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2009 Gas Station Challenge July 29, 2009

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This morn was rough.  Real rough.

You ever have those mornings where you look in the mirror and are like, whoa – what the hell beat me up last night?  I’m all about self-empowerment and encouragement peeps, but sometimes, there is no saving face (literally) no matter how many compliments you give yourself.

Luckily, washing my face always seems to make things 100% better, so I lathered up real nice, slathered on my fave Aveeno face lotion and felt a whole lot better.  I was still 1/2 hour later to work than norm, but it was worth it to take time and enjoy this…

Zoe's Cinnamon Raisin Granola, skim milk + banana

Zoe's Cinnamon Raisin Granola, skim milk + banana

I finally busted open my last box of Zoe’s granola sent to me awhile ago as a free sample: Cinnamon Raisin! As with all Zoe’s granolas, my first reaction was mmmmmmmmm! Honestly, I wasn’t the hugest fan of their bars, but their granolas are really good. I love the sweetness, crunch and texture of the mix, and the Cinnamon Raisin was no different.

Finally, lunchtime struck and it was time for the challenge: The Gas Station Challenge!

the scene of the challenge

the scene of the challenge

Since the next week and a half is going to be a bit crazy, I don’t know if it will be worth it for me to grocery shop because I am grabbing lunch with friends, have a couple events to go to and obv going to be uber busssyyyy.  So, I decided today I would give myself $10.00 to buy myself lunch, snacks and dinner for the day.  You may be asking me, $10 bucks at a gas station, are you kay-ray-zee woman?

Most likely.

However, all of us are busy and quite frankly, don’t always have time to prepare lovely, gorge homemade meals featuring organic, homegrown ingredients all the time (or even half the time!).  Sometimes, dinner is chowed down while driving, talking on the phone and trying to navigate the mean highways of MN…I mean…

I wanted to see how far $10 would go at the gas station and see how I could navigate our fave neighborhood hot spot for some healthy eats.  Here’s how it went…


the loot = $10.20

  • Bumblebee Sundried Tomato & Basil Tuna with Crackers
  • Crystal Farms Marble Jack cheese stick
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar
  • Veggie platter with dill dip
  • 1 (6-oz.) container Kemps 1% fat cottage cheese
  • Green apple
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms

Two meals and a snack for $10.20…if I do say so myself, I rocked that challenge!

Lunch: Tuna cracker pack + cottage cheese + veggie tray.  One can get quite creative with this combo, if I do say so myself…

crack, tun, cottage + broc

crack, tun, cottage + broc


crack, tun, cottage + carrot

crack, tun, cottage + caul

crack, tun, cottage + caul

Snack: Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms

Mini-dinner #1: Clif bar + cheese stick + apple

Volleyball was a bit bittersweet.  We lost.  Bad.  However, in brighter news, next Wednesday is now my going away shindig (instead of a playoff v-ball game).  I’ll take that trade-off.

Mini-dinner #2: Red pepper hummus + pita chips (split three ways…although I prob could have wolfed em’ all down)

post-game cheering up

post-game cheering up

Now, it’s time to make my master moving to-do list and get to bed.  I haven’t worked out since Sunday (eeek…there is marathon training to be had!) and haven’t gotten to bed before 11pm in a week!  That just ain’t okay with my healthified g-ma ways :).


What is your fave gas station find?  Dudes, that sundried tomato tuna cracker pack was pretty delish!


37 Responses to “2009 Gas Station Challenge”

  1. Angharad Says:

    Girlie, this is an awesome challenge! I have no fave gas station finds – I always get so scared at gas stations; they freak me out! Road trips are oft a challenge for me but I might take on your challenge when we road trip it to chi-town soon….

    Your week ahead sounds crazy – great sympathy for you doll face, but remember: breathe, make check lists and eat. All will work out and fall into place. And if all else fails, get your drank on with your English pal and scoff some pizza to drown those stress sorrows!

    Well done on the eats. Very impressed indeed! And craving chocolate – gimme those m&ms!!

  2. Katharina Says:

    Favorite gas station find would have to be this awesome jar of orange blossom honey… they’ve got a lot of stands along Florida. And also those Nature Valley Oats-n-Honey bars 😀 They’re so yummy.

  3. You did great with your gas stations challenge! 🙂 Honestly, I haven’t been inside a gas station in forever… Like Angharad, they sort of scare me… I know, I know…

  4. Great challenge and am SO impressed with your finds! My gas station sells candy bars, potato chips and cigarettes. Oh, and gas 😛

  5. burpexcuzme Says:

    hahah! You went places where you won’t find much food bloggers blogging about! good for you to show the realistic side of a blogger’s life, too!
    I love nuts, so I always get nuts from gas stations if I’m starving…and diet soda! Oh, and the beef jerkies. 🙂

  6. Awesome challege – I love it! It makes me wish I lived in a place where I could have a car and need a gas station. I guess the NYC equivalent would be a bodega or midtown deli? The prices they charge are so redic though – some delis want $3.50 for a clif bar! Yay, for Moving To-Do lists – you’ll get it all done!! 🙂

  7. broccolihut Says:

    Wow, you managed to find some healthy things at a gas station! My gas station faves are dry roasted almonds and string cheese!

  8. Great job finding all of those healthy eats at a gas station! And all for $10 too!! Loved this post!

  9. SHE-FIT Says:

    I love gas stations for this reason, but no favorite finds for me lately. Cinnamon Raisin granola sounds yummy

  10. Alison Says:

    Pretty darn good! Fruit and broccoli and cauliflower at a gas station?? Rock on!

    I think all things considered you are doing fab with still sticking with healthy habits despite the big life changes and hectic schedule. We vacationed a couple times last year during my marathon training and I shifted the schedule around and it all worked out in the end.

  11. Abby Says:

    My biggest gas station challenge isn’t ever with the food (I usually bring my own as to prevent a neurotic breakdown when faced with Ho-Hos and beef sticks). My biggest challenge is hovering over the toilet seat and trying to wash and dry my hands and open the door without contracting Ebola or something, all the while dragging that huge piece of wood connected to the bathroom key.

    I’m having a horrible “what the hell is wrong with my face” day as well. Rock on, sister.

  12. justine Says:

    Wow. The gas station. Really? Looks like you did pretty good. Honestly I don’t think I have bought food from a gas station for myself in years. Mmm that hummus and pita look fab!!


  13. leianna Says:

    Wow Holiday came through for you, I never thought a gas station could provide that much good stuff for quick meals!
    Have fun packing and todo listing!

  14. jenngirl Says:

    Whoa now, you don’t know just how impressed I am right now with your gas station finds! That’s incredible.

    My favorite finds have gotta be gas stations with bananas available. I LOVE being able to buy whole fruits while on the road 🙂

  15. Whit Says:

    You rocked that challenge! Love it!

  16. lilveggiepatch Says:

    Not bad for gas station food! Sometimes they sell hard-boiled eggs, packaged, which kind of freak me out, but it’s not a bad thing to snack on!

  17. I love that challenge!!!
    where on earth is that hummus from? it looks great…i play kickball and really struggle on what food to get when we go out afterwards… 😦

    • Holly Says:

      we play v-ball at Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka, where we got the hummus! it was good, but the chips were fried 😦 not good for my tumtum!

  18. Allison Says:

    You DEFINITELY rocked the challenge! 🙂

  19. Special K Says:

    I LOVE your creativity…so right on…and for me, doing something out of my element when I’ve woken up ranky always helps…a bit!
    Hmmm…I like Fun Dip, more for sentimental reasons than anything…buz you can’t get candy cigarettes anymore!

  20. Special K Says:

    Totally, totally enter my ME meal giveaway! You’d rock it!

  21. lowandbhold Says:

    What gas station do you frequent lady? That is super impressive. I don’t know if we carry anything that healthy at the Oklahoma gas stations. I will investigate though, believe me!

  22. janetha Says:

    i freaking love that flavor of tuna! i havent purchased it in ages, i think i totally forgot about it! it is good stuff. i like the gas station challenge, it will be fun to see what you come up with!

  23. buffmuffy Says:

    That is awesome 🙂 I like when i find salt and vinegar chips at a gas station … LOL.

  24. Love the challenge!! I think I’ll try that for myself one of these days! 😀

  25. Traci Says:

    I have not seen the inside of a gas station in forever! Almost 100% of the time I just pay at the pump and take of as fast as I can. Hate the smell of gas! Alot of the stations around here dont have little stores either.

  26. healthified g-ma ways: I love this!
    Confession: I eat g-ma dinners before 6:30. Yikes! 😀

    I only have one goal in life: to be the coolest grandma ever: one who runs 5Ks, cooks healthy yummy food for the gkids, and goes to yoga classes.

    • Holly Says:

      that is totes my life goal – no joke! i tell people ALL the time i want to be a cool, fit gma!

  27. WOW!! You did such a great job. Protein & fiber at both meals – score. I adore dark chocolate m&ms, yum 🙂

  28. Faith Says:

    I love this challenge! Very nice job with your gas station purchases! My favorite gas-station find is honey roasted peanuts…yum!

  29. Kailey Says:

    wow I can’t believe you got all those great eats for just $10.20.

    The best find I ever found at a gas station was a larabar! haha I guess I just don’t stop at the healthy ones…

  30. Erica Says:

    WOW I think you did awesome with your $10. Have you ever been to a Wawa? That is my fav gas station- they have tons of real healthy food!

    • Holly Says:

      i have never heard of Wawa, but i already want to go! thanks – i will keep on the lookout!

  31. peanutbutterandjenny Says:

    a-yo way to do work with those 10 dolla dolla bills girl! i have been known to blow 12 buckaroos on almond butter so i’m pretty sure i would totes fail. teach me your ways, oh wise one ❤

  32. Jamie Walker Says:

    I’ve never tried Zoe’s – sounds like its time to give it a try!

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