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Busy Buzzing Bee May 21, 2009

Filed under: giveaway — Holly @ 12:54

That’s what I’ve felt like all week!  I’ve been running here, there and everywhere.

Just wanted to give you a reminder to sign up for my 1 Month Blogiversary Giveaway!  You can enter by clicking here!  You have until Monday night to enter for a slew of free goodies, including…

1 box Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax
Blue Almond Natural Roasted Cinnamon Sugar Almonds
1 jar Trader Joe’s raw almond butter
Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Tea
1 bar Green & Black organic 70% dark chocolate
3 Larabars (Chocolate Coconut, Cashew Cookie & Apple Pie)

I also wanted to let y’all know I’m heading to Madison for the big wedding weekend and 1/2 marathon, so updates will be slightly less infrequent.  But no worries my friends, you will get a full wedding and 1/2 marathon recap when I get back home on Monday.   Here’s to running the race in less than 2 hours!

Hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend – relax and have some fun!


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