogurt + berries and AB+J sammie.  The obv choice was Overnight Oats!

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup skim milk
1/4 cup Siggi’s blueberry yogurt
1/4 cup POM juice

~ sit overnight ~

3/4 cup strawbs
hunk o’ almond butter 


welcome back overnight oats

These are thick, creamy and hit the spot on a warm summer morning.  TWSS.

Mid-morning snack was something I’ve been anticipating for awhile….the Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar!


mmmm, mmmm good!

I have officially NEVER met a Lara I didn’t like.  Delish.

Since it was Fun Lunch Friday today, the gang and I headed to one of my Madtown faves for some lovely eats, including this beauty:


Grilled Salmon Salad

This monster has mixed greens, hardboiled eggs, green beans, potatoes, red onion, tomato, grilled salmon and a lemon caper creme fraiche dressing.  Dee-lish-uss!

On the way back to the office, I grabbed a Diet Coke.  Honestly, I haven’t had many Diet Cokes in the past month – I am sooo proud of myself!  Today was a treat, and I enjoyed it with a handful of yummy pretzels.

Diet Coke + pretzels = one of the best combos eva!

Diet Coke + pretzels = one of the best combos eva!

How am I going to top this fabulous day of eats for dinner?  I have no idea.  All I know is I have a big head of kale screaming my name in the crisper, and it wants to be used up.  Stat.

My to-do list for the evening (PLEASE hold me accountable for this!):

  • Sign-up for to track my finances and create a budget
  • Look through insurance info and decide on a health plan
  • Target (pillow, oven cleaner, batteries + two-three prong converter – that’s it!)
  • Bloggy thangs – changes in the works!
  • Clean the living room + Swiffer the hardwood floors

And of course, cook up a gourmet dinner :).

Alright homies, whatcha up to this weekend?  Spill the deets.  I’m also thinking of going to the fabulous Madison Farmer’s Market tomorrow morn (Jenna knows what I am talking about!) and just relaxing, along with lots of yoga!


Don’t forget to enter for the chance to win all 3 new flavas of Larabars – you have until Sunday to put your rhyming skills to good use and take home this Lara-licious giveaway.  EVERYONE is welcome to enter!


27 Responses to “So Much To Do”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    You’ll be ready, no worries!! 😀

    This weekend = spending time with Allison (from the blog linked below):

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Holly, good luck with that run in the morning! i totes know you can do it girl! 🙂

    and i’m just warning you, i might have to come at you for a diet coke, i myself havent had one in about a month and a half (i quite drinking it, but when you mentioned it and then paired it with your prets, i literally drooled! hahaha….

    have a wonderful night girl! 🙂

  3. Oooh, bloggy changes in the works?! Exciting.
    Good luck with your long run! Mine was supposed to be a 6miler but I ran the wrong loop. So it was just 5.4miles. Meh.
    Other than that, there’s a bbq party tonight. Have to prep something healthy to bring.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I wish I had a fun lunch Friday at my job! I can’t wait to try the new Larabars! There’s a box of them waiting at my apartment!!

  5. janetha Says:

    better stick to your to do list or i will.. uh.. send you a package of.. um.. food you hate? i dont know. just do it lady. ha. hope the training goes well manana! that salmon salad is def a beaut! xoxo

  6. Jenny Says:

    can i just tell you when i was first reading your oats mix this morning i thought it said “3/4 cup of almond butter” yowzaaaa – that’d be a treat!

    good luck with training in the morn’ hollaaay

  7. Lauren Says:

    Oooo 15 mile Saturday morning run. Sounds fabulous! I’m planning a 12 miler and I’m totally psyched. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow during my run.

    Your grilled salmon salad looks so good. I have grilled salmon salads on the dinner menu for tomorrow night. Hope mine comes out as good as yours.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. April (Foods of April) Says:

    Your overnight oats look delish! I just bought some strawberries so I should probably be making those!

    And is that a purple potato??

    Good luck tomorrow! You’ll do great!

  9. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    Wow – that marathon is coming up fast! You’ll be ready though.

    That salmon salad looks amazing!

  10. Matt Says:

    This whole weekend is devoted to relaxing and running. My two favorite things!

  11. Evan Thomas Says:

    15 miles is a hell of a lot, Good luck!

    There’s a farmer’s market tomorrow in MY town. That’s like unheard of around here, so we’re all pretty psyched. Those farmers better show up, though, or there’ll be a lot of angry veg-heads lol

  12. justine Says:

    Food looks gorg! I am dying for some oats!! Did you eat them cold? Mmmm salmon. Gosh, I am sitting here with a full tummy and looking at your pics is making me hungry again!

    Farmers market for me after the gym tomorrow and then a Southern Womens Party called “Sandals and Champagne” so much for not drinking this weekend 🙂

    Have a great run!


  13. traveleatlove Says:

    This weekend= walking homeless pups, doing TWO big workouts (need to be held accountable) and going to a friend’s dinner party to eat her homemade baklava. Have a good one!

  14. Have a good run tomorrow! 🙂

    Your salad looks great. I love ordering a salad in a restaurant and then discovering that it’s awesome. 🙂 Sadly, I am often quite disappointed… Maybe I’m too picky?!? But I really expect something at least as good as I’d make at home… Anyhow, I think your salad would pass… 😉

    We have some friends coming over on Sunday, but that’s it as far as weekend plans…

    Happy Weekend! 🙂

  15. burpexcuzme Says:

    wow holly, you’ve got a lot of things to get done! Best of luck, and also on tomorrow’s training run! WHOO~

  16. Mm, I love honey wheat pretzels! Have a great time running 15 miles! I’ll be cheering you on from… my couch. ^^

  17. Alison Says:

    Thumbs up from me on fewer diet cokes in your life! And more thumbs for the PB&J Larabar – I have GOT to get my hands(teeth) on one of those ASAP!

  18. uncle tommie timbertoes Says:

    You keep go’n gf. But remember what I told you about exercise longevity, until you can enjoy your running and training without the use of distractions you are still running with a crutch. That’s my challenge to you! The beat, the pace, the rhythm, the music isn’t in yer i-pod it’s in the world.

    I think you’ll like this to:

    Resting or being silent or being still is very important. Use your heart as an example. There is no harder working organ in your body. Yet even it knows it must rest. Studies have shown that your heart contracts only 9 hours of a 24-hour day. It’s resting, it’s silent, the other 15 hours. The between beats is just as important as the beat.

  19. Oh yum…love your overnights oat combo! You’re rockin’ this challenge. 😀

    The salad looks pretty awesome too. 😀

    Have a great weekend!

  20. ksgoodeats Says:

    PBJ Lara – Mind blowingly delicious 🙂

    Hope you got your To Do List done! Also, hope the 15 miler went well!!

  21. Priyanka Says:

    Good luck with the run tomorrow.I am sure you’ll rock it! Love your salad!

  22. Faith Says:

    That grilled salmon salad looks like edible art! Have a wonderful weekend Holly! 🙂

  23. Love overnight oats and love the PBJ Lara 😀 Hard day to top, indeed.

    Hope the run went well (no idea of the time zone you are in, but assuming it’s over now and you are living it up at the farmers market and/or eating some kale!)

    Have a fab weekend…don’t change the blog TOO much!

  24. Christina Says:

    what kind of changes to your blog are we talkin about, holly!? im excited!

  25. Meredith Says:

    I signed up for recently too! It’s pretty nifty. One funny thing: I was looking to see how my spending at bars compared to the rest of the US to make myself feel good since I knew I spent below average (actually, $0 since I don’t drink) there. Imagine my horror when I saw some of my money having been allocated there! Turns out it was just a mis-filing on’s part because my cable service shares the name of a popular bar!

  26. Matt Says:

    Hey Holly, hope that 15-miler went well! You’re getting close…

    Coincidentally, I just wrote a post that you might find helpful as you are planning for the big day–how to survive your first marathon!

  27. Angharad Says:

    Hello my child. I hope your crazy-long run went swimmingly! My 7 miles was a thumbs up (thank god) but would have loved your company. Think you’re gonna appreciate the dinner eats featured in my current post so hop on over (shameless plugging!).

    Lots of yoga+farmer’s market = just lovely. Enjoy!

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