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Sundays with Deb May 17, 2009

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Sunday Yoga/Pilates fusion teacher.  Not only does she teach a fantastic class, but she singlehandedly solved my right knee twinge.  The last couple weeks, my right knee has been tender and tight.  I figured maybe it was from running so much lately.  However, Deb figured out the problem in about 30 seconds!  She is a corrective position therapist (that’s not the correct, formal name, FYI :) ) and found that although my feet and knees are aligned, my femur was not.  To make a long story short, that was pretty much the source of my pain.  She gave me some corrective exercises and no joke, it already feels better!

But let’s back it up a bit…dinner was FABULOUS!  I altered Kath’s Homemade Bean Burger recipe Italian-style!  Using chickpeas as my base, I added sundried tomatoes, spinach, olive oil, thyme, garlic and goat cheese to make a gourmet-esque bean burger.  This recipe is really a great one – there are so many ways to change it up!

Along with the burger, I sauteed some asparagus and grape tomatoes in olive oil. If you’ve never roasted/sauteed grape tomatoes before, you must!  They get warm, super sweet and burst in your mouth. Along with a nice strawberry-raspberry mix…
































It was a light, filling, tasty dinner!  On my way to yoga, I snacked on this lil’ sucker…while back home from yoga, it was the return of the almond butter stuffed figs (with coconut chai tea, of course)!














All in all…it was a fantastic weekend!  The week doesn’t look too shabby either – a 4-day week, my college roommate’s wedding on Friday, 1/2 marathon on Sunday, no work on Monday then another 4-day week.  This gal is excited!

Good night and sleep tight everyone!


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