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All Cranked Up July 15, 2009

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My neck that is.

Ugh, I woke up this morning, and literally YELPED in pain trying to move my head.  No morning run, no morning yoga, no morning sleep.  Holly is not happy when her AM starts like this.

However, she does perk up significantly with breakfasts like this…


PB+B on toasted Ezek...I needed some cheering up.

Since I arrived at work at bright and early time of 7am (figuring, I would make myself useful since I couldn’t sleep), I most def needed a morning snack – the hangry beast in me was roaring by 10am.


Zoe Foods Heavenly Apple Bar with AB frosting

I polished off the remaining AB by squeezing it from its pipe (a.k.a Ziploc baggie) and literally SQUEALED out loud again in pain.  First of numerous neck spasms of the day.  What up with dat? 

Did I sleep on it wrong?  Have I been keeping poor posture at work all day?  Do I have some exotic disease that is slowly eating away at my muscles and causing my nerves to pinch which will eventually end up with me having a forever frozen neck?  Hmmmmm…

A parfait a la K


Vanilla yogurt, Banana Nut Cheerios, sprinkle o' flax + a mountain of blueberry love.

And a TJ”s Fiberful Fruit Leather in Apricot from my mom, who I got to meet for lunch along with sissy #3.  However, I didn’t eat with them (already had 1/2 of lunch ^^^^) and was pretty mad about that, because we ended up meeting at Chipotle.  I totes bet that would have made my neck feel 10x better.


6 grams of fiber in this baby!

More grazing and neck cranking…


Oops...where did all the raisins go?

baby spinach
alfalfa sprouts
heirloom tomatoes
cinnamon-roasted chickpeas
Newman’s Sesame Ginger vinaigrette


A salad for afternoon snack? YEPPERS!

After a bit of a slow day of worksky, I was soooo excited to meet our bloggy gal Angharad from Eating for England out at one of my fave healthy joints – Good Earth Cafe!  Now, after meeting her, I can tell you that this gal is just as lovely, funny and fabulously British as she seems on her blog!  We literally chatted for 2 1/2 hours about anything and everything over some delicious, droolworthy and delectable food…such a jolly good time!


Assorted bread & crackers + hummus & EVOO

Assorted bread & crackers + hummus & EVOO

 Main Course


Angharad's Meal: Curry Dusted Mahi-Mahi (with veggies in a spicy coconut curry sauce)


My Meal: Veggie Enchiladas (with brown rice, avocado & salsa)

And of course….DESSERT!!!


Carrot Cake (nuff' said)

And that lil’ lady even brought me a sample of the Kashi Mocha Almond Bar, which I am insanely anxious to try at work tomorrow!  We’ve definitely already planned meet-up #2 :).

Now, this gal has got work to  do:  clean, pack for Chicago (yep, didn’t do that last night!) and get all my ish together before I leave for CHI-TOWN tomorrow after work.  Woowoo!  I didn’t get my run in this morning, but I am hoping if my neck feels better tomorrow morning – I will run 3 or 6 miles (errr…haven’t decided) in the AM.  We’ll see what happens – this gal has got to get back on marathon schedule…and fast!


31 Responses to “All Cranked Up”

  1. Whit Says:

    I hear you on the running. This gal has got to get back on schedule too! Which means she should quit reading blogs and go to bed…what?!?!

  2. April (Foods of April) Says:

    As long as you don’t have a fever I think you don’t have a deadly disease 😀 At least I sure hope not! lol.

    One time in middle school I woke up and started to take a shower.. I turned my neck and it hurt like heck! I couldn’t move my neck the rest of the day.. so weird!

    Hope your neck pain goes away and you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  3. I hope your neck will feel better soon!

    Dinner sounds fabulous; and how cool to meet up with another blogger… 🙂

    Have a great trip!

  4. Anne K. Says:

    So sorry about your neck! You could try icing it if it’s not better in the morning. Or heat, if the ice is painful or doesn’t help. I hope it feels better though!

    Your eats look delicious! I love your breakfast, salad, dinner, dessert… yum! Haha. Good luck packing!

  5. what a fun dinner – sorry about your neck….

  6. Katharina Says:

    Oh nooo! I hope your neck feels better. I don’t know which is better to do.. hot or cold compresses?

    I love Newman’s Sesame Ginger dressing. I like to eat veggies as part of my snacks too 😀 The more the merrier, right?

    I’ve never been to Chicago sooo I’m going to live vicariously through you. My dad’s boss is from there and his mom is supposedly the best Indian chef in the area.. and she was suppose to teach me some tricks of the trade! Alas, I haven’t gotten to that yet.. one day.. one day.

  7. Angharad Says:

    Love, it was so good to hang out in person! I will definitely have to take you to Birchwood soon! Thanks so much again for the Larabars – I had fun photo-ing them when I got home! Can’t wait to try and give you my opinion! Ha.

    By the way, I’m still pretty full….a good night’s sleep ahead at least! Nighty night x

  8. burpexcuzme Says:

    Oh, that’s the worst thing! Having a crink in the neck totally sucks! But the good thing is they should be gone the next day…I hope!
    wow, those enchiladas look gooood! I’ve never had an enchilada before, can you believe it?

  9. JB Says:

    everything looks great! especially those veggie enchiladas! and i hope your neck feels better! by the way, i always pack for things at the last minute. i’m such a procrastinator. even when i think i’m on top of things and start planning ahead of time, i seem to always be rushing in the end! have a lovely rest of your night, girl! 🙂


  10. Tay Says:

    Eeeeee I hope your neck heals up quickly. That is no fun!

    But I’m sure that carrot cake made it much better, yes? Looks amazing!

  11. ack, hope your neck feels better! I get that when I sleep funny. No fun 😦

    Day sounds fab- blog meet-ups are so much fun! Your dinner looks great, and carrot cake? Yeah…’nuff said. That’s good stuff. I have a carrot cake clif bar in my bag for later but it’s suddenly not so appealing 😛

    Have a great Thursday!

  12. buffmuffy Says:

    carrot cake is my favorite!
    or maybe it is the icing …. LOL

  13. Alison Says:

    Awww kiddo I’m so sorry about your neck! I bet the carrot cake had healing powers and you’ll be feeling like yourself this morning. Hope you get your run in and have an AWESOME time in Chicago!!

  14. i’ve got a sore neck, too! although mine isn’t totally random — i think it’s from that time one sunday (or like four days ago!) that i took a nasty spill while riding my bike and came crashing to the ground. hah! i’m silly. anyway, i think rest is the best thing for these sorts of things, so please take it easy!

    the enchiladas look uh-maze-ing. i love me some mexican food. enjoy chicago!

  15. Hi! I got here from Angharad’s blog and yours is too funny. I especially like the “this and that” posts. 😛
    Awww, sorry to hear about your neck pain and hope it goes away soon. Enjoy Chicago!

  16. Fun meetup + Good food = FUN time! 🙂 Looks like an awesome day!

    I hope your neck is feeling better soon!! Sometimes if I sleep weird for a night, my neck kills all day long but doesn’t feel anything the next morning. So hopefully that is the case for you too!!

    The enchiladas look incredibly delicious…I love me some mexican food! 😀

  17. ksgoodeats Says:

    YUM to that carrot cake! Glad you two had a great lunch!!

    WOOHOO for the parfait! Sounds delicious! I hate when I get mystery neck pains – I hope it’s feeling better. If you can tolerate it, I usually put heat on mine to help ease the muscles a little bit.

  18. brandi Says:

    what a fun dinner!

    i hope your neck feels better – i hate when i just wake up in pain.

  19. lilveggiepatch Says:

    Salad snack sounds A-OK to me! I LOVE all of the restaurant meals… curried mahi mahi? VEGGIE ENCHILADAS?! Yes please!

  20. Your dinner meet up sounds fantastic! Love that carrot cake….mmm. hope the head and neck feel better today!

  21. Sorry your neck hurts!! That’s no fun at all.

    I have met a few blogger in person and its so much fun to talk face to face after you feel like you “know” the person from their blog! How fun is that?

    Have a great day!

  22. Faith Says:

    Roasted chickpeas sound so good, I’ve got to try that! Yum, enchiladas! 🙂

  23. Oh! I love your afternoon snack. It looks so delicious. Carrot cake is always divine. I have to keep it out of my house. NOt only do I consume it in large quantities, but my roommate does as well.

  24. homegirlcaneat Says:

    Ick! Neck/back pain is the story of my life when I am stressed! aka: SCHOOL and WORK! I am constantly rolling my neck around to get about the cranks and shiz. No bueno.

    I ate some pb/banana/wheat toast for lunch yestaday! I was just craving and it was wonderful…because I was using white chocolate wonderful. And just because it’s bananas and pb! HOLLA!

  25. Traci Says:

    I feel your pain with the neck. Mine acts up from time to time still from a car accident 2 years ago (5 cars yikes!). I find that a warm compress works best and Biofreeze( is also a great product you spray on. Its made with natural extracts and oils. My chiropractor turned me onto it. Works great. Try putting a damp cloth in the micro for a few secs and place on your neck. The moist heat should loosen it up. Good Luck Holly!

  26. jenngirl Says:

    Okay, nut butter as an icing on top of a snack bar is genius!! Definitely gunna try this one!

    Glad you had a fun dinner, and I hope you’re feeling better for your trip!! Always wanted to go to Chi-Town, hear it’s fabulous!

  27. […] tried this new Kashi dude, courtesy of Angharad of Eating for England, who I met up with last night for a delectably delicious bloggy dinner.  The verdict?  Well, as soon as I opened it up, the […]

  28. janetha Says:

    i am a procrastination station when it comes to packing too! i find i pack the best under pressure, because then i take everything i can possibly fit into my bag and have lots to choose from when i get to my destination (so what if i have to pay $75 in overweight luggage fees?!) dude what up with the neck nonsense? sounds no bueno, i am really hoping it is not an exotic disease. exotic men=good, exotic diseases=bad. i think all bloggers should come to the SLC so i can have a rad meet up sesh. and bring restaurants like the one you went to with ang!

    • Holly Says:

      ooohhhh i would love to come to the SLC…i haven’t ventured into the land of salt since i was like 8. we would have such a killer time!

  29. Kailey Says:

    wow I am so sorry to hear about your neck! Sounds so painful! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  30. Holly Says:

    thanks for all the well wishes on the neck everyone! it’s feeling SO MUCH better 🙂

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