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(Also) Easily Amused July 31, 2009

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Taking a cue from one of my new fave bloggies, Miss Ellie at Inside I’m Still Dancing, I decided to utilize all the wonders WordPress has given us bloggers by seeing what search terms people used to arrive at yours truly, The Healthy Everythingtarian. Here’s what search terms you weirdos are using to get here…


“Cutest girls in the world”: Okay, this one isn’t weird at all.  This is totes believable.

“3 garlic breadsticks”: I usually only eat/make things in 2’s or 4’s.  So, 3’s is just not plausible.

“Mexican fiesta clothes”:  In my closet, I actually have a XXXXL Mexican basketball jersey.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t made it on the blog yet, so I’m not sure how exactly they found out I wear that at las fiestas.

“Japanese girls, swimsuit”:  I reckon I can chalk this one up to people with dirty minds.

“Bride is wrapping a red scarf”: WTF?!?!  No comment.

“Glorious art”:  Since food art = glorious art, this one also makes sense.

“Overmixed fuel”:  I’m not sure how to overmix fuel, but maybe I should start trying?

“Moroccan girls”:  Apparently, I should just name my blog, “Girls From Around the World, Swimsuit.”


Alright, onto the real stuff – the EATS and DEETS!

Not gonna lie, after work I went to the company BBQ where I scarfed two slices of veggie pizza, a chocolate chip cookie and a handful of Strawberry & Grape Laffy Taffy (a.k.a. the best flavors).  Even though I said I would take pics, I didn’t.  In other words, I guess I lied to you after all.

After le BBQ, I headed off to yoga where I promptly lasted 10 minutes before leaving.  I never leave classes. For some reason, my body didn’t want to be there, my mind certainly wasn’t there and so I skedaddled.

Instead, I vowed to do something which I knew would help me get back on the workout track: NEW RUNNING SHOES!

Asics...the best eva!

Asics...the best eva!

When I arrived back at the casa, low and behold look what I found!



Molly and the wonderful people at POM Wonderful were so kind to send me some samples of their 100% pomegranate juice.  For years now, I have been a fan of their juice but can only buy it on occasion because it is pretty expensive for my budget.  Imagine my excitement when they offered me some of their all-natural, no added sugar, preservative-free juice which comes from orchards right in California.  Woowoo!

Needless to say, drinking in a slew of antioxidants makes me feel better over my non-existent workout schedule as of late.

After checkin’ out the goods, I whipped up some Tahini Cookies for our Twinkie Challenge winners!

chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies

chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies sprinkled with sea salt

They sound a lot fancier than they are to make :).  Matt and Chelsea – I’m sending these buggers out today!

Flash forward to this morning….breakfast was a repeat of yesterday and the day before that.

mornin' snack

mornin' snack

key lime lara love

key lime lara love

Mmmmm…I love POM juice.  POM seltzers are my fave, so look for lotsa those in the coming week.  I am also hoping to get a lil’ creative with the pomegranate juice.  I have some thoughts brewing…

Lunch was a monster junk salad

spinach + mixed greens + romaine
cottage cheese
dried cranberries + golden raisins
sunflower seeds
drizzle EVOO + balsamic


veggie refueling

up close and personal

up close and personal

Now, it’s work until 5pm, and then the WEEKEND!  Hallelujah!

I’m sad I probably won’t make my mini-goals of 2 yoga classes + relaxation this week, but since I am moving to another state next week, I will try and not be so hard on myself.  I am going to bounce back in style tomorrow morning with a 10-mile long run!

What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever it is, enjoy!  I plan on relaxing as much as possible + planning/preparing for the big move to Madtown!  Visitors welcome!


39 Responses to “(Also) Easily Amused”

  1. Katharina Says:

    One time someone was searching for hot Philipino girls and got my blog ahaha! Maybe they liked my roommate?

    I love all the salads you throw together. Can’t wait to have a wide variety of produce to choose from to make my salads 😀 Living with just one other person is gonna be sooo much easier than with 3 others.

    Those tahini cookies sound awesome. I made these tahini bread rolls once – they were like a dryer, crustier cinnamon bun with a tahini (delicious). Here’s the link:

    This weekend.. well I’m done packing lol. I think I want to go on a hike somewhere, return some things, NOT going shopping (I’m saving that for when I go to New York), e-mail you something hehehe. I hope you get to enjoy yours!

    • Katharina Says:

      p.s. I found the tamarind-date chutney at an Indian grocery store.

      • Holly Says:

        thanks love…i will have to hunt some down! thanks for the recipe, and the guest post. much love to you – have so much fun in NYC love!

  2. I got jalapeno under my nose when I was chopping it a couple weeks ago and since then, people have found my blog by searching for ‘jalapeno up the nose’ at least once a day! lol

    I haven’t tried POM but I want to!

  3. Alison Says:

    OMG I’ve thought about commenting about these myself, they are such a riot. Someone got to my blog just the other day by searching for “Seven Longy”. No idea. No idea.

  4. leianna Says:

    Sweet shoes, love asics, I also had a key lime larabar today (my 2nd favorite), you are POM lucky!, yeah for a relaxing weekeend:)

  5. JB Says:

    those tahini cookies look amazing! i’m definitely saving that recipe! and i desperately need new workout shoes. so i think i’ll check out asics since you say they’re the best. 🙂

  6. janetha Says:

    hahaha.. i love the search engine terms. always good for a laugh, yours are awesome! i love the garbage salad and i miss grape laffy taffy! it is so good and the jokes are totally on my level…

    • Holly Says:

      haha i LOVE laffy taffy jokes. i always find them hilarious even though no one else does.

      where did the bow go on vacation?

      badump bump…Thailand!

  7. Jenny Says:

    mmm pom seltzers are the bee’s knees.. very classy 🙂 i like to sip mine out of a martini glass.. just cause.

    congrats on makin’ it to the weekend sistah girl!

  8. Matt Says:

    Looks like I will be getting some cookies 🙂

    You trying to fatten me up!? Haha j/k…

  9. The search terms are very amusing… 🙂 For someone who is about to move, you sound very calm… 😉

    We’ll be working on our “summer project” of organizing our garage (hubby wanted to tackle this months/years ago, but I have always told him “later,” well, I guess “later” is here). I am going through boxes that I have moved at least six times but that haven’t been opened in over 10 years. After all the moving them around, I have found that I can throw/give most of the contents away… Well, since you are about to move, I guess I really shouldn’t complain… 😉 Have a good weekend!

  10. Tay Says:

    Liar liar pants on fire!! 😉 Those cookies look great – those are some lucky winners! I’m gonna go check my search engine now…you got me wondering!

  11. Karena Says:

    mmm love POM! I do like the regular POM, but the teas are my fave 🙂

  12. burpexcuzme Says:

    lol! Gotta love wordpress! For some reason, my search words usually come up with the word “porn”. Such as, “fat girls burp porn”. What…the…hell?

  13. Those search terms are hilarious!
    So jealous of those lucky winners who get to taste your tahini goodies.
    Have a great weekend!
    The rains messed up with my Nagoya trip. :s I’m going to a quiet Saturday party and hang out with the girls on Sunday instead. Still fun, right?

    • Holly Says:

      totally…enjoy! sometimes the best weekends and the ones where you end up doing things you never thought!

  14. Faith Says:

    Those search terms are hilarious! Oooh, your tahini cookies look so pretty with chocolate ganache on top!

  15. caitsplate Says:

    YAAAAAAY Asics! They’ve been my shoe of choice for years and years. Absolutely the best! And HOLY FOOD PORN on the chocolate ganache dipped tahini cookies sprinkled with sea salt!!!

  16. Anne K. Says:

    Love the search terms. I always get a laugh (and a WTF?!) from looking at mine.

    Oh my gosh, I’m like drooling over those cookies. They look so good, especially with that frosting!

    Have a great run tomorrow!

  17. buffmuffy Says:

    i also LOVE pom juice. it tastes like buttery fruit! YUM.
    search terms always make me giggle. they are often so bizzare i dont even know what to think!

  18. broccolihut Says:

    Ah yes, looking at the search terms provides for endless entertainment. I must commend you on achieving such a random collection!

  19. Angharad Says:

    Thank you for the kind words lady – ‘ppreciate it. Feeling worlds better now. And yes, for putting the crap behind and moving forward with some vino!

    Really looking forward to date, I mean blog meet up, #3. Woo woo! 7-8ish sounds good. Maybe 7.30? Defo give me a call.

    GO HOLLY with your ten miler! Nice. I’ll be running six tomorrow (it better have stopped torrential raining by then).

    Oh and the tahini cookies look amazing! You can feel free to make me some any time, no worries. Also – new running shoes=way exciting! Love getting new workout kicks!

    See you tomorrow pretty

  20. tiponz Says:

    that ganache looks yummmyyyyyy

    my plans for the weekend- included making homemade pizzza last night and getting to bed early for my 7 miler this morning before work. tonight? im thinking dinner, icecream, and funny people? and i hope the people im doing this with think so too haha

  21. april Says:

    Man I’m late on commenting or something! Or either your gettin super popular my friend!

    Those phrases are soo funny! How did you find those out? I’ve never seen anything funny like that on mine!

    And awesome salad!!!

    • Holly Says:

      on the homepage of wordpress, they should be on your main page. look for the “search terms” tab and then you will get a whole list. let me know if you need help – they are hilar!

  22. Traci Says:

    Ha! New running shoes always get me excited and motivated. A new running outfit to go along with it helps too! Just got my new Mizunos 2 weeks ago and love love love them (I’m partial to Mizuno). Have a great weekend!

  23. Evan Thomas Says:

    When I think mexican fiesta clothes, I think the healthy everythingtarian

  24. Special K Says:

    Seriously…can you send me some of those cookies? I’ll send you some laughing giraffe granola!
    I am considering a Special K challenge where we send a sample of something we’re crazed and receive one…you interested?

  25. lowandbhold Says:

    Apparently, I should just name my blog, “Girls From Around the World, Swimsuit.”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for shout out love.

    And I agree, moving to another state kind of cancels out mini goals. I hope the move is smooooth though!

  26. Michal Mymo Says:

    Those search terms are too funny! I know ive got a couple pretty random ones on mine that i just cant figure out

  27. Kailey Says:

    woah I love your new running shoes 🙂 Super cool!!
    Now I have a craving for a huge salad after seeing yours.

  28. jessica Says:

    Ah! Pom wonderful is so sweet! Make a little spritzer and you will loveeeee it. Half fizzy wata + half a pom! And maybe an added lemon slice?! 🙂

    And haaa! OK, so people legitimately search “sexy, hot jess” all the time….uhh I do NOT want those people readin’ my blog! Whoops!

  29. SHE-FIT Says:

    I have yet to try Pom Juice and have wanted to for a while now. I am writing this down on my grocery list!

  30. glidingcalm Says:

    that monster junk salad looks AMAZING.

    more toppings = more delicious! yumo!!!!

    those tahini cookies sound really interesting too. care to send me one? 😀


  31. justine Says:

    Those are hilarious!!! Some searched for “Hannah Montana sex” and ended up on my blog. Weird stuff!! Those cookies look yum. Thanks for the recipe. I need to do some baking tomorrow. Hopefully I will be fully recovered for last night by then. I have so walked out the gym like that before. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened. Good luck with your move 🙂


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