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Bach Party Wrap-Up May 3, 2009

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Oh man…good thing I call my self an “everythingtarian” because I definitely ate a bit of everything last night :).  Yesterday was definitely a splurge, but that’s the fabulous thing – it’s all about balance.  Today I am going to load up on the veggies & protein to even things out, maybe clock in some extra minutes at the gym, get to bed early and all’s well that ends well!  Here’s a look at the rest of the day (& night – bed wasn’t until 4am!):

Another afternoon snack – dinner wasn’t until 7:30pm so I munched on some more pineapple, peanuts and of course – one of the DELICIOUS White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies!


I totally forgot to tell you a major life rule!  When one of your besties from college gets married and decides to have her bachelorette party dinner out at a fun restaurant, it doesn’t matter what kind of life challenges you are attempting.  You MUST go out to eat!  Yes, therefore, on day two I already broke my “no eating out in the month of May” rule – but it was all for a good cause!  Here is my Leinies Honeyweiss beer and broiled walleye sandwich and side salad to prove it!



Then the real danger began – sleepover snacks!  I was definitely perfectly full after dinner but put out snacks of all sorts (peanut M&M’s, popcorn, chips, Mike & Ike’s, more yummy bars, chips & salsa, etc.), and I’m a goner!  I have to say, one of my faves is most DEFINITELY peanut M&M’s!  I had about 3 medium handfuls of them, followed by a cup or two of white popcorn and finished it off with some of Tina’s famous Puppy Chow (which I can’t believe I didn’t get a pic of)!  I don’t know what that lady does, but hers is the BEST!

Along with a glass of sangria (only had like two sips – wasn’t my fave) and an amaretto slushie (this sucker was good!), it was definitely a very filling and hilariously fun sleepover extravaganza!




Sooo much fun!  Now I am off to do all the things I didn’t do all weekend – see ya back tonight!


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