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This and That May 6, 2009

Filed under: this and that — Holly @ 10:41

Here’s a round-up of some activities in and out of the blogosphere:

(1) Danica’s Daily is hosting an Annie’s Mac & Cheese Giveaway!  Let’s give it up for Annie’s – not only do they make natural yummy products, but they promote Eat Responsibly, Act Responsibly.  I think we can all support that!  The contest ends on Thursday so skedaddle on over there fast!

(2) All around bloggyville, chances are you have probably seen the yummy mixes concocted by such Web sites as Mix My Granola, My Way Cereal and Me and Goji.  If you haven’t, check out these fun Web sites to make your own custom, healthy cereal and granola!  Too much fun – I’m planning on making my first mix this weekend!

(3) I’ve had a couple people ask about Raw Goat Cheddar, which you may also have seen on Eat, Live, Run or Fitnessista, perhaps.  Here’s a little 411: Wisconsin’s Mt. Sterling Co-Op Creamery makes a stellar Raw Goat Cheddar and is perfect for those seeking a raw lifestyle or even those with lactose intolerance.  Goat’s milk is more easily digested than cow’s milk, so give it a try and maybe your tummy will thank you!

(4) A “TSL Challenge” update: So far (besides the one night of eating out this weekend – oops!), I am actually doing pretty well!  For starters, I’m checking out/concocting lots of new recipes to keep the temptation away from going out to eat – stay tuned for tonight’s yummylicious, potluck dinner!  Also, I’ve made a couple small trips by foot that I would normally go by car in, and I’ve been totally anal-retentive about unplugging any electronics I’m not using!  Anybody else have any “TSL” progress to report?

(5) Finally…this weekend I will be embarking on my first trip of the season to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market!  I am soooo giddy with glee and excitement, I can barely take it!


2 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Danica Says:

    Thanks so much for the Annie’s Contest shout out! Good luck!

    have fun at the farmer’s market this weekend – I LOVE farmer’s markets and am so excited they are coming back in season now!

    • Holly Says:

      Thanks Danica! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! I am keeping my eye out for that prize 🙂

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