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Pizzaliciousness August 2, 2009

Warning: You are in for a monster of a post my friends; so buckle up and let’s roll out!

Let’s flashback to Friday night….dinner was simple and tasty.  Most importantly, it was on the table within 10 minutes of arriving home from work.


eggs + whole wheat toast



Simple is best, no?

After dindin, it was me + 500 Days of Summer, which equated to a perfect solo night to recharge the batteries.  I headed to the indie theater in Minneapolis and thorough enjoyed the quirky, romantic comedy of a movie.  Not only do I have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, anyone?), but I officially also now have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel (who also happens to be on the new cover of SELF mag!).

When I got home, my sister, her boyfriend and I spent the next 1 1/2 hours reading Texts From Last Night.  Completely inappropriate?  Of course.  Completely hilar?  Obv.

I slept in until 9am Saturday morn (that is late para mi!) and enjoyed a nice brekkie pre-run…

zoe's cinnamon raisin granola + cinnamon raisin smartstart + skim milk + POM juice

zoe's cinnamon raisin granola + cinnamon raisin smartstart + skim milk + POM juice

About an hour or so later, I bounded out for a 10 mile run.

Ummm…yeah, it didn’t go so hot.  I felt out of shape (hadn’t run since last Saturday), my chest was uber-tight and I miscalculated my run.  For some reason, I thought the route I planned was 10 miles, but it ended up being 8.  Don’t ask how I messed that one up.

I’m chalking that one up to getting back in the running groove. Since I haven’t done yoga in forev, I took more time to stretch myself out post-run while eating these…


one pound of strawbs consumed

Oops…I forgot to mention the other pound of strawberries (a 2 lb. container for 4$!) was consumed yesterday afternoon.  Yes, that means I’ve consumed 2 lbs. of strawbs in two days.

Lunchie made me feel better after the crappy run because I met one of my besties Megan out at Davanni’s – our date restaurant of choice!  This is what we ALWAYS order…


veggie white pizza...

...and diet coke = meg and holly's traditional date

...and diet coke = meg & holly's traditional date

After scarfing down 4 pieces and two Diet Cokes (it’s tradition!), we bebopped over to Target in search of Miss Fit herself…

jillian oh jillian, how i've needed thee!

jillian oh jillian, how i've needed thee!

Yes, that’s right, I am totally behind the times and JUST picked up Jillian’s 30-Day Shred!  Meg and I started talking about it at lunch because she wants to get uber-fit for her sister’s wedding in a month, so we tag teamed it and are going to Shred together!  Hot bods here we come!

Last night = top night.

I met Angharad from Eating for England out for dinner wine.  Lots more wine was consumed than food :).

notice how the pizza is still untouched but the glass of wine is definitely already half drank

notice how the pizza is still untouched but the glass of wine is definitely already half drank

We met up at a cute lil’ local pizza joint where Angharad’s hubs works and started off with what else? RED WINE.


notice: also 3/4 drank


roasted beet and asparagus salad


Greek 'zza


pumpkin dessert o' love

Throughout our night of consuming one to many glasses of above said alchoholic beverage antioxidants, Angharad and I totally got to girl chat, gab, discuss and have some fabulous conversation.  I am honestly SO SAD that I only met her recently, and now I am moving to Madison :(.  It was obvious the blog heavens wanted us to be friends, so naturally we’ve already planned meet-up date #4.


cheers to new fabulous friends!

Also, I must note: Dan (her hubs) is equally as awesome.  Not only does he make killer pizza, but the man was the first person to challenge me whatsoever in the Countries of the World game on Sporcle.  Mad props Dan. Mad props.


This morning…not going to lie…slightly hungover.

Slight headache? Check. Slight gut rot? Check. Slight nausea? Check. Yep, def slight hangover.  I’ve downed a Nalgene of water this morning already, a slice of whole wheat toast with spread and took some Ibuprofen, so actually I’m not feeling too bad.  It was so worth it.

Special K w/ Red Berries, Blueberries + Skim MIlk

Special K w/ Red Berries, Blueberries + Skim MIlk

Also, I woke up at 8am (norm time) then fell back asleep until 10:30am!  Ummm, that happens like never.  Seriously, it felt so glorious, I can’t even tell you.

However, now I need to get a jumpsky on Sunday!  Possible schedule for the day (in random order)…

  • Coffee (this WILL be first)
  • Start the Shred (due to Drinker’s Remorse, sometimes I feel the need to punish my body for the activities of the night before)
  • Stop at the Goodwill to drop off donation
  • Pool
  • 7pm Yoga/Pilates Fusion class
  • Clean out car
  • Light grocery shopping
  • Organize finances
  • Bloggy thangs + bloggy reading

We’ll see if anything actually gets done…


26 Responses to “Pizzaliciousness”

  1. Angharad Says:

    Hurray for the best bloggy date yet! Wine makes everything awesome. Except my hangover right now…

    I’m so impressed that you have blogged already this morning. I am definitely in my jammies, definitely slouching on the couch and definitely only contemplating moving.

    Totally gutted that you are moving to Madison! Mega sad face, lady. Mega.

    I would comment on your delicious looking food but happily I got to eat it too! Score.

    Have a lovely day sweet pea. P.S. Don’t leave.

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    So fun that you got to meet up with Angharad!!

  3. Mel Says:

    Yum, that pizza looks amazing!

    Oh man, you got me hooked on the countries of the world game… I gotta brush up on my geography!

  4. Tay Says:

    Oh girl, way too much too comment on here…

    Uno. I get the 4 lb container from Costco for $5 sooo often and finish it in just a few days. Don’t’re not alone.

    Dos. Isn’t it like a rule written in the pizza law book that one must consume a soda along with pizza? It’s a must. Seriously. Look it up.

    Tres. Red wine = antioxidants. Antioxidants do a body good.

    Cuatro. Sorry about the hangover. Feel betta!!

  5. Alison Says:

    Whoooo boy get ready to get your ass whooped by Jillian! If you like to be punished, you found the right DVD.

    Hope your Sunday is rolling right along.

  6. I love diet coke and pizza! It’s the perfect meal. Good luck with the to-do list and the move-planning! You’ll get back in tip-top running shape ASAP – Jillian will help 🙂

  7. Jenny Says:

    pizza pie just ain’t the same without the diet crack.. classic combo.

    i ❤ antioxidants 😉 and YOU! xo

  8. Faith Says:

    You’ll like the shred, Jillian’s a toughie! (But in a good way!)

    Those pizzas look amazing!!!

  9. Love the pizzas, especially since they don’t have any red sauce on them… 🙂

    Enjoy the 30 Day Shred! 😉

  10. Ruth Rogers Says:

    No worries, I’m still behind the times and have not gotten Jillian’s workout DVD. I really want it though. I think this calls for a Target trip 🙂

  11. Don’t you love breakfast for dinner???

    Hope the 30 day shred goes well!

  12. justine Says:

    Ahh, what a fun weekend!!! Girl I am so with you on the hangover!! I still havent left the couch and its been almost 2 full days since. ahaha. My poor husband and child are starving and we have no food in the house. Opps. Your food pics look similar to mine (pizza and wine and salad). All in good fun 🙂


  13. tiponz Says:

    (1) breakfast for dinner is awesome and simple is best, i agree
    (2) i havent had diet coke in forever because i used to be ADDICTED to it…so now im afraid if i have even just a taste ill go crazy- which is totally a crazy thing to think becase its been a couple years now and i know i have control now haha…no i do not have any addictions to drugs and or alcohol haha
    (3) ah! want to see 500 days of summer SO BAD!!! and that is so awesome that you went alone- ive never went to the movies alone but i have gone out to eat alone and its pretty relaxing! i like it mucho 🙂
    (4) cleaning out the car feels so good doesnt it?
    (5) i miss shred i havent done that in forever!
    (6) bad runs happen- just gotta pick yourself up and go back at it the next time- no worries!
    (7) im going to stop being silly and writing these lists…rightttt now.

  14. lilveggiepatch Says:

    Breakfast for dinner is the best. Your eggs look magazine-perfect!

    I REALLY want to see 500 Days of Summer… I LOVE Zooey Deschanel! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still the dorky boy from 10 Things I Hate About You, to me…

    Great bloggy dinner!

  15. Whit Says:

    Yay for new friends. btw, TFLN=awesomeness! hahahaha, love that shiz!

  16. Matt Says:

    Mmmm pizza!

  17. That is a big weekend! Sounds great though!

  18. You have perfect eggs! Okay, that sounded weird. 😀
    I couldn’t finish that much strawbs in one sitting. I’d have to switch to something diff like chocolate after every 5 pieces. But that would mean more calories. Hahaha. If I’d dip the strawbs in choco… Let’s not go there, too dangerous. 😀
    Sounds like you had a fun fun weekend!

  19. janetha Says:

    yay i saw 500 days this weekend too. loved it! we could have gone together if you had been in the SLC, damnit 🙂 i am loving those yolks staring up at me. runny yolk is my jam! ahh and i just read the recap on ang’s blog, i am turbo jealous of your dates! and the wine! and daayumn that pumpkin dessert too! haha good luck with the list, hangovers make it tough. the shred is good stuff for sure! i started it but never went back, i prob should. lovin all the pizza porn in here! mmmm. enjoy your sunday night my love! xoxo

  20. Anne K. Says:

    Sorry about the bad run–it happens sometimes, so no worries 🙂 Girl, I’ve been hitting the strawberries hard, too! I’ve eaten most of 2 of those HUGE containers over the past 3 days. Ha!

    All that pizza looks yummy, but I LOVE that pumpkin dessert. haha!

  21. buffmuffy Says:

    woot for eating a lb of strawberries a day like i did LOL

  22. lowandbhold Says:

    All that pizza looks amazing! I was def hungover city on Sat.

  23. Wow, this post kind of made me drool — everything looks so good! I am having one of those Mondays where I am just hungry, not sure if its a good thing or not that I stumbled on your blog. 🙂

    Joking, very glad I did, its awesome!

    • Holly Says:

      haha thank you for stopping by – i checked out your blog too, and there are some mighty fine smoothie recipes there!

  24. Jamie Walker Says:

    EVERYONE is talking about this movie, I must see it.

  25. glidingcalm Says:

    that pizza looks incred!

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