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Let Freedom Ring, Part 2 July 5, 2009

How fast the weekends go!  I seriously think everyday should be a 3-day weekend – the world would be a happier place :).

I’m giving an, “Oooh!  Ahhhhh!” for the 4th of July festivities of yore…


Little sissy with her sparkler...


Pondering the meaning of life on this Independence Day...


Me & Ken (aka dad) - I told you my fam was weird 🙂


Barbie (aka mom) posing by the fire.


Fun time, family time :).

I sipped on a delicious cup (yes, literally a plastic cup) of red wine throughout the evening.  Twas’ so enjoyable.

This morning, I awoke bright and early to lovely cuppa joe with skim milk from the ‘Bucks brought to me fresh by mummy & daddy.  I poured it in one of the cups I made at a local paint studio…ain’t she pretty?


Then, yours truly, set off to concoct a lovely Sunday brekkie for the family!  First up, I took my recipe for Mushroom & Asparagus Frittata and whipped up one of those.  Then I took the basics of that recipe and subbed in red pepper, spinach and colby jack cheese for a second frittata.  Then mama concocted some fruit salad and some blueberry pancakes…have I ever mentioned just how much I LOVE breakfast?



After a delish breakfast, we said goodbye to my aunt & uncle.  Then, my dad and sister headed out to run some errands for my sister’s new house while my mom and lil’ sissy went on a hike up the infamous Rib Mountain, also known as the highest point in all of Wisconsin!  In total, it took us about an hour to frolic like Maria Von Trapp hike up to the tiptop and then back down again – this girl’s glutes were definitely a’burnin!

Here is the view from the top…


The tallest point in Wisconsin - now you can say you've seen it!


Doing a classic dance Y-scale hold at the top...


Instead of Where's Waldo? Where's lil' sissy?...


Mama Everythingtarian workin' it up the mountain...


Some historical facts for y'all...

In the words of U2, “It’s a beaaauutttiffulll dayyyyy!” The weather was totally perf for hiking – sunny but not too hot with a hint of breeze.  It was soooo nice and definitely worked me up an appetite.  Lunch was a mish mash of randoms – Apple Pie Larabar, leftover roasted veggies with a sprinkle of parmesan & 1/2 Amish breadstick, and of course – an Almond Joy Blondie to top it all off!




Whew – I’m getting tired just recapping this weekend ;).

After lunch, it was time to pack up and leave the land of cheese to return home to the land of lakes.  Tit for tat.  I’m actually staying at my sister’s house for the next couple weeks, so my car was literally stuffed to the brim with all my possessions.  Driving, I seriously probably looked homeless, like I was living out of my car, haha.  I grabbed a naner from the parent’s house for a mid-afternoon snack on the road…


I blared my James Morrison CD, “Songs for You, Truths for Me” (seriously, if you do not own this disk, please go out and BUY IT NOW!).  He’s amazing.  And British.  Which totally makes him even cooler.  I sung at the top of my lungs almost the entire way, and of course got the usual strange looks from people.  I could totally care less – singing in the car is one of my favoritest things in the entire world.  Cher’s “Believe” is my #1 choice of song in the car – what’s yours?

Lunch was a quick stop at Subway with my sis for a quick sammie:

honey oat bread
pepperjack cheese
green pepper
lotsa pickles
yellow mustard


Simple, healthy and yummy.  Triple threat.

Dessert was some Fig Newtons, which I totally LOVE.


After a good 3 hours in the car, I made it back, stopped at Trader Joe’s, stopped at Target, unpacked my stuff at my sister’s house, helped her put together her new end tables and am now blogging.  I was going to try to go to yoga, but alas, sometimes there is just too many dang things to do.  I will have to save the yoga sesh for tomorrow or Tuesday instead.  Now, I need to go get another snack and then head to bed – tomorrow I have lots of blog catching up to-do and oh yeah, go to work too :).

What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was probably playing games and chilling by the fire with my family or hiking up Rib Mountain this morning.  Good times!


26 Responses to “Let Freedom Ring, Part 2”

  1. strivingforbalance Says:

    mmm that fritatta sounds awesome!!

    That view from the mountain is so pretty!!

  2. Whew – what a fun weekend! I’d have to say my highlight is the Thai food I just had for dinner. Nothing like red curry!!!

  3. I was listening to that U2 song yesterday, myself, and singing it at the top of my lungs (guilty confession: I sing in my car 😀 ). It was such a gorgeous day here too…

    Your family sounds like so much fun…love it! 😀

    And I have to say, the highlight of my weekend was hanging with my dad’s side of the family. The food was awesome, the company was fun, and it was just an all-around great way to celebrate the 4th. 😀

    Hope you’re having a great Monday back!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Your breakfast looks soooo good! Since I’m getting into breakfast foods lately, I’ll have to make a fritatta soon! 🙂

    I love the pictures from your hike. Great view!

    My favorite part of the weekend was having time to do nothing, not feeling rushed, playing with the toddler – I know, not very exciting but sooo nice!

  5. Alison Says:

    What a beautiful day and gorgeous blue skies you had for your hike, what a great work out! Love the Where’s Waldo pic too. 😉

  6. ksgoodeats Says:

    What a great weekend!! The picture of you and your dad is adorbs! The views from the hike are gorgeous!

    Glad you made it back! Hope your Monday isn’t too rough 😉

  7. Katharina Says:

    Ohh it sounds like you had such a nice weekend back home 🙂 It’s true that nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. When I visited my grandparents house in Colombia I got to sleep in the room my mom grew up in. Now THAT was cool!

    I want to go hiking so badly! But there’s no where to hike down here. 😦

  8. lowandbhold Says:

    You have quite to photography skills, lady! I loved the fireworks pics! Sounds like you indeed had a marvelous time!

    The highlight of my weekend? Is it bad if I say getting to sleep in? Okay, probably the Pat Green concert on Friday. I’m not a country music fan, but he’s hilarious and it was really relaxing and chill.

    Have a good Monday!

  9. lowandbhold Says:

    Quite the, not quite to. I’m still asleep. Obvi.

  10. brandi Says:

    what a fun weekend! i love breakfast, too. I wish every meal had the same feeling as breakfast.

    i had fun watching my husband race this weekend! i was glad I didn’t do this one 🙂 it was crazy.

  11. Angharad Says:

    Ok, MORE twin-like things about us abound! First off, can I just say woah to your brekkie! That frittata extravaganza looks right up my street! Holler!

    Now, let’s talk about Cher and “Believe”. I’m not joking (because how could I make this up??) that song is me and my sister’s no 1 car jam of all time! Everyone else I tell that to thinks I am clinically insane (inc the hub) but when it came out and was christmas no 1 in England (1999 I think) we would scan all the radio stations when we were in the car to look for it and then scream it at the tops of our lungs!

    Also, thanks for the lovely comment about my Crazy Bowels post – appreciate it! Happy Monday!

  12. The highlight of my weekend was probably having a chill dinner with my friend Friday night. My personal trainer basically killed me Saturday morning, so I’ve been in killer pain since then.

  13. Katharina Says:

    ohh my favorite songs to belt out to in the car areeee journey – don’t stop believin’ aaaand billy joel – just the way you are, when in rome – the promise

  14. Anne K. Says:

    I’m all for standard 3-day weekends, too! Your weekend looks so fun. I love your Y-hold pic–it reminds me of a Y spiral in figure skating, and I would spend HOURS stretching to be able to do it.

    My highlight was seeing fireworks 🙂

    • Holly Says:

      haha totally – i always watched sasha cohen and prayed i would wake up as flexible as her one day. def didn’t happen 🙂

  15. Ruth Says:

    Looks like you had a busy and exciting weekend. Love the pics!

  16. Whit Says:

    Looks exciting! I love hiking!

  17. Traci Says:

    Wow looks like an awesome weekend Holly. Nice and busy, just the way I like it! Mine was packed non stop too. Lots of time at the Marina (way too many late nights!). I think the best part of the weekend was my friend Andreas cookout/bonfire etc. Lives on the water directly across from the Boston skyline so the fireworks from Boston Harbor were amazing. There were about 10 bonfires going on the beach. Good food, good wine, great company! Awesome day, awesome weekend. And actually perfect weather for a nice change here! Have a good week!

    • Holly Says:

      yeah i am sooo glad you had a good weekend traci – those fireworks on the harbor sound seriously amazing! i finally bought those sensible foods snacks, so look for those coming up this week! my concoction will be inspired by YOU!

  18. Jenny Says:

    ah you and your family are some crazy cats — LOVE IT! adopt me?! 😉

    that is one gorg-ass view from the mountain! absolutely breathtakinggggg 🙂

    can’t wait for tonight — woo woo! hope Jillian doesn’t eff up big time like last week!

    • Holly Says:

      family everythingtarian would love to adopt – there are 4 daughters already, what’s one more?

  19. Tay Says:

    What a beautiful view!! No worries about your family being weird – mine is quite strange too! haha. But we have such a good time together, our weirdness just meshes well with each other I guess! I love hanging out with them 🙂 so that was definitely the highlight of my weekend!

  20. Kailey Says:

    aww sounds like you had such a fun night 🙂
    LOVE the larabar. I really need to pick some more up. haha

  21. Faith Says:

    Great post, it sounds like a really fun time! (I love sparklers!) The pics are really beautiful!

  22. glidingcalm Says:

    haha I love the Y!! Like a true skater!! 🙂

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