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Simplify Your Life Week August 2, 2009

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Happy August dudes and dudettes!

Can you believe it’s August already?  Yikes, I can’t recall where June and July went.  If you know where it went, please pass it on to me because I gots nothing.

Did you know that the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week?  Our lives get crazy, busy, chaotic and wine-filled, so it’s a good reminder to kick back, re-prioritize and find out where YOU want to spend YOUR time.

Sooo…I got to thinkin’.  My life is crazy, busy, chaotic and wine-filled (esp. this past weekend :)).  Since this is my last week in MN before I move to WI this weekend for my new job, I thought it would be an excellent time to simplify MY life so I can organize, pack, spend time with friends and family before I head to Madtown.  In other words, I will be taking the week off from regular food blogging (minus a couple fun posts…because I just can’t stay away completely!).  However, I have some stellar guest posts lined up for y’all featuring a bit of everythang.

Don’t you worry…I will still be popping in, seeing what you all have to say and reading/commenting on blogs but giving myself a break from blogging will give me the extra time I need to maintain my sanity and not bash my head against a wall repeatedly due to stressloads of stress.

With that being said, let me load you up on the Sunday eats…

medium coffee w/ 2% milk & yogurt parfait.  unfortunately, the yummy combo didn't do anything for the hangover.

medium coffee w/ 2% milk & yogurt parfait. unfortunately, the yummy combo didn't do anything for the hangover.


spicy brown rice roll (tuna, salmon & shrimp)


POM spritzer + junk salad

Kashi Warm Cinnamon Cereal

Kashi Warm Cinnamon Cereal

I also just got back from a fabulous 60 minute Yoga/Pilates Fusion class which felt AH-MAY-ZING after being yoga-less for a couple weeks now.  However, I think I was actually sweating wine throughout the entire class :).


  • Coffee (this WILL be first)
  • Start the Shred (due to Drinker’s Remorse, sometimes I feel the need to punish my body for the activities of the night before)
  • Stop at the Goodwill to drop off donation
  • Pool
  • 7pm Yoga/Pilates Fusion class
  • Clean out car
  • Light grocery shopping
  • Organize finances
  • Bloggy thangs + bloggy reading
  • Take a 2 hour nap

The nap was a late addition :).  So, 6 1/2 out of 10 isn’t so bad for the day…all things considered…

Soooo…I miss blogging already, but like I said, you all have a FABULOUS week of guest posts to look forward to, and I think I might sneak in a Holly Investigates… as well as a post about how my marathon training is going so far.


Taking a cue from Janetha…I’ve got some Q’s for y’all:

(1) What was the highlight of your weekend?
Bloggy meet-up with Angharad hands down.  A drunkity drunk drunk good time. 

(2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
First, obv, I am going to take a break from blogging.  Second, I am going to make a moving to-do list so I make sure I don’t forget to do anything while packing up! 

(3)  What is one random fact about you?
I had a childhood crush on Bob Barker.  True fact. 


36 Responses to “Simplify Your Life Week”

  1. April (Foods of April) Says:

    I’m going to miss you but hope that you take some time for yourself!! Enjoy your time in WI!

  2. leianna Says:

    Going to miss your regular posts but will manage for a week!
    1. Highlight of week: since I worked, going out to dinner Saturday night @ Red Lobster was my hightlight!
    2. Walk with hubby and talk and stop planning SOOO much, I stress out thinking about all the things I trully need to get done!
    3. Random fact: My great-grandfather had a ticket to board the Titanic, but missed it by 10 minutes. If he did board the ship I wouldn’t be here to blog today!

    Love the ??? Have a lovely, simplified week:)

  3. Tay Says:

    We’ll be missing ya!

    1. This weekend was absolutely uneventful, but definitely my run this morning!

    2. Clean my room. Make an appointment with an advisor since my mom’s been nagging me about it non-stop.

    3. I enjoy Disney channel. Yes…I’m really a kid.

  4. 1. project by project tasting benefit
    2. i’m going to write lists – a lot to do and i’m miss scatterbrained
    3. i crack my knuckles – hands and toes.

  5. Gotta love those naps. 😀
    1. I ODed on 3 new pairs of running shoes.
    2. Clean my pad and organize laptop files.
    3. I only learned to cartwheel in high school and love doing it whenever i can.

  6. buffmuffy Says:

    hope you have fun!
    1. highlight of weekend … um. true blood, lol!
    2. clean obvi… maybe organize some priorities for school
    3. random fact… hmm. How about the fact that i have a “glass jaw”. not real glass, but my jaw is hollow much similar to what happens with many boxers from jaw impact. I don’t know how it came to be that way, but i was hit pretty hard on my chin twice. *shrug*

  7. Alison Says:

    Good luck getting ready for all the changes headed your way!

    (1) What was the highlight of your weekend?
    Birthday party camp out in back yard

    (2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
    Clean my desk and put away laundry!

    (3) What is one random fact about you?
    I have naturally curly hair that I blow dry straight!

  8. Erica Says:

    Ok- so believe it or not, I have never had sushi but yours look so good…I may have to try it. I assume they cook the shrimp they put in sushi? Right??

    I think its fabulous that you’re taking some time off blogging before you move. Very important to spend time with those you lurve.

    Onto the questions:
    (1) What was the highlight of your weekend?
    Dinner at the deli with Josh and a nice walk with Josh

    (2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
    hmmm…I’m pretty organized and have things down pat. Simplify? Uh….go with more raw meals vs. cooking?

    (3) What is one random fact about you?
    I have lived in 8 states

  9. Whit Says:

    I am going to miss you this week, but you ended on a fab note here. A childhood crush on Bob Barker. hahahaha

  10. lowandbhold Says:

    That sounds like a totally good plan! I become a devil woman when I move. Seriously, I STRESS myself out about it. Good for you for prioritizing and taking it easy!

    1. Going to Whole Foods for the first time!
    2. I’m going to start doing yoga at home every night instead of beating myself up for not making it to classes when life gets in the way.
    3. I check for/pluck gray hairs every night.

    Good luck with everything lady!

  11. This weekend is my first weekend at home with no plans since early June and I’m SO excited to organize, relax and take some time for myself! I’m so glad that it is simplify week – I plan on doing that!

  12. 1) highlight of my weekend was the fresh mozz, tomato, and basil panninis that i made last night, mmm.
    2) i am going to print out the moving check list from – moving day for me is t-minus 3 weeks!
    3) random fact – i went to kindergarten in Germany and had to repeat the grade when we moved back to the U.S. my english wasn’t so hot!

    good luck with the to-do’s this week – a blogging break can be a super time saver 🙂

  13. ksgoodeats Says:

    6.5 isn’t bad at all! It’s a lot more than I accomplished Sunday 😉

    LOVED Bob Barker! The Price Is Right just isn’t right without him. My random fact? Hm….this is similar to Tay’s but sometimes I’ll watch Disney/Nick just for old times sake!

  14. Enjoy some time away, Holly! We all need a break from time to time…it does the body good. 😀

    (1) What was the highlight of your weekend?
    Hanging with the sis, eating icecream, *relaxation*

    (2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
    Make my schedule for the week *today* so I can feel organized and not have to worry if I’m forgetting something, haha…and organize my room. When I feel organized, I feel so much calmer and more relaxed so I’ll just get it done today! 😀

    (3) What is one random fact about you?
    Okay, so since you admitted to a crush, I’ll admit to the fact that when I was small I had a major crush on Humphrey Bogart. No lie. haha…

  15. Brandi Says:

    i think taking this week to simplify before moving sounds like a great idea 🙂

    (1) What was the highlight of your weekend?
    Getting caught up with stuff after being gone, including the hours upon hours I spent sitting on my butt reading a book while doing laundry. fabulous

    (2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
    get stuff done as soon as I can instead of procrastinating. do something fun for myself.

    (3) What is one random fact about you?
    I once read 3 books in one day. yes, by read I mean started + finished 3 books in one day. and they were not short 🙂 I’m such a dweeb.

  16. Angharad Says:

    Hola! Enjoy your week off lady. You deserve it for all the stellar posting you do every other day of the week. That sushi looks bomb diggity by the way….but it would have done nothing for me yesterday. Literally, anything remotely healthy and my tum was like, “Hello?!! I said give me GREASY CARBS. Fool.”

    1) My bloggy meet up with you!! So much fun love. (Lowlight was yesterday’s hangover. Haha)
    2) Lists. Lists. Lists. I need them in my life. I can also get a butt ton done at the start of the week so my head doesn’t explode on Thursday. Ooooh and I’m funna print that moving to-do list as well – you, me and Megan are all moving!
    3) Random fact about me? I’m claustrophobic about super weird things. Like not just small spaces but clutter and people looking over my shoulder when I’m typing. Weirdooooo.

    Have a lovely week off!!

  17. janetha Says:

    i think i need to do some simplifying of my own! nice job on whacking so much off your list. i am sure you have a whole slew of things to do before the move!
    Qs! yay i love answering other people’s Qs ha~
    1. def the taste of the nation event! was so dope.
    2. get all the bullllllshit outta my car! it is stressing me out to the max. i dont need all that junk in my trunK! ok well i dont have a trunk cause i have a 4runner but yaknow. annnd another thing i can do is “dovetail” as my mom calls it~organize all my errands/gym/etc so i can get it all done in one swoop instead of going home, going to the gym, going home, going to the store, going home, going to the store again because i forgot something. not necessary!
    3. i can blow bubbles off my tongue. yes, bubbles of spit.

    not gonna lie~a crush on bob is semi creeptastic! haha love ya girl xo

  18. SHE-FIT Says:

    1.) Getting frozen yogurt… I’m obsessed and haven’t had it all last month!
    2.) Seeing that I am job searching and not working… my life is pretty simple right now
    3.) I love being hot… hints why I live in the desert! 110 degrees today YAY!

  19. I’ll miss you this week, but I hope you have a wonderful break! I’m drooling over your spicy brown rice roll! 🙂

  20. jenngirl Says:

    Take all the breathing room you need!! Life should be kept as simple as possible, and blogging breaks can be good for us 🙂

    1. dominating a cut-throat game of spades while sipping a POM Wonderful martini with my dad.

    2. I’m going to take a LOT of pressure OFF of myself. It would make things much simpler this week, and always.

    3. I love drinking white wine with ice in it. Not only does is water it down a bit, but it lasts longer too! Makes it a little more refreshing, when I’m in the mood for refreshing and not drunken bliss of course 😉

  21. tiponz Says:

    bob barker?! hahaa you are the best

    (1) making homemade pizza with my italiano familia on friday night!

    (2) buy a planner and write out what i want to accomplish each day. but taking this question in another light- relax with tea and chocolate with a nice book or writing in my journal.

    (3) two things i guess. (1) like Allison (mamaweeds) i have REALLY curly hair and i HATE IT. i cant make it look nice like you can holly! so instead i straighten it. (2) I am 20 years old and i hate the dark. i start hearing things at night and think i see things when nothing is really there. forget about watching a scary movie at night…if i do- i know ill end up sleeping with in my sister’s bed that night

  22. Meredith Says:

    1.) Learning how to ride a bike!
    2.) First, the end of the summer semester is Wednesday for me, so that will simplify a lot for me! Second, I’m going to use the break to really work on my thesis so I don’t have that looming over me when fall semester starts.
    3.) I’m 25 and I just learned how to ride a bike!!! I know that’s kind of the same as #1, but I’m just so excited!

  23. Kailey Says:

    wow you sure did plow through that to do list girlie 🙂 Great job!

    3. I am a huge Michael Buble fan. I basically listen to his music 24/7.

  24. you will be missed, miss curly-haired everythingtarian! i will have to try some sort of brown rice roll like the one pictured above, now that i’m diving head-first into the world of seafood… had my first pieces of shrimp and first crabcake, all in the same weekend! crazy stuff!

    1. highlight – date with dude.
    2. simplify – spend less money/ time on food preparation – find ways to get as much free food as possible 😛
    3. i can touch my tongue to my nose. it’s gross/ cool.

    • Holly Says:

      woowoo on seafood…i am slowly diving my way into seafood too. i used to hate it, but it is growing on me!

  25. Jenny Says:

    august rocks — any month that celebrates simplifying my life is a-okay in my book!

    1. highlights – making that cash money at work.. ballin!
    2. simplifying my week – not procrastinating on packing for FL (doubtful..but i’ll try)
    3. i have a beauty mark *cough* mole *cough* mole-issa.

    latah love! xo

  26. Anne K. Says:

    Have fun on your week off! A break is always nice 🙂

    1) Playing badminton with the fam!

    2) Well, I just started a google calendar, so I’m gonna keep adding to that so I can be more organized and less stressed I’m forgetting something. Also, start a packing/trip list for my car trek to Arizona.

    3) I was a competitive horseback rider (hunter/jumper) for 7 years, and even owned my own horse (a gray Thoroughbred ex-racehorse named Sterling) 🙂

  27. homegirlcaneat Says:

    Brooke and Jess here, commenting you in BrittNasty’s bed. BrittNasty is in other room, getting her sleep on.

    Salad and POM thang looked delish. Jess just informed me that she thinks she “gave you the idea to make a spritzer…wait, I totally didn’t…did I?!!? DON’T SAY THAT I’M LYING!”

    (1) What was the highlight of your weekend?
    We just saw The Ugly Truth and “it was pretty damn hilarious” says Jess. And we ate PF Changs amazingness eggplant shiz in tasty spicy sauce + brown rice. And Pinkberry twice. Happy days. And we met each other. And in bed together. “I love my life” -Brooke
    (2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
    B: Not look at my savings balance and look for celebrities.
    J: Pack tomorrow for school and not Friday morning when I leave to be all happy and sh!t for sorority 200000 crazy overly happy girls recruitment (re-worded by Brooke, obvs)
    (3) What is one random fact about you?
    B: My first sentence was “WATCH OUT FOR THE HOT LAVA!” …my brothers told me that I had to sit on the carpet and if I touched the hardwood floors, my feet would burn off.
    J: I pursued modeling sophomore year when I had braces and frizzy hair. So cute.

    I (Brooke) just realized that our initials make BJ. I love Big Jicama.

    • Holly Says:

      hahahaha…where do i begin with this comment? I LOVE YOU GALS. so jeals of your meet up. my fave part is perhaps that britt is sleeping in the next room. jess did in fact pass on her POM spritzer knowledge, so indeed, the girl don’t lie. her hips? that’s another story for Shakira.

      thank you for the random facts (amazing), and i heart BJ!!!

  28. Michal Says:

    Have fun 🙂
    What was the highlight of your weekend?
    Getting my new iPod

    (2) What are two things you can do this week to simplify YOUR life?
    Finishing my AP notes so I can relax, and come up with a workout plan so im not trying to cram it all in everyday in one hour

    (3) What is one random fact about you?
    Im really scared of squirrles (sp?) i know its weird but they freak me out!

  29. lilveggiepatch Says:

    Glad you’re taking some time for yourself. I could use some of those SYL tips!

  30. Highlight of the weekend: BEING IN BOSTON!!

  31. glidingcalm Says:

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushi! good call. 🙂

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