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Guess Who’s Back…Back Again… August 8, 2009

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Shady’s Holly’s back, tell a friend…

…and SOOO happy to be back!  I missed y’all :).


First and foremost, thank you to Janetha, Alison, Matt, Angharad and Katharina for sitting in the hosting chair as the acting Healthy Everythingtarian this week and writing a wonderful variety of guest posts.  I loved each and every one of them (which ALL got rave reviews from my co-workers!) – THANK YOU!

I also have to thank YOU all – I also got some lovely feedback from the guest posters saying how wonderful Healthy Everythingtarian readers are, and for that, my homedudes, you WILL be rewarded (hint: scroll down to the end of this post).


Good news…I am not homeless in Madison!  Woowoo for that!  When you read this, I am actually probably currently moving into my new digs.  I actually haven’t seen the apartment (one of the downsides of moving from another state…eek!) but a friend looked at it for me and gave it the go-ahead, so I am crossing my fingers it’s no drug house or anything.  I guess we’ll see…

This week away from the blogosphere was full of totally awesome firsts…

my first can of Zevia ever

my first can of Zevia ever


my first giveaway win ever



my first shocktop ever

my first Shocktop beer ever

…as well as lots of normal daily activities…

pedis with my sissy (mine are on the right)

pedis with my sissy (my ruby red toesies are on the right)


the usual yogurt-fruit afternoon snack combo

coupons from the lovely peeps at Chobani

coupons from the lovely peeps at Chobani


wise words of wisdom i find useful when wanting to rip my hair out

…and, of course, full of friends!

my senior year prom date and moi

me + my high school junior year prom date


me and some of my besties

Man, so much housekeeping to do!  Listen up yo, here we go, here we go…

Running low on Zoe’s Granolas or need to replenish the stash? Save 25% when you enter code ZOE45444 at checkout at Amazon. Offer valid through August 30, 2009 – get there now peeps!

Another bloggy award…this time the lovely Justine from Confessions of a S.A.H.M. passed on the “Honest Award” to me for being opinionated (comes easily to me), truthful and writing from the heart.  Thank you darlin!  I’m supposed to pass it on…but I have to pass it onto all of you for being “honestly” fabulous readers :).


You’re probably thinking, ummm blogger award? In addition, an exciting announcement should also be made by the end of the week for y’all!  Stay tuned to find out exactly what that upcoming news entails.  Gosh, I’m so mysterious…muah ha ha!


Finally…I have to give a huge, long overdue shout-out to my (former :() co-worker Laurie who is single-handedly responsible for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to start this blog.  In other words, she is the one you can yell at thank for my foodie ramblings, bad jokes and daily appearances here on The Healthy Everythingtarian.  Love you Laur!


So, get ready to back on normal schedule including some “This and That” love and a looonnnngggg overdue “Holly Investigates” post.  Now that I am finally settling in, the bloggy goodness is going to skyrocket with awesomeness.  Does that even make sense?  Ahhhh…whatev – enjoy the weekend everyone!


41 Responses to “Guess Who’s Back…Back Again…”

  1. YAY!! Welcome back!! I missed you! I love the overflowing blueberry yogurt!

  2. have a great weekend girl!

  3. janetha Says:

    woohoo holler to the holly, glad you are back. those empanadas look BANGIN and hooray for pedis. shocktop is so good, no? cute photos with the ladiesss. love you long time!!

  4. homegirlcaneat Says:


    Loves ya and can’t wait to hear your review on Shania 😉

  5. Kailey Says:

    woah cream cheese, nutella and pb all in one delicious pastry sounds amazing!!

  6. jenngirl Says:

    Congrats on settling in, glad your week off was full of funness!

    Those empanadas sound like heaven, and your toes look pretty! 🙂

  7. Alison Says:

    Welcome back welcome back welcome back (sung to the end of that slim shady phrase)

    On the edge of my seat for your big announcement! Do we really have to wait ALLLLL week?? 😉

    I WENT TO CHIPOTLE! I totally thought of you while I was there.

    Hope you are getting settled, you gotta give us the “grand tour”. Photo tour that is.

    • Holly Says:

      i could not be more happy you went to chipotle! i hope it was everything you wanted and more. thank you for completing the eminem reference as well 🙂

  8. Meredith Says:

    That empanada sounds so good!

  9. April (Foods of April) Says:

    Yay I really missed you!!

    And what the heck is that empanada and why the heck isn’t it in my tummy?? 😉

  10. JB Says:

    i also gave you that award! look:

    have a lovely weekend holly! 🙂


  11. Yay! Wecome back! Those empanadas are killers!

  12. Abby Says:

    You had me at “cream cheese, PB and nutella empanada”…
    Anyway, so glad you’re back, (although slightly shrouded in mystery with your little hints.) Glad you’re not roaming around homeless with nothing but a cardboard box to sleep in and a seemingly endless supply of Chobani coupons.

    Can’t wait to hear how your new digs and duties work out. And by the way, two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside.

  13. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    Glad you’re back! You had some great guest posts this week.

    Can’t wait to hear the big announcement!

  14. Michal Mymo Says:

    Welcome back girly 🙂 That is a really inspirational quote, and its true too. Is it like a card or a magnet or something? I wish I could get a copy of that for my fridge.

  15. Whit Says:

    Holly, Holly, Holly!!!!! I have missed you loads and bunches, but thank you for introducing me to the fabulous Mama Weeds, cause I think we were seperated at birth or something. Plus you might be our triplet, I am investigating the matter.

  16. traveleatlove Says:

    Holy empanada! That sounds amazing!

  17. Tay Says:

    Yay glad you had a great time and have a good rest of the weekend!! I’m glad you’re back – missed your posts! 😉

  18. leianna Says:

    So glad you are back, hope Madison is treating you good! Can’t wait to see whats coming in your wonderful blog!

  19. I love that quote! Such a good thing to remember when changes are abound. Can you give the details on that empanada? Looks ahhhmazing!

    • Holly Says:

      it was obv fried…but it had layered swirls of peanut butter, cream cheese and nutella. my guess is the filled it all, fried it up and then topped it all with powdered sugar!

  20. Welcome back! Looking forward to the grand tour of your new place… 😉 And of course to the exciting announcement!

  21. buffmuffy Says:

    hmm those empanadas sound intriguing!

  22. Yay, welcome back, I missed you! I can’t wait to see your new place, how exciting!

  23. Christina Says:

    hope you like the new apartment…welcomeback!!

  24. What I want to know is what’s a Shocktop beer??? Looks delicious! Congrats on your giveaway win and blog award!

  25. ksgoodeats Says:

    YAY for having a home 😀 Good luck moving in! Unpacking is the worst part!

    Oh no you diiiiiint with those empanadas! Those sound dangerously delicious!

    Did you like Shock Top? I wasn’t a big fan when I first tried it but everyone seems to like it so maybe I’ll give it another shot. WELCOME BACK!!!!

  26. uncle tommie timbertoes Says:

    Hola mucho bueno senorita. I see your back but since this is a blog about honesty, honestly,I never realized you were gone. Wat-ev, it’s nice to know you are back in the town that developed this obsessively complusive liberal democratic save the world mentality that was partly rubbed off on you by hang’n wit yer favorite uncle.

    Moving is always good, it forces you to change and, when done as many times as I have, it eventually teaches you that it’s not where you live that matters, it’s how you live.

    Peace up, peace down, peace in & peace out

  27. Katharina Says:

    Thank you so much for asking me to write a guest post on your blog!!! It was a lot of fun, and it was cool reading the other posts too. I hope you have a smooth move! I didn’t know what my last place looked like either before I moved in. I doubt it’s a drug house lol. The empanadas filled with cream cheese + peanut butter + nutella sound amazing! HAve you had empanadas with cream cheese and guava?? Anyway, thanks to Laurie I stumbled upon you, and I believe you’re the best Holly that’s out there 🙂 Much love!!

  28. Evan Thomas Says:

    Those empanada’s sound ri-ridiculous. And I dig the Zevia, but the labeling on that one’s different than the ones I got, weird.

  29. Welcome back! Those empanada’s look amazing!

  30. Jacquelyn Says:

    cant wait to hear about your delicious times!! and ps i love ur purse! where did you get it?!

    • Holly Says:

      ohhh thanks! i got the purse at urban outfitters a year or two ago. it’s canvas and neutral – aka my summer staple!

  31. Anne K. Says:

    Hey girl! Glad you’re back and have a place 🙂 Love all your firsts–I’m a big fan of that Zevia. Have a great night!

  32. broccolihut Says:

    Haha, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who freely uses Eminem references in her posts:) Glad to have you back!
    Looks like you’ve had lots of firsts, but I think that empanada sounds the coolest.

  33. lowandbhold Says:

    Yay! So glad you’re back and not homeless! Can’t wait to see pics of the new digs. Sorry about the broken laptop too 😦

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