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Good Day, Good Earth April 28, 2009

Whew – what a day!  More on that later, but now I need to pick-up where I left off last night!  I ended up going for a nice 4-mile run last night, came home and ate one of my favorite snacks – almond butter and banana baby!  With a cup of caffeine-free Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea (one of my Favorite Things), perfection!


This morning was a LOOOONNNGGGG one.  I got up and made an easy AB+J with a naner.  Instead of downing multiple cups of coffee like normal, I stuck to one at work.  I’ve been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake, especially limiting pop and coffee, while drinking more tea.  Good idea in theory.  In practice, doesn’t always work so much. 🙂














Mid-morning, I couldn’t resist another one of these delicious babies.  This time…CHERRY PIE!


I took a long lunch today, which I like to do a day or two a week to break up the monotony of sitting behind a desk all day.  Since the fitness club is a mere 200 feet out our back door, it makes it super easy to squeeze in a workout.  Today was 30 minutes on the elliptical plus about 20 minutes of toning exercises.  I have a quick circuit I like to do.  It’s a great all around toner and even tires you out like cardio.

10 wide-arm push-ups
20 mountain climbers
10 lower ab raises (lift straight legs from 180 degrees straight up to 90 degrees)
20 toe touches (touch toes, jump out to plank, jump back in and reach for sky)
10 tricep push-ups

Each set should take about 5 minutes (including 1 minute rest in between).  Repeat as many times as you want!

Today’s lunch looks eerily similar to yesterday…does it not?  Plus a little trail mix – I was extra hungry after the workout!

















The thing about buying and making food for yourself is…although it’s cheaper and great because you can make whatever YOU want, you end up with a lot of the same thing!  Does this snack also look familiar?  Today it was honey flavor TJ’s Greek yogurt!


Dinner was FABULOUS!  I met up with my future Amazing Race partner Megan, and we planned our Amazing Race 15 application over dinner at Good Earth Cafe!  Sooooo good!  It’s a restaurant that specializes in healthy, vegetarian, environmentally-friendly meals.  More importantly, the food is freakin’ delish!


Looking at the menu, I was drooling over it all, but I decided on the Stuffed Poblano Pepper with adzuki and pinto beans.  Heaven on a plate was more like it!  Plus a chunk of nummy bread with a swab of red pepper hummus for starters and a cup of the classic Sweet & Spicy tea…my perfect meal!














And finally….I present dessert….one peanut butter blondie and one turtle bar, both topped with vanilla frozen yogurt (we shared both)!  Happily stuffed, we headed back to Meg’s apartment and concocted our AR15 video.  CBS here we come!



One Response to “Good Day, Good Earth”

  1. Laurie B Says:

    I love it Hol!! How come that coffee cup is so familiar? 🙂 You go girl…I’ll be checking in on a regular basis!!

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