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Eat, Shop, Run + Wed, Part 1 July 26, 2009

Here we go, here we go, kick it!

Dudes….get ready for a serious two-part MONSTER of a weekend post! 



Last time I left you all, the weekend had just begun!  I raced out of work and straight home to take care of the beast (1st priority) and then make some dindin (2nd priority).  The beast?  Check.  Dinner? Cheeccckkkk.

Appetizer: celery + almond buttah

Appetizer: celery + almond buttah


Main Course: Amy's Green Tamale frozen meal

Verdict?  Delish, as always.

Verdict? Delish, as always.

After dinner, I met up with my friend Meggy Moo for some Friday night shopping.  Does anybody else LOVE going to the mall on Friday nights?  Less crowds, more relaxed and better deals!  We hit up the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, but naturally, even though so many things were on sale, they were still way too expensive for moi.  Ugh.

However, we did hit up Nordstrom’s Rack (like an outlet version of Nordstrom’s), where we found KILLER deals.  Two pairs of Hue tights in black and brown for $5 and a Trina Turk orange-striped cardigan for $40.  A girl just can’t resist a good bargain…



I fell asleep Friday night knowing it was the big 1-3 mile run in the morn.  I got up and carb-loaded like a champ with about 7 cups of Banana Nut Cheerios and 1/2 cup skim milk (all I had left)…

Maybe not 7 cups...but definitely 2 or 3...

Maybe not 7 cups...but definitely 2 or 3...

My sister Alli, who is also running the marathon, came up to my neck of the woods to run with me.  What a difference!  Seriously, does anyone else find it way uber-easier to run with somebody else than just by themselves?  Mama Everythingtarian ran the first 6 miles with us, then went to meet up with my dad and younger sister while we completed the 13.  We walked warmed-up for the first 1/2 mile, ran 12 around the lakes, then took her easy and walked the last 1/2 mile.  Barbie, Ken and sissy #3 were waiting for us with water and bagels when we were done – hallelujah, I love you family!

PB + Whole Wheat Bagel + loads of H2O

PB + Whole Wheat Bagel + loads of H2O

a cuppa orange mango juice may have also happened somewhere along the lines

a cuppa orange mango juice may have also happened somewhere along the lines

After blasting through the awesome run, which took us about 2 hours (roughly 10 minute miles), I got back to la casa de mi prima and showered up to meet Angharad for lunch at the fabulous, organic, seasonal and locally-grown Birchwood Cafe!

Seriously, the is the 2nd time me and Miss Eating for England have met up, and it gets creepier and creepier each time with the number of things we have in common.  From traveling to jobs to loving Cher’s “Believe,” the blog heavens clearly knew we were meant to be friends.  Also, she had just run a 10K so we talked LOTS of running over a Green Goddess Salad for me…


locally-grown lettuce, English hollow aged cheddar, sunflower seeds, carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, kohlrabi, scallion + green goddess dressing

That hunk o’ bread with a pat of butter on the side was pretty dang good too.  Angharad had the Cilantro Lime-Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwich, which also looks divine!  I totes forgot to take a pic, so head over to her blog and check that outtttt!

After lunch, it was wedding time!

pre-ceremony snack

pre-ceremony snack


The reception was at an old theater in a historic small town - how cute is that?


photo shoot! sissy #3, #2, yours truly + daddy everythingtarian

inside the gorgeous venue

inside the gorgeous venue

thank the sweet Lord for snacks...

thank the sweet Lord for snacks......and red wine (oops, unpictured)!


berry orange salad with poppyseed dressing

bread + buttah

bread + buttah


break for photo shoot #2

a cool, refreshing dinner beer

a cool, refreshing dinner beer


veggie lasagna + carrots/beants + slice o' pineapple

a cake + champagne toast!

a cake + champagne toast!

The dinner was really good – loved the veggie lasagna and side veggies.  The cake wasn’t so bad either :).

After dinner, obv DANCING TIME!  I may need to post more dancing pics…they are that good.

first dance

first dance

and yep, that's my mom dippin' it low.  work it out Barbie!

and yep, that's my mom dippin' it low. work it out Barbie!

Needless to say, it was an extremely fun night, and this gal was pooped.  I fell asleep on my sister’s shoulder on the car ride home, nuff’ said.

Stay tuned for Parte Numero Dos later tonight….now I have to skedaddle off to a wedding shower!  Hope you are all having a FABULOUSLY FUN WEEKEND – can’t wait to read and hear about what you all are up to!

Happy Sunday :).


29 Responses to “Eat, Shop, Run + Wed, Part 1”

  1. April (Foods of April) Says:

    Sounds like your having a fun weekend!

    What an awesome run!! I’m so jealous of your skills! These little legs can barely handle 2 miles! haha

    And that cake looks like it wouldn’t be too bad 😉

  2. Katherine Says:

    1. The wedding looks like a blast and I love the dress you wore!

    2. Running with a friend is so much more fun for me! When I can run and chat, the miles just fly by. And on the occasional tough run, at least I have someone there to encourage me 🙂

  3. Alison Says:

    You rocked that 13 miles, you go sista!

    I could just cry that you ran with your sister and mom too. Love love love that. And Yes Double Yes I’ve found it WAY easier to run with a partner. Makes the time fly.

    And your sister’s name is Alli? As in Allison? GET OUT!

    That reminds me of a couple of pics I took on Wednesday at a little farm stand, the same day I posted the post about “play names”.

    I think the one on the right has got to be Holly…. she’s just SO cute!

    • Holly Says:

      haha LOVE the goats – holly the goat, well that sounds quite perfect. my sister thought it was “allison in wonderland” growing up, hence how the little one got her name 🙂

  4. jenngirl Says:

    Your weekend is totally off to an awesome start! I love shopping during random hours, avoiding crowds is my life.

    Congrats on a great run! With family time to boot! 😉

    I love weddings, totally jealous you got to attend one, cute dress by the way!!

  5. justine Says:

    Oh how I miss the Nordy Rack in Az. What wrong with Tn? Not a Nordy in the whole state!!! Looks like a fab fun weekend with lots of good eats, family and friends. Doesn’t get better than that! 🙂


  6. peanutbutterandjenny Says:

    girl that white dress your rockin’ is a stunnah — i love it! where the heck can i get one!?

    that 7 to 1/2 cup cereal to milk ratio sounds like a major dilemma 😉

    glad you had such a wonderful weekend hollz, but i’d lying if i said i wasn’t happy you were home 🙂 i missed my girl!

  7. Sounds like so much fun! and your mom is CUT by the way!

  8. what a wonderful wedding! i love going to the mall in the evenings – used to do it all the time when i grew up in NJ but wouldn’t be able to drag my husband there now….

  9. JB Says:

    the movie theater sign is such a cute idea! i love that! and the veggie lasagna looks beyond delishhhhhh. can’t wait to see part 2!


  10. Oh gosh…your run sounds fantastic! I’ve yet to go on a long run with other people, but I can see how that would be so much more enjoyable when you’re out on the road for a long time. I need to tag along with my brother one of these times… 😀

    And I LOVE your dress, by the way! 😀

  11. Long runs with girlfriends are the BEST. I don’t think I could have trained for the Boston Marathon throughout the cold winter months…Knowing my running buddy still expected me to show up when it was 14 degrees really got my butt off the couch. Sounds like a fun wedding! Mmm, wedding cake…..

  12. Katharina Says:

    I want to have a meet-up with a fellow blogger. I think it would be like a really easy blind date lol because I think so many of us already have a lot in common.

    I love your family! And that’s so nice that they were ready to give you guys bagels after your run 😀

    There’s this old theater where I go to school, and I think it’s so beautiful. I can imagine something historic as a wedding venue – definitely magical. and wow everything at the weddings looks so awesome!

  13. janetha Says:

    nords rack is my jam! i cant shop at the regular nordy’s.. well i could but you get so much more loot for your moolah at the rack! 7 cups of cereal, i wouldnt put it past me. dude your momma is a champ!! can i just say i am sooo jealous of you and angharad’s meetups?! i wish i could come hang with you two! we would have good times! glad you had a fun night, cuuuute dress. so cute!

  14. your mom = awesome.

    what kind of whole wheat bagels do you buy? i dig TJ’s brand but I’m wondering if there’s something tastier out there i haven’t found, besides the jumbo deli bagels (which aren’t bad either!)

    i love running with others. i always run faster because i feel pushed — that’s the trick, to run with people faster than you. they will kick yer but and it will feel awesome!

    • Holly Says:

      i got this one from bruegger’s bagels shop – i haven’t found a store brand i like either!

  15. Matt Says:

    Awesome run!

    I am drooling over that veggie lasagna!

  16. Michal Mymo Says:

    Im glad you had fun at the wedding! Your snacks look totally yummy especially that bagel with PB you gotta love it : )

    Michal (lilearthmuffin)

  17. buffmuffy Says:

    looks like a blast! that is a giant piece of cake for a wedding! i love it!

  18. Whit Says:

    congrats on rocking that big 1-3! you look soooo hottie in that dress! Love your hair!

  19. leianna Says:

    Ooohh I will definetely have to check out Birchwood cafe, looks so delicious! I love running around lake and with a buddy always makes it go by faster. Congrats on a finished 13 miles!

  20. Angharad Says:

    Ok, your mom and I need to be friends. She looks so fun! And I can tell, even from the above-the-head, getting-down-with-it shot, that she looks just like you. Cutie pie familia.

    You look awesome at the wedding, lovely dress. Happy for blog meet up take tres! Stay forever please!

  21. lowandbhold Says:

    Your mom looks like a blast!!! The wedding was gorgy!

  22. Faith Says:

    It looks like it was such a fun wedding! I love your dress (and of course the bride’s)! 🙂

  23. The Baby Sister Says:

    The pic of you and i… dang my legs look good!! haha… well done!

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