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Sleepin’ In May 30, 2009

Filed under: breakfast — Holly @ 10:29

Top o’ the morning to ya!

Hope you all had a fabulous Friday night – I had lots o’ fun out with my ladies last night.  We did a little barhopping, got to catch up a bit, did a little dancing, maybe a little UBing (that’s for you Lisa :)) and a whole lotta fun.  On my way downtown, I had a Heart Thrive Raisin Spice vegan energy bar, knowing that I would be up wayyyy past my bedtime and would most likely be getting hungry very soon.


I also had a couple handfuls of baked Cheetos (one of my favorites as a kid!) before we headed out, but they will remain unpictured.  I was too busy licking the yummy cheesiness of my fingers – totally gross, I know :).

Then all us ladies headed out for the night!


Me and my Leinie’s Honeyweiss are in the back row.

After bebopping to a couple bars, I headed home at about 1am.  Since I clearly do not have the stamina of my college days, I (a) only prefer to have a couple drinks max out (I had one beer tonight), (b) like to get home at a reasonable time.  I know it sounds all granny and lame, but honestly, I just feel soooo much better this way.  Not like I don’t have a crazy night here or there, but…this morning was absolutely gorgeous, and if I had been drinking tonight, let’s just say I would not be enjoying it like I am right now :).

This morning I relied on a simple bowl of oatmeal to fuel me up:

1/3 cup rolled oats + 1 tbsp. oatbran
1 medium banana
LOTS of cinnamon
drizzle of honey
HEAPING tablespoon of TJ’s raw almond butter


Along with coffee with skim milk, it was a good refueling breakfast.  Now, it looks like yours truly has the whole day ahead of her.  What to do?  I think some 11:30am yoga is on the menu, as is some grocery shopping (I am on the prowl for a cheap grocery bill this week!) and whatever else I FEEL like doing.  That is one of the best feelings in the world.

Enjoy your weekend…what do YOU feel like doing today?


One Response to “Sleepin’ In”

  1. tiponz Says:

    looks like you had a great night! needs those nights every once in awhile 🙂 Today- i felt like doing bikram- which i did haha and then i feel like being lazy all day— so i will! haha im planning on laying by the pool with a book in hand and if its warm enough- go swimming!

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