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Lessons Learned at the Cabin… July 12, 2009

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…a.k.a. MY 100th POST!!!

Before I enlighten you all with some wisdom for the ages, I just wanted to say thank you to ALL OF YOU (yeah, you!) for supporting, reading, commenting, offering advice, helping out and ultimately, making it possible for me to get to 100 posts.  Thank y’all so much – here’s to another 100!


Life lessons learned this weekend…

(1) Better to eat your fruits and veggies BEFORE a cabin weekend, because unfortunately, beer doesn’t count as a serving of grains, Cheetos are of no calcium or dairy value and Twizzlers (although cherry-flavored), make no dent for your RDA of fruits.


Friday Dinner Part 1: spinach, carrots, sprouts, strawberries, walnuts + EVOO/honey dressing.


Friday Dinner Part 2: toasted Ezek, PB, smashed banana + cinnamon.

(2) Small town Minnesota just isn’t given the credit it deserves.  I mean, where else would you find a Swedish tea kettle water tower emblazoned with, “Valkommen lill Lindstrom”?

Lindstrom's sister city is Tingsryd, Sweden, FYI.

Lindstrom's sister city is Tingsryd, Sweden, FYI.

(3) During a dive bar pub crawl, it’s best to stop taking pictures after beer #3.  That way, you still look fresh and fabulous in all your pictures (even if you don’t feel like that the next day).


Beer #1 at Blacksmiths...looking fresh-faced and smiley.


Beer #3 at Indianhead: Still smiling, having fun and looking totally with-it.

You see, now didn’t we look fabulous all evening? 😉

(4) There is one exception to rule #3: even if you are past (or well-past) beer #3, singing karaoke at The Thirsty Otter bar for Michael Jackson tribute night ALWAYS requires a picture – even if you look completely drunk doing it.  I learned this one the hard way.  There is no picture on my camera of Megan & I’s stunning rendition of “The Way You Make Me Feel” :(.

(5) Boat snacks do not have to include junk food; they can actually be rather healthy.


TJ's trail mix - always a winner!


Whole wheat pita chips + roasted red pepper hummus: the snack of champion boaters everywhere.

(6) Even though it’s the cabin, I still need to try and look in a mirror once or twice.


Note to self: stop scaring the children with Medusa hair.

(7) To each his own.  Just because someone says they love pineapple wine and bought 8 bottles of it from Hawaii, that doesn’t mean you will like pineapple wine (which I didn’t, for the record).


Finished maybe 1/2?

(8) And most disappointingly, charge your camera BEFORE going away for a cabin weekend.  Otherwise, the world misses out on the crab/lobster/scallop feast of Saturday night followed by gourmet salads and an array of desserts, including Banana Cream Cheesecake, Chocolate Molten Cake and Apple Cherry Crisp, and ending with a ginormous food baby.  I’m am so sorry there is no pic – but trust me, it was completely delish ;).


Now, it’s back to reality.  Of course, I didn’t eat the best these past two days (lots of unhealthy food went unphotographed) but ya know what?  That’s what the cabin is for.  No guilt, just back the norm routine.  After a breakfast of cereal, blueberries + skim milk and a Subway veggie sammie lunch with Grandpa, this lady has a crapload to do.  However, I did make sure to make a TJ’s run on my way home.  This one’s for you Miss Jenny – look at my new Trader Joe’s find!


Peanuts, berries (dried strawberries & raspberries to be exact) and almonds – it’s like a PB+AB+J sammie!  Does it get any better than that? Review to come on this pronto, I promise!  TJ’s also had a 2 lb. container of blueberries for $5.49 – SCORE! It’s going to be a berry-licious week (worst corny joke ever, I know).

This afternoon, I just had to try my new AB+PB+J mix I picked up at TJ’s so I poured me a nice 1/4 cup serving…


The verdict?  YUM, YUM, YUM!  The dried berry combo added to the peanuts & almonds was addicting, as in this could be my new go-to crack snack.  I HIGHLY recommend you go out and buy this gem of a trail mix.  There are no added oils in the mix, and it is sweetened with evaporated cane juice ~ TJ’s, you are a genius.

Dindin was a junk salad

1/4 cup carrots
alfalfa sprouts
handful grapes
handful blueberries
crushed walnuts
drizzle EVOO + honey


I swear, junk salads are best – just throw in whatever you have and enjoy!

Then it was running time.  The run was fine – I ran a little less than 7 miles in just over an hour.  But I do have to say, it is an absolutely gorgeous night out, which always makes running easier.  When I got home, I knew it was time to try my new box of Banana Nut Cheerios.  With a healthy splash of vanilla almond milk…


The verdict on these babies?  Do you love banana nut muffins? Because if so, you will LOVE these as I did.  They have the perfect amount of banana nut flavor and almost felt more like a dessert than a bowl of cereal.  I devoured them in about 3 minutes flat.  Let’s take a closer look however…

– 25% RDA iron/50% RDA folic acid (per serving)
– Flavored with banana puree (not fake banana flava)

– 2nd ingredient is sugar
– Corn syrup is one of the ingredients

    Overall, I think I would buy these every once in awhile.  I wouldn’t make it my go-to cereal, because with 1 gram protein/1 gram fiber, I don’t think it will hold me over for very long.  However, for a late night snack, afternoon munchies or topping perhaps on yogurt, these babies are delish!

    Sunday’s to-do list:

    1. Laundry
    2. E-mails
    3. Run 7 miles (found out my long run is actually 7 – not 9 – miles this week!)
    4. Clean room
    5. Job applications
    6. Make a veggie-ful dinner
    7. Catch up on blog reading/blog dinner
    8. BED!!!

    Now off to finish my to-do list…gotta fold laundry, finish some job apps and finish catching up on blogs!

    What was the highlight of your weekend?  Mine was definitely the dive bar pub crawl of Friday night – karaoke + Michael Jackson tribute night + family fun at the bar = A GOOD TIME.


    Don’t forget to click here and enter for the chance to win a free box of the new Banana Nut Cheerios…I know y’all love free stuff (because I do) so get clickin’ now!  You have until 8am tomorrow CST when the winner is announced!


    31 Responses to “Lessons Learned at the Cabin…”

    1. jenngirl Says:

      Thanks for sharing the life lessons, all very good ones. Glad you had such a fun weekend!!

      And oh my that TJ’s find sounds incredible 😉

    2. VeggieGirl Says:

      Happy 100th post and thanks for the lessons!! Great information.

    3. lowandbhold Says:

      Yay for your 100th post! That’s awesome! I love the list and can especially relate to #3!

    4. happy 100th! and you’re right – sometimes you gotta just sit back relax, and not snap away at everything you’ve eaten!

    5. peanutbutterandjenny Says:

      good golly miss Holly you are one gorgeous chick! and i adore your Medusa hair!!

      you are a regular riot with those pub pics — glad to hear you had such a great time sistah frienddd!

      happy 100th lover!! ❤

    6. ksgoodeats Says:

      YAY! Sounds like a blasty and congrats on the 100th 🙂

      That food baby sounds well worth it! I’m thinking pineapple wine sounds good but 8 bottles miiiiiight be overkill!

    7. Evan Thomas Says:

      Banana Cream Cheesecake sounds incredible

    8. Tay Says:

      Congrats on your 100th post girlfriend! Looks like you had a fab time this weekend. My highlight? Probably just chilin’ with the roommies! Bars on Friday, beach yesterday, hike today…beautiful weekend!

      And I LOVE good blueberry deals. Just picked up a 2.75 lb today for $5.99 at Costco! LOVES IT!

    9. Faith Says:

      Congrats on your 100th!!! I love the giant tea kettle! Looks like a really fun weekend!

    10. I sampled the pb & j trail mix last week, they definitely have a dominant jelly taste, but still delish, no?!

      Your recap in list-form was amazing. I wish I could have seen a VIDEO of you singing MJ classics. That’s one of my fave songs! 🙂

      Congrats on the 100th post, and loveee the medusa hair! From one curly-haired sista to anothaaaa.

      • Holly Says:

        Most def lots of jelly, but it’s a good change up from the usual trail mix. Curly girls unite!

    11. Matt Says:

      Sounds like a fun weekend! I think the highlight of my weekend was an 18 mile run!

    12. i totally agree with number three. taking pictures before you’re really drunk makes you seem a bit more, uh, put together? meh. what does that mean anyway??

      also: your fruity salads look delicious and your hair is fantastic!

    13. Love this “Minnesota” weekend post!

    14. Anne K. Says:

      Happy 100th post! it sounds like you had a fun weekend. Your salads look so yummy–I love the fruit toppings. So summery! The highlight of my weekend… getting some nice walks outside, and finally enjoying practicing harp again 🙂

    15. April (Foods of April) Says:

      Yay for your 100th post!

      I love the recap- sounds like the cabin was fun! I want to go to a cabin now!

      I agree with you on the Cheerios.. though good those babies would never calm this appetite! lol

    16. Angharad Says:

      Congrats on your 100th post love! The highlight of my weekend was mos def brunching with Dan on his bday and then rocking out at mini-golf. So.Much.Fun.

      Oh and Cafe Maude is on 54th and Penn in south minneapolis. I would defo recommend it.

      Not sure I would love Banana Nut Cheerios. I feel like they would just taste a bit fake. Plus one of my favorite cereal combos is a real banana with original cheerios and milk…I’d just so much prefer the real thang!

      Junk salad looks the bomb. I need to get back on the health wagon tomorrow!

      Love the photos – notice I did not include many drinking photos on my bday bonanaza post – one was enough; the rest are unpublishable! HA.

      Good work on the run – knew you could do it! 😀
      It is gorgeous out tonight. I loved my run but my calves are super ache-y now….bed time!

      Really excited for wednesday!! Night love x

    17. Katharina Says:

      Congrats on your 100th post!

      Lol I laughed so much at this post. Aaand I doo really like banana nut muffins.. bread… anything really. Quakers has a banana nut oatmeal packet flavor too 😀 I made an oatmeal breakfast cookie with that baby. Ohh and today I was reading an article and it saying that it matters more the amount of sugar we have vs. the source. Some new research says that corn syrup is in the same boat other sugars line cane sugar. But to keep note of how much you’re consuming I guess. 🙂

      • Holly Says:

        Oooohhh do you have a link to that article? I would love to read it – super interesting. Thanks dear 🙂

    18. Congrats on your 100th post!!! Sounds like a fun weekend, AND you learned something… 😉

      Your junk salad looks awesome!!! I’ll have to add some blueberries to my salad next time…

    19. buffmuffy Says:

      Grats on your 100th post, and looks like you had a great time out! Yay!

    20. Whit Says:

      I love your curly hair!

      Just thought I’d let you know due to the medusa reference.

    21. brandi Says:

      congrats on the 100 posts!!!

      i love all the fruity salads 🙂 and that tj’s nuts over raspberries mix is my FAVORITE! i love it.

    22. tiponz Says:

      i still have yet to try to cinnamon/mashed banana/ezekiel combo- need to get on that! you look so cute in all of your pictures! you always look so happy in them 🙂

    23. Alison Says:

      #6 made me LOL. The same thing happens at our family cottage. When we comment on how filthy we are, the response is always “it’s the COTTAGE!”

      It’s always feels so good to get back to your regular routine after a weekend of fun.

    24. Traci Says:

      Congrats on your 100th! Sounds like an awesome weekend! Best part of mine: Friday night hanging on the beach with 10 friends, a fire pit, some cocktails, appetizers and lots of laughing! Perfect stretch of weather here in Boston…FINALLY! Have a great week!

    25. janetha Says:

      HOLLER! word up to 100 posts, i am just sad i didn’t start reading at numero uno! ok, rule #3 i could not agree more with. i think someone should just yank the camera from my grips after the 3rd beverage. lucky for me the boyf is sXe and always sober, he keeps my camera shenanigans in check! frolicing at the cabin sounded FUN.. jealous, i want a boat.. or at least someone to take me on their boat so i can devour hummus and pitas whilst basking in the sun. oh YES i lovvve that TJ’s nut mix! a bloggie pal sent me a TJs package for my birthday since i dont have one here and it was the first thing to go! sooo amazing. looks like you are knocking things off that list pretty quick. good luck with the rest, have a good day lady! xo

      • Holly Says:

        i wish i had found yours earlier too – i need a BF to keep me in check too, that would be nice…;)

    26. Kailey Says:

      congrats on your 100th post 😀

      haha that part about eating fruits and veggies before cracks me up 🙂
      junk salads = the best. hands down.

    27. Holly Says:

      Thanks to EVERYONE for the happy 100th wishes! You all are the best!

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