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To go or not to go? May 10, 2009

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Good evening my little bloggy friends!

What a fabulous, low-key weekend it’s been – it’s totally what I needed!  Today, I just relaxed (kind of) by going to Tarjay to grocery shop, then making lunch (see below), going for a long leisurely walk and finally, going to a top-not-so-secret meeting, but more on that in a bit!

I am TOTALLY loving my new weekly challenge to buy 5 new items to try every week.  Along with my parsnips from the farmer’s market yesterday, here are the rest of the week’s newbies:

Stonyfield Farms Organic PLAIN Yogurt
Celestial Seasonings Coconut Sweet Thai Chai tea
Arnold’s 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins
Archer Farms Yogurt Raisins, Cranberries, Goji Berries & Pecans trail mix


Instead of calling it lunch, I would like to call my midday meal British Tea Time, in honor of the semester I spent studying abroad in London in college!  I tried my new Celestial Seasonings Coconut Sweet Thai Chai tea, and it rocked!  Along with it, I had the last two bits of my Easy Fig Scones, 1 cup of strawberries and 1/4 cup of my new trail mix – yogurt raisins, dried cranberries, goji berries and pecans!  What a lovely, posh tea time I had!
































Late this afternoon, I had my secret lil’ meeting which involved Starbucks and a tall soy latte (no picture, which you’ll understand why in a moment :)).  For most of the famous healthy food bloggers, this would probably have to do with getting their own Web site, or perhaps snagging a sponsor, or something like that.  Unfortunately, this gal isn’t that famous so mine was something completely different.  I, Holly, have the opportunity to nanny for a family from October to April…


Yes, the Land Down Under mate!  There have been no final decisions made, but I met with the couple (who have two daughters), and they are fantastic!  The only problem I have is figuring out financial logistics: making sure I can pay my student loans as well as other miscellaneous bills/loans while I am gone for 6 months.  However, don’t you worry, I am an avid traveler and am determined to make this happen!

So…there is my big news!  Anybody have any good financial advice or perhaps have some good karma they can throw my way so I can win the lottery?  Needless to say, I am SUPPPPEEERRRR excited about the possibility!

But not too excited not to eat dinner, of course!  When I got home, I whipped up a sundried tomato & asparagus frittata with goat cheese.  Super savory and filling!  I sauteed onion, asparagus and sundried tomato in a little EVOO and garlic, then added 1/2 cup Eggbeaters.  I flipped a top on the pan and let it do its thing for 5 to 7 minutes.  Finally, I crumbled some goat cheese over the top and served it with two slices toasted Ezekiel bread.  Easy and satisfying!


Oops, how did that Diet Coke get in there? 🙂  (It was only like 1/3 of the can – I swear!).  After dinner, I needed something a bit sweet to munch on as I wrote this post, so I concocted a little junk trail mix.  Some honey & oats granola, a couple almond clusters, a sprinkle of my new trail mix and some dark chocolate shavings – it hit the spot!


Now, I have some freelance writing to finish up then off to bed and maybe a yoga class in the morning?  Ooohhh…we’ll have to see about that one!

Happy Mother’s Day again to all you moms!  Enjoy the rest of your well-earned day!

***Update:  When Megan offered a glass of this lovely, sweet Pinot Grigio…I couldn’t resist!



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