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The Gift of Life July 30, 2009

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First and foremost my friends and family (they are indeed readers!), I need to give YOU all a big THANK YOU!  All your congratulations on the new job and support for the blog have been nothing short of AMAZING and have helped quell all the moving nerves – so muchas gracias!

B’fast was totes a repeat of yesterday…

Zoe's Cinnamon Raisin Granola + skim milk + banana

Zoe's Cinnamon Raisin Granola + skim milk + banana

However, unlike yesterday, I got to work early today.  I chalk that up to my 9:30pm bedtime :).

When I got to work, I saw this beast hangin’ out in the parking lot…


rollin' with the platelets...


Our accounting firm hosted a blood drive this morning in conjunction with the Memorial Blood Centers of Minnesota to round up a bunch of accountants’ blood along with my lowly administrative assistant blood!  Honestly, and in all seriousness, I have been donating blood since high school, and it is so important!

(Warning: Public service announcement ahead)

One pint of blood can save up to 3 lives, which is crucial when 1 in 7 people entering the hospital need blood.  It really takes no time at all (about 1/2 hour from registration to blood donating for moi today) and really SAVES LIVES.  Plus, you get free snacks at the end.  It’s a win-win on both ends.

giving the gift of life

i don't know why my neck looks creepy like that. however, i have O- blood, so even if my neck looks funky, people still want blood from the universal donor blood type (that's me!).

post-blood donating snacks

post-blood donating snacks

Click here to find out where YOU can donate in your area.  Every TWO seconds someone (yep, two seconds right there!) needs blood in the U.S., yet only 5% of Americans donate (another two seconds).  Need more motivation to give?  Click here and help out a brotha and a sista.


Onto other thangs…it was a b’fast for lunch day with a smashing jar of Overnightmorning Oats!

1/4 cup oat bran
1/4 cup rolled oats
1 (4-oz.) container Stonyfield YoBaby pear yogurt
1/4 cup skim milk
2 tbsp. unsweetened shredded coconut
2 tbsp. dried cranberries

~ soaked all morning ~

1 torn Organic Archer Farms pomegranate fruit leather
the rest of my Zoe’s Honey Almond Granola

Overnight Lunch Oats

Overnight Lunch Oats


what did i ever do before overnight oats?

After lunchie, it was a nice 30-minute walk around the lake to clear my crazy mind.

Then back to work, where I think I also managed to find an uber-cute apartment in Madison.  Cross your fingers it’s as cute in real life as it is in Craigslist pictures (which almost never happens!).

veggie + fruit snack plate

veggie + fruit snack plate

Now, the end of the day is here, and I am off to a company BBQ.  Haha…gotta love those!  I don’t know what kind of eats will be there, but I will try to fly MacGyver style and sneak some pics when no one is looking.  Heck, what do I care if people look and stare?  I’m gone in just over a week.  Pics WILL be on their way later :).

After the BBQ, it’s off to yoga to fulfill my week’s mini-goal!


P.S. Newsflash!  There are limited edition COCONUT M&Ms now in stores!  I repeat COCONUT M&Ms now in stores!  (Thanks to Mama Everythingtarian for keeping us up-to-date)

P.P.S. No strenous activity for 12-24 hours after donating blood.  The lady practically fainted when I told her I was going to run 7 miles tonight…guess that’s not gonna happen…


39 Responses to “The Gift of Life”

  1. leianna Says:

    Coconut m &m’s sound amazing, I will be finding them ASAP!

  2. Evan Thomas Says:

    That’s awesome that you gave blood. I tried to back in February when they were offering free Dunkin Donuts to people who did(kind of a selfish reason to want to give blood I’ll admit). Well I waited 45 minutes and when I got in that mega creepy van they did a bunch of tests on me and basically determined my blood pressure and everything was too low to donate. I was a little relieved, because I was getting freaked out. And they were nice enough to give me the coffee, too.

  3. janetha Says:

    good on you for giving blood! i never have, not a fan of needles, but i think i still would be up for it. mmm oats in a jar. i wish that could happen more often. crossing my fingers for you! oh and i saw the m&ms on someones blog.. ahhh.. i wish i could try them but i am not allowed to eat candy

  4. strivingforbalance Says:

    thats great that you gave blood!

    coconut m&ms .. i must find them! haha

  5. Angharad Says:

    Get those coconut m&ms to me NOW. In my mouth. Sharpish!

    Lovely day of eats my dear! The over-morning oats look fabulous – still need to try those!

    Crossing my fingers and toes that the apartment is cute as a button. Yay apartment finding!

    Have a lovely yoga-filled evening my sweet.

  6. Katharina Says:

    I wish I could donate blood 😦

    I have a coupon for the baby yogurt! IS there pear flavor good? Your overnight oats combo sounds incredible – truly! Gosh.. I want to make it now.

    Coconut m&ms you say? So they’re actually coconut flavored? WOW!!!

    AAAND I’m crossing my fingers for you! It seems like so many people are either moving or will be moving soon into their awesome new places! Myself included hehehee

    • Holly Says:

      yeah the pear-peach combo IS good. the only thing is the yobaby yogurt is whole milk, which isn’t a huge deal but something to think about. thanks for all the good luck dear – right back atcha! 🙂

  7. Coconut M&Ms sound pretty amazing! I’m gonna find some this weekend!

  8. SHE-FIT Says:

    Way to go on giving blood.
    I always feel weird taking pics in front of large crowds… it never fails for someone to ask or give me a weird look.

  9. peanutbutterandjenny Says:

    look at you all calm cool and collected while getting your blood taken — you’re a monstah hollz.

    coconut m&m’s?! **runs of to hop in her car and jet to walmart** BYE!

  10. ksgoodeats Says:

    I was never able to give blood BUT I loved every minute of volunteering at our blood drive! I was the girl who gave out the food and juice. If someone passed out I got to ding a bell 😉

    Good luck with the BBQ and hopefully the apartment is a winner!!

  11. Matt Says:

    I hate needles! Haha. I have heard that donating blood can interfere with running? Hmmm…

  12. Anne K. Says:

    That’s great you were able to give blood! I agree, it is really important. I’ve always wanted to donate blood, but I’m too tiny (4’11) and don’t met their requirements. Your overnight oats look great!

  13. buffmuffy Says:

    OMG COCONUT M AND MS….Hold me back…

  14. Another universal donor here! 😀 Way to go on donating blood. I only met the requirements once as I’m petite but was glad to do it.
    Good luck on the apartment and have fun at the BBQ!

  15. jenngirl Says:

    Type O here as well! I definitely try to give blood when I have the opportunity 🙂

    Love the “overmorning” oats, sounds delish!!

    haha coconut m&m’s?! They think of everything!

  16. justine Says:

    Thats great that you give blood. I honestly always wanted to give blood in HS but I was an athlete and they never let us because of practice and games and ya da ya da ya da…..If I am ever given teh chance to do it again I will def. do it. Thanks for those facts on giving blood :). Hope you had a good dinner!


  17. tiponz Says:

    haha ut oh what are you going to do about your 7 miler???!!! guess you gotta reschedule that one haha- my training schedule has a 7 miler scheduled for this saturday- you should run it at the same time as me and it will be like we ran together- okay ill stop being corny now. those overnight oats look AMAZING. its funny- i think the same thing- like how did i function before with this?! and im O blood too- i love giving blood- is it weird that i love giving blood?

    • Holly Says:

      no i totally enjoy giving blood too! ugh, i’ve had to chalk this week up to just a crazy one. too much making up to do, but i am determined now that august is here to be super stringent on training!

  18. Whit Says:

    Card carrying blood donor here. Holla!

  19. Blood really freaks me out so I don’t think I could ever do it even though I would really like to! That’s great that you did! Maybe someday I’ll build up the courage!

  20. Tay Says:

    coconut m&ms?!?!?! Holy heaven! But too bad I don’t like coconut! haha. I love donating blood! And the snacks don’t hurt 😉 I love it when my school supplies pizza afterwards.

  21. broccolihut Says:

    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven–coconut M & Ms actually exist!

  22. Alison Says:

    Coconut M&M’s!? I’m on the look out! And I didn’t even notice your creepy neck until you pointed it out. Meh. I’ve seen creepier. 😉

  23. Good for you for giving blood!! I need to start doing the same!

    Coconut M&M’s??? I need to find some! 😀

  24. Nate (the boy) actually surprised me with coconut m&ms last night. He’s a keeper, I say! Your eats looking amazing – especially the nut jar overnight oats 🙂

  25. Erin Says:

    My Friday just got a wee bit better now that I know there are COCONUT M&Ms to be had. 🙂 Thx for the info lady. And good for you for donating blood. What a trooper you are!

  26. lowandbhold Says:

    My fingers AND toes are crossed! And coconut M&M’s?! Shut the front door!

  27. Erica Says:

    Coconut M&Ms??? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I know a bundle of people who will want to get their hands on these! Good job donating blood! Such a great thing to do! Glad you found a cute apartment! Can’t wait to see some pics. Enjoy the weekend

  28. brandi Says:

    you know, I saw a big stand for the coconut m&ms this weekend, but there weren’t any in the boxes! i’m on the hunt now 🙂

    I guess I missed the new job, but congrats! that’s awesome. and good for you for donating blood.

  29. Are dried cranberries not the most delicious addition to oats?! I had some this morning, and the combo with some almond butta is divineeeeeee!!

    Congrats on the job, and congrats on being a strong WOMAN giving blood to those in need! 🙂

    By the way, just noticed that picture of you drinking out of the boot at the top right…… priceless. I’ve also given in to the boot, at my senior prom after-party. Stone beer. YUCK!

    • Holly Says:

      ya das boot! dried cranberries were awesome – i also took a torn fruit leather and put that in, also muy deliciosa!

  30. I’m sorry. What? Coconut MMs? WHAT?! WHERE? I have to have them.

  31. feedmeimcranky Says:

    Shh Holly don’t tell…
    but your blog is seriously one of my faves! Between the gas station challenge, which you owned, and the Shakespearean sonnet — I’m lovin’ it!
    Good luck with the move!

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