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“The Simple Life” Challenge April 29, 2009

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If you were looking for that kick in the rear end to get healthier AND richer, here you are:  I present N Her Shoes’ Simple Life Challenge.  Click here for more information – I’m in if you are!

There is three parts to this challenge:

(1) Give up eating out for the month of May.  The horror!  But think of how the money (and calories!) you will save by not going out to eat. 🙂

(2) Be a healthy commuter.  Try riding your bike, walking, taking public transport or running (when you would normally drive) three times a week.  Healthier?  Yes.  Burn more calories?  Yes.  More environmentally friendly?  You know it!

(3) Being simple & green.  Find easy, everyday things you can do that simplify your life AND help the environment.  Click here for a list of ideas!

Don’t worry – there ARE rewards to the madness!  Go to N Her Shoes for more information about the scoring system.  Giving yourself points for accomplishing these tasks will not only help you track your progress, but you could be the lucky recipient of one of several prizes.

Two more days until the challenge starts…are you with me?

What are some ideas you have for living green?  I am trying to be better about unplugging all electronics when I’m not using them (especially my cell phone charger!).


One Response to ““The Simple Life” Challenge”

  1. CurlyTop Says:

    Hey girl!

    Looks like a great challenge! I’m going to uni in the fall and there is a community bike exchange program that I’m super hyped about. Should be great!

    Have a great night sweetie.

    With Love,


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