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Windy Wednesday May 20, 2009

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The title of this post completely tells it all.  It is one WINNNDYY day here in Minnesota!

Did you all enter the 1 Month Blogiversary Giveaway yet?!?!?!  If not, click here!

Besides announcing my very FIRST giveaway, the day started out like any other.  Since I’m heading to Madison this weekend, I’m trying to use up all the things I have in my pantry.  This is why today’s breakfast might look eerily similar to yesterday’s…


That’s right – a little AB+J on toasted Ezekiel bread with raspberries!

Mid-morning, it was the last of these kiddos (this one I found on sale at Kowalski’s for $0.88!)…


Work was work as usual…at nooner I broke for lunch.  Along with a steamed sweet potato (fork holes all around it and nuke it for 5 minutes) and grape tomatoes, I devoured a yummy Avocado-Chickpea Mash sandwich.  It was 1 small avocado mashed with 1/2 cup chickpeas, plus salt + pepper.  Lunch today however, was enjoyed on the floor by the front desk.  The lunch room was getting crowded, and quite frankly, I enjoy my peace & quiet lunches.  So I ate next to lovely Laurie, who graciously offered to take my picture and let me sit by her…



After lunch, I went on a windy, windy walk!  I believe the skirt I was wearing even flew up a couple times (I hope nobody got a peek!).  After 30 minutes, I feel like I even got a mini-workout because fighting the wind totally felt like resistance training!  When I got back, I had a cup of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea with some of my TJ’s raw, vegetable-laden Righteous Rounds chocolate chip cookies.


The rest of the day flew by fast, and I got to leave early!  I had a doctor’s appointment so I skedaddled out of work at 3:30pm to take care of business.  Unfortunately, I did not pack an afternoon snack, and it totally bit me in the butt later.  By the time I got home at 5pm, I was starving and dug into this while my pasta was boiling…


Oops!  And this…


I started dipping the TJ’s cookies in the almond butter, then in shredded coconut!  Gosh, it was heavenly!  However, I did feel slightly out of control while doing this.  Between not having eaten, having it be around that time of the month and 1/2 marathon training, I definitely overdid it by eating almost 10 cookies like this.

On top of that, I also scarfed down dinner, which was leftover Italian pasta sauce from last week over Barilla Plus penne pasta, sprinkled with some goat cheese.





















Even worse, after dinner, I said what the hell and finished the last of the cookies (about 5).  I’m not going to lie, the end of the day today was not my best eating day.  But it happened, and I am sure it will happen again.  I’ve spent many hours over the past couple years beating myself over doing something like this – binging and feeling out of control.  We’ve all been there.  Right now, I feel lethargic, gross and just all over icky.  Quite frankly, it’s a great reminder of why I do eat healthy (most of the time :)).  Eating healthy makes you feel good, energetic and happy!

Right now, I am sipping on some mint tea to settle my stomach, going to head off for a short walk (walking after binging is shown to actually help reduce the side effects!) and then it’s beach volleyball league tonight.  There is so much more to live for than food. 

So here I am, brushing it off and remembering…tomorrow is always a new day.

***Update:  Since honesty is the best policy, I also had some DQ ice cream (courtesy of Megan) after dinner…a free Peanut Buster Parfait?  I could not resist.  I ate about 1/2 – 3/4 then threw the rest away – I was full and not feeling so hot.  Luckily, last night’s beach volleyball game was a good one.  Hopefully I burned off some of those cals from today!


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