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A Day of Firsts July 13, 2009

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Hold on kiddos…first things first!  The Bachelorette is tonight…woowoo!  I am hoping for some major drama tonight, because quite frankly, my life is boring.  I am really a 70-year-old lady who likes drinking tea, eating prunes and going to bed by 10pm in the body of a 24-year old. Therefore, I must live vicariously through Jillian and her men.


Brekkie: My FIRST bowl of Overnight Oats!

The lovely bowl included:

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 (4-oz.) container Stonyfield Yo Baby peach yogurt
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

(soaked overnight)

1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup Zoe’s Honey Almond granola
scoop TJ’s raw AB

After seeing these oats almost everywhere in the blogosphere, I am soooo glad I finally gave them a whirl.  They were the perfect bowl of oats for summer – cool, refreshing and seriously delicious (especially with all those toppings!).  Next time, the only thing I would change is to add 1/4 cup milk (instead of 1/2) and buy grown-up girl yogurt (I didn’t know the Yo Baby was whole milk yogurt.  However, I did know that I had an awesome coupon).


Lunch: My FIRST PB+B sammie!

Who am I kidding?  It was more like my 1,423,096th PB+B sammie.


Lunch: My FIRST heirloom tomatoes of the season.

Aren’t these juicy gems gorgeous?  I picked these lovelies up as soon as I saw them – everyone needs a little extra color in their lives.  Especially in tomato form.

After lunch, I took a lovely 1/2 hour walk taking a new route for the FIRST time.  It was absolutely marvelous out today – 70’s, sunny and extremely pleasant.  Glo-ho-ho-horious (to the tune of Notorious, of course)!


Snack: My FIRST handful of PB+AB+J trail mix of the day.

That one’s not technically a first yet; I haven’t had my second handful.  However, I stand by my word because I am sure that 2nd handful will come during an ABC commercial break this evening.


Snack #2: My FIRST taste of Stonyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt.

Ummm…hello?  Why haven’t I seen this on more blogs?  It is absolutely, ridiculously chocolatey deliciousness at it’s finest healthiest.  My dear co-worked Lori brought it for me today, because she was eating it last week and this gal was intrigued. Shout-out to Lori T. for being such a thoughtful, fun cubicle friend (and for reading my blog) :)!  Topped with some raisins, it was good.  I am thinking it might even be better frozen…chocolate froyo, anyone?


Dinner: My FIRST kabocha squash + my FIRST time roasting chickpeas.

I won’t lie to you – this might be one of my best junk salad concoctions yet, including:

2 cups spinach
1/4 cup carrots
1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts
1/8 steamed kabocha squash
1/2 cup chickpeas (roasted in EVOO, honey + cinnamon)
drizzle of EVOO + honey
sprinkle of cinnamon

Dinner: My FIRST kabocha + AB combo.

Dinner: My FIRST kabocha + AB combo.

I knew I had to finish off dinner with a bit of this, and oh my – NEW FAVORITE COMBO ALERT!  And that is saying a lot from a girl who loves her combos.  You bet your buns kabocha + AB will be making an appearance tomorrow morning for breakfast. Mark my words.

Agenda for this evening…

The Bachelorette + Yoga for Runners from Polly (during commercials) + snack (most likely, another handful of AB+PB+J trail mix and some grapes) + job apps + early bedtime.  I’m channeling Matt and getting out the door early in the AM for a 3-mile run!

Happy Monday night to y’all, especially to all you Bachelorette watchers ;).


43 Responses to “A Day of Firsts”

  1. traveleatlove Says:

    Haha. . . watching The Bachelorette and reading/responding to blog comments is the highlight of my Monday! 🙂
    LOVE the heirloom tomatoes too. I love the way they look (and taste!)

  2. Julie Says:

    So the overnight oats you dont heat up? Do the oats get soft enough??

    I’ve never seen that chocolate yogurt .. sounds deliciousssss

    • Holly Says:

      I think you can heat them up, but I don’t – it’s a nice refreshing, summer change from warm oats. They definitely get soft enough, and with the yogurt, they are super creamy. Definitely worth a shot!

  3. VeggieGirl Says:

    HELL YES for ‘The Bachelorette’ and for Polly’s yoga videos!! Both are part of my evening tonight too 😀

  4. Matt Says:

    Your butt better be out the door tomorrow! If not I will hunt you down 🙂

    You actually kind of scared me when you said that was your first PB and banana sandwhich… 24 years is too long without one!

  5. Kathleen Says:

    Um…I am totally a g-ma too, so haha, don’t feel bad at allll.

  6. lowandbhold Says:

    I totally live vicariously through Jillian too. I don’t date, i just watch dating shows ; )

    Love all the firsts! I’m planning to buy kabocha when I get back from Virginia!

  7. April (Foods of April) Says:

    I think it’s worse that an 18 year old is in bed by 10 and eating prunes!! lol.

    Awesome looking salad! I have yet to add winter squash to a salad.. don’t ask me why! I must try that.

    And yummy overnight oats! I enjoyed some today as well!

  8. Whit Says:

    Haha, I must be 70 too! And here I was feeling old at 23…

  9. hayleycepeda Says:

    Your meals are definitely drool-worthy. I have GOT to try this kabocha stuff…

  10. Anna Says:

    What a delicious oaty combo! I’ve gotta try it. I’ve been seeing oats everywhere on these blogs too, and I guess its about time I follow the trend! Great salad too!!

  11. Anne K. Says:

    Yay for overnight oats. I LOVE adding sliced banana to mine and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. It adds so much flavor, and it’s my favorite part 😀 That salad looks amazing! And I need to try kabocha and AB, it sounds so good 🙂

  12. Tay Says:

    Watching the bach as I type!!

    When I first read “your first PB&B sandwich” my jaw dropped. I was all seriously girl!? Then I saw you were just kiddin’…don’t tease me like that ! I was in shock! 😉

  13. Katharina Says:

    Hurray for overnight oats! Perfect bowl of oats for summer 😀 I make this one that tastes like something that Greek gods would eat.. probably have eaten 😉

    Everything you ate sounds so so SOOOO freaking delicious. Roasted chickpeas are the bomb. I love incorporating things that have been cooked into my salads. I also like grilling my PB&B’s.

  14. Your dinner looks soooo good! I still haven’t made kabocha…

  15. glidingcalm Says:

    I still havent tried kabocha!!!

    I honestly want to reach through my screen and steal all of those tomatoes though!! 🙂

  16. janetha Says:

    haha ok i was in a little bit of shock when you said it was your first PB&B! i am glad you were foolin. do you ever try to grill your PB&B? nom nom nom.. melty and splendid! i still have a kabocha staring at me waiting to be eaten. maybe you’ve inspired me? i mean.. you did claim best combo EVER. that is a big deal. loved all the firsts!

    • Holly Says:

      Grilling my PB+B – after yours and many other suggestions – is most def next on my to-do list!

  17. buffmuffy Says:

    Dang I am so jealous, i can’t find kabocha anywhere 😦
    I want to try overnight oats but i keep forgetting. Lol.

  18. Bach was so good!!! They fooled us though, i’m not sure if the bedroom scene was as “INTENSE” as they made it out to be! I’m still confused as to what really happened!! But I KNEW that Ed was involved somehow!!! Hmmmm….

    Lovin’ the overnight oats, you gotta try a bowl with some banana left in overnight. It blends with the oats and cinn realllly well!

    And YUM…pb&b’s are amazing…..the combination of pb and banana will always be amazing. ‘Nuff said! Oh, and your salad looks gorgeous. 🙂

  19. Maggie Says:

    yayyyy kabocha 🙂

    • Holly Says:

      thanks for all the tips my dear – my first kabocha experience was absolutely finger-lickin’ tasty. can’t wait to make some fries now! 🙂

  20. Alison Says:

    I have TWO Kabochas on my counter as I type but have yet to do anything with them because I haven’t found the motivation on how to prepare them. So you steam it? OK, gonna have to cut one of those suckers open and give a whirl.

    YAY overnights rock! Welcome to the other side.

  21. Abby Says:

    I just discovered overnight oats a couple months ago and it’s changed my “bring breakfast to work” life forever. And like everyone else, I almost crapped kittens when I thought it was seriously your first PB &B sandwich–BEST FOOD EVER (especially grilled).

    I’ve yet to attempt kabocha in any form, but considering everyone else is doing it, I might have to give in to peer pressure and hunt one down (before 10 pm of course, considering I am also an old lady in bed early, dreaming of my next meal that will most likely include more fiber than necessary for a 28-year old).

    And like an old lady, I’m rambling…

  22. tiponz Says:

    guess what i tried for breakfast this morning??? Mashed up banana with cinnamon on top of a bagel smothered with PB! SOO GOOD!!!!!

  23. ksgoodeats Says:

    That ensalada for dinner looks SERIOUSLY good! I haven’t roasted chickpeas yet but I’ve heard wonderful things about it!

    We’re having similar mornings today! Well, as soon as I get off the blogs 😉

  24. Kabocha looks delish! I really hope it pops up in a grocery store around here at some point, because I’m DYING to try it out!

    And those heirlooms are georgeous! Aren’t they simply amazing?

  25. runandrejoice Says:

    I LOVE overnight oats! My favorite is mixing them with 1/2c. 2% Fage, a sliced banana, and a drizzle of maple syrup + granola for crunch. Mmmm!!

  26. Matt Says:

    Good job on the run today! I had to get up at 4:30 to run before my test. It is not even 10 yet and I am ready for a friggin nap!

    You better be out there tomorrow too!

  27. mponz Says:

    I need to try some overnight oats…i don’t know what’s holding me back!

  28. brandi Says:

    alright I need a kabocha already 🙂 your day of eats looks awesome! I have NEVER seen a chocolate yogurt!

  29. Angharad Says:

    1. The overnight oats sound awesome! I still haven’t tried breakfast cookies though…I need to pace myself!

    2. Also, love the kabocha combo – err, check my blog later for some AB news!

    3. I am a total gran. And yes you can borrow Dan. Ok, maybe I should ask him first but I’m pretty sure he’ll be cool with it. He is actually an amazing cook! Score!

    4. Glad you’re up for the sleep challenge! Rock on grandma’s!

  30. specialkphd Says:

    I still have yet to try those oats…but I DID try adding cocoa powder to my greek yogurt yesterday. YUM-o!
    Hey, if you’re up for a new challenge, check out my giveaway

  31. I love overnight oats, and the chocolate underground yogurt is delicious! I can’t get it here so am making do with plain yogurt and cocoa powder…not the same!

  32. I think you are my midwestern twin! I drank herbal tea and ate prunes yesterday and called it the “senior citizen special”. Also I love pb + banana sammies, obviously. Love your chickpea salad – looks delicious!

  33. Ruth Says:

    I didn’t get to watch it last night ;( I am going to watch the bachelorette online right now… hope its post already!

  34. […] I forget, Holly tried her first kabocha! She loved it (duh). I’m doing well with my kabocha challenge (eating less of it) – the […]

  35. Faith Says:

    That salad is GORGEOUS! I’ve actually never tried kabocha, but I’m dying to!

  36. homegirlcaneat Says:

    Shoooo MA! I have a lot to say about this post…

    FIRST OFF (ha ha), overnight oats be looking bossy. Anything that involves almond butta and granola be bossy tho.

    PB&J trail mix??? WHERE I BUY?

    CHOCOLATE YOGURT!! I am putting this on my g-list. For some weird reason I can already taste it in my mouth..which means at some point in my life I must have had something like it.

    kabocha!!!! I still need one…with AB AB AB!

  37. Your tomatoes look amazing! I love fresh maters, I’m jealous! You really are the salad queen. That salad is just ridiculous. lol.

  38. wow – you really devirginized yourself from a lot of things on this post….

  39. peanutbutterandjenny Says:

    why do i have a feeling all of your firsts definitely won’t be your lasts?! i ❤ thoes PB&J almonds — fortunately there all gone now so i've stopped frequenting the bag 8+ times a day… woops!

    I've gotta try that underground yogurt.. sounds serious 😉 seriously sinful that is! *awkardly laughs at lame humor attempt*

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