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Happy May Day! May 1, 2009

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I can’t believe it is already the first of May!  Man, how time can fly. 

Thankfully, springtime seems to have FINALLY arrived and with it, N Her Shoes “The Simple Life” challenge.  Click here for more info!  I think the hardest part and the part I am going to try the hardest at is the “Give up eating out for the entire month of May” challenge.  Yikes!  I’ve recruited some co-workers (thanks Julie!) to help keep me on track :).

I’ve also been brainstorming some more ways to save money and go green.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Unplug ALL electronics of mine when I’m not using them.  Think cell phone chargers, lamps, computer chargers, IPOD chargers, curling irons (fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that one!), light switches, etc.
  • Instead of going out to eat, get a bunch of friends together and potluck it!  Have everyone bring a different dish – leftovers guaranteed for next day eats!
  • Comparing grocery store prices.  Stay tuned MONDAY for the next edition of Holly Investigates. This time I’ll try and determine, “Does it pay to shop around?”
  • Walk or bike to the store!  Sixty percent of trips are within 4 miles of your house – start hoofing it!
  • Being diligent about using up ALL my groceries.  I am always surprised at actually how much food I have when I force myself to use what I have before making the next shopping trip.  My only exception?  If I am out of fresh fruits and veggies, I have every right to stock back up!

Obviously, these are just a few, simple ideas to get us all started. 

Have any fabulous ideas for pocketing those dollars while helping the environment?  Let us know!

***Update:  Fitnessista is having another DROOLWORTHY giveaway that I NEED to win!  Head over to her site to win “Ani’s Raw Food Desserts” cookbook, just released this week.  Don’t be put off by the “raw” part – her desserts are fan-frickin’-tastic!


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