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Dog Days o’ Summer July 21, 2009

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Angus, meet my foodie friends.  Foodie friends, meet Angus (a.k.a. The Beast)…

Angus the Beast

objects appear much smaller than they are in real life

He’s my bud for the week.  At least I won’t have to worry about kidnappers or anything – this dog would scare anyone away.  Good thing he is secretly uber-mild mannered.  Just don’t tell the kidnappers that :).

Breakfast was quick and satisfying (T.W.S.S.) – Banana Nut Cheerios + skim milk alongside a naner + AB.

A classic b'fast combo.

classic b'fast combo

One of the benefits of taking care of your cousin’s dog is (a) having a brand new eco-friendly apartment to stay in for the week (made of astroturf and recycled materials!), and (b) raiding other peep’s pantries!  I had full permission from the cuz to eat whatev, and I happily found these little darlings in the cupboard…


Who is this Mrs. May and why haven't I met her before?

Look at those kernels of goodness.

kernels of goodness

Holy yummola, these were fabulous!  They are little crunchy nut clusters filled with dried berries, almonds, cashews, pistachios and sesame seeds (bound together with rice malt + evaporated cane juice).  Dee-lish!  It was 2 servings in the bag (pooey!), but those 350 kcals were well worth it!  I am definitely going to go purchase these on my own, which is saying a lot since I am totes poor.

Lunch was a lovely colorful snack plate of assorted goods…


veggie wrap, veggies + Zoe PB bar

Afternoon snack was no surprise…

1 cup strawbs + bluebs
Stonyfield Organic nonfat lemon yogurt
sprinkle Zoe Honey + Almond granola

Classic afternoon snack bowl.

classic afternoon snack bowl

I got a pile of work at the end of the day, which kept me busy until check-out time at 4:30pm.  I tried to get home ASAP because quite frankly, even though I’m not the hugest fan of dogs (due to a traumatic childhood incident involving my neighbor’s LARGE show poodles – it’s a long story), Angus looked really sad this morning.  I felt so bad leaving him all day :(.

However, I got home, let the beast out in the dog park (yes, the apartment building has a courtyard dog park!) and prepared to make a smashing good dinner…

hunk o’ pine nut hummus
1/2 avocado
sprinkle of onion
celery sticks
handful of bluebs
2 Wasa crackers
drizzle of flax oil (another pantry find!)


un salad creacion

Rando combos = the best ever.  This will be the perfect 12-mile run fuel – I don’t feel weighted down at all but yet totally energized.  A good mix of protein, carbs + fat to hopefully not die complete the 12 miles in record time!

Alright, enough procrastinating.  I gotta go let Angus out once more before I go running, then I need to get dressed (often the toughest part for me!) and get my buns out the door.  Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on me (the clouds are a bit ominous!) and a snack will DEFINITELY be had when I get back…errr…if I get back….

What is your favorite rando combo?  Let me hear it dudes!  I grew up with a dad who LOVED vanilla ice cream + raspberry jelly + Lay’s potato chips.  To this day, it might still be my fave rando combo.


36 Responses to “Dog Days o’ Summer”

  1. Evan Thomas Says:

    PB + Tuna salad = best sandwich ever. The smell alone creates major childhood nostalgia

  2. Brooke Says:

    I can’t think of any rando combos but I do LOVE ketchup on pretty much anything. HOWEVER, mama cynth grew up with a mom who made PB and bacon sandies. Nasto, maybs!?

  3. lowandbhold Says:

    I’m a pretty standard snacker but I had a friend who used to eat cheetos and cool whip. It totally grossed me out actually but she loved it!

  4. ksgoodeats Says:

    What kind of dog is the beast?! He’s a cutie pie!! I hope you like the banana cheerios!

    I love eating other people’s food because there’s always something in there I wouldn’t typically buy myself 🙂

    My combo isn’t that weird (well, not around here because all my friends do it): Wendy’s frosties with french fries! Dip the fries in the frosty, eat and enjoy!

    • Holly Says:

      gosh i don’t even know his breed – how bad of a caretaker am i? he’s a big dog…i kow that haha! LOVE the banana nut cheerios. totoes delish. fries + frosty = best combo eva. yes, i said best.

  5. Jenny Says:

    yikes Angus is definitely a beast – reminds me of the monster on sandlot (please tell me you’ve seen this movie! if not, go rent it.. now)

    that yogurt bowl looks dynamite — i could eat that for…ev…er (another sandlot reference, again.. go watch it now!

    loveeeeeeeeee! xo

  6. I used to like Kraft mac ‘n cheese mixed with applesauce when I was a kid…weird. Good luck on the run!!

  7. Tay Says:

    I love it when they sample those nut clusters at Costco! Super good.

    Hmmm I love my veggies covered in ketchup, which is gross & random to my family, but other people don’t find it weird. I also used to love to get a big pretzel at Costco and dip pieces into my froyo. (Kinda like the Frosty & french fries mixture!)

  8. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    That’s a good lookin’ veggie wrap!!

    I love to put maple syrup on my eggs. I guess that’s not really too random. Tasty though!

    • Holly Says:

      soooooo good…i love that! i used to love maple syrup with bacon or sausage too…now that is a rare treat 🙂

  9. strivingforbalance Says:

    awe angus is so cute! I love dogsitting 🙂

    Great eats for today! Hope that rain held off for yuor run !

  10. Matt Says:

    I put ketchup on everything. Lol even sandwiches. It is the best condiment!

  11. buffmuffy Says:

    random combos … probably something like cheese and blended frozen fruit. not together! but eaten together. lol.

  12. Alison Says:

    The Beast! That is the best nickname for a dog.

    Rando combos… what a good question! Mine is pretty whacked… it all started when I was the kid who didn’t eat ketchup, and my little friends were putting ketchup on their eggs, so I put mustard on my mine. Yes, mustard and scrambled eggs. Still a fav.

  13. Anne K. Says:

    What a cute dog! Your eats look yummy–I love that wrap and salad 😀 My fave random combo? Hmm, good question. Oh, maybe eggplant slices and ketchup + mustard 😀

  14. burpexcuzme Says:

    Harlow, Angus! 🙂
    Rando combos: bananas, PB, ketchup and pickles encased between two sandwich breads.

  15. I hope you made it through your run before the bad weather! 12 miles, WOW!!
    And you need to check out the Mill City Farmer’s Market! 🙂

  16. Angharad Says:

    I used to eat ketchup sandwiches also (like matt up there)!
    I have also been known to dip my fries into my milkshake – something I picked up in childhood and love to this day.

    Really impressed that you’re embarking on a 12 miler tonight love – big up! Your salad looks dang good and I wanna meet the pup!!

  17. angus is a great name for a doggie!!!

  18. lilveggiepatch Says:

    Angus is beautiful! That snack crackle looks yummy.

  19. janetha Says:

    can i keep him? please? i will love him and feed him peanut butter treats and take him to the park 🙂 i love the sound of an eco friendly apartment! i hope you made it back from your run. hmmm randocombos.. it is too late for me to think about this my head hurts.. i slather PB on toast and dip it in vegetable soup, love that!

  20. Aside from adding ketchup to most of my foods, some favourite combos are cheddar cheese + strawberry jam sandwiches, french fries dipped in milkshakes (only works at McDonalds so I haven’t had this for about…um…15 years), cottage cheese mixed with chopped red onion, raisins and thousand island dresing 🙂

    I like the sound of an eco-friendly apartment!

    • Holly Says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE fries in milkshakes!!!

      CC + onions + raisins + dressing – i think you win for most rando combo 🙂

  21. WholeBodyLove Says:

    Fresh leafy greens with nutritional yeast, hummus and Amy’s BBQ!

  22. Whit Says:

    Your salad creation is da bomb diggety!

  23. caitsplate Says:

    HAH! I love Angus 🙂

    How are the banana nut cheerios? I’m dying to try them soon…

    And that lunch wrap looks absolutely amazing!!

    • Holly Says:

      banana nut cheerios = delish. they probably won’t hold you over very long just eating a bowl of them, but if you mix in some protein, throw them in yogurt, munch on them for a snack, they are AMAZING!

  24. Katharina Says:

    Those Mrs. May’s clusters are awesome! I was telling someone else about them the other day actually. Yeah.. Mrs. May is pretty much a genius.

    Let’s see… a rando combo??? I dunno… I do that so often I can’t remember which ones are my faves. I’ll get back to you on that one 😉

    I hope you had a good run!!! I also think your buddy for the week is so cute!

  25. april Says:

    Random combos are the best! I think I have too many to choose from! lol

    Angus is precious!!

  26. Sarah Says:

    It’s not that random, but when I was a kid my favorite sandwich was Swiss cheese and yellow mustard on white bread. Yeah, only cheese and mustard.

    Angus is ca-yute!

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