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Ballin’ It Up May 13, 2009

This morning started out gloriously…thanks to Polly and her Oaty Cakes!  Then, adding a little of moi into the recipe, they became AB+J pancakes with a banana to boot!

























Thank you Polly!  Unfortunately, due to my new Wednesday night beach volleyball league, I wasn’t able to squeeze in the Yin Yoga like I planned, but hey, that’s what tomorrow is for right?

Mid-morning I had this ginormous Braeburn apple…I seriously think it was on steroids :).


The morning flew by soooo fast again, as did lunch.  I squeezed in a short 20-minute walk outside, but boy, was it windy!  Oh man…these past couple weeks have been craaazzyy windy, which didn’t bode well for the opening night of v-ball tonight (more on that later).  However, lunch was leftover and delish: Arnolds 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin with spinach, cuc, onion, 1 oz. fresh mozzarella and mustard, along with the rest of last nights slightly sweet parsnips (recipe here) and the rest of my TJ’s Rice & Bean Chips.


And a Diet Cherry Coke…it was one of those days :).  After lunch, the afternoon draggggged and draggggggged and draggggggged…does that ever happen to anyone else?  Luckily I had work to keep me busy, but the minutes on the clock were just not changing fast enough.  To boot, even 1/4 cup of my Tarjay trail mix (pecans, yogurt raisins, cranberries & goji berries) didn’t even do it for me.


After work, it was finally time for some BEACH VOLLEYBALL!  Okay, I am going to warn you ahead of time, I suck.  Bad.  But we still had an awesome time and alllmooosttt won our match!  Post-match we sat down for some brewskys, where I proceeded to get the best ab work out there is: hysterical laughter.  I heart my friends.

Pre-volleyball I brought a big bowl of lowfat plain yogurt (Stonyfield Farms Organic, of course!) along with granola, the last of the almond clusters and a nice strawberry/blackberry mix.  This tasted like heaven as always but didn’t quite do the trick and had me grabbing for Megan’s everything pretzel thins.  Multiply this handful by two – one handful before the game and one handful after on our way home!





























Whew…that was some fun stuff!  When I got home, I was still a bit hungry, so I filled some of these lil’ figgies with some almond butter and enjoyed with a cuppa hot decaf tea.


Now this gal is ready for some bed, but I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday as I did.  Tomorrow’s already Thursday – does anybody else think that May has absolutely flown by or is it just me?!?!


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