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Computer Glazed July 1, 2009

You know when you sit behind a computer for way too long – everything starts getting fuzzy, you are glazed over like a big ol’ bakery doughnut and feel completely spaced out?  Well, that was me today :).  I had a total computer-based project I was doing all day, and I walked out of work like a total zombie.

Luckily, it was truly of breakfast of champions to start the day – toasted Ezekiel bread layered with peanut butter, smooshed naner and cinnamon.  Man, I LOVE me my cinnamon!


The haziness and glazed over eyes (doesn’t the word glazed just totally make you WANT a doughnut?  Seriously.) slowly but surely increased until I gave myself a break around 11am to eat Stonyfield Organic Blueberry Yogurt. Since I had another lunch date today, I just needed something small to tide me over a bit longer.  I love the color of blueberry yogurt – it’s one of those weird small things that just makes me happy :).


For lunchie, I met up with my hilarious friend Brad for some yummy eats at Cheeky Monkey Deli in St. Paul.  If you don’t remember, it’s where I devoured the famous Nutella + Banana Sandwich not so long ago.  The Cheeky Monkey is totally adorable – it is healthy, sources from local ingredients and has cucumber water.  Yes, I said cucumber water.  It was practically like being in a spa ;).

Today, I tried something new and went for the Roasted Veggie + Hummus sandwich on ciabatta, along with a side of pickles and I stole some of Brad’s yummy spiced potato chips.  Divine food, divine company, divine time!


The afternoon zoomed by, thanks in part to a long lunch and a lovely snack.  Lunch was totes filling, but I knew I when I got home I needed to hammer out 5 miles so I did a little pre-fueling.  If I come home hungry, you can forget about running.  Soooo…I prevented the hunger with my favorite Lara and a cup of lemon green tea:


When I got home, I entered the kitchen to the sweet smell of Megan throwing a baking party.  Dangerous!  She’s getting prepared for her 4th of July fiesta, which meant the kitchen was filled with chocolate Special K bars, rice krispie bars, muffins and other goodies.  Ummm..yum!  I got dressed and ran out the door to bang out my 5 miles, which took me about an hour (including walking an extra mile afterwards).

Then when I got home, I grabbed a whole wheat mini cherry chocolate muffin


Watch out Martha Stewart!  Good work on the baked delights Meggy Moo!

I stretched, drank lots of water and watched the new TV show Dance Your Ass Off  prepared to make dinner.  On the menu tonight….some Thai food goodness!  Every week, I usually get nostalgic for my travels abroad and crave Thai food (even though, let’s be real, mine doesn’t even compare to the food I ate there).  Here is a picture of me at Wat Phra Kaew, which is on the grounds of the great Grand Palace in Bangkok…


Don’t I look simply fabulous in my gecko-printed skirt?

One of my favorite dishes in Thailand was a good Thai curry.  So, I bought a premade Thai Kitchen yellow curry simmer sauce, mixed it with veggies and tempeh, then served it over brown rice for a little Yellow Tempeh Thai Curry.  Honestly, the yellow curry simmer sauce wasn’t the best, but it was still good nonetheless.


Then it was an after dinner cocktail to further hydrate…

10 oz. sparkling water
4 strawberries, pureed
1 tsp. lime juice
1 tsp. sugar


Looks gross & chunky but tasted ah-may-zing!  Probably would have tasted better with a splash of…I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Sorry dudes and dudettes, but this gal has got to run – I’ve gots a 10:15pm beach volleyball game coming my way tonight, which means I need to slam a Diet Coke take a nap to keep me up until midnight.  Let’s pray that we don’t lose all 3 games again tonight!  Happy (for real) humpday – 4th of July fun is just around the corner!

What are everyone’s plans for the 4th?  I might stick around MN or head to hang out with Barbie & Ken and the fam this weekend – haven’t decided yet :).


21 Responses to “Computer Glazed”

  1. Kailey Says:

    so the ezekiel smashed nanner combo sounds amazing!!
    im heading to DC for the 4th 🙂

  2. Matt Says:

    I think I am going to a BBQ for the 4th. Hopefully I can find some fireworks as well! I have a long run the next day so I need to keep it kind of chill.

  3. Alison Says:

    10:15 PM VOLLEYBALL GAME?! Shoot me now! A nap indeed!

    And bangkok! Awesome! You are totally rockin that gecko skirt sista!

  4. I just recently was in Thailand and went to the Grand Palace too! In fact, I cut my foot on an umbrella stand while trying to put on my flip flops again after visiting the temple. Good thing I had gotten my tetanus shot!

  5. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) Says:

    That veggie sandwich looks like heaven!!

    No July 4th plans here… Just packing for our move – and perhaps enjoying a Corona in the sunshine! 🙂

  6. april Says:

    I love all that cinnamon! I always dump it on everything!

    I’m going to my grandparents house for the 4th of july.. kinda like a family reunion type thing!

  7. Whit Says:

    Yes you do look adorable in that gecko skirt!

    I am laking it all weekend. Chyeahh!

  8. Angharad Says:

    Goodness me, you need to GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Same breakfast as me and memories of Thailand that have got me drooling through my thai-cooking pictures and longing for perfect beaches…

    Fourth July – for some reason I have absolutely no plans except brunch at a friend’s Saturday morning. I imagine something will get organized last minute though and it’ll likely include grilling, fireworks and a swim in the lake!

    Where do Barbie and Ken live?

  9. I totally know what you mean about the zombie-ish feeling (which usually hits around 3PM for me) at the office. Most of the tasks I must complete on a daily basis are mind-numbingly dull, and some days I am literally about to gouge my eyes out in my chair. Hah.

    Oh and I love your food choices overall — I eat pretty much the same stuff! (Although I slice my banana instead of smoosh it on the toast. And I add a little honey to the mix – you’ve gotta try it!)

  10. That veggie sandwich actually looks really tasty! I haven’t had one of those in a while.

    For my 4th, I’m going to the beach, and running a 5k with a bunch of family the next day. If I can avoid overindulging on the 4th, I’m hoping to PR because beach=flat.

  11. ksgoodeats Says:

    Sure, sure. Blame the computer for the glazed effect 😉

    That lunch looks A-mazing! Don’t kill me but I’ve never had Thai food! I’m missing out.

    10PM?! Oy! That’s late!! When I was still in my sport (winkwink) we used to have marathon practices that would go from 8PM-12AM or 5AM-7AM. Surprisingly, I liked the 5AM ones the best.

    The 4th is my birthday 😀

  12. Mmm…smooshed bananas are the best, I have to say. 😀

    For the 4th I’m going to a birthday party/4th of July celebration, followed by (hopefully) some fireworks. 😀

    Hope you’re having a great day! 😀

  13. jenngirl Says:

    Hate that zombie feeling, I’ve totally been feeling that way lately too, but I don’t think it’s computer induced for me…

    I’m heading to DC tonight for the weekend! So excited 🙂

  14. I’m liking your pb and banana combo, of course! Also, I think its so funny that you call your friend Megan “Meggy Moo”. My mom used to call me that when I was little – she still does sometimes!

    This 4th of July I’m headed to my parent’s place in Pennsylvania and am going to attempt a 3 mile race on Saturday. However, given my recent injuries, I think it will be more like a 3 mile jog for me 🙂

  15. Katharina Says:

    My mom has been bugging me to go to a bakery and get some good bread and your ciabatta sandwich just reminded me. Mom knows best, right?

    That’s so cool that you went to Thailand! It’s such a colorful country and their food is so freaking good. I would turn into a spicy coconut if I went there.

    lol the cocktail would’ve been good with some Stoli vanilla!

  16. lowandbhold Says:

    Ick, I spend all day everyday of work at the computer, so I completely know what you’re talking about. More often than not I leave with a headache!

    You look totally fab in your Thai-wear! I’m so jealous, Thai food is one of my faves and going there is a serious dream. I hope it happens someday.

    Good luck with your v-ball games (actually it’s over now…) hope they went well!

  17. tiponz Says:

    that smooshed banana ezekiel pb combo looks awesome! gonna give that one a go next time

  18. janetha Says:

    ooooh i love thai food! i went to a thai cooking class recently and was shocked at how authentic the recipes we made tasted. good stuff. cute photo of you in thailand! have a great weekend 🙂

  19. Faith Says:

    That roasted veg & hummus sandwich looks AMAZING. It reminds me of the sausage/pepper/onion sandwich that I love to get at our local fair every summer, only much healthier!

  20. Anne K. Says:

    Ooh I love your breakfast! That combo looks delicious. The roasted veggie sammie looks so yummy, too 😀

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