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Right or Left-Brained? July 19, 2009

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If you have to ask yourself this question, you are most likely right-brained (like me!).

This gal is back from Chitown and ready to get back in a routine!  Honestly, I never thought I would enjoy routine.  I always thought my  mind was too right-brained to ever think I would like such a thing.  (BTW…you know you are right-brained when you have to Google right vs. left brain because you can’t remember which one you are :))

I made up for the lack of veggies this weekend by having a ginormous salad for dindin…

spinach + mixed greens
green peas
1/2 hard-boiled egg
sunflower seeds
Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies
drizzle balsamic + EVOO 


1.1 lbs. of the ultimate junk salad

Ummm…I think the fact that Kowalski’s had Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies on their salad bar pretty much made my day.

After dinner, I ran a couple errands then headed home where I hung all my new purchases in the closet.  Does anybody else absolutely love putting away their new clothes and color coordinating their closet?  Oh my gosh, I just realized maybe I do have some left-brained in me, haha!

Then it was grocery shopping time…I ran about 2.5 miles then looped perfect back around to the grocery store so I would only have to walk about 1/2 mile home with all my goods.  It felt soooo good to get my legs moving (especially after spending 6 hours in a car…ugh!) and refill my kitch with some essentials…


The spread

  • Naners
  • Dominex Eggplant Cutlets (a product I first saw from Miss Chocolate Covered Katie)
  • 3 Stonyfield Organic Nonfat yogurts (French Vanilla, Lemon & Peach)
  • Bag of mixed veggies
  • Yellow onion
  • Bag of spinach
  • Mango
  • Strawberries
  • Bluebs
  • Avocado 

Taking a cue from my bloggy bud Angharad of Eating for England, I showed ya all my goods and now here is le grand total…

That would be $20.84 my friends

That would be $20.84 my friends

Click here to take the grocery challenge!  I usually budget about $50 on food – groceries + eating out included.  Therefore, I gots about another $30 to work with this week. We’ll see where it takes us!

This week promises to be another busy one.  I am taking care of my cousin’s dog this week along with…


Tuesday: 12-mile run (make-up from this weekend)
Wednesday: Last beach volleyball game before play-offs
Thursday: Hang with my London mate/bestie Charlotte
Friday: Possible shopping excursion for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (CANNOT miss this!)
Saturday: Wedding time for my mom’s best friend’s son + 13-mile run


Whew…I’m tired already. I’ve got to get some sleep to read all your lovely comments and catch-up on blog reading tomorrow – night y’all!

Are you right-or left-brained?  I am totally interested to see where people fall on the spectrum!


35 Responses to “Right or Left-Brained?”

  1. i honestly think i am straight down the middle, brain wise!

  2. right handed, right brained. All the way!

    i think I am grocery shopping at the wrong store (wrong county?!) I spend about that much on spinach and mushrooms alone in a week! (or maybe I just eat crazy amounts of spinach and mushrooms 😛 )

  3. buffmuffy Says:

    Interesting. I can normally do well with groceries unless I buy bars. and I like me some bars … they just add up so fast. my goal is to spend less than 30$ tomorrow at whole foods – i know im buying at least 4 bottles of kombucha already so that only leaves with 15$ left but I have coupons … 🙂
    anyway, i am a combo brain i think. i have very meticulous left brained sides to me and i am also very artistic and creative. i just have an overactive brain because i always need to be doing something. or multitasking. its hard for me not to!
    lol, have a great day.

  4. My grocery bills have been a little insane recently. Not buying any meat certainly offsets it somewhat, but recently I’ve been buying stuff like hempseeds, hemp oil, coconut oil. This stuff adds up quick!

  5. VeggieGirl Says:

    Definitely left-brained!!

  6. tiponz Says:

    hey holly- quick question- i know you made those pb + pretzel blondies- it calls for 1/5 C of peanut butter pretzels- is that 1/5 C of the actual pretzels and then you crush them? or is it 1/5 C of the crushed pretzels? or does it not matter? haha

    • Holly Says:

      i used 1/5 cup pretzels already crushed (meaning i crushed them, then measured them).

      hope this helps girlie!

  7. Whit Says:

    I am impressed with your grocery total. Wow! Mine is usually around $50-$70, but I usually go every two weeks and stock up a bit.

    In the brain thing, I must be right brained because I needed to google it. 😀

  8. ksgoodeats Says:

    There were Annie’s at the salad bar?! I love that!! I haaaaaate putting clothes away but my closet MUST be color coordinated and seasonally coordinated within the colors (i.e. my red shirts have to start with tanks -> short sleeves -> quarter length -> long sleeves -> sweaters).

    I googled it and I’d have to say I’m a lefty-Lucy 🙂

  9. caitsplate Says:

    First of all – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the title of this blog!! 🙂

    Second of all – there’s nothing better than a ginormous salad! Looks delish!

  10. brandi Says:

    great grocery trip!

    isn’t it usually that you’re the opposite of what hand you write with? I think I remember that.

    anyway, I don’t know ,but I’m lefthanded if that helps 🙂

  11. jenngirl Says:

    Woo glad you had such a good weekend, looks like you’ve definitely got another fun week on the way!

    I budget about $50 for groceries too, I wish I could do it as efficiently as you though! Oh well, I’m a work in progress 🙂

    While I am very emotional and subjective when it comes to certain things, I think I’m definitely more left-brained. I thrive on rationalizations, logical solutions, and clear definitions.

  12. justine Says:

    Is it possible to be both brained? Or maybe I just have multiple personalities? Who knows right? Thats a pretty good total. Is that gonna last you all week. Multiply that by about 6 and thats my weekly grocery bill.


  13. Abby Says:

    I’m with Justine…I’m at the store 4-5 times a week for produce (a HUGE chunk of the bill) and necessities (and by necessities, I mean hummus, yogurt, etc.).

    As for the brain question, there are times I question whether or not I use either side. Oy…

  14. Katharina Says:

    Well supposedly since I’m left-HANDED, I’m special lol. I think this also means I tend to be more right-brained. But being German, I’ve got left-brained tendencies hehe 😉

    I’m pretty on top of things when it comes to budgeting my spending on food. That reminds me, I still haven’t gone to one of the farmer’s markets in Richmond. There’s one that’s right by this beautiful train station and the neatest cafe downtown. They also do an annual winter market complete with the smell of baked goods and hot chocolate.

    Next time you go somewhere, pack me in your suitcase – I’ll make myself fit somehow lol.

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING NORDSTROM’S SALE!!! They had a good one this past weekend too. I hope I’m not becoming a shop-a-holic again lol.

  15. I think I’m definitely left brained – I love routines!! Your trip to Chicago looks like a lot of fun – shopping and eating yummy food with lady friends is the best 🙂

  16. Anne K. Says:

    I’m left brain with some right brain, I think. I just took a quiz, haha! That salad looks awesome–love the cheddar bunnies 😀

  17. april Says:

    That salad looks amazing! So many yummy add-ins!

    I have no clue which brain I am lol!

  18. Angharad Says:

    Ok, I need list form too:
    1) I am very blatantly saving the PB Cookie Lara til last! I know I’m funna wunna marry it.

    2) Fun that you’re looking after your cousin’s apartment! We should totally get together. Fun eating, drinking and beaching options abound!

    3) Nye’s t-shirt=fabulous, no? We went there after we got hitched and someone bought those for us. Dan hearts his. Haha.

    4) I’m so jealous of your shopping/eating extravaganza weekend. Someone take me on vacay NOW! Really impressed with your grocery total.

    5) I need to google this left/right thing, hold on….ok I just took a quiz and I am 45% left brained and 55% right brained! Pretty darn even, which makes me happy cos I feel like I’m both. I’m a complete dreamer, wanderer, artsy type BUT I like lists, organization, and I blog about healthy living. Hah.

  19. Faith Says:

    I love Dominex eggplant cutlets, they’re so versatile (recipe-wise) and tasty! Sounds like a fun week! 🙂

  20. Special K Says:

    Totally right brained…except for Tuesday. On that day, I try to be more of a lefty (hee hee, it usually doesn’t work).
    Eggplant Cutlets from TJ’s are THE BEST ever! and have you tried the maple yogurt yet?

  21. Traci Says:

    Think I’m leaning towards left brained, but tend to also be intuitive. And that’s so funny with your closet. I do the same exact thing! My closet it organized by type (dresses, pants, shirts etc) and then organized by color within each. Sounds weird when I type it out! People think I’m nuts. But really it makes life easier! Glad you have an awesome weekend!

  22. Sarah Says:

    Mm, I love Kowalski’s salad and hot bar. So good, but easy for me to go overboard!

    I don’t know if I am right or left brained. I seem to have a little of both…

  23. lowandbhold Says:

    I’m with ya! I am totally ready to get back into a routine!

    I think I’m more right-brained but I pretty anal about a lot of things so I’m a little lefty ;)!

    What a busy/fun week!

  24. homegirlcaneat Says:

    Sh!t! I actually have no idea what side of the brain I be! I am kind of both…but then I am still confused. And I just wanna know so I just yell from the rooftop, “I LOVE MY ____ BRAIN”

  25. Tay Says:

    HA I love color coordinating my closet! My sister totally made fun of me for that this weekend – but it makes life so much easier!!

    I definitely googled right vs left brained (so I guess I’m right brained?). But the quiz I took told me I was 50/50! So who knows.

    I am DOWN for that grocery challenge! Checkin’ it out now!

  26. Kailey Says:

    huge salads for dinner are amazing 🙂
    love how many veggies you have too!!
    have a great run tomorrow!

  27. Right brained with random switches to being left brained, if there is such a thing. 🙂
    Looks like a busy and fun week for you. Have a great week ahead!

  28. I would have been ECSTATIC about the annies bunnies! Haha…love those little things. 😀

    I think I’m somewhere in the middle for the left vs. right brain thing, if that’s at all possible. 😉

  29. Matt Says:

    I thrive on a routine. Haha.


  30. janetha Says:

    looks like you know how to bargain shop! and i would love to nosh on that salad, it looks divine. your week plan is shaping up nicely! glad you got in some vacay time 🙂 ohhh and 12 miles.. you go girl!

  31. Jenny Says:

    i am totally right brained — in fact, i’m not so sure my left brain exists.

    nordtroms sale?! how did i not know about this?! thanks for the 411 boo!

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