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This and That May 14, 2009

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How is “The Simple Life” Challenge going for everyone?  I know I haven’t checked up in awhile, but I just went to Bobbi’s blog and found this awesome article, “10 Reasons to Love National Bike Month.”  How perfect is that timing?  With the weather getting more gorgeous by the day, there is no reason NOT to start hoofin’ it on your bikes people!  As for my TSL progress, I have been REALLY good about eating out at home!  It’s been awesome motivation for getting creative in the kitch and trying out new recipes – I think I have a yummy new bean burger recipe I will preview this weekend!  I’m also being good about using up leftovers, walking up a storm around town and conserving energy by shutting off lights/electronics/etc.  Woowoo…keep it goin’ peeps!


Has anybody else finished the “Thrive in 30″ program with Mr. Brendan Brazier?  I just finished my 12 lessons in 30 days and was quite impressed!  Brazier touts a whole, plant-based diet that emphasizes a vegan/raw-ish lifestyle but isn’t wacko about it.  I LOVE THAT!  He makes some really good points (my fave is the section about Food Allergies!) and encourages you to ADD to your diet, not subtract.  You don’t have to be vegan/raw/vegetarian or anything like that either – his tips are great for EVERYONE to think about!  Click here to start!  (P.S.  He’s pretty cute too!)


1/2 Marathon Update:  With my first 1/2 marathon is only 1 1/2 weeks, I am feeling pretty good!  I am super excited to finish my 2nd half-marathon and see where I head beyond that.  It turns out I won’t be doing the Minneapolis 1/2 Marathon a week later…which is totally cool.  My friend decided she didn’t quite have time and so I get to save myself some registration fees, and put ALL my energy into the Madison 1/2!  Here’s to running it in under 2 hours!


Tip of the Day:  Looking to save a little extra cash?  Everytime you get a $5 bill, put it in a jar.  It will be tempting to spend those fivers, but I’ve been doing this for two months or so and have almost $100!  Give it up for feeling a little more financially healthy!


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