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Short & Sweet July 27, 2009

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Happy Monday my friends!

I literally just got back from Madison a couple hours ago after 9 HOURS of driving in the past 24 hours.  Ugh.  I hate driving.  I would happily give up driving and stare out the window in la-la land the rest of my life if I could.  Luckily, I made it home just in time for The Bach finale!

In short, she picked ED!  Yay for his green mankini him!  

Not going to lie, as much as I like cute, charming Reid, he looked like a TOTAL TOOL coming back to propose to her.  Anybody else agree with me?  Yeah, I know ya do.  What am I going to do on Monday nights without my Bach fix?  Hmmmm….any ideas for a new trashy TV show hobby?

Alright, here are the eats for the day.  Short and sweet (TWSS)…


blackberry yog + blackberries + strawbs + Dylan's Chia Granola (my new fave!) + handful walnut/almond mix

post-makeover: A HOT MESS

post-makeover: A HOT MESS

car snack: ate 1/2 pre-interview

car snack: ate 1/2 pre-interview

The interview went well – I think I definitely still would pick my job offer over this position, but it was awesome to get more interview experience, make connections, yadda yadda…you know, the usual grown-up job drill.


other 1/2 post interview...a bit small for 370 kcals, no?

For lunch, I met up with my old boss and a couple of co-workers from a pubic relations internship I had in college.  It was sooo good to catch up with them!  They have been so supportive, helpful and fabulous (not mention, hook me up with some freelance writing gigs!).  We hit up Sa Bai Thong, a fab Thai restaurant in Madison for some YUMMY lunch eats.

I had the Squash Red Curry with rice…it was amazing.  Just trust me :).


car snacks for the 4-hr. drive back to MN

Subway...a classic road trip dinner

Subway...a classic road trip dinner

I got my usual…veggie sub on toasted honey oat with pepperjack cheese (a la spicy Jess).  Hit the spot.

Then I came home, unpacked my shiz, put on The Bachelorette, caught up on blogs and am now watching Flight of the Conchords. They are genius.  For reals.  Watch now.

Now, this gal is off to bed – lots more craziness, blog reading and major life decis to make this week!  I am still determined to make it to yoga and relax this week – my two weekly goals.


To help me update on all your lives, what are you looking forward to most this week?  Since I’m uber-indecisive, I have two – (1) Volleyball playoffs start Wednesday, and (2) hopefully I will have a brand new job by the end of the week!


39 Responses to “Short & Sweet”

  1. Katharina Says:

    I’m most looking forward to moving!!!

    Subway offers pepper jack cheese? What?! Not the ones I’ve been to 😦

  2. lowandbhold Says:

    yay! Congrats time ten lady! I love me some subway with da spicy cheese.

    1. Going to Dallas to visit a college friend.
    2. My first Whole Foods experience!


  3. buffmuffy Says:

    mmm that probar is so cute and yummy looking! i love their wrappers!!!

  4. janetha Says:

    holy balls. i am NOT kidding when i say i was going to name my post today short and sweet. then it turned out to be long and boring and i had to change the name. WE ARE SOUL MATES! i looove your yogurt mess, so noshy. those pro bars are made here in utah but i have never tried them yet because.. well.. i am not sure why. i think cause they pack over 300 cals but eating half is a dang good idea! most excited for the fact that i just got asked by foodbuzz to attend and review the taste of the nation culinary benefit! it is on sunday, yesss! have fun at vball, i am NOT good at sports with balls (TWSS)

  5. yup subway is classic road food now!!!

  6. 9 hour drive? Yikes. Did the pro-bar make you feel like a pro? 😀

    Most looking forward to getting my apartment organised and moving on Friday!

  7. Alison Says:

    The veggie sub is all I ever get too!

    Sounds like the interview went well, I’ve got everything crossed for you!

  8. Katherine Says:

    I’m most looking forward to my SHORT week!! I’m only working through Wednesday and then I get a whole long weekend to myself while my husband is in Chicago. I see a lot of chick flicks in my future 😉

  9. justine Says:

    Ugh, ya thats way to much time spent in the car! Dont watch The Bach. Sorry. Its not trashy enough for me. Hmm, I guess I am looking forward to my husband 10yr HS reunion on Fri. Actually I am more looking forward to the hotel room we are getting afterward!! 😉


  10. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    Hooray for Subway veggie sub!!

    I’m looking forward to my interview for a very cool job in CT on Thursday, ans spending the weekend at my aunt’s house on the lake in PA. 🙂

  11. Whit Says:

    yay for the job! 😀 😀 :D. I am looking forward to a Nickelback concert + my sissy’s b-day. ze biiiig 1-9.

  12. ksgoodeats Says:

    Glad the interview went well! Being a grown up is so overrated at times, isn’t it?!

    Our Subway doesn’t have pepper jack and I feel a little ripped off! I lovah the spice-ah!

  13. jenngirl Says:

    I’m looking forward to all of the fun classes I get to attend at the gym now that I’m home for awhile…and also getting the GRE OVER WITH on Friday!! 🙂

  14. I’m most looking forward to a chili cookoff that I’m hoping to go to. I think it would be a blast, since I’ve always loved going to summer fairs. 😀

    I’ve never tried the pepperjack cheese, but it sounds delish! 😀 I’ll need to see if the subways around here have it the next time I stop there! 😀

  15. I’m looking forward to apartment hunting with my running buddy/potential roommate, a spin class tonight, leftover peach pie for as long as it lasts 🙂 Yay!

    Driving many hours is a bummer – thank goodness you are done with that for awhile!

  16. Jenn Says:

    AHHHHH warn for Bach spoilers, silly goose! Ah oh well, I like Ed well enough.

  17. Erica Says:

    Hi! How are you? Your breakfast mess looks terrific! Its making my belly growl ;). Umm trashy show replacements= Kendra? Miami Social? I love trashy tv 😉

    I am most looking forward to tomorrow- I work from home on Wednesdays and its much more of a relaxed day for me.

  18. specialkphd Says:

    Things I am looking forward to:
    Your recipes as part of my Special K Challenge and Giveaway (and hearing about your cravings still for Amazing Meal)
    A Blind Date tomorrow!

  19. Angharad Says:

    So pleased the interview went well! Yay!! That’s a super happy feeling. Thai food=dribble, dribble, gurgle.

    I also HATE driving although less so long drives and more so to places I’ve never been bcos I ALWAYS get lost and therefore frazzled.

    I am most looking forward to finding a new apartment (fingers crossed!! Eeee!!) and buying some new workout gear for some new workout activities!

    • Traci Says:

      Good for you with the job interviews. Sounds like you’re going to accept the 1st one so an early congrats on the decis. Looking forward to the awesome weather here (FINALLY) in Boston. Perfect for beach/boating/evening runs…anything outdoors…After work of course 😦 Good luck making your decision!

  20. Ooooh, your subway has pepperjack cheese?! Jealous! Mine only has the basics….so I usually get provolone. Boooo.

    How great was the bach?! So much drama. Ha ha! Reid was kinda a tool for coming back, but he’s just so adorable… so I can’t hate!

    Your yog mess looks delish! What brand of yog is that?! 🙂

    • Holly Says:

      Wallaby Organic Blackberry me love!

      Bach = awesome. Reunion show last night – slightly lame, although Jill + Ed look happy, so I hope they stay that way. Otherwise, I will have forever lost faith in reality TV romances. Haha, did I just say that?

  21. JB Says:

    i completely agree about reid! come on, you’ve known her for what?! 6-8 weeks?! she didn’t pick you! save yourself from looking like a sappy douche on national television! anyway, if you need a trashy reality fix, there’s always the real world on wednesdays. haha. and uh, squash red curry with rice sounds AAAAAAMAZING.

  22. Faith Says:

    Ooh, that probar looks yummy! I’m all about the subway veggie subs too!

  23. peanutbutterandjenny Says:

    dang reidyyyy boy put himself out there for real! he could ave at least found a classier ride to roll in .. the minivan may have been a deal breaker.

    new job?! HOLLA! you go mama! xo

  24. Lizzy Says:

    Love Me Veggie Sub from subway. thats exactly what i get when i go there too!!!!!

    and your morning breakfast looks amazing! LOVE hope your having a wonderful day!

  25. Sarah Says:

    That’s the same sub I always get! (With honey mustard, aka best sauce ever on anything.)

    I’m looking forward to the trip I’m taking. I’m going to CO and CA for a week! Yippee!

  26. traveleatlove Says:

    I have 4 straight days of meetings and late work events, so I am looking forward to Sunday morning when they are over! Turn on Bravo; I am pretty sure you will get your trashy fix!

  27. Squash Red Curry? Makes me sweat just thinking about that spicy kick. 😀

    Looking forward to a Saturday day trip to Nagoya if it doesn’t rain. It’s been wet all week here! :s

  28. Kailey Says:

    that is the same thing I get from subway too!! love that place 🙂

  29. homegirlcaneat Says:

    I never have watched the bachelorette and I walked downstairs at my friend’s house to see her mom watching it so I sat down and was HOOKED! Reid must have a degree from da Tool Academy because he just looked like a dbag! Yay for Ed! I hope they have a great marriage full of love and not a divorce in a month!

  30. Matt Says:

    I think I would pass out after a 9 hour drive!

  31. lilveggiepatch Says:

    That’s a LOT of driving! I don’t miss living in Car Country 😉

    I still haven’t tried a Pro Bar, but I’ll get on that.

    Hope the interview results are good! I’m sure you did beautifully.

    I’m going to Utah on Friday morning for a wedding! Looking forward to that.

  32. april Says:

    I think your breakfast looks pretty much amazing.. so many different flavors goin on!

  33. I have a probar waiting to try! Did you go to school in Madison? I’m from Wisconsin originally and have made that trip way too many times!!!

  34. burpexcuzme Says:

    9…hours…of freaking driving….*THUD* how did you survive? I’m impressed!
    Oh and I LOVE Subway with the honey oat bread and pepper jack! though I always get the black forest ham!

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