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My First Green Monster May 28, 2009

(Don’t worry – we’ll eventually get to the green monster :))

Feeling so much better from yesterday’s yoga sesh, this morning started off well.  The sun was brightly shining, the sky a pure shade of blue and a bowl of oatmeal was soon to be devoured by moi

1/3 cup rolled oats + 1 tbsp. oat bran
1 medium banana
LOTS of cinnamon
1 tbsp. raw almond buttah


Mid-morning, I had a nice lil’ tea time break.  Along with a cup of green chai tea, I had a Heart Thrive Date vegan energy bar.  During my lunch break, I cruised over to my grandpa’s house for a visit!  I love my gramps and hadn’t seen him in awhile, so I took my hour (plus some) to chat and catch up.  It was lovely!


When I got back from work, I devoured what is possibly the most monstrous black bean veggie sandwich eva!  Squished between two pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread, I layered mustard, mashed black beans, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion and avocado.  I ate it with a peach, although I could barely fit one bite in my mouth!



I stayed pretty busy this afternoon with work (including sending Ruthie her prizes from the 1 Month Blogiversary Giveaway), including getting a nice to-do list together for the weekend.  With one of my college best friends getting married next weekend, job applications to send out, errands to run and miscellaneous things, this gal has a lot to do.  Good thing I had a yogurt parfait to keep me energized – Stonyfield Farms organic nonfat plain yogurt, strawberries/blueberries and TJ’s blueberry muesli.


Look at those pretty layers!

I couldn’t wait to get out of work – it was sooooo gorgeous out today!  As soon as the clock hit 5:00, I rushed to my car and cruised home in the glorious sunshine (I think I even sweat a bit :)).  Thinking about dinner, I knew I had a lot of salad fixings to use up; however, I was not feeling a salad.  I think you know where this is going…green monster time, Holly-style!  After seeing green monsters here, and here, along with here and here, I knew it was time!

This recipe yields 2 servings, about 250-275 calories each…

1 medium banana
1 small avocado
1/2 cup organic nonfat plain yogurt
1/2 nonfat milk
1.25 cups strawberries
4 cups spinach
2 handfuls ice cubes
1 tsp. honey


Maybe not the prettiest color…but it was uber yummy creamy!

Plus a new product…my $0.88 Jocalat Larabar in Chocolate Coffee!  Mmmm, was this ever good.  If you love coffee and chocolate, this bar is for you.  It was the perfect topper after my smoothie! 


Even though my stomach was feeling quite voluminous after the smoothie, the day was too nice out to go to the gym for yoga class.  Instead, I took my first run since the 1/2 marathon.  It’s amazing how different running can feel when you genuinely want to go.  I did a nice walk-run combo: 1 mile walk, 2 miles run, 1 mile walk, 1 mile run and finally, ended with a 1 mile walk for a total of 6 miles.  It felt awesome!

Now I am home, watching So You Think You Can Dance (one of my all-time favorite shows!) and getting excited that tomorrow is already Friday!  Woowoo!

Anybody else a fan of SYTYCD?!?!  I think Mia Michaels is a genius!

***Update:  I also had a couple honey graham crackers and a cuppa decaf coconut chai before I went to bed :).


4 Responses to “My First Green Monster”

  1. saleblan Says:

    Another spotting of the Green Monster. I need to try these out for myself! 😀

    And I like your walk/run plan idea. I’ve been wanting to work back to 6 miles eventually, and that sounds like a doable plan.

    AND, lastly, that black bean sandwich looks delish…I’ll be trying that idea out for sure. 😀

    Sarah (

  2. tiponz Says:

    was this post made for me or something? ive been dying to try making a green monster and i bought the same lara bar at whole foods yesterday!!! maybe tomorrow ill try out both! your smoothie combo sounds great and i think i just may have all of those ingredients in my house!

    • Holly Says:

      haha…I love it! i might try making it with slightly less avocado – i might use 1/2 or 3/4 next time.

      p.s. i saw your tag, and am posting my questions today 🙂

  3. Melanie Says:

    I think that bar is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen; how dark!! It looks like night:)

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