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This and That May 19, 2009

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Hello my bloggy buds!

I absolutely cannot believe how fast May has zoomed by – I mean, it’s already the 19th today!  So much has been going on this month between work, starting the blog, training for the 1/2 marathon, etc., sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight!  No worries.  That is one of the reasons I like my This and That posts – it’s a great way to catch-up on a little bit of everything.  Here I go…

(1)  “The Simple Life” Challenge:  Although I haven’t been following Bobbi’s program to a tee or counting my points, it’s been a great reminder to keep things simple this month.  With everything going on, it’s forced me to take the time to make my own healthy & nutritious dinners and enjoy more walks (instead of barreling through town driving).  I am hoping to keep a lot of the challenge *tips* in mind even past May, especially limiting eating out.  I don’t have the final total yet, but trust me, when you see the number, you will see how much you can save just doing this!

(2)  Occasionally, I talk about raw foods on this blog.  If you are interested in learning and reading more about the life of real raw foodist, head over to Gena’s blog Choosing Raw.  No matter what your food-style preference, I encourage you to head on over and take a look around.  She has a wonderful, fresh perspective – learning about new, different ways of life is never a bad thing!

(3)  This weekend promises to be a busy one for moi – between my college roommate’s wedding, Madison 1/2 Marathon and Memorial Day weekend, it promises to be a fun one!  I am planning on a long walk today, some yoga and a possible short run tomorrow, then resting until 1/2 marathon Sunday.  I will give a more detailed pre-marathon schedule later this week as it approaches.

(4)  In the next couple weeks, I am also planning some fun, new site updates!  I am going to try and find some better before & after pictures, along with posting new recipes and some more fun and interesting Holly Investigates… subjects. 

(5) Lastly, I have a VERY exciting announcement tomorrow morning, so be sure to stay tuned!


One Response to “This and That”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    I love this and that, it is a little bit of everything and I will be checking back tomorrow to see what;s up. 🙂

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