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Handy Dandy July 6, 2009

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Today is Monday, which means….”The Bachelorette” tonight!!!  Totally trashy?  Yes.  Totally exciting?  You know it.  I just can’t help it – I am a total sucker :).

Surprisingly, I bounded out of bed with relative ease this morning (even though that usually means an uber-cranky Tuesday morning) and gobbled up a bowl of oat bran

1/4 cup oat bran
1 tsp. honey
1/2 naner
1/2 cup blueberries
1 tsp. ground flaxseed
drizzle of maple syrup
glob o’ almond butter


Oat bran is okay to me.  With all the fixin’s, it’s not so bad, but it just doesn’t compare to regular rolled oats.

My one true love has returned on horseback in shining armor to whisk me back into his arms…oh Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter, how I’ve missed you so! May we never part ways again.  Organic, natural peanut butter…it was good while it lasted, but we both know this relationship had about as good a chance of lasting as Britney Spears’s 1st Vegas quickie marriage (and 2nd marriage for that matter…).  Raw almond butter, come to mama!

I couldn’t resist a second serving of my one true love, so I brought a AB+B on toasted Ezek for snacky…


Notice all the “hands on” food today…hence the title of the post…ya get it?

Lunch came in the form of a quickie (not that kind of quickie ;)) from my BFF Amy.  She is such a doll coming up with genius creations like Spinach Feta Pockets.  This woman just can’t go wrong.  Along with a handful (x2) of MN grown cherry tomaters, lunch was scrumpdiddlyumptious!



Lunch was spent on a glorious 1/2 hour walk outside in the bright, sunny outdoors.  Truly another gorgeous day.

Afternoon snack was the norm yogurt combo – Stonyfield Organic Vanilla yogurt, Nature Valley Honey + Oats granola bar + 3/4 cup strawberries…


On my way home, I got some sad news about one of my oldest friend’s mom.  She’s been suffering from seizures and dementia, and they aren’t sure what is wrong with her.  Please keep Patty in your thoughts and prayers!!!

However, a certain somebody must have known I needed some brightening because when I got home, I found this at the doorstep…


Thank you to Kim and the rest of y’all at Zoe Foods for the fabulous array of products!  I haven’t been able to find them anywhere around here and am so excited to try them all!  Thank you sooo much!

Dindin was an easy, peasy monster of a salad:

bed of baby spinach
1/4 cup shredded carrot
1/4 cup bean sprouts
1/2 cup garbanzo beans
1/2 cup cherry tomaters
2 pickle slices
drizzle of Hidden Valley Light Ranch


Ya gotta throw some pickles on your salad peeps – it will rock your world (almost as much as TJ’s Raw Almond Butter will). Obv I needed somethin’ more while watching “The Bach” so I debated between a bowl of Zoe’s Granola and a Zoe bar.  Da bar won out.  Chocolate peanut butter babayyy!




The verdict?  I liked it.  I didn’t love it, but it was good.  There was a slight odd taste to it, but I think that is because of the flax.  You know how flax can have that funky lil’ taste sometimes?  Otherwise, I enjoyed, because you just can’t really mess up the PB + chocolate combo.  The stats are good too: 200 calories, 8 fats (2.5 saturated), 100% of your Omega-3s, 5 fibers, 11 grams of sugar and 8 grams of protein.

The ingredients list is a bit long (I mean, what is defatted peanut flour? Palm kernel oil, sugar + natural flavors = not sure), but I would definitely buy it.  Again, not my first choice but not bad.  I am sooo pumped to try out the rest of the goods!

Taking my rest day and enjoying to the max – Bachelorette, freelance writing + leisurely walk later.  Have a fabulous evening boys and girls!


35 Responses to “Handy Dandy”

  1. The salad is just so pretty! 🙂 And I always forget about adding pickles to my salad…you’re so right, though, they add a LOT to the salad. Yum!

    Enjoy your rest day! 😀

  2. Jenny Says:

    stop pretending you made that gorgeous salad 😉 just kididng – seriously though, wow! tres gourmet miss holly!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sisters mom! My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

    major FML news — for some reason my TV is NOT working which means no bachelorette!.. blasphemy 😦 enjoy it for the both of us!

    • Holly Says:

      total FML – oh girl, i can give you a full recap if you want. just know that wes FINALLY went home and is totes more of a deutsch (sp?) than we ever realized. the scum is gone. all hail ED!

  3. ksgoodeats Says:

    Sorry to hear about Patty 😦 Hope everything is okay!!

    TJs Raw AB sounds like something I need in my life STAT! Defatted peanut flour? Who knew there was such a thing!!

    Let me know how the MI guy does on The Bachelorette!

    • Holly Says:

      i think Ed is the MI guy (i think) and he’s still on – i am betting on him to win! for reals!

  4. strivingforbalance Says:

    What exactly is oatbran?

    And I think your title is clever 🙂

    Enjoy the Bachelorette tonight!!!

  5. Angharad Says:

    That oatbran looks gooood. But I’ve never tried it before. You haven’t convinced me I should, I’ll be honest. Haha! Awesome mixings though. Good work!

  6. Your salad is gorgeous!!

  7. april Says:

    Your getting too creative with your meals! 🙂 That salad looks beautiful!

  8. Matt Says:

    I would take oatmeal over oat bran any day! I also prefer PB over almond butter 😦

  9. Awesome! I just got a box of Zoe’s granola so we’ll be blog twins!

  10. Whit Says:

    I don’t mind that you broke up with PB for AB. More PB lovin’ for me!

  11. burpexcuzme Says:

    spinach feta pockets? Wow! So cool!
    And so lucky to get some freebies! I’m sorry it didn’t completely bowl you over, though…

  12. Alison Says:

    I expect a full report on your bachelorette work out tomorrow morning! 😉

  13. Tay Says:

    Yessss Bacehlorette!! I’m watching right now 🙂

    Your salad looks so pretty!

  14. Ohhh, the bach was GREAT tonight!!! I thought the “bedroom” scene was gonna come up though, but I guess not….sooo I’ll have that to look forward for next week!

    But all the zoe’s goodies look amazing, and mmmm I love the amy’s feta pocket, it’s great with some carrots & hummus on da side!

    By the way, that oatbran looks gorgeoussss. I’ve become an almond butter addict lately. I go through phases of craving peanut butter, some pb & co flavor, sunflower seed butter or almond butter…but right now, i’m allll about the AB!

    • Holly Says:

      two things:

      (1) was really excited for the bedroom scene, then total letdown (although i am still almost positive its kiptyn!)

      (2) totally a phase eating girl…AB for ever/for now!

  15. i feel as if the raw almond butter from TJs is an acquired taste. i bought it once and thought it was nasty but want to try it again. i wonder if raw versus roasted really makes a difference nutritionally? i once heard that all nuts that are mass produced are lightly roasted even if they are sold as raw. something to ponder on an early tuesday morning… hmmmm…

    random thought: it’d be awesome to re-create amy’s snack pocket thingys. i may have to try to make that someday. maybe today. i’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Holly Says:

      i honestly think it is a bit of an acquired taste – i tried it a long time ago and remember hating it, but now i am mildly/completely obsessed. give it another go. also, let me know if you recreate those pockets because i totes want that recipe!

  16. Your salad is soooo pretty! I love eating beautiful salads – And I usually don’t remember to take a picture until after I have already destroyed it… 🙂

  17. Katharina Says:

    I hope your mom’s friend starts to feel better!

    Amy would be my BFF too if I had that pocket in my belly!! Cherry tomatoes are so perfectly sized for just popping in the mouth. Once again, the salad is looking beautiful. It’s fun to make things look neat 😀 Where you like “WHOAAA MAMA” when you opened your box?

  18. Natalie Says:

    What an amazing looking salad!

    I’m a Bachelorette addict too, haha, so glad about Wes going. What a complete A-Hole!

  19. Anne K. Says:

    That salad looks gorgeous! I love the criss-cross of the dressing. Ooh I love pickles! Sometimes I add them to my salad when I crumble a veggie burger over it, but I need to add them more often.

    I’m so sorry about Patty. I hope she feels better, and they figure out what’s wrong. I’ll pray for her ❤

  20. Erin Says:

    LOL, it has never occured to me to put pickles on a salad. And I LOVE pickles. Genius.

  21. Faith Says:

    Your salad is so pretty! I’ve never had pickles on my salad but that looks amazing…I’ve got to try it!

  22. janetha Says:

    hello darling! loving what is in the blue bowl. and the flanders talk makes me smile. did i ever mention i love the layout of your blog? well i do. i like how the comment box has a speaking bubble. and i love the pattern of your drizzle. you would think it is gaddamn valentine’s day with all the loving going on in my comment!

  23. That salad is ridiculous. It looks like something you get in a restaurant! I’m very impressed. Also, that spinach feta pocket looks so yummy to me. I love that combo, especially when you introduce pesto into the mix. YUM

  24. Someone I know might be on the next show of the Bachelorette and I can’t even stand it if she wins!

    She’s made it through many stages, back ground checks, credit checks, references, and now she’s going to LA for an in person interview!

    It would be so crazy to watch the show actually knowing the person!

  25. Kailey Says:

    I just bought my first jar of TJ’s raw almond butter and it was love at first spoon lick 🙂 haha

  26. biddy2bites Says:

    all your eats look so yummy…love all the combos and that salad looks great! Thanks for commenting on the new blog!

  27. Zoe’s granola is GREAT, but the bars are not my favorite. I agree that there is a weird aftertaste to them (flax?). Anyway, I love all of the yummy looking salads and blondies that have been featured on your blog! I think I need to bake almond joy blondies ASAP!

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