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Running Well, Wedding Bells + Internet Hell August 16, 2009

Yep, that pretty much sums up my weekend.

Let’s start with the good stuff – I got up at 7am bright n’ early on Saturday morning and ate a nice carb-heavy pre-run meal consisting of a 1/2 cup Special K with 1/2 cup skim milk and a chocolate chip granola bar.  There is no better running fuel than pure white carbs.

Then, yours truly did what she has NEVER done before – run 16 miles!

The first 9 miles went well despite the Minnesota heat and humidity.  I made sure to make frequent water stops (also stopping to splash water on my head to cool down) before returning back to my friend Ashley’s where I popped 3 Clif Black Cherry Shot Bloks and some Diet Cherry Pepsi (don’t judge).  Then Ashley headed out with me to finish the last 7 miles, and my other friend Megan joined us for the last 3 miles.  My friends are seriously the best :).

In the end? The run went AWESOME.  I finished in my marathon pace of just under 10:00 minutes/mile, equaling about 2 hours and 40 minutes.  I seriously think I could have gone even further. It was that kind of glorious running day.

post-run Pomegranate Paradise Jamba Juice (with soy protein)

post-run Pomegranate Paradise Jamba Juice (with soy protein)


Indian buffet of love from Whole Foods...with a Cilantro Chutney Samosa!

Seriously…if I could marry Indian food I would.  Shhhhh, don’t tell McMac I am cheating on him ;).

After lunchie, it was off to IKEA –  ummm, holy anxiety!  Soooo many people, soooo many things to look at and tooooo little time.  Luckily, I had my trusted Meggy Moo in tow.  If this isn’t a friend, I don’t know what is:

on the floor checking the unmarked chair for a price...that is love right there

on the floor checking the unmarked chair for a price...that is love right there

Then, I gussied myself up and headed off to my girl Charlotte’s wedding!  Charlotte and I studied abroad together in college in London, and we’ve pretty much been soulmates ever since.  LOVE that girl.  I also got to see Brittany (who also studied abroad with us) for the first time in years.  LOVE that girl too.


Hobag, CharChar Binks and Brittho (our nicknames)

started with a red vino...

started with a red vino...

then continued on with a berry spinach salad...

then continued on with a berry spinach salad...

followed up by some vegetarian ravioli...

followed up by some vegetarian ravioli...

and finished off with turtle cheesecake and a brewsky!

and finished off with turtle cheesecake and a brewsky!

Yeah, that’s right.  My girl Char had a plethora of CHEESECAKES at her wedding instead of regular ol’ wedding cake.  That is reason #4,276 that we are friends.  Brittho and I may have split an additional piece of Key Lime Cheesecake.  Just sayin…

a lil' bubbly to toast the bride and groom

a lil' bubbly to toast the bride and groom


fabulousness all around

Did I mention Charlotte also had a photo booth AND late-night pizza?  Reasons #3,231 and #6,121,989 we are friends.

two slices of veggie pizza were most certainly devoured

two slices of veggie pizza were most certainly devoured

When I got home, I crashed harder than Lindsey Lohan’s career.

After almost 10 hours of glorious sleep, I woke up to coffee and a lovely chat with Ashley.  Then, right as I started contemplating eating Ash’s carpet, it was 10:30am and time for me to meet another fabulous lady you all know – Ms. Angharad!

We met at the Uptown Diner…looks like a total dive from the outside, but inside you will find such fabulous delicacies such as this…


tex-mex breakfast burrito (Angharad)


french toast kamikaze-style (aka with bananas, blueberries & pecans) para moi

After brekkie, I skedaddled back on the road (wasn’t I just driving?) back to Madison.  Five LONG hours later, I arrived safely.  After successful shopping trip #2 at the co-op (including a free coupon for a French Meadow bread product and a bottle of organic agave syrup – score!), I made it back to my apartment to find the Internet still not working.


I can’t handle this.  ATT is apparently coming on Tuesday to fix it, but that means another two days of paying for coffee at the cute coffeeshop for free Wi-Fi.  I guess there could be worse thangs…

green ap + peppahjack stick

green ap + peppahjack stick

emergency stash of almonds was consumed when i hit mayjuh traffic

emergency stash of almonds was consumed when i hit mayjuh traffic

Ah, home sweet home.

After getting really frustrated and angry speaking calmly with the Internet peeps, I needed a snackie.  Enter in perhaps, my other new love (sorry McMac AND Indian food :()

i am a firm believer in dessert before dinner

i am a firm believer in dessert before dinner

Ingredients: organic coconut milk, organic agave syrup, organic pineapple, organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic coconut extract, organic rum extract

One word: AMAZING.

look at those pineapple chunks of love

look at those pineapple chunks of love

After dessert, I had dinner…

mixed greens
cherry tomatoes
1/2 avocado
1/3 cup cumin-spiced black beans
1/3 cup mild salsa
1/4 cup sliced green pepper
crushed blue corn chips 


Mexican Fiesta Salad

And a lil’ calcium for (more) dessert…

i think the barista gave me Vitamin D milk...decaf iced chai was still yummo

i think the barista gave me Vitamin D milk...decaf iced chai was still yummo

I just scrolled through the post and realized it’s practically a marathon long, which by the way, the Twin Cities Marathon is in T-minus 49 days.  Eeeeeeek!

Bloggy thangs I still have planned (even if they are taking uber-longer than I expected):

  • Marathon training post
  • Holly Investigates… post (It’s been 75% done for like three weeks now!)
  • Two exciting announcements
  • Updates

Hang in there my children…mama WILL eventually get there!

Now, I am downing the rest of my drank and gettin’ down to read some bloggy love!  Say a prayer for my Internet por favor and have a relaxing Sunday night!


Highlight of the weekend?  Put it out there peeps!  Mine was probably the amazing run on Saturday morning and the pictures Char, Britt and I took in the photo booth.  They were epic.


38 Responses to “Running Well, Wedding Bells + Internet Hell”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Great ceremony and EXCELLENT flavor choice for the Coconut Bliss!!

    **My weekend highlight = 20% off storewide sale at my Whole Foods today 🙂

  2. April (Foods of April) Says:

    16 miles?? Holy mother of pearl your amazing!! And gorgeous by the way 😀

  3. Great job on that LOOONG run! 😀
    The wedding sounds like tons of fun. You rocked that super cute dress Hohobag! Your nicknames are crazy!
    OMG, that ice cream is TDF! Okay, I just sent an email to the internet gods for your connection to get fixed asap. 😛

  4. Lizzy Says:

    holy moly 16 miles. you go girl! i did 5 today and thought that was good! hahah. so proud of u!

  5. You are a runnin’ warriorrrrr…love it! Congrats on such a great time girl, glad you fully enjoyed it!

    And let me just say that your big ol’ salad and and wf’s indian meal look AMAZING. Like, I could eat them both right now. Mmmmm I miss avocado, I miss whole food’s!

    I am rockin’ some may-juh salads at the house though, sunflower seeds have become my new fave topping when I need a lil’ somethin’ extra! XO!

  6. Angharad Says:

    Hey sister. Glad you got back to Mad-town safe and sound. Loved our brunchies and chat. Get back here now!

    Love the cheese cake and love your pink dress (obv, since I also wore one on sat!) – yay for study abroad friends!

    Highlight of the weekend? Getting all dolled up for girls night out on Saturday. Holler!

  7. i am so impressed with your legs and those many miles. you should give yourself a big pat on the back. and bum.

  8. janetha Says:

    so much goodness, where to start? 16 MILES?! damn, you are a rockstar!!! photo booth?! that is SUCH a great idea for a wedding. i love it. and cheesecake too, that sounds like the most perfect wedding EVER! and you look gorg as per ushh. (i dont know how to type the first syllable of “usual” is a life long question. same with “casual” caj? usj? i dont know!!) jealous of your breakfast date! that FT is insane!! no wonder it has such an intense name. and WF indian?! mine never ever has had indian, i like the looks of it! mmm.. great post my dear! i hope they get your internet up and running soon!

  9. leianna Says:

    Congrats on the long run in MN humudity!
    That pineapple coconut ice cream looks to die for! And of course the salade.
    Uptown dinner sounds like a neat place a
    with excellent eats!
    Hope to see your internet working soon!

  10. I love Ikea!!! Glad you had a great run!

  11. Christina Says:

    highlight of my weekend: getting a hole in one at minigolf tonight and getting a free game 😉
    as for my comments on your post…
    -16 miles? Awesome. awesome. kudos to you 😉 i have yet to run over 10 miles. im getting there with my marathon training though- that will be an exciting day!
    – that mexican salad you made really looks awesome! i really would like to try that or a combo like that.
    – excited for your marathon post! only 49 days? geeezz…its gonna be here before you even know it!

  12. Mel Says:

    You totally are my idol for rocking out 16 miles! I definitely could not do it.

    Gotta love Uptown, I don’t think that there is a bad dish on their menu there!

  13. Erin Says:

    I am in love with your magenta dress. That belt is so mayjah. LOVE!

    And your friend has the most beaut wedding gown! Oh, I think weddings’ veggie meals are always WAY better than the standard plated fare. Your ravs look fab.

    Fun times!

  14. Gena Says:

    Love the avocado salad 🙂

  15. Mary Says:

    wow! congrats on your 16 miler! That is such an accomplishment! I love the feeling after a long run. I had my long run Saturday too…11 miles. Not quite as long as yours, but it still made me feel accomplished! Looks like you had some delicious eats over the weekend. LOVE the cheesecake at the wedding! Your friend has good taste! Also, your mexican fiesta salad is right up my alley!

  16. Good job on your first 16 miler! It was definitely a hot an humid day.. I’m a Minneapolital (and Uptown rez btw!) and had my long run Saturday morning too. See you at Twin Cities!

  17. I’m glad your run went so well!!! You are awesome! 🙂

    The wedding sounds like fun – cheesecake, late night pizza, & photo booth – what more can you ask for? 😉

    Sorry about the Internet frustrations; I have had my share of them… not fun. Hope everything will be fine after Tuesday.

    Weekend highlights: I went shopping with hubby, and he found two pairs of pants for me on the clearance rack (I had looked through the rack but had missed them). I got both for a total of $40.05. They were reduced, reduced, reduced. And they are nice, work-kind of pants, which I need desperately. So that was nice. 🙂

    Have a great week! 🙂

  18. glidingcalm Says:

    Awww I love weddings!! I haven’t been to any this summer, but all my friends have…and I’m kind of jealous!! You looked beautiful, Holly!!!

    congrats on the awesome run too! that’s amazing!!

    Indian buffet has me drooooooooooooling.

  19. buffmuffy Says:

    wow girl that is awesome! Go you!!!!~
    wedding looks great.
    gosh i love coconut milk ice cream and that brand looks delicious! I have only tried the turtle mountain stuff.
    YUM blue chips on a salad!!!
    Glad you had a great time!

  20. WOAH…girl, 16 miles is incredible! You’re an athlete! 😀

    I love unique weddings that do things a little different then the norm! 😀 I had a friend who offered strawberry cupcakes instead of the regular wedding cake, and I’ve seen some people do apple pie in the fall too. So much fun! 😀

  21. Alison Says:

    CONGRATS on your 16 miler!! It feels so good to run those big long runs that early on in training felt so damn scary – at least for me they did! Just think, only 10.2 more to go and you’ll have run a marathon. 🙂

    What a fun wedding and way fun to catch up with old friends. AND getting to meet up with Angharad for breakfast before you headed home. Sounds like the perfect weekend. 😉

    I just tried that Coconut Bliss ice cream a couple weeks ago and you are right! It’s definitely the marrying kind.

    Fingers crossed for internet TOMORROW! I’m on the edge of my seat wondering about your announcements!!

  22. Abby Says:

    You can marry the Mac, but I’m marrying that veggie ravioli…based on looks alone (shallow, I know).

  23. brandi Says:

    what a fun weekend! GREAT job on the run, and that wedding looks like SO much fun!

    I also wish I had that french toast RIGHT NOW 🙂

    highlights of my weekend? going out on the river with some friends and playing in the water.

  24. ksgoodeats Says:

    YAY!! Way to go with that run – that’s awesome!!

    Um, hello to that wedding food! Cheesecakes?! Usually I don’t do the whole dessert part of weddings because I don’t like cake (I know, I’m craze) but I would NOT turn down a hunk of that love! By the way, the nicknames? Love! Your girl knows how to throw a wedding!

    Your internet issues sound obnoxious! Whenever the internet company slacks at their job I get so ANGRY!! Good luck, mama!

  25. Kristin Says:

    Uggggh Uptown Diner – my FAVE!!! Their french toast is to die for!!! AWESOME job on the run, by the way. That is incredible!

  26. nora@ffr Says:

    vat a great event!! love all the foods!! yummmy!! my first visit here and i love ye blog!1 love all the yummy foods and superb posts 🙂

  27. wow 16 miles that’s awesome! all of that food looks absolutely amazing, especially that french toast from the uptown diner holy moly! and dessert before dinner? sounds like something i will have to try hah!

  28. broccolihut Says:

    OMG I need to get my hands on some of that French toast goodness!

  29. justine Says:

    Wow, looks like an awesome weekend. Holy Moly!! I cant believe you ran that far. Dont you get board? I almost go nuts on the treadmill for 30 min. especially if there is nothing good on TV! You looked fab at the wedding as did the cheesecake. A fine piece I must say (you and the cake :)) hehe. I am not a fan of ice cream but I must say the coconut kind is pretty damn good. High light of the weekend was probably going to the Titans game and then seeing and hearing Blake Shelton sing at bar we went to. He is also one fine piece!!!


  30. oh…you might like to know i used to have the same manager as michael ian black but we are no longer together – otherwise of COURSE i would hook you up!

  31. Faith Says:

    What an amazingly fun weekend! The Indian food buffet at WF looks killer!

  32. Sarah Says:

    What an all-around awesome weekend (minus the absent Internets part). My friend had a cupcake bar at her wedding… I love the non-traditional cake ideas!

  33. mariposagirl Says:

    I just wanted to say HI and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I have to agree with most here!!! 16 miles is AMAZING! I am happy to get 3 in…. but I am new to it all!

    vegetarian pasta and cheesecake! sounds like a PERFECT union! Congrats to the bride and groom too!

  34. lowandbhold Says:

    Sounds like an awesome wedding, and the FT looked epic! I want some!

    The best part of my weekend was definitely drinking beer and playing trivia with the birthday boy (my brother) at Dave and Busters. Good stuff.

    I will keep your internet sich in my prayers!

  35. Evan Thomas Says:

    Wow. that ice cream sounds awesome, 16 miles is mind blowing, and anyone who has cheesecake for their wedding cake really knows how to party and rock on

  36. Everything you wrote about was impressive. . .

    The food, the run, you!

  37. That wedding sounds like so much fun!

    Mmmm, that ice cream looks amazing!

  38. Matt Says:

    Congrats on the 16!

    And I want that french toast!

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