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A Spray Tan First May 19, 2009

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Happy Tuesday (I almost wrote Wednesday!) – like I said, man how time flies!  Today was HOT here in Minnesota!  I am talking like 90+, and it felt fabulous.  I forget sometimes how I miss a good cathartic sweat!

I’m trying to use up all my groceries before I leave town on Thursday, so this morning was easy AB+J toast with about 1 cup of raspberries.  Oh man – those raspberries were sweet and delicious!


Throughout the mid-morning I snacked on the last of my Cascadian Farms Oats + Honey granola with a generous sprinkle of coconut…such a fabulous combo!


For lunch, I ate the rest of my leftover Thai Coconut Curry from last night – it was just as good reheated the next day!  Along with a Diet Cherry Coke (just tastes so good sometimes!)…


























After lunch, I took a nice 40 minute walk.  Of course, I was totally sweating in my work clothes when I got back, but hey, a little smell is worth the fresh air, right?  Mid-afternoon, I busted out my fave LarabarMiss Cherry Pie!  She was extra chockful of almond chunks today – extra delicious!


I was eager to bust out of work at 5pm, which I did, because I was meeting my college roomie Jamie.  I promised her awhile ago I would try spray tanning (aka Mystic Tan) with her for the first time, so today was the big day!  We went out to eat at Cafe Latte – the BEST little cafe with totally amazing desserts in St. Paul.  I know, I know I am not supposed to be eating out (I mean, come on Holly, three times in the past week?), but I did :).

My dinner was soooo good!  I got the Salsa Salad (romaine, black bean spread, guacamole, tomato, onion, salsa, cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream), which came with tortilla chips and a whole wheat roll.  I ate all of the salad (such a good combo!), 1/2 the chips and 1/2 the whole wheat roll.

























And I present to you…dessert for two!


Yeah, that’s right, MANGO BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE!  Enough said right there.

After dinner, we went spray tanning, which I was totally nervous about.  I thought for sure I would screw it up (anybody remember Ross from Friends?).  It was really easy, and I should start seeing some color in a couple hours.  Although I smell a bit, I’m excited to see what it turns out like – hopefully not orange by the way!

Jamie and I shopped and walked around the area for probably around an hour and compared arms post-spray tan…


Still nothing yet, but we will see tomorrow…don’t forget to come back tomorrow morning for some fun, fun stuff!


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